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The cape of the Ninetails

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Mysteria Pearl, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Mysteria Pearl

    Mysteria Pearl Queen of Mushy-ness!

    This is my first chapter. this one may seem a bit shallow, but as it progresses, It get's a whole lot better. These chapters are just about only... pg let's call it. BTW, I'm not gonna say WHAT shippings are in here, but Misty is in it :D Enjoy!

    For all you who are just now checkin' this out:
    the chapters are all in "bugandy"
    My author's notes (well most of them unless I'm lazy) are in "lemmon chiffon"
    and Don't be afraid to reply, I like criticizm, I can learn and grow from it.
    Happy reading!

    Chapter 1

    Pr: The hooded lady sat in the early morning hours at the train station, waiting for him to come. She glanced at her small silver waterproof watch, and settled with her back against the nearest tree, waiting for the next train to arrive

    Four friends walked through the sunset. It was just an average afternoon in Hoen

    "Owwww!!! Whined May,

    "My feet hurt, I'm tired! When do we get wherever we're going?" nobody answered.

    "Hello? Ash? Brock? Max? What's up?"

    "Nothing May," Answered Max,
    "They're obviously thinking about somthing"

    The four soon entered a town and still, the gloomy black haired boy kept silent.

    Ash awoke from his day-dreaming as someone stopped him.

    "Ash? Ash Ketcham? Is that you? Where's Mist..."

    Ash glared at the tall, thin boy with the greenish hair.

    "Tracey, she's..." Then Ash became furious and shoved his old friend aside and ran around the corner, out of sight.

    "What did I say?"

    "C'mon, Tracey, let's head to the Pokemon center, and I'll tell you all about it." Said Brock, Taking Max down off his shoulders then walking ahead with Tracey Scetchit.

    "Did I miss somthing?" Max and May said in unison as they followed the two older boys to the Pokemon center.

    Ash sat in the shade under a tree,

    *I can't face her...* He pulled a note out of his coat pocket. It read:

    Ash, please! I beg you! Meet me in Furgonson town. I have somthing to show you! Please!

    *I can't... not after what I did to her...* A silent tear ran down his face,
    *She couldn't have forgiven me... could she?*

    "Nurse Joy! I'm sick with love for you! I'll be your patient any time!"

    "Come again?"

    Max pulled Brock away by the pant leg.

    "Um... We need a place to stay for the night. Do you have any rooms open?" Asked Tracey

    "Oh, I'm so sorry but currently all the rooms are taken for the two big competitions..."

    "COMPETITIONS?!?!?!?!" Cried May,

    "Calm down May," Said Ash as he sauntered into the room,
    "There's one in the next town, Furgonson. I think I know a place to stay..." he said quietly. Let's head for the train station."

    "So, Ash, long time no see. It's been a whole year already! Can you believe that?" Asked Tracey is his usual chipper way.

    "No, not really, I guess. It just seems like yesterday that you were nagging." Ash said sarcasticly and they stepped into a train heading for Furgonson.

    "Yay! I get to rest my feet!" Cried May in her happy [annoying] way. Max, Tracey and Brock had already sunken deep into a conversation about the great wonders of rare Pokemon. May started to dose off then began to snore while Ash gazed out the window,

    *Did she forgive me?*
    Sitting under a huge oak tree by the side of the train station, a cloaked girl sat, watching the trains come and leave.
    *Will he come?*
    She felt on her pointer finger. Without looking she could feel it was still there.
    the train station clock tower strummed four.
    "He's not coming, is he? I knew he hadn't forgiven himself. He doesn't want to face me ever again... But..." She said looking at her finger,
    "Maybe the trains just late."
    But despite what she thought, she had to leave. She walked to the train hand and gave him a letter for Ash.
    "Give this to Ash Ketchum. He's looks about fourteen, he's tan and when he's not wearing his cap, he has hat head."
    She walked away and then opened her cloak,
    "Number 100! I choose you!"
    A giant Ninetails emerged.
    "Hello Perogi. I'm sorry that I have to ride you today, But I have to use you-know-who for the competitions today."
    [SPOIL]Misty[/SPOIL] got on the Ninetails and rode away.
    "Last stop. Furgonson town. Everibody off."
    May snapped out of sleep to find the four boys exiting the train car.
    The clock tower at the train station struck five o'clock.
    "Is there a Mr. Ketchum here? I have a letter for an Ash Ketchum!"
    Ash took the letter and opened it,

    Ash, by what I have figured, If you are reading this letter, you have taken the four o'clock, or a later, train. But, If you have, you've already missed my first diving performance. You remember how much I love diving competitions, right? Anyhow, I'm sure May will be in the contest at six. I will be competing also, and if that make's you uncomfortible, you don't have to come, but I hope you'll come.

    "Who's this from, Ash?" Asked may, snaching the note and reading it before Ash could grab it back,
    "Hm, Ash, It from your girlfriend? OOH! It says she really wants you to come to a contest at- SIX O'CLOCK! COMPETITION! Hey, cool. She mentions me in here... I'm sure MAY will be in the contest!"

    "Where'd you get it was a she?"

    "Only a girl writes like this, Ash. And you never really hear about boys who dive and have exceptional grammer! Well, let's go! I have to enter in the next ten minutes or I'll be banned from the competition!"
    May hurried the four boys along to the arena. Here we are! You guys get seats! Wish me luck!" She pulled Ash back while the others were leaving,

    "Look, Ash, I know who wrote the letter to you and I'll be looking for her. And I know you will be looking too."

    Then she shoved him along and went to enter.

    Chapter 2

    "The competition will now begin! We have 12 reigning competitors We're going to switch the contest around a little and put the battles first then the 'showing!' First match will be between May and Jessura!"

    "Go, Beautifly!" Cried May as she released her bug Pokemon from it's Pokeball.
    "Go Dustox!" said Jessura, seeming nervous.

    "Use Silverwind!" ;267;

    Um... Dustox... use... ;269;

    But by that time Dustox was already unconcious.

    "You stupid little twerp!"

    "You're Jessie! Beautifly! Use silverwind at full power on Jessie and Dustox!"

    "I'm not going to let you little kid win that easily!" Yelled Jessie as she called out Seviper,
    "Get her, Seviper!" Seviper started to tackle May.

    "Beautifly! Use..." Before she could instruct Beautifly Seviper was wrapped around her.

    "Use Bind Seviper!" Seviper tightened.

    Jessie turned to the crowd (including a whole fleet of Officer Jennys)
    "If you come any closer, my Seviper will...." She was hit from ebhind by a humongous gust of silverwind and she, along with Dustox and Seviper were blown into the air. May heaved in new breathes of air.

    "I'll get you TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPSSSSS!" Cried Jessie and she sored through the open arena roof and out of sight.

    *I wonder where James and Meowth are... O well.* Dismissed May.

    "Um... This match will be considered a forefit. May wins round one. Next round will be between a late entry, Tracey Sketchit and... Madam Mystery!"

    May was still on the field as Tracey entered,

    "Tracey! I didn't know you were competing!"

    "I figured that since you were into it, maybe I have a chance."

    Then May went backstage.

    "Go, Merril!" Said Tracey, revealing his adorible Merril.

    "Go, Ash!" Cried the hooded lady. Ash (the human) nearly jumped out of his seat. Madam Mystery opened her cape and cried,
    "number ten, I choose you!" A Beam came forward and then revealed a black Ninetails. Black?

    The whole crowd "oohed" and "awwwwed" at the sleek black figure.

    "Uh... Merril, use water gun..."
    Merril shot a water gun.

    "I'm sorry If my Ashy starteled you, but no need to worry, I'll make this battle short." Said the lady, her eyes flashing,
    "Mr Announcer, sir, may I please use my own moves that I taught him?"

    "Yes, of course" Said the voice on the loud speaker.

    "Alright! Here we go! Ash! Use Aqua Aurora Beam!"

    The black Ninetails opened its mouth and a bright beam exploded out of it's mouth. It knocked Merril back at lease thirty feet.

    "Use quick attack Merril!"
    The tiny Pokemon ran at the Ninetails and bounced off and fainted out of exaustion. The Ninetails was uneffected.

    "This Match is over! Madam Mystery Takes the round straight!"

    "Thank you."

    Tracey was in shock,
    "But... a Ninetails can't use water attacks! I had the advantage."

    "I'll reveal this secret. My Pokemon were around before your grandparents were born."
    And she walked away.

    There were six more matches that were pretty darn boring.

    "Since there are four competitors left, we will now have a quick break. The finalists are Madam Mystery, May, Fergio and Balvabor. Rest your Pokemon, and then be ready to show them in ten minutes."

    "Hey!" Cried May running up to Ash.
    "I still haven't seen this girl in the letter."
    Ash just walked away.

    Meanwhile, Madam Mystery called back her Ninetails.
    "Ash, number ten, you did good. Now, return and have a rest." She opened her cape,
    "Return!" And "Ash" was returned.
    The Madam started to leave,
    "Madam! Madam Mystery! Wait!" May ran up to her,
    "You were so awesome! Your Ninetails is so beautiful! How on earth did you get it to be black?"
    "May, Ash is over two hundred years old. It lived in the time when Pokemon ruled. It ruled along with one of my other Ninetails, Mis... Never mind..."
    "Mis, what?"
    "Nothing! I must go and get ready to show... Oh, by the way May, for your own good, you better reread the rules. In this competition, for showing, you show two Pokemon." And then she left.

    You like? I hope so. Im going on a road trip for three days soon so I'll write as much as I can today.
    Last edited: May 21, 2006
  2. I liked it! It is kind of mistery but I think I know who is 'Madam Mistery'. I wonder what Ash did to Misty that he can't forgive himself. I guess I'll have to wait. Good work
  3. Carina

    Carina Plasbad!!

    You're a great writer Mysteria Pearl!

    I love the idea of the two ninetails being named Ash and Misty. And yea, I'm also really curious about what happened between Ash and Misty.
    Can't wait to read the rest! :D
  4. Mysteria Pearl

    Mysteria Pearl Queen of Mushy-ness!

    Thank you! I'm so sorry I haven't been on in awhile to write more chapters, but I've been away and stuff. My best bud is over right now so momentarilly I don't have time to write more but I'll be on later!
    ;147; ;175;

    Alrighty! I'm back! You asked for it! I'm totally inspired! I'm totally pumped! I totally... lost it.

    "All competitors, please check in with Nurse Joy. After picking your two pokemon that you will use, leave your rest with Joy Jr. Thank you and be ready to compete in the staging rehearsal waiting room. Once again, Thank you." Crackled the loud speaker.

    "Two Pokemon huh? I..."

    "What do you mean I have to check in all my Pokemon! I have a note saying here, from your employer, Mr. Banks, that I can keep them with me."

    May turned. the masked Madam Mystery was at the Pokemon check in desk.

    "Well, mam, I'm very sorry but my mother told me that..."

    Madam Mystery handed Joy Jr. the note and Joy read it over,

    "well... this is his signature... and as long as you don't use your Pokemon... well..."

    "You do understand, Ms. Joy, that I have two hundred Ninetails plus my other pokemon under this cape, am I correct?"

    "Well.... Well.... I suppose you can bring them onto the field, but please don't cause any trouble! If you do, you'll get me fired and my mother will ground me for monthes!"

    "Don't worry. I promise that my other precious ones will not be of any harm to you or me." Then, without another word to the nurse, she turned and walked over to May,

    "Remember, May, unlike the regular competitions where the second phase is where the strongest wins, here the second phase means the most beautiful and best bred will come out victorious." And she walked away to the preperation room.

    May raised an eyebrow,
    *she's wierd.* and went to register her Pokemon with Nurse (Jr.) Joy.

    "How many pokemon are you going to leave?"

    "I'm leaving my Torchick and my Bulbasaur!" bubled May.

    "Uh huh. And what two Pokemon are you going to use in the competition?"

    "My Skiddy and my Beautifly!"
    *I don't care if she wants to see me... I can't face her! I... alright, I don't have an excuse this time, but... I have to* Ash thought. Somehow, when he got up and left the arena during the break, he had ended up under a huge oak tree. Faintly, across the hill a loud buzzer rang.
    "Shoot! The competition! I.... I'm going!" He blurted out to nobody in paticular and ran off.
    Somewhere farr across the arena, a hooded woman called,
    I choose you! Ash! Number ten! Number two hundred and four! I choose you! Come out Draga!" She opened her cloak, lined with Pokeballs and two opened to reveal... her slender black Ninetails and a sleek Dragonaire.
    ;148; ;148;
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2005
  5. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    An interesting story, to say the least.

    I'll get the bad news out of the way first: several parts of the fic aren't very believable. Most of that will improve with practice, but there are a few things that stand out like a sore thumb. Numero uno: the use of fan-based attacks. I recommend avoiding this, for many readers it keeps them from taking the fic seriously. Jessie's appearance was also unimpressive, there was no point to it, and her being recognized instantly with only a two-word phrase directed at her was very out-of-character. Not that I don't appreciate having Team Rocket disposed of in the early going, but when someone sees through their disguise, there should probably be at least a little more dialogue.

    Oh, and you misspelled "Ketchum" and "grammar." Normally I don't pay attention to spelling errors (nobody's perfect), but those two stood out for some reason.

    Don't let me discourage you, though! The story has me snagged, I'm itching to know what's on Ash's mind that he needs forgiveness for, and it was ever-so-cute to see May teasing him over the whole thing. The black Ninetails was pretty cool, too, it's nice seeing an occassional Pokemon that stands out from the norm.

    Speaking of which, I do hope Ninetails has some sort of backstory behind it. It'd be a little weird for a 2000-year-old Pokemon to just show up with "Madam Mystery" [spoil]I'll eat my hat if that's not Misty (provided someone supplies lots of ketchup)[/spoil] without some explanation as to how. Ah well, you're the writer here, not me. Knock 'em dead, fellow shipper! Overall, this looks like the beginning of a good fic, and I'm itching to read more! =D
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2005
  6. Mysteria Pearl

    Mysteria Pearl Queen of Mushy-ness!

    Thank you very much for the supporting and constructive criticizem. I was kind of rushed that day and so I didnt have time to recheck, but first thing tomorrow, I'll get right on and keep writing.
    But don't worry (hint hint) Jessie won't have been in that first part for no reason and tomorrow I'll go back and have her gloat more :D:D Two, tons of fanfics put different or made up kinds of attacks in and I've got a few more itching up my sleeve "AHHH That itches!!!!!!!!"
    And yes, all Madam Mystery's Pokemon (I accidentally almoast put her real name in there :D) have some sort of background. And did I say that her Pokemon were 2,000 years old? If I did, oops. I was probably tired. But If I didn't I just remember saying that they were older than Tracey's grandparents. I never said anyithing about greatgreat (etc) grandparents. And, don't worry :D if you're wrong about the identity of Madam Mystery, and Im not saying you are or not, I have lotts of ketchup!

    Chapter 3
    "Come on out Beautifly! I choose you, Skiddy!" Called May as she kneeled down to their size.
    "How are ya, Skiddy?" Skiddy mewed.
    "Ya... You two are gonna compete for me! How does that sound?" Beautifly twirled around in the air and Skiddy chased it's tail.
    "Yay!" May jumpe up in the air in her signature pose,
    "Today, we're going to win and I'm getting my next ribbion!"

    "May, please report to the stage. I repeat, please report to the stage. Showing will start in three minutes. I repeat three minutes."

    After "calmly" yelling and shouting at someone in a dizzy panic, May finally got directions and hurried to the stage, accompianed by her Beautifly and Skiddy.

    "... I'm Charlotte and once our final contestant gets here we can..."

    "I'm Here!!!!!" Cried May as she burst through the stadium entrance.

    "Good! You're finally here! I'm Charllotte, your hostess and I'll be judging you four along with Nurse Joy Sr. and the eight time world champion, Jonpaire Grestione. The order you'll be showing in is Hana Can will be preforming first with her Bayleaf and her Treeko. Then will came Fierria and her Magmar and Charmander. May will be after Fierria with your..." She checked her list,
    "May, you'll be using your Beautifly and Skiddy, right?"


    "Alrighty, May will be after Fierria using her Beautifly and Skiddy. Then, Madam Mystery will be preforming with her... Hey... This is odd... It seems Nurse Joy Jr. didn't record the Pokemon you will use..."

    "I am sure that was just a coincidence. I have them here with me." Charllotte looked down at the snakey-looking Pokemon and the fox.

    "So I suppose that means you'll be using your Dragionaire and your Ninetails?"

    "You are correct."

    "Fine. Madam Mystery will be using her Dragonaire and Ninetails. Ok. We've go thirty seconds left before we open the doors to the public so do your best!"

    The competitors lined up by the stands in the order they would show.

    "I'm May!" Said May as she outstretched her hand to Fierria.

    "I've heard. You were the one that was late." And Fierria turned away.

    Then Nurse Joy opened the stadium doors and a huge crowd slowly flooded in. May searched for her friends and finnaly spotted them... all but Ash. She saw Brock and Max, waving like crazy men and Trcey brooding next to them. But as soon as Trcey saw the eight beautiful Pokemon that were about to preform, he quickly snapped out of it and began sketching. But May still couldn't find Ash. May finally spotted him, in the first row.

    "Up first we have Hana Chan!"

    Hana shyly took the stage with her Bayleaf and treeko. She stood in the center of the stage with her Pokemon on either side of her about thirty feet away.

    "Baylea! Treeky! Use Razor Leaf!" Within Seconds Hana Chan was encircled by thousands of leaves ripping through the air, but not touching her. She just stood there, looking a bit afraid to even move or command her Pokemon further.

    "S....St... STOP!" Hana cried when a sharp leaf got dangerously close to her face. The leaves dropped and her Pokemon just stood there, looking bewieldered. The crowd clapped sypatheticly.

    "Hanna, come up to the waiting stand while we figure out your overall score." Said Nurse Joy.

    "Yes, Ma'am." Hanna sauntered over to the area and sat down, cuddling her Pokemon. The judges finally figured the scores.

    "Well, your score is fifteen out of thirty." The crowd booed at the judges score.

    Fierria took the stage with her Magmar and her Charmander. Her performance was simply awful. She tried to have her pokemon hit targets with magma and flame throwers but ended up scorching up the wall. The judges had to disqualify her for not being prepared for that phase.

    "Next up, May! One of our reigning champions!"

    May edged up to the stage,

    "Beautifly, use Silverwind! Skiddy use Iron tail!" Beautifly erupted with a silver glow and Skiddy crashed into plates that May through into the air. The crowd was bombarded with a million sparkles. The crowd burst into applause.

    "Very good! Good Job May!" Yelled Charlotte.

    "Very nice." said Nurse Joy quietly. Jonpaire stayed silent.

    "You may step over to the waiting stand with Hana while we figure your score." May skipped ver to the stand with Beautifly and Skiddy.

    "Your score is twenty-eight out of thirty!"

    "YAY!!!!!!!!" May did a little dance while the crowd applaused. all but Ash. he was suspecting the sky as if he were waiting for somthing or someone.

    Then it was Madam Mystery's turn.

    Madam Mystery gracefully glided onstage on Draga (the Dragonaire) with "Ash" prancing in beside her. She got off of Draga and then stood in the middle of the field. She snapped her left hand's fingers. The black Ninetail started to glow and Madam Mystery in a similar way. Then she began to float and slowly spin. She snapped again. This time her Dragonire started to charge up.

    "Draga! Use Aurora Beam!" Draga's mouth open and out exploded a spectacular array of lights. Everione in the stadium was in awe as Madam Mystery was encircled by the swiveling lights.

    "Ash! Use Flame Thrower!" All eyes turned to the Ninetails who, at that moment let out a huge burst of flame that was elegantly added to Madam Mystery's encirclement. As soon as Madam Mystery had completed the time assigned, she put up her hand and slowly Aurora beam and Flame Thrower faded away as she floated safely to the floor and took a bow.

    The audience exploded into applause.

    "Excellent!" Cried Nurse Joy.

    "Wonderful!" Yelled Charlotte.

    "Exceeding impressive." mumbeled Jonpaire.

    "You may procede to the waiting stage! On second thought, you girls wait at the placing podium!" May and hana stepped down and joined Madam Mystery by the podiums along with their Pokemon (of course).

    "Madam Mystery, we've tallied your points and in total, Madam, you have twenty nine points! The highest score making you our champion and winner! Great job! You may take your place as the top of the podium!"

    Madam Mystery smiled and climbed up to the top with May and Hana slumping behind.

    "Before we award you this ribbon, will you please remove your mask and reveal to us who you really are?"

    The whole crowd was at the edge of their seats.

    "But of course." Said Madam Mystery as she reached up to her hood and mask.

    "uh uh uh! I don't think so! So prepare for trouble!" said a voice from high above.

    "And make that double." said a certain purple haired man as he stood up in the crowd.

    *Not them! Not now!* Thought "Madam Mystery"

    "To Protect the world from Devestaion!"

    "To defy all people within our nation!"

    "To Denounce the evil of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

    "Surrender now or prepare to fight."

    "Wabba..." out of the blue, Meowth clobbered him with a hammer,

    "He means, thats wite!"

    By then Ash, Brock, Max, May, Madam Mystery, Tracey, and Hana had all gethered at the center of the gym,

    "Team Rocket!"

    "Team who?" asked Hana.

    A huge robot Beautifly (driven by Mewoth) lowered into the unroofed arena

    "Hahaha! This time, we've got the advantage! We made a new and improved Beautifly robot!" Cackled Jessie as she and James were lifted to the robot cockpit.

    "Get those Pokemon, Mewoth!"

    "My pweasure! (pleasure)

    "Not if I can help it! Go Bulbas... SHOOT! I left almost all my Pokemon with Joy jr!" Cried May.

    "So did I!" Yelled Hana chan.

    "Oh-hahaha! And I cleaned out Joy Jr!" Laughed James in his rich boy way.

    "Mewoth! quick! grab the ribbon case and let's get out of here!" Shouted Jessie.

    "No!" Madam Mystery grabbed the case and jumped out of the way of a netty string shot.

    Madam Mystery quickly opened her cape,

    "I choose you numbers..."

    "Get her!"

    Before she knew it Madam Mystery was being hauled up toward the sky by a giant iron claw.

    "No! help! Ash! Take this!" Cried Madam Mystery as she threw the ribbon case to (the human) Ash.

    "James! Mewoth! Drop her! Get that ribbon!" The giant claw snapped open and dropped Madam Mystery from a good fifty feet.

    "brock! Think fast!" Yelled Ash as he threw Brock the case and ran to where Madam Mystery was falling.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Cried Madam Mystery as she was released from the claw.
    Ash ran and then dived onto the cement, catching her.

    "Oh, Ash!" She cried. Her hood and mask fell back....

    Gotcha yet? hehe! Here's the next part. And Here's where I cant stop typing and I'll be on for another two hours braking my fingers!


    It was Misty.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2005
  7. Hypershell

    Hypershell Dragon's Best Friend

    I may have misread that, upon rechecking it's only 200. Sorry. Anyways, I'm short on time at the moment, but I'll be sure and read over this new chapter later. =D
  8. Mysteria Pearl

    Mysteria Pearl Queen of Mushy-ness!

    Thank you for posting because now I can start a new chapter on a new reply! anyway, please look before your message because I just made the last chapter longer. And don't worry [SPOIL]I guess you won't have to eat your hat after all![/SPOIL]
    Chapter 4
    (like I said before)

    It was Misty.

    "It's the original Twerpette! What's this?" Asked Jessie as she saw Misty's cloak, now laying open, lined with hundreds of Pokeballs.

    "Never mind that ribbon! Get her! She's got a cape lined with Pokeballs!" Yelled Jessie.

    "Make up your mind!" James yelled back as he took controll and outstretched the claw towards Misty (Aka Madam Mystery)

    "Get out of the way!" Yelled Misty as she shoved Ash out of the way of the claw. The claw griped her and without another word, floated away.

    "Misty!" Cried Ash after the robot.

    "Ash... I have the ribbon..."

    "Who cares! Give it to May to hold onto! I need to go get Misty! Tracey! You come with me! Brock, max, May, you go get all of the Officer Jenny's and Nurse Joy's! C'mon Tracey!" Ash yelled as the others hurried off.

    "How do we chase them, Ash? Neither of use has any Pokemon we can ride!"

    Ash turned to Misty's Dragonaire and Ninetails,

    "Draga, Ash, we need a ride." Tracey climbed up on Draga while... This sounds peculiar, Ash rode on Ash 0_o. And they Flew off after Team Rocket and Misty.
    Sorry that was short for the moment but I'm going shopping with my friends now! I'll be back on tomorrow!
    Hahaha. I'm back. Anxious, wern't you? Admit it! victory!


    "What if we can't get her back?" Asked Tracey, still scanning the skies.

    "That isn't an option. I have to apalogise to her for somthing. And plus, has there ever been a time that in the end, we didn't defeat Team Rocket?"

    Tracey thought,
    "Well, no. But heck, how would I know. I've been gone for a year. What I've read from your diary..."

    Ash glared at him.

    "Heheh... never mind."
    "Nurse Joy! You have to help us!" Cried May, as she entered her fifth Pokemon center.

    "Calm down. What's wrong?"

    "My friends been kidnapped!"

    "I see. I'm very sorry, but I cant leave my post. I have sick Pokemon here, and at any second, someone might come in with a Pokemon on the brink and need my immeadite attention."

    May left the pokemon centre and felt in her fannypack.

    "Yup. Still there." All two of them. The only two Nurse's May had gotten help from were Nurse Joy, from the competition counter, and her daughter, Joy Jr.

    "I hope the other guys are having ebtter luck with the officer Jenny's."

    "Hello May."

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" May cried as she comicly jumped to a tree limb.

    May looked down at the green haired boy with his Masquerade.

    "Oh... Drew! I thought... I thought..."

    "Never mind what you thought. It's what you said that intrests me. What all this about the "other guys" and Officer Jennys?" He looked up into the tree, seeing Mays perdicament. He sighed,
    "Here, May. Jump. I'll catch you." He said stepping forward and extending his arms.

    Mays heart skipped a beat,
    "Alright..." She swung her legs onto the same side of the tree and started to slowly lower herself down and then, when she ran out of branch, she dropped. Right into Drew's arms. She knew she must be beat red.

    "Was that so bad?" Drew asked as he set her down.

    "No, it wasn't." But she was really thinking *THAT WAS GRRRREAT!*

    "So now answer me."

    "Ok. Well, Ash has been feeling pretty down lately and then he got a note from a girl, Misty, that he... we traveled with for a long time. We went to a contest and.... Hey! Why wern't you at the contest? I thought you'd be there for sure!"

    "Just keep going. I'll answer your question when you're done."

    "Alrighty! Well, I was in this contest with this lady, Madam Mystery, and just as she won..."

    "You mean you lost?"

    "Yeah. Stupid huh?"

    "No, I loose them all the time, mostly to you." He said smiling.

    "Anyway, She had just won and was being given the ribbon when Team Rocket, Jessie, James, and Mewoth, showed up and tried to steal the ribbon. But Madam Mystery got there first and threw it to Ash. She was picked up by Team Rocket, Ash threw the case to Brock, who threw it to me..."

    "You have the ribbon?"

    "Yes! I'll show you after I'm done! So, Brock threw it to me and I hid it in my hip-pack and Ash caught Madam Mystery who turned out to be Misty, the girl Ash had gotten notes from and who he had been avoiding and somehow it got so mixed up that Team Rocket stole most of our Pokemon and now, Ash and Tracey are going to Misty's rescue while Brock and Max get Officer Jenny's to arrest Team Rocket and I've got to get Nurse Joy's but none of them will help me!"

    Drew put up his hand for her to stop.

    "Shhhh. Do you hear that? It's a robot/plane's engine. Its coming closer and..." He listened for a few more seconds,
    "It's going that way. The Best thing we can do for your friends is follow it. Ash and Tracey might need our help and I dont think that you'll get any more Joys.
    "AHHH! Cupid got me again! Officer Jenny! You can put me in jail any time!"

    "C'mon, Brock! The others might need Our help!" said Max, yanking at Brocks pant leg to the other side of the room. Then he went back to the front desk,

    "Please Officer jenny! I need your help!"

    "What's the matter, cutie?" She said as she rumpled Max's hair. Brock crouched down and turned blue in the corner.

    "Well, ma'am, my friend's been kidnapped! I need someone to help!"

    "Hold on! We can only spare one officer today, and that's me. All the rest are at the stadium searching for the rubble looking for any people who may be trapped or hurt..." her radio crackled.

    "... Jenny1 to....ny4... got another...."

    "Anyhow, I'm not number four and I've just got desk duty for the night so I suppose I could help you, sweetie." brock grew smaller in the corner

    Max whispered into her ear,

    "Ok. Um, Brock?" Max nodded,
    "Honey... I'll help both of you." Brock returned to normal size and un-blued.

    "HAHAHAHA! How's the flight, Twerpette?" Called Jessie tauntingly from above. Misty scoweled,

    "Im fine, but your plan in up in the blue! You can't take my Pokemon! I have all of them in lockballs. They wont open unless I state who they are what number and it only opens to two voices! Mine and anothers!"

    Jessie spat off the side of the balcony in disgust,
    "You mean unless we find that other?"

    "I'll tell you their name over my dead body!"

    "Clever isn't she."

    "I don't know Jessie. Dont you think you're being kind of cruel? Shouldn't we even keep her captive on board?"

    "No. But she better get those Pokeballs open for us! After all, I do deserve them, In fact, I deserve that ribbon too but with May, comes the ribbon and we all know that dunce, she'll step right into our trap. Because I do deserve all that, I am the most Beautiful woman ever with the most beautiful Pokemon, right?"

    crickets chirped.

    Everione face-faulted.

    "Of course Jessie! You are in charge here!" Cried James.

    "ya, I jwust gwet to dwive!"

    "You disgust me" Said Misty. still in the iron claw.


    "Misty!" She looked down. About fifteen feet under them and twenty feet behind were Ash and Tracey.

    "Ash! Tracey!" Misty Cried.

    "Isn't this touching. But come one yard closer and Wheezing uses Poison Gas on her!" Threatened Jessie.

    "Ash! Don't come any closer! Or they'll poison you too!" Called Misty.

    "Oops. too late, Misty! Wheezing! Use Poison Gas!" Jessie yelled.

    "Jessie don't do it!" Protested James and Mewoth.

    "Wheezing whee ZING!" The wheezing let out tons of acid air right at Misty. Her body started to loosen.

    "We don't need the twerpet, we've got your Pokemon and.."

    "Thats it!" Yelled Ash,
    "Hurting Misty is enough! Ninetails! Use..."

    "No, no Twerp!" Or your Pokemon and Misty get it!" Ash hovered closer.

    "Pikachu." said sleepy little Pikachu, poking his head out of Ash's backpack.

    "Pikachu! Get down!"

    "Ahh! Your Pikachu!" In seconds another giant claw reached down and snatched Pikachu.

    "Pikachu! Chu! Pika! Pikka...." Cried the mouse Pokemon as it tried to shock Team Rocket with a thunderbolt but just wore itself out on the electricity-proof claw.

    "Here Twerp!" the claw holding Misty suddenly started to open. Ash looked down... way down. It was more than fifteen feet down from where he was. A fall, alone, could break a persons neck, not to mention the + fifteen feet up to Misty from where he was. It was a thirty foot drop.

    It dropped Misty.

    This is gettin' good! Ok, ok, I'll keep going to get the suspense off your shoulders.


    "Misty!" Ash cried.
    "Ninetails! Go catch Misty!" Ninetails swooped ahead the fifteen feet so they were directly under Misty. Ash held out his arms.

    Misty flew into him with such force that it knocked Ash right off of Ash 0_o. Far down to the ground. Tracey was watching in horror as he relized he couldn't help. Ash held Misty's limp body in his arms as he fell.

    Please understand that this all happened in a matter of seconds.

    They crashed into the ground. For a few seconds bot Misty and Ash regained conciousness. For the first time in quite a long while, Misty felt safe. She was in Ash's arms.

    "I'm sorry Misty... for..." Ash sighed and fell back unconcious.
    "Thats ok, Ash..." And Misty fell unconcious too.

    "Ash! Misty!" Yelled Tracey, looking down. Then he looked up at Team Rocket.

    "You Jerks!" He started to decend.

    "That's our cue to leave! Ta-Ta!" Team Rocket flew away, cackeling all the way.

    Tracey landed on the ground next to the two with Ninetails and Dragonaire.

    "Misty?... Ash?..." Asked Tracey quietly.

    Of course there was no reply.

    "I cant go any further..." panted May,
    "We've... been running for like a half hour..."

    "Yeah. I suppose you must be tired. But hasn't traveling with Ash, Brock, Tracey and Max gotten you in shape to run alot? Well... I mean... We can stop if we can't find them in the next five minutes..."

    Unknown to them, Misty Tracey and Ash were less than thirty feet away. They only realized it as they crashed throught= the underbrush and almost tripped over Tracey.


    "May! Drew? where's the Nurses?"

    "They're coming." May poked her head around Tracey and saw Ash and Misty,

    "Whats the story?"

    "Well, in short, Team Rocket stole Pikachu from Ash and dropped Misty. Ash caught her but fell off Misty's Ninetails. I think he hit his head. Anywayse, they're both unconcious and while they're like that, I'm taking a chance and drawing them," He grinned,
    "It's good, isn't it?"

    "Sure Tracey, whatever you say."
    "Mother! Come on! Ash and Tracey might need our help saving the world or somthing!" cried a certain blue-haired nurse in training.

    "Joy! I'm suprised by you! You know that our number one job is to help Pokemon! Joy, Team Rocket stole most of our friends Pokemon and they might be hurt! We need to bring medicine! Wait outside with Cousin Jenny on her motorcycle. I'm taking the hospital motorscooter with our supplies. Go on, I know you enjoy riding with Jenny."

    Joy Jr. slumped outside.

    "What's wrong, Joy?" Asked Officer Jenny.

    "Well, Ms. Jenny, mom is being so paranoid! All she ever thinks about is Pokemon and being the best Nurse Joy ever! She never thinks about the wellfare of people! I swear! When I grow up I'm going to change my fate and be the first Joy in the whole Joy family to be a nurse for humans! After all, all Nurse Joys in our family have pink hair and they don't even think of me as a Joy!"

    "Hold on! cool off!" Joy jr. steamed off.

    "Now get on." said Officer Jenny as she picked up the eight year old and handed her a helmit,
    "put this on and then we'll go." With a little help, Joy finnaly got the helmit on and Jenny started for the forest.
    "She's just too anxious to grow up." Nurse Joy sighed in the doorway, watching her best friend and her daughter ride away to try and find Ash, Misty, Tracey, Max, and May.

    *I should never have brought Joy to Nurse Mary's human medics lab. now she thinks nothing of Pokemon. First it was those medical books. Then it was medical classes. Then it was "just a year with Nurse Mary."* She sighed,
    *I don't know. My sisters all say she doesn't look like a Joy so she can't be a Joy. Maybe they're right. Or maybe she just needs more time with herself... or Pokemon... she almost seems afraid of them. I better get this packing done...*
    Nurse Joy finished her packing within minutes and then called out her Chansey,
    "Chance, We're going to go help some Pokemon. Help me carry these bags out to the scooter."
    Once the motor scooter was loaded and Nurse Joy called Chansey back, Nurse Joy got on and drove off to first find Brock and Max and then to find the others.

    *Nice boy, Max. His friend's a bit wierd though. Hmmm... O well... glad they tipped us. I might get a medal for this... if we succede. Of course we will! What am i thinking? The Jenny Patroll never loses!*

    "We won't lose!"


    "What? Did I say that out loud? Sorry Joy."

    "No apology needed. It's funny to hear you mumbeling about the Patroll." laughed Joy.

    "Yes... well... keep an eye out for our friends."

    "Max, are you sure you know how to drive one of these?" Asked Brock and he uneasily climbed onto a motor scooter at U-RENT-A-SCOOTER.

    "Yup. May asked for lessons about how to make her Pokemon more beautiful and I chose motor scooter lessons!"

    Max started the scooter and headed the way that Team Rocket went.
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Yelled Brock as the scooter reached fifty miles per hour,

    "HAHAHA! This is great! May should see me now!" Cried Max.

    "GET ME OFF OF HERE!!!!"
    "Wheeeee!" Joy Jr. was having a great time behind Officer Jenny,

    "This is great! Mom never drives this fast!"

    "Really? I was afraid you'd be bored. I usually go at least eighty...."

    "Cousin Jenny! There they are! They were just back there!"

    "Hold on!" Called Officer Jenny as she swerved around to come up right in the same clearing as May, Tracey, Drew, Misty, and Ash.

    "There you are." said officer Jenny.

    "Ya, we've been looking all over for you!" Cooed Joy.

    "Hey...," Tracey looked around,
    "I thought Brock and Max were with you, Officer Jenny. Where are they?"

    "Max said somthing about renting a motor scooter and meeting us here."

    "Oh no!" May cried May, soap-opera like,
    "max took lessons on driving scooters, but he's soooooooo fragile that... I'm afraid, he might not make it."

    Seconds after the soap, Max and Brock crahsed throught the trees. Brock immeaditly jumped off and hugged a tree.

    "I am never let Max drive me around AGAIN!"

    "That was awesome!" cried Max, running over to May and hugging her tight,

    "Did ya' see me? Did ya!"

    "That was great Max..."

    "Now that that's settled, I'm going to go and try to find Nurse Joy and Team Rocket," She sighed,
    "I'm sure my cousin is just puttering around somewhere."
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    good fan fic^^
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    Thank you very much!

    BTW is that picture of that little blonde girl named Kikki Benjiman in English? From Mew Mew Power / Tokyo Mew Mew Power? I secretly love that show. Here's a little FYI about the next chapter. Ok. So I'm not going to explain word for word but you people are smart so I'm sure you'll catch on. It's kind of a delusional dream sequence. It's between... well... you'll figure it out.
    Chapter 5
    Misty looked up into the stormy sky... stormy sky?

    "Jiggly PUFF!"

    *Wait! This is... just like that day... The day before...*

    "Misty!" Yelled someone from behind her.

    "Ash?" She turned and looked at him,

    "Ash! What's going on? Why is..."

    "No time! Misty! A tornado's comng!" He grabbed her by the hand, not the wrist,

    "C'mon, Mist! Grab Jigglypuff and let's go!" She grabbed Jigglypuff and Ash pulled her into a cellar.

    "Ash! What's going on!? Where's..." A huge roaring filled her ears. She looked down. No cape. Just her old Hoen traveling clothes.

    Glass shattered behind Ash and the roaring wind was getting louder. Ash ran at her, grabbed her and held her, kneeling in the cormer of the shelter. He held her tight and took her hand. And she felt his hand in her own.

    *No gloves*

    "Ash! What's happening? Where are we?"

    "We're in..." Somthing big and mad of glass shattered behind her. Misty could feel the spray of the glass. She looked up into Ash's face,

    "Mist, i'll protect you... I-" his face was hit and cut with a piece of glass and then his hand. Then a large pice sliced at Misty's leg.

    *This isn't how it happened! Not at all!* The thought masde her heart leap to her throat as a line of red appeared across his face.

    For a second his already injured hand reached up to Misty's face and brushed away a tear. She didn't even know she was crying. Then she looked up. The terracotta roof that had been sheltering them was suddenly torn away and Ash was blown away from her and up into the swirling tornado.

    "Ash! No!" And then the tornado slowly slipped away.

    *No, no! I remember exactally how this happened! He only injured his hand by saving me! What's going on? We got away fine and then Jigglypuff sang and we... wait...*

    "Jigglypuff!" She called, standing up in the wreckage...

    Then everything went black.

    Ash looked around in darkness.

    "Misty? Mist? Where are you?"

    Just a few seconds ago he had been falling with Misty. The last thing he remembered was being on the ground, with an emmense pain in the back of his head, looking up into Misty's face and trying to apologise to her for...

    Suddenly, the black aound him turned into a gym... make that Cereulean City gym.

    "O, no. No... Not this day, any day but this!"

    Before him materialized a kneeling, crying Misty holding Staryu.

    Ash ran up to her and started to put his hand on her shoulder,
    "Misty! What's going on... why is-"

    "Shut up!" She took a shaky breath,
    "Go away! You! You- Leave me alone!" She said shoving him away.

    *What's going on here! This is all wrong! I... I...*

    "I hate you! Leave now and... and never return! I don't ever want to see you again!" Ash backed up scared.

    "I told you, Misty," said a voice from above. Ash looked up. It was Daisy, Lily and Violet,
    "No, We told you! He's worth nothing. You lost to him and he doesn't care. You're just like Dad, weak. And now we're gonna do to you what we did to him!" Then the Spectacular sisters dissapeared and so did Cereulean City. He was left in darkness with a softly crying Misty. And then she said the right words. The words she really had spoken,


    "Misty, I'm sorry... I never meant to..."

    "I know, Ash... and... I forgive you..."

    And then she dissapeared too.

    "Misty? Where are you?"
    "Ash! Are you there?" Misty called peering into the darkness

    "Mist? Is that you?" Ash called back. Misty turned around. She could see him plain as day and "ditto" for him. (That was terrible, wasn't it)

    "Ash? is it really you this time? What's happening? The last thing I remember is Team Rocket dropping me and you catching me... Then I was here and saw the most terrible re-enactment."

    "So did I... Do you have any idea where we are?"

    "No... i thought at first this was a dream... but now I think I'm holusinating."

    "That makes two of us."

    Then both of them dissapeared.
    AHHHHHHHHHHH! MUST KEEP WRITING! MUST KEEP WRITING! MUST... eat... eat now, be right back... then WRITE!
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    ^Very good so far. Try to descibe a little more but overall, your fic is very creative so far! A few errors here and there but it's very good! Be sure to PM me when your new chapter is up! ;)

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    Thank you. Now, If you don't mind, I'm going to continue right here.
    For the first time, after releasing the tree, Brock noticed Misty and Ash,
    "Excuse my crude term but, Sweet dude."

    Misty's eye lids fluttered. And so did Ash's. Finally, Misty opened her eyes.

    *Why is everything spinning..." Finnaly, her eyes began to focus. She was on top of Ash with her hand on his chest and her head on his shoulder looking in his face. His arms were still loosely wrapped around her waist. Ash's eyes suddenly fell open. Everyone's attention snapped over to them. Ash removed his arms from around Misty's waist and Misty tiredly rolled off of him. Ash sat up. It was night time and their friends had built a camp around them.

    "Ahh... My head hurts..." Said Ash, rubbing his head.

    *Big bump but no blood...*

    "Wow, Ash... I'm glad you finally came to. You two have been out cold for over an hour. You took quite a large fall," Said Tracey, helping Ash up. Ash looked back down at Misty. she had began to cough and was begining to look very pale. Joy Jr. Brock, Tracey, Ash, and Max assembled around her .

    "Ash! What happened to her?" Asked Joy

    "She was Poisoned by that evil Team Rocket losers!" Yelled Tracey before Ash could explain.

    "Poison! Shoot! I left all of my supplies at home! In the Norm, I could handle this, but I'm short all of my medications! Mom was right," She hung her head,
    "I should have been prepared... Well... Cousin Jenny said she was going to find mom, and she's been gone for awhile now, so she should be back soon... Right?"

    "Yeah, Joy..." But Joy could tell that they were all disgusted... all but Ash, he was busy taking of his vest and wrapping it around Misty. Then he picked her up and sat down by one of the five large bonfires that Brock had set to keep evryone warm.

    "Can I see Misty's ribbon, May?" Asked Drew, at the farthest back camp fire.

    "First you answer my question, Drew," Drew nodded,

    "Okay. So why exactly wern't you in the competition?" Asked May

    "Honestly, May, I wanted to watch instead of lose. I was cheering you on, though. Sorry you didn't win. But," he said smiling, "Next time I'm counting on you to do your best!"

    May blushed at his heartfelt words,

    "I'll be counting on you too." She took the silver and blue ribbon out of his case and sighed,

    "This is the last season and If you and I both don't get at least twenty major ribbons we won't be able to compete in the Regionals. By the way, Drew, how many do you have so far?" She asked handing him the beautiful ribbon. He opened his vest and showed her the ribbons pinned inside. May counted the colorful bows,
    "Holy cow! You already have sixteen ribbons?!" She was right. he had sixteen.

    "Yeah... I was hoping to have more by now but there aren't many contests in the places and times where and when I go. So, May, how many do you have?"

    May turned red and took out her case.

    "I am so stupid! How on earth could I have gotten so mad that I forgot to think!"

    "You just have to think of what you're going to do," Said Tracey roasting a big marshmallow over the fire, "Then it's easy. When Professor Oak called me one and told me that he had found a rare new breed of goldeen that he wanted me to draw and look after, I almost didn't wait to hang up the phone!" He laughed, "I'll never do that again!"

    "I suppose..." said Joy

    "Yeah! when May said that Professor Maple had a Pokemon for me, I forgot to put on my shoes! My caterpie is so strong! Since May's been helping me, in the last six monthes, she's already gained two whole levels!"

    "Only two levels in six monthes?" Asked Joy

    "Yeah! Isn't May the best?"

    "No, no. For you'r first Pokemon, Max, my mother told me that for the first four levels you alone should train it or it will continue to row slowly. And that's right out of the mouth of the wisest and oldest Nurse Joy in her generation!"

    slowly a faint roar of motors materialized in the distance. Ash, still holding Misty in his arms, was the first to hear.

    "Please let that be Officer Jenny with Nurse Joy and her medicens." Said Ash quietly as he looked down at Misty's paling face. He gently laid his hand on her cheek. It was ice cold. He took his hat off his head and put it on hers. Then he scooted closer to the warm fire.

    "Mom!" Ash stood up with Misty still in in arms to see, in relief, Joy Jr. hugging her mother. Only after standing came a dizzy spell, but Ash dismissed it and shook his head.

    "Mamma! Mamma! Do you have my medical equiptment? Do you Mamma?" Asked Joy hurridly pulling at her mother's sleeve.

    "Yes, dear. But why do yo need them?"

    Joy took a deep breaath,
    "Well, Team Rocket, as you know, kidnapped Misty and then they poisoned her with a wheezing and then they dropped her. Ash caught her but fell to the ground and they were laying unconcious for like an hour! So, now Misty's weak andd slipping in and out of conciousness and is looking really bad. that's why." She breathed deeply and then grinned.

    Chapter 6

    Ash dizzily hobbled down to Nurse Joy and Jr. Joy.

    "Ash! What's wrong?" Asked Joy Jr. as Ash swivled closer. He shook his head,

    "I... I'm fine... just a little dizzy..." Tracey came behind him and held him straight. Joy Jr. Looked into his eyes,

    "Ash, this isn't nothing! I think you might have a concussion! You almost just walked into the fire! Go sit down right now!" Tracey took Misty while Joy led Ash over to a big boulder. Joy felt all over Ash's head while Ash decribed how he felt.

    "Well, it isn't permanant but you have to be in complete darkness for up to four hours or two hundred forty minutes. By then, the headache should be gone." She fumbled around in her medical box and pulled out a little red case of pills and made Ash eat two. Then she wrapped some tight bandages around his head, including the eyes, to block out the light.

    "Hey, Max!" She called.

    "Yeah? What is it Joy?" He asked hopping over to the junior nurse and Ash.

    "Take Ash to his tent and make sure that no light gets to his eyes," Max nodded,
    "And Ash," She said, turning to him.


    "Under the bandages, keep your eyes closed. try not to fall asleep, and don't talk. Just daydream. We'll be checking back with you in case you become unconcious. Then We'd have to bring you all the way to the nearest hospital and i've figured that thats sixty miles away. Raise your hand when we come in if you're awake. Don't talk!"

    "Any other instructions, mom?" He asked sarcasticly,
    "And I know, no late movies and no friends over." he smirked.

    "Max, just take Ash away." Said Joy. Max led Ash away to the tent.

    Tracey took Ash's place by the fire with Misty, waiting for Joy Jr. to gather up all her supplies from her mother.
    He looked down into her face.

    *Why do I feel like this? I... I think I... have a crush on her.* He blushed and laid her against a tree. He piced up his brown drawing notebook and flipped to the page her had drawn earlier that day.
    *How did Ash get got dang lucky?* Then he turned to Misty
    *Well... I can dream... or draw!* He took Misty back in his arms and sat closer to the warm, blazing fire where the light and warmth were perfect. Then he began to draw. He drew what he had remembered, far back at the Cereulean gym, where Misty's sisters had Asked him to be the Prince for the Water Ballet. He had been in the water next to Misty, doing the last scene when he thought the crush striked. He drew himself and Misty with their hands together, gazing in each other's eyes surrounded by water Pokemon. He sighed,
    *That was great. Maybe Daisy, Violet and Lily will let me do that again sometime*
    "Uh, Tracey?" Joy popped out of nowhere from behind him, looking at his drawing.
    "You like Misty? YOu know she's gonna kill you."
    "For what?"
    "Geez. You're just like a groupie. Drawing them you dummie! Misty and Ash and then..."
    Tracey closed his notebook,
    "You dare tell and I'll..."
    "What? Attack me with your pencils... or no, wait, your markers?"
    "If Jigglypuff can, so an I."
    Joy sweatdropped,
    "Heheh.. never mind then... Well, anyway hold out Misty's arm." Tracey did what she said. Joy took a needle, filled with a blue syruppy stuff, and injected it into Misty's arm and then put a band-aid over it.
    "Hey, Tracey? Will you please put this blindfold on her and put her in that "medical" tent?"
    "Yeah, sure," Said Tracey, taking the blindfold and putting it on Misty,
    "By the way, Joy? Which tent is the "medical tent?" Joy pointed to the large red tent.
    "And Tracey, If Ash's awake, tell him that if Misty gains conciousness, to tell her to stay silent.
    Tracey picked up Misty and headed there. Upon entering, Tracey saw Ash on a floor mat.
    "Ash?" Ash raised his hand.
    "O, yeah. You're not supposed to talk." Tracey knelt down next to a mat and set Misty on it. He looked around. Seeing nobody else, other than Ash, he quickly kissed Misty on the cheek. Then he got up,
    "Ash, you didn't hear that. And, oh, Joy told me that if Misty wakes up and starts talking to you, tell her not to talk until One of us checks in."
    Ash put his thumb up
    "Okay, then..." and he hurried out.
    "Hey May?" asked Drew.


    "Have you ever really missed someone, but you're afraid that she... I mean they hate you?"

    "Well," said May sleepily,
    "I never really thought about it. Well... Yes... I felt that way about... you..." Drew's heart lept, but before he could say anything back, May had fallen asleep. Drew set her against his shoulder, took her hand, and thought about what had just happened.
    *Could she?.... no.... well..."

    "Ah! My vision of loveliness! You, who are prittier than a thousand sunsetts... OW! NOT THE EAR! NOT THE EAR!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cried Brock as Max pulled him away from Officer Jenny.

    "Not today, Brock. Try again some other time." Joy cracked up.

    "Well, if that's all setled, I can't sit around here any longer!" Cried Officer Jenny,

    "I'm going after Team Rocket and you guys can twiddle your thumbs for all I care!" With that she jumped on her motor cycle and rode away.

    "No! My love! Oh, well." siad Brock, shrinking and turning blue.

    "Max? Joy, honey?" Nurse Joy Knelt down,
    "Would you do a little favour for me?"

    "Yes ma'am!"

    "Sure mom!"

    "Alright..." she hushed down to a whisper,
    "Will you two take Brock and get some firewood... lotts and lotts of firewood?"

    "SURE!" Max and Joy Jr. answered

    "Okay," Nurse Joy stood and turned to Brock,
    "Ahem... Brock? Could you please take my daughter and Max to go get some firewood. We're almost out."

    "At your service, Nurse Joy!" Cried Brock, seemingly forgetting his recentist heart break,
    "C'mon you two! Let's go get firewood!"

    Max, Joy Jr. and Nurse Joy all sweatdropped (along with yours truly)

    So, the trio set out to get firewood.
    "Ash!" Cried Misty Jerking awake and sitting up on the mat in the dark tent (with the blindfold still on)

    "Misty? Are you ok?"

    "Ash! What's going on? Where Are we?"

    "You passed out again and Joy said I have a minor concussion. She said to lie down, and not talk until she, or her mom or whatever comes and gets us. So just lie down and relax." Misty lied back down.

    "I'm glad you're here, Ash..."

    "I'm just glad your okay." He reached out his hand, and even without his "sight" he took her hand. Misty's heart lept.



    Misty smiled to herself,

    "You're alot less dense then you were in Jhoto."

    "Thanks." And he too smiled to himself.
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    Wow, you've done a lot of work!! I was surprised to find out that Tracey has a crush on Misty...I didn't expect that. lol
    But it's great to see Ash and Misty together again!

    lol That was a cute line
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! etc.

    "Hey! Tracey! Cpuld you please check and see if Mistys concious yet? Joy told me to check on tehm every once and awhile."

    "Alright, Miss Nurse Joy!" Tracey ran to the tent and peeked inside,

    "Ash? Misty? Are you guys awake.. uh... concious?" The two immeaditly let go of each others hands.

    "Are they alright?" Called Nurse Joy from where she was busily sorting through her medical books.


    "Alrighty! I'll be right over!" She stood and stretched. Then urse Joy straightened her pink, poofy dress and skipped over to the medical tent.

    She peeked inside. Ash was sitting crosslegged and Misty was just sitting up.

    "How do you feel, Ash?" She said kneeling down and putting her hand on his bandaged forehead.

    "Fine. I suppose next you'll hit me and ask me if that hurt." Tracey snickered as he sat down next to Misty.

    "How about you?" Asked Nurse Joy, turning to Misty.

    "Ditto here. I'me fine."

    "Okay... um... next... Joy said to... um... remove your blindfold. Tracey, would you mind doing Misty's?"

    Tracey perked up,
    "Sure!" and with the utmost care, he carefully removed the bandages from around Misty's eyes while Nurse Joy attended to Ash's.

    Misty blinked twice.
    "I can see again!" She turned to Tracey. he was smiling from ear to ear. She hugged him,
    "Thank you Tracey." It was just a friendly hug, mind you, but Tracey was about as red as Ash's costume of an apple (that he had to wear to tempt a snorelax in Jhoto)

    By that time Ash had his blindfold off,
    "Hey! What about me? I was the one who saved your life and all."

    "But you said in the Orange Islands that you "don't do" hugs."

    "i'll malke an acception..." She hugged him for a good ten seconds, but Ash, being "too brash" to blush, merely smiled

    "Good," Tracey and Ash had forgotten Nurse Joy was still there, and jumped at the sound of her voice,
    "Now I can go back to sorting and waiting for Brock, joy, and Max to get back with the firewood."
    "Max, Brock, are we lost?" Asked Joy, timidly.

    "Yup," They said in unison,
    "Most deffinetly lost."

    They had been lost for a good ten minutes.

    "Are you sure?"


    "Don't you guys have any flying Pokemon that could take a look for us?"


    "Do I have to do everything myself!?" She cried in exasporation,

    "I honestly don't get how Misty May and Ash got along with you for so long!" She reached into her little white purse,

    "Come on out, ;165; Lady!" A little red Ladyba materialized.

    "Lady! Ladyba! Ba!"

    "Lady! Fly up and tell us which way the camp is!"

    "Lady! Ba!" And the little Pokemon, with that, Flew up, over the trees.

    "Can you see camp, Lady?"

    "Ba! Ba! Ladyba!"

    "Point which way!"

    "Ba!" Ladyba pointed South.

    "South it is!" Cried Max and the trio took off.
    May yawned and opened her eyes. With her still sleppy eyes she looked around. she was leaning on Drews shoulder. But what made her red was that drew had his right arm around the back of her waist and was holding her right hand. With his left hand, her was flipping through some notes.

    "May? Are you awake?" Drew asked in a whisper.

    May yawned a big yawn in response and pretended to just awaken. Just then was when she noticed that Drew's vest was draped around her.

    "Drew... I'm glad I know you... that is... I mean...."

    "Me too."

    May stared into the fire,

    "Isn't this place beautiful?"

    "Yeah..." Drew blushed as May snuggled closer.
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  15. Sorry for taking me this long but I didn't have time to review it before. I'm in the middle of my tests so have to tried to study. I really liked that part of Ash(the human) with Ash (the pokemon) even though I got a little confused.

    Now, what drew was thinking in this part of the fic. I think I know, [SPOIL]Drew is in love with May[/SPOIL]

    I'll finish writting my review later. I have to do some work I haven't done for my final grade
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    :D Thank you. It's going to get alot better! :D:D and [SPOIL]I think you May be right[/SPOIL]
    I Hope you like it so far! It's about to get a whole lot more shippy!

    By the way! Anyone! tell me if you want me to put you on my pm list for the next few chapters!

    BTW! (Again I know) I'm adding more to my last chapter so look there first before you look down here!
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  17. I must admit, a well written fic!
    Pokeshipping for life!
    I am also a bit shocked that Tracey likes Misty. At least you're not having that traditional yet stupid May-and-Misty-fight-over-Ash thing. I like them both, and I hate seeing those two acting like babies sometimes. Overall, a good story!! Please continue!
  18. mindripper

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    Ah, nice. Everything is done up pretty well. The last chapter is a lil short though. Also, try to have a bit of action to break up the dialogue a little!! Waiting to see what happends next.
  19. Mysteria Pearl

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    Thank you both very much! I love the support! I, too get tired of the constant fight between May and Misty. I thought that maybe I'd twist it up a bit. I'm currently adding more to the last "short chapter" until I decide to end chapter 6. Then, somewhere here at the bottom, I'll write chapter 7

    Alrighty! Here's chapter 7!
    Chapter 7

    "Hey Tracey, How's your Pokemon researching going?" asked Misty as Tracey helped her up,

    "Well, I've drawn a whole lot of new sketches...."

    "may I see them?" Ash muttered somthing about "stupid sketches" behind them.

    "Sure... um c'mon Misty, I'll show them to you," He said, leading her outside by the hand.

    Ash stuffed his hands in his pockets ad walked out of the tent and over to the fire at the right of the one Tracey and Misty were sitting by. Misty started to flip through Tracey's notebook when Tracey remembered the new sketches he had drawn and what Joy had said about them

    "Wow, Tracey... These are really good! I love this one" She said, pointing to a really life-like drawing of some haunter... well as life-like as ghost Pokemon could get.
    Tracey had drawn all sorts of rare Pokemon, like Misty's Tpgapi, some rare unknown, Lugia, Celebii, Articuno, Zapdos, and tons more.

    "What's this?" She said, turning to the page tracey had most recently drawn on. It was the picture of Misty and himself in the Misty Mermaid underwater ballet.

    "That's really good, Tracey. But I thought you said you passion is to draw Pokemon. And that You're don't love to draw humans."

    "Well... um... I thought.... you... um... you..."


    "You were... really pretty that night... you were gorgeous... and I... uh... like to draw anything with um... beauty..." Tracey's face had shaded from it's natural tan to a bright red. Misty's had darkened with a pinch of pink. She smiled, not suspecting anyithing like that from a shallow guy like Tracey.

    "That's sweet." She turned to the next page.

    "Tracey..." Misty blushed to a deep red.

    Tracey became nervous,


    Misty got an evil look in her eye and reached inside her cloak,

    "N...no need to get violent on me Misty!"

    "TRACEY! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" She said, pulling her hand out from in her cape. It was holding her ever trusty mallat.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" tracey cried, running for his life around the camp.

    Everybody face faulted (other than Tracey and Misty). Misty ran after Tracey occaiosnally bonking him on the head with the mallat. She threw the Notebook into the air and it landed next Ash. He flipped to the page Misty had last turned to. He smiled. It was the picture of Misty on top of him. It was really good. But Tracey had no right to do that.... even though it ws great...

    "Hey! Misty!"

    Misty stopped,

    "Yes Ash?"

    "Have an extra mallat?"

    Misty grinned evily at Ash. He grinned evilly back.

    "Here!" She threw him a large mallat.

    "CHARGE!" They both jumped on Tracey and starting whacking him with the large, wooden hammers. Nurse Joy sat, innocently watching them and laughing

    "Tracey! How DARE you!" Cried Misty, Whacking him again.

    "What?! What'd I do! What did I do?" AHHH! MERCY! UNCLE! AUNT! I GIVE! I GIVE! STOP! Misty and Ash tumbled off of him. Ash laughed. somthing he hadn't done in a long, long time,

    "That was fun, Misty. I can see why you like doing it!" Misty smiled. She hadn't seen Ash happy... well she hadn't seen Ash at all lately... in a long time. She remembered then why he was her best friend. it wasn't above him to care or have fun, unlike those other careless masters.... or at least, she hoped so.

    Just then, coming crashing through the underbrush burst Brock, Max, Joy jr. and a brilliantly colored Ladyba.

    "Ba! Ladyba!"

    "Come on back, Lady!" Called Joy (jr.)

    "We're back with lotts of firewood!" Triumphantly called Max, holding up his bundle. Brock, Joy (jr) and Max saw Misty awake.

    "Misty!" Cried Max, running and hugging her (more like glomping her)

    "Yay! You're okay!" Cried Joy (jr)

    "Ash, you're okay, too." said Brock, rather bordly.

    "Glad ya noticed." Ash said, sulking again.

    "Ash... can I talk to you in private for a minute?" Asked Misty, nervously turning to him.

    "Sure, Misty... I guess..." Said Ash. Misty led him into the forest.

    "Brock, can we follow them? Pretty please?" Asked little eight year old Joy.

    "Yeah! can we?" Asked Max, getting excited.

    "Well..." Brock thought for a minute,

    "We shouldn't disturb them in privacy... and I could never forgive myself, BUT, I could forgive you two for accedentally overhearing and telling me..."

    "Alright! Triumph!" Cried Max and Joy, high-fiving each other.

    "What do you think they'll be talking about Max?"

    "I don't know, but I can't wait!"

    "I hope it's romantic!" Whispered Joy as she and Max crawled silently through the brush.
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  20. Now to finish my review. What did I was going to write? OH, I remember.Your chapeter were pretty good. I really looking foward to see the next one. There was one chapter I was totally lost, I didn't know what were you talking about it was chapter 5, I had to read it again to understands it.

    Oh, and the part where Max was driving and poor Brock was so scared was hilarious. I loved it. but the part with the nurses Joys I was confused. I didn't know who was whom. Oh, I have a question. Since when did Misty started training Ninetails who are fire-types? I mean, everyone knows she specialized in water-types. Or did you just do that for your fic because you needed that way?

    I just read something in one chapter, which I don't recall which one was it. May and Drew must have looked so cute in the last scene, so close... *sighs deeply* so romantic. I love it!! Excellent work!

    I wonder why did Misty get mad with Tracey. Are you goin' to explain dat next chapie? Coz I don't think she got mad for the drawing, right?
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