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The Cabin (01)

Blue Snover

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This is an old one, but enjoyable none the less.


Well this was another nice little Christmas episode. I recall seeing this one once in Japanese, and there were tons of memorable moments. First off, I noticed that the cabin in this special episode was near the coast. That right there was a bit odd. How often do people spend the holidays by the sea like that? Anyway, having the Pokemon stay at the cabin alone wasn't the best idea. While I liked some of the funny scenes like when Psyduck was messing around with the party hats, I didn't like that scene where the Christmas tree fell over. Pikachu just got mad and the lights all went out, making things a bit depressing. Luckily, it looked like the Pokemon were able to fix the tree before Ash and his friends returned. A decent special episode, 7/10.


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This episode was ok. I really like the Christmas episodes. It wasn't a very safe or smart move to have the Pokemon staying alone at the cabin. It was sad to see the Christmas tree fall over, and then Pikachu was really mad, and then the lights went out. It was funny to see the cork of the cider bottle hit Pikachu in the head. The hats were really cool looking. I'm glad they were able to fix the problem before the gang returned.



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I remember watching this episode around Christmas time several years ago. I didn't think it was the most interesting episode ever, but it was cute. Psyduck was probably my favourite part of this episode - I liked how it put the party hat in its mouth, and the scene with the bottle was funny. Pikachu getting hit by the cork thing also made me laugh. I also liked seeing the Christmas tree with the "Merry Christmas" on it. It was a nice way to end the episode.

Kutie Pie

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It's a shame the Pikachu Winter Vacation specials weren't dubbed (that I'm aware of, chances are I'm very wrong about this particular one I just couldn't find it dubbed), but even if one could only find these raw, because the dialogue is so few anyway, just by watching can one figure out what's going on. The episode's only nine minutes long, and yet it managed to fit in a nice little story with a Christmas theme and spirit. The special has the Pokémon doing cute little antics, but unlike the Pikachu shorts these days, the antics happen because the Pokémon were more-or-less just curious about where they were. Ash and the others had them stay to look after the house while they went to go get a cake, and naturally, the Pokémon would roam and check things out.

I was a bit surprised how the Pokémon, while still acting like themselves, had some trouble-making tendencies to them. It actually reminded me a lot of mischievous pets who end up breaking something when the owner's not looking because they don't really know any better. But Pokémon are smart, and they do know better--after things happen, anyway. Squirtle and Bulbasaur cause the biggest accident due to a bit of a misunderstanding, or because Bulbasaur's trying to punish Squirtle, whichever makes the most sense, but it is Psyduck that inadvertently gets them into the most trouble. While Squirtle and Bulbasaur are running around and nearly knock the tree down twice, Psyduck had shook open a bottle of cider (I think it's cider due to the characters being underage, so I doubt it's champagne) and the cork knocks over Pikachu whom was trying to keep the tree from falling over.

Actually, now that I think about it, it's Pikachu who inadvertently gets them into the most trouble, as in his anger, he accidentally cuts the power. Oops. They know they're going to get in trouble from their trainers if they were to come home that moment. But that leads to a very quiet scene where they become regretful for what they did, and Pikachu opens a music box and they sit and listen to it. It's a very touching moment in which the only sound we hear is the music box playing a tune I swear I've heard somewhere before, but can't put my finger on where. Once it's done, Pikachu gets an idea, and we end on one of the sweetest moments I've seen in a long while, giving us a genuine Christmas feel in terms of camera angle/panning, lighting, and atmosphere. It just leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

So nine minutes was a perfect time for this short, even though more could always been added to it if they so wished. The story may have been simple, but all that really mattered was the atmosphere and Christmas spirit it was presenting, and that helps complete the silly antics going on earlier. And I enjoy moments like that when done right.



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It's a very touching moment in which the only sound we hear is the music box playing a tune I swear I've heard somewhere before, but can't put my finger on where.

It's an arrangement of the Route 1/2 theme from Red/Green/Blue/Yellow.

Mrs. Oreo

I didn't even know this special existed until last week. ^^; I loved watching the pokemon hanging out in the cottage as well as seeing the Christmas tree and pokemon cookies. For once Vulpix showed its cuteness well. :D
Eh, these Christmas-themed specials seemed cutesy and all, but they all kind of felt like senseless seasonal promotion. Anyway, having the cast's Pokemon staying at the cabin was different, and I lol'd when the Christmas tree fell over.


First off, I was surprised that Satoshi and his friends even celebrated Christmas. I thought that Zenigame and Fushigidane wearing party hats was adorable, and Rokon getting his head stuck in the boot made me laugh. Overall, not much happened here, yet it's still my favorite Pokemon holiday special.