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The Chanseys approach in Safari Zone?

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Teh Spriteh Dude
I have looked at past threads but no help...

Im trying to get the Lucky Egg, but I have seen atleast 30 Chanseys, but only caught 2...I remembered one of those 30 stayed for 16 whole turns! =O But then it ran -.-; What are the chances of Capturing, Baiting and Rock Throwing? Thanks


I don't know the answers to the success rate of Safari Balls, baiting, and rock throwing, but the Lucky Egg is carried by only 5% of all Chanseys.


insert custom title
Wen I see a chansey, I usually just throw a ball immediately!!!!!!!!! And lucky egg is very VERY rare!

Expert Evan

Old Fogey
I seem to have more success when I throw a rock then a ball, and having a level 26 pokemon with 2 max repels to slightly increase the chances of a chansey though I often don't mind getting mushrooms off of paras. Getting the lucky egg is worth it though 1 may not be enough to go around especially for some of us that frequently use secret bases in R/S/E. I hear a lucky egg is available on chansey in XD so I intend to pursue that one soon.

Protectobot Maximus

Let me tell you a story about Chansey.

My friend [who owns FR] was looking or a Scyther for me [I only have Sapphire] and as soon as he stepped in the grass, he found a Chansey. He caught it in ONE safari ball. I ended up getting it.
My friend has about 10 Chancys with him having meet 15 thoughtout the game. (So he says). His advice to me was:

Didn't work though. My only advice is to do what makes you feel comftable. I have never found a Chansy catching pattern.


i just throw the safari ball i dont waste time with the others


Teh Spriteh Dude
Im gona grab me a level 26..and lots of repels then..^^


Custom User Title
I'd say don't waste your time on bait/rocks. Just throw safari balls. If I remember correctly, they have the same capture ratio as great balls.


I'm an expert at catching chanseys... I have about six or so... (one of them had the fabled lucky egg as well)

first of, go to the parts of the safari zone where chanseys are found (I'd try the big area before you get to the secret house with the Surf TM)

then you stay in a spot and press in a direction, you can encounter wild pokemon without wasting steps.

Avoid using any safari balls on other pokemon (except if it's a shiny of course) save them for chansey

you'll have a slim chance of encountering it. If you do come across one, just toss the ball... don't bother with the rocks or bait because it'll have a chance of escaping, or the ball not even touching it. The rest if up to luck though...


Jade Star Trainer
yea i just threw the safari ball and caught chansey on my first try, i didnt want 2 risk it running away if i threw a rock or bait at it


Psephophthalmus artu
bait makes its chance of running away less but makes it harder to catch and rok makes it easier to catch but more likely to runaway i wouldnt do either cuz chansey is hard to catch and runs away easily so just stik with the safari balls also to not waste steps once u get to the desired area just face in a direction and then another one but dont press the d-pad long enough to go in that direction just face that way. that way u wont waste steps ; )


i've been looking for chansey with a lucky egg

I already have one lucky egg and it came from my shiny chansey

I've been looking for about 3 hrs now

I've seen about 30 chanseys and caught 3 none with the lucky egg

plus the chansey's IV's were crap even shiney so i'm not bothering training it

my shiney just sits in a potrait just be shown off to all my friends


You're Illegal
you got a shiney chancy that hade lucky egg???!!!!??? thats like the luckest thing that could ever happen to a person in FR/LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I threw a rock at chansey and it stook around and finally caught it no lucky egg tho


my 1st chansey had one (no, really), but my 3 others dont
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