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The Cabin (01)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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The Cabin!

When Ash, Brock and Misty go into Prof. Oak's lodge for the Christmas Break, they leave the Pokémon in charge of the cabin. Things start going wrong when the Pokémon have their fun. It's up to them to save the Christmas spirit in the house!

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Blaziken master

I just loved the part with psyduck and the cider bottle when the cork smacked pikachu across the head!


It looks like a good ep. But i can't see it untill i find a place wear i can get it. The only thing that would make it beter is if May was in it.


Ub3r Trainer
never seen it. i might google it l8er

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
Meh, I thought this short was pretty boring. A lot of silent quiet scenes. Doesn't matter though, it only cost me $2 for the video. The opening was trash and what surprised me was that they had the japanese opening at the end of the video.


To know the unkown
Remember the shot of the champaign cork falling towards Pikachu? It looked like the landing pod from Apollo 13(I don't know what they're called). Notice too how all of the Japanese score is kept in. The JP opening was a version of 'Natsuyasumi Fan Club'. I found my copy of 'Pikachu's Winter Vacation' at Wal-Mart circa '99. So you should look for it on ebay.


christian 4ever
i love chrismast in pokemon!i just love chrismast and combined with pokemon..

makes a :10/10m perfect episode!!!


Back! =D
Awesome 8/10! The bit with the music box... where have I heard that before? Diddly-dum-dum-dum diddly-dum-dum-dum diddly-dum-dum-dee-dee-dee... ROUTE 1 CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I love remixed Kanto/Johto music!
I loved this episode! 9/10. It was pretty funny. I was going to buy the video for it, but when I took it to the counter, they said it had faulty recording or something :(

Shiny pokemon lover

Shiny pokemon hunter
Yes a good episode, but isn't that episode a little to old now.
I mean old pokemon, Misty is there and the old looks.
Should't they have DP-based spesicals now?


Back! =D
Don't knowe whether DP christmas will ever come. If it does it'll be in Kissaki City, and with Snover and Abomasnow christmas tree. lol