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The Bushy Brow Club

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Naruto Uzumaki

Cascade Trainer
Hey Everyone this is a club about Rock Lee (Bushy Brow) from Naruto.I didn't see one so I thought about starting one.

Here are the Club Rules

1. Follow Serebii.net forums rules

2. Don't Double Post It just doesn't make sense how you could double post a message!

3. Listen to Club co-ownersThey have the permission to ban someone!

4. Don't go of topic to much ok.

5. Don't use swear wordsI hate them and anyways there not allowed!

6. Only the Owner and the Co-Owner can allow someone to join.So if your not one then don't even try it.

7. Don't start a fight or you'll get a strike.Its not nice and won't solve anything!

And thats all.If you get 3 strikes your banned for a week if you do that agian you'll be banned for a month,and if you do it again for ever ok.
Owner: Me
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Thanks, Naruto. Now all we need is a banner, and some good topics!
I got a good one:
So why do you like BB?
Like I said before, he may not be bishonen material but his heart is in the right place. Rock Lee also has more chakra than a hogake, except he can only use it at certain times. I took the Which character are you test by Naruto - Kun.com and I turned out to be him, so I think of him differently than I used to. Along with Gaara, Kakashi, Sakura, Temari, Naruto ,Hinata, one of my preffered Naruto characters.


Bushy Brows is sweet

Can I join? Bushy Brows Rock Lee is cool. Taijutsu cool, too.
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