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The Caption Contest - Can it get any more new?

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Back in the OLDEN days...
The following users have been banned:
- Sudowoodo
- King's Rock
- Donkey Kong
- You
- Serebii
BK: Noo, not Serebii!!
Giovanni: Trust me, it's better for everyone.


Shiny get!
D911: Hello, I'm a representative of PEAS. Pokepeople for the Ethical Annihilation of Stuff. Would you like to join our protest march?
Officer: No, I'm here to arrest you for illegal activies regarding a monkey.
D911: But Donkey Kong isn't a monkey he's an-
Officer: I'm not talking about Donkey Kong. Your statement, "It's on like Diddy Kong," has been copyrighted by Monkeys for the Annoying Copyrighting of Statements, MACS for short, and you are to refrain from use the statement.
D911: ... Crud.
Mom: Ethan! Why are you protesting against your mother?!
Ethan: Cause you keep posting baby pictures of me on my Facebook! It's embarrassing! So I'm protesting agaisnt parents on Facebook!
Mom: But isn't that what Facebook friends are for?
Ethan: No. Facebook friends are supposed to be people that are always there for you, people that never let you down, people that never go around and insult you.
Mom: But that's not what Failbook says...


super noob
Brock: I love nudist protesters.
R.O.B.: I'm actually protesting the DK Rap.
D911: Okay everyone, time to sing our protest song.
D911: He-he-here we go! So they're finally here, performin' for you!
Lucy: I'm demonstrating against clothes.
Brock: Can I join you?
*Croagunk used Poison Jab*
Viewer: Gee, how original.
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Bibarel's adorable.
Officer: Okay, tell me what the Squirtle did, now?
Brock: Well, it was just another peaceful day, I was out taking my Onix for a walk, and then that THING came along.
Officer: The Squirtle?
Brock: No, this really ugly girl that keeps following me. And she had...
Officer: The Squirtle?
Brock: No, waaaay too much lipstick on.
Brock: Yeah, so one thing leads to another, and then I bump into Gary, and he had...
Officer: The Squirtle?
Brock: No, he had this ketchup stain on his shirt. And then the next thing I know, it starts raining and my Onix really doesn't like the rain.
Officer: Where does the Squirtle come in?
Brock: What Squirtle?
Officer: ...


Follow my lead!
KS: No me allowed? We'll see about this! *takes out shotgun* BYE BYE!* shoots the Sign through Brock's head*


All: We're on strike
Police: Dumb ***
D911: Why u little-

Magikarp used splash
OHKOs everyone

Magikarp: And you say I'm weak


super noob
R.O.B: Donkey Kong has made me angry. Very angry indeed. So I am going to unleash a subspace bomb on the Caption Contest on 2/18/2011. This bomb will create an Earth-shattering kaboom. It is also powered by PU-238 Space Modulator.
D911: That previous caption may have over explained the joke too much.
Officer: And yet some people still won't get it.
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D911: Only one more sign to put up...
Police Officer: Yep. No anything...
Invader ZIM (overriding signal somehow): EXCEPT FOR A ROOM, WITH A MOOSE!!!!
GIR: Eating SALTED NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
D911: Has anyone wondered what me, WPS, VampirateMace, woot21, and all the other Serebiiforums users I put into these pics would look like morphed together?

*pondering* ... Ew, that's not at ALL what I was thinking of!!!!!! Eww, whoa, ew... soooooo not doing that again...
NOT A CAPTION. I won twice in a row, first Random, then First. Someone end my winning streak. Oh, by the way, what IS the new era after D911's Caption Contest? Oh, one LAST thing, can I please ask if A., I can borrow the trophy images for my CC on PkFm, and 2 (LOLE), where do you find the backgrounds for your images? My images literally have a WHITE background.
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Mr. Soul Stealer
Golden Magikarp: Please, save the Golden Magikarp by destroying all Golden Fishing Rods.
Me: Ooh, talking shiny Magikarp FTW! Go, Pokéball!
Golden Magikarp: Wait, but I'm not shiny, I'm gold-(is caught by Pokéball)
Me: Yes, I caught the talking shiny Magikarp that thinks it's golden, but it's actually shiny! FTW!
Golden Magikarp: I'M GOLDEN, NOT SHINY!!
Officer: Slowbro, Slowbro, Slowbro. You've been a very naughty Pokémon lately.
Slowbro: It'z allz liez!
Officer: What about this report saying that you stole a King's Rock from a Mister Deoxys911?
Slowbro: Hez stolez itz fromz mez!
Officer: Okay then. What about this report saying you stole an important Caption Contest thread from a Mister Deoxys911?
Slowbro: Hez framingz mez!
Officer: Fine. Then, what about this one saying you murdered a police officer and stole a King's Rock and an important Caption Contest from him?
Slowbro: Thatz happenz rightz nowz!
Officer: Wha-oh crap...AHHHHHHH!
Slowbro: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


SSBB: 5069-4586-5573
Sick... I know I probably sound like Joe, but I need my rest tonight/tomorrow, so I'll try and be back here tomorrow afternoon for you guys!

Oh, and by the way: Contest closed!

EDIT: I'm still not feeling that great, so judging will have to wait until tomorrow, likely. However, I was able to muster up enough energy to create a new picture, before I'm any more late.

This contest ends on January 31, 2011. Now let's get captioning while we await the next results!
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super noob
Sign: Try the newest Frontier facility, the Battle Rocket. Featuring Team Rocket battles, that's right.
Me: *groan* That was a terrible pun.
Tree number 20: I feel so unportant. So much so tht my words arent even begin proof red.

Get well soon, or I will send in the clowns. Well, clown. Okay, it's just Dattebayo in clown shoes.
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Baby: My mother just left me next to a rocket. I feel so loved.
Munchlax: I hope I don't fall.
Munchlax: I'm sorry, I didn't know diving wasn't allowed...
Igglybuff: I got kicked out. BUT I KNOW MY SINGING IS GOOD!
Mantyke: I climbed all the way onto the roof to get away from her, so they put her outside? I hate my life.

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Spiky Pichu: I am 5000 years old, and still am in the body of a child...
Karate guy: Interesting, Wynaut appears the same, despite the darkness. This proves that baby pokemon provide their own internal light source!
D911: According to my GPS, we are currently, simultaneously, in Johto and Sinnoh. This is possible, physically, as long as no one notices. As I have just noticed, this phenomenon has ceased to occur. Computers have been built utilising this physical possibility of being in two places at once, but as the only work when no-one is paying attention, they're a bit lame.
*Disclaimer: The above physics does indeed work. I know because I saw it on TV.*
*Disclaimer: No, really, it does.*


Are you high...?
Everyone: Countdown until the rocket launches into space!
10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 1! 0!
D911: Wait, wha-
*Rocket launches into the air*
D911: I HATE YOu guyyy yys!


A Relic of The Past
R.O.B: Donkey Kong has made me angry. Very angry indeed. So I am going to unleash a subspace bomb on the Caption Contest on 2/18/2011. This bomb will create an Earth-shattering kaboom. It is also powered by PU-238 Space Modulator.
D911: That previous caption may have over explained the joke too much.
Officer: And yet some people still won't get it.

Ok Marvin.

D911: LOLE. Time to go hunting! LOLE.
SEPichu: Gotta stop D911, must stay alive.
Mantike: EEEEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*D911 shoots maril*
SEPichu: HYAAAH!!!!!*Iron Tail*
*Epic Battle Scene*
D911: *Huff, huff, huff**Shoots SEPichu**Backfires* AAAAAAUUUURRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My Loyal Feraligatr
Baby: Mommy? Why's there a rocket here?
Mom: I don't know dear.

Iggybuff: (overhears them) Everything is going according to plans hehehehe... :)<
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Arukate Énigme
D911: WHAT!!!????? They stuck me here with a butch of babies!!!
Oh well thats why i'm going to blow them all up.
Spike: What?
D911: Of course i'll keep you
Spike: OK. Lemme see BIG BOOM
Boy: Mommy? Is that a giant di---
Mom: SON!!! I wish. Your father barely had anything to make you
Boy: uh?
Mom: Nothing. *thinks out loud* Man, i want that to be in my ear
*Iggy exitrs: Hey everyone im here
Magby: Jump to die. get away from iggy.
Cleffa: maybe i can hide omg i need to hurry
Munch: Lets hope this water is deep enough.... or shallow ...
girl in bushes: I cant see you... you cant see me...


Back in the OLDEN days...

Deoxys911: Judging will have to wait until tomorrow.
Spiky-eared Pichu: IZ IT 2MARRO YET?


Ever wondered where they send all those rockets? I'll give you a hint - it's not on any world we recognize as "sane".


Mantyke: I'm challenging the fact that I'm a non-aviary Flying type Pokemon. If I'm 4x weak to Pichu, I should at least have the chance to get airborne.
Magby: Airborne? I use that stuff all the time! Great for cold and cough. Now in the pharmacy aisle!
Mantyke: >_<


Igglybuff: Behind me, you will see what looks like a giant nipple.


Wynaut: Are you blind?
Black Belt: I don't see Wynaut.


Dragon fang: See my sprite? It comes from one of the worst games ever made.
Baby: You mean, Hotel Mario?


Rocket engine 1: Boy, it sure is hot in here.
Rocket engine 2: Holy cupcakes, a talking rocket engine?!


Yamask Hugger x_x
Mantyke: How did I get here?....


Igglybuff: No one will ever get past me while I'm on guard!
*Looks to roof*
Igglybuff: Oh, dammit.


Magby: If that shoddy new Golem-thing can fly, why can't I?
Magby: WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


Cleffa: My first steps on this new planet and.... OMG!!!! Massive green pointy thingy :O
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