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The Character Interview Thread (V3)


Impressionist Bakuphoon
Hello, everyone! This is a thread concept that has become popular on several fanfic-related sites including this one, so I've went ahead and created a new thread for it here. This is intended to be a continuation of the previous character interview thread, and to a lesser extent the one before it (hence why I'm calling this one "V3", or "version 3").

The rules here are similar to previous threads: simply have any character of yours answer one or more of the questions asked above you, and then have them (or yourself, if you prefer) ask one or more questions for someone else below you to answer. As usual, your character doesn't necessarily have to answer any of the questions in a completely straightforward or honest manner; they are characters, after all (although they still should have some type of answer).

With that said, let's begin! I'll think I'll start things off with the one of the simplest and most fundamental things that you can ask someone:

"Who are you?"


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
Curio: "Who am I? Well... I'm a mess, that's for sure. I'm a Lucario, obviously, and a very weird looking one if you have a pair of functioning eyes. What other Lucario has a metal arm like this one? I guess the true question though is who I am. As in, what my essence is or what my true self is or some psychological crap like that. You know, after all the digging I've done on my own past, I still don't know. If I really jazzed it up for you, I could say I'm a traveller that goes from city to city, trying to find the next exciting thing to see while I make stuff sometimes. Making figures in particular. When I slip into that, I forget I'm even a Lucario and feel more like a human. I can just pour some locked away part of myself into the art I make and hope I like it, or that it strikes a chord with someone I show it to.

"I'm always changing, though. I don't like to think of who I am deep down and try to make the most of living in the now. Because if I think about it for too long, all the crap I've seen over the years and all the dreams I had that never came to be, I go crazy. Speaking of which...

"What is the stupidest decision you've ever made, and did it affect your life in a huge way?"


A young woman, no more of twenty years of age in appearance, found herself in a bare room with a tinted glass pane and a few monitors--both new models and old--before her and a door behind her. Wearing a white fur coat with a red shirt and black pants underneath, she looked around to see if there was more to it but found none. However, that just made her shrug instead of worry. It was then she tilted her head to the side at someone asking her a question, an eyebrow raising and her light blue eyes blinking in surprise.

"Who am I?" she said. She chuckled, the sound almost like a songbird's. "Now that's a question."

She took a seat in the bare room, putting her left leg over her right and crossing her arms.

"I have a lot of names. Some call me Morrigan. Others call me Nyx. And some call me Kali and many more. But most worlds apparently know me as Yveltal," she said, a slight smirk on her face. "My name's actually Death Reaper...but I prefer being called Mory, 'short for Morgan'. Ha ha. Yeah, original, right? But I like it. And you can blame a friend for that."

That smirk, however, disappeared when one of the screens came to life to give her a question from a creature she knew was typically called a Lucario in other worlds.

Frowning, she said, "Stupid decision?"

She looked to the side, pensive in her thoughts. After a good while, she sighed and said, with a wry smile, "Well, there's one but I don't really regret doing it."

Her smile returned as she leaned back against the chair with her back straight and eyes seemingly. "I fell in love with a mortal. Not just any mortal, a human. How it changed my life? Well, I stuck by them as long as I could without raising suspicion. And, well, our kids and descendants apparently they got some of my powers. And I don't regret any of it but well..." That smile turned more pained as she continued. "...it still sucks to have to help my family into the afterlife, wherever that may be."

She took a deep breath and relaxed. Then she said,

"So? What'd you think? I can't help but be curious though since I have the chance...if you could be immortal, and only you, would you take the opportunity?"

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
(*fades into existence with creepy grin* Hello, Giratina.)

*double-takes, then narrows eyes* What're you doing here? Oh, shit, what are you doing back here?!

(The character interviews came back.)

Oh goddamn it, I'm dead, aren't I?

(What makes you say that?)

Last I remember was being sucked into a cell and cursing Legion's name, and it's all been a blank for these last five years. You tell me.

(So would you like to go back, is what you're suggesting.)

*grimaces* You're sick. I can't believe Deoxys and Entei of all people were right about you.

(Are you going to cooperate with me, then?)

*folds wings* What's the catch? Maybe there's a reason your past interviews went out of control.

(I'm not taking that bait.)

You're reading into this way too much.

(Oh, aren't you going to be a fun one. Third time's the charm.)

*dryly* Just put me out of my misery, why don't you.

(Okay, first question is "Who are you?")

*monotone* I'm the fly in your soup, I'm the pebble in your—

(I should've known that would be your first response.)

I'm not changing my answer.

(*mutters* Goddamn it…)

I thought it was "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain"? *smirks*

(And that right there is why you're always butting heads with Latios.)

Because someone needs to knock him down a peg. *leans in with a sly smile* You're welcome.

(I'm just going to move on.)

No, no, take your time. I'm clearly not going anywhere.

(I get it, you're not happy with me for leaving you guys hanging. I'm sorry—)

No, you're not.



(Why'd I go with you, again?)

Because I'm well-liked, dashing, intelligent, won't put up with bullshit?

(I should've just gone with Legion, but that would've been a disaster.)

Now I'm wishing you did.

(Okay, moving on NOW—"What is the stupidest decision you've ever made, and—")

I cringed inside and felt my brain vomit just hearing you say that out loud.

(This is not my question, don't be a jackass.)

But that completely goes against my character.

(Can you just answer the question?)

You didn't finish.

(Just answer the damn question, Giratina!)

*scoffs and rolls eyes* The dumbest mistake I've ever made might've been my birth, I don't know. What makes you think I have regrets?

(Maybe your dumbest mistake is you not keeping your big mouth shut.)

That Geppetto demon what's-his-face doesn't deserve special treatment. Thinks he's so great that he can just wave that small dick of his around in our faces.

(*scowls and looks at next question, just to pause*)

*stares* Well? Aren't you going to say it?

(You're not going to like this one.)

Why? Is it too on the nose?

(Actually, more like you'll just be a braying jackass.)

Since when have I ever not been a braying jackass? Just let me turn the tables around *does so* and demand that you ask me the question.

(*mumbles* …."If you could be immortal, and only you, would you take the opportunity?")

*puts wing to ear and side-glances* Eh? Speak up, dearest author.

(*louder and faster* "If-you-could-be-immortal-and-only-you-would-you-take-the-opportunity?")

*nods slowly* That's much better. Now, for my answer. PPPFFFFFTTT—AH—HAHAHAHA!!! *barrels over*

(*flinches from flying spittle*)

*slaps wing on knee, still laughing*


*takes a loud, long deep breath* ….GAH-HAHAHA! *snorts*

(*slowly facepalms and curls over*)

*takes a louder, longer deep breath* Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I fucking wish I was immortal again! I wish the world didn't go to shit so I could still be back in the Distortion World where I belong! You think your mortals are so great, well, it's not! You're mortal! You don't have god-like powers and the ability to do what we do! Or did, anyway, before the almighty Arceus took it away from us.

(Then why don't you ask them?)

Ask them about what?

(Ask them how they—well, we—put up with being mortal and not having god-like powers.)

Hell no! I'm not letting you put words into my mouth! I'll ask whatever I damn will please!

(*rolls eyes*)

Alright, whoever you are, answer this: Then who was phone?

(*throws hands up and leaves*)

Now will you let me go?

(*pokes head back in* You're not even going to be in the next chapter, or the chapter after that.)

You bitch, you're just going to leave me hanging and suffocating?!

(Don't go anywhere, you might get a question later. *leaves*)

*grumbles* Deoxys is not going to let me hear the end of this...


Mory couldn't stop her instinctive jump when one of the television screens came to life, featuring a very exasperated and disembodied voice, and a very, very "grumpy"--and male--alternate version of Force. Or as most worlds knew her, Giratina. She raised an eyebrow as the "interview" went on, not showing the slight surprise at his behavior despite knowing the many possibilities. After all, the "Giratina" she knew wasn't anything close to the one she was seeing.

Well, except for one thing that was consistent with Force and this Giratina: they did not tolerate BS, whatever they considered that to be.

Mory did, however, let her surprise show when he asked her a question directly...and tilted her head.

"Then who was phone...?" she said, brows furrowing. After a few moments of thought, she then said, with air-quotes, "Is that one of those 'memes'? If so...I have no idea... Though I wish I had brought mine to search up if it is a meme."

Once again, she was startled when she got her wish and her black and red Devon smartphonepopped up in her hand.

"Oh, thanks," she said. "Huh. Good signal. Hey, I'm probably gonna change my answer so hold that thought."

There was sound of the clicking as she typed on her phone and found an answer to her question.


She laughed for a bit before she stopped and put it away.

"I have no idea if that was supposed to be a joke on my relation to death and thus creepiness...but still, good one." Then she said, "Still have no idea how to answer your question though, so I guess I'm keeping my old answer."

Mory leaned against her chair, hands in her pockets and one leg over another.

"So if you don't mind...I have a question for you...why did Arceus take your powers and immortality from you? And what are you doing now that they're gone?"

With that, she glanced at the other screens, her curiosity rising at each and every one of them.

"And I've got another question for anyone who wants to answer. Have you met your world's dieties? If there are any."

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
(*pokes head back in* Oiiiii, Giratina.)

*looks away from the air ducts* You know I can eat you in one gulp, right? Don't test me, you won't be my first, nor my last human meal.

(Gross. Get back down here, you got a question.)

Already? *floats down*

(Yeah, shocking. Anyway, the question is from this Mory: "Why did Arceus take your powers and immortality from you? And what are you doing now that they're gone?")

I'm just going to be a smartass and say "Read the source material".

(I'm not printing that. Pretend this is like some talk show where you talk about your role to advertise the story.)

...what am I, an actor?


Wait, that was a dumb answer. I've been stuck in limbo for so long that I forgot my lines.

(What does that have to do with anything?)

*snorts* Whatever, I suppose I'll humor you. To Mory, whoever you are, Arceus is an asshole, that's why. *holds up wing to the author's face* But it turns out there was some kind of "clause" or agreement whatever in that if us Legendaries failed our duties, such as preventing the world from dying, we would get punished. As such, our punishment was to become mortal and start making babies. Which, pfft, good luck with that.

(*pushes down wing* Having babies is a punishment?)

Well no, but I'm considering it a punishment just because Arceus said so. And also, you think I have myself a mate at the ready?

(If you would stop insulting everyone and get along with them, then yeah, you might.)

Bullshit, you know damn well I'm not compatible with any of the females. *beat* And even if I was, they're already taken, so that doesn't mean anything.

(Since when have you shown interest in any female?)

Nice try, I've had myself some tail in the past.

(*blinks* Wait, what?)

*ignores* As for what I'm doing, I think I've shit myself too many times waiting for Legion to get off his high-Ponyta and kill us all like he wants. He's such a coward, he's giving Arceus a run for "Worst Asshole Award".

(*waves off previous statement* More like it's a race to dethrone the King of Assholes.)

*double-takes, then guffaws* You got quite the bite there, don'cha? Tell you what, since you're so puny, I'm just going to save you for a midnight snack or something for the occasion.

(*flatly* Oh joy.)

Am I done here?

(Think you need to leave another question.)

Seriously? *rolls eyes* What is love?


Fine. How do you put up with your suffering?

(The hell kind of question—whatever. Go back to whatever you were doing, I suppose. Just... *casts eyes up at the air ducts* ...stay in the area. *leaves*)

*scoffs* Whatever, you killjoy.


Mory knew that if a stranger saw her trying to hold her laughter at the alternate Giratina's words, which would normally bring sympathy from her--her best friend's wife was from an erased universe--but it was hard to feel sympathetic towards someone who didn't seem to care that his world had died. Logically, different universes worled differently so it could technically still be fine, for all intents and purposes.

But she had never been much of logical person.

She was, however, empathetic and thus her trying not to laugh at the exchange between "Giratina" and the disembodied voice. Thankfully, she managed to calm down as it neared its end. But at his question, Mory raised an eyebrow.

"Sufferring?" she said. "If you mean how do you I put up with my existence? I just do. Not much to it. If you mean about my family and the fact that they're, well, mortal and I'm immortal, well..." Mory quieted as she gave her words some thought. "I don't. Not really."

She waved her hand dismissively.

"Call me sentimental, but I always get sad at any soul that dies and I have to lead them on their way to the afterlife. Honestly, I should've really done that with some but...well, there are Ghosts for a reason. Some of them are too stubborn to die and go nuts, instead being 'reborn' as Ghosts, most of the time with no memories."

Mory took a deep breath.

"So, yeah, I'm just used to it. I get hurt, I grieve, then I move on. Well, mostly." Then she looked at the TV that had the feed of Giratina on it, smirking. "Maybe you should visit our universe. I'm sure Time--sorry, Dialga--would love to meet other worlders."

Then she shook her head.

"Heh. But this isn't really the time for it, now? Anyways...another question. Are you close with ant non-Legendary Pokémon, as I've heard other worlds call them?"

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
(*slowly pulls into frame*)

*lazily peers up* Oh, goddamn it, whyyyyyy...

(I think this Mory likes you.)

The hell...? *stares incredulously* Why're you bothering me this late? Don't you have better things to do?

(Says you. You should pay attention to what she's saying, think you two might hit it off.)

*grimaces* That's creepy. You're creepy for thinking it. Get a boyfriend, seriously.

(*lightly smacks his face with a piece of paper*)

*raises eye ridge* Seriously.

(Answer this and I'll leave you alone for the night.)

And get someone else, for once? *takes paper to avoid looking at the sneer* Let's see... "Are you close with ant non-Legendary Pokémon, as I've heard other worlds call them?" Pfft, "ant".

(*grumbles* Giratina...)

*waves wing dismissively* No, I never was since I kept to myself. And who says I was close to any other Legendary Pokémon, anyway? Getting exiled into the Distortion World is surprisingly adept at keeping away visitors. But whatever, I would get bothered by humans, mostly, but here's the thing about messing with someone like me: It never goes well. Humans aren't as nutritious as one might think, but it gets the message across.

(Seriously, Giratina?)

I'm telling it like it is. But just so you know, I didn't eat all of the humans who would wound up in the Distortion World. But their souls get trapped, and then I had to put up with their nagging. So I did whatever I could to let them know who was boss. I suppose in a way, the world ending was the end of that, but... *pauses to shake head quickly* Ugh, no, nothing got better, and I'm literally stuck in this stupid forme. But... secretly, I suppose I miss those bastards. Least they couldn't stand a chance to try to kill me. *reviews Mory's words, then snorts* Interesting. Maybe we're in the same boat after all, but Darkrai is better at handling this than me. Think you two will hit it off better than me. You could swap better soul stories.

(*staring at something else* And this is why you're single.)

Can't you see I'm trying to have a soul-to-soul talk here, since we're both heartless?

(Sheesh, you keep this up, maybe sarcasm will become edible.)

And no, I'm not going to see another world's Dialga. I can barely stand the one here. I'll consider visiting only if your world doesn't have a berserk Tree of Beginning killing everything, and your Deoxys gets his ass handed to him as much as ours on a regular basis. His frustrations and failures are always good for a laugh. *pauses* Hey, speaking of the Tree, why aren't you dead?

(Suspended animation.)

I'm calling bullshit.

(Go back to sleep, Giratina.)

*scowls* Like I haven't been trying. *to self* Don't you ever wish things had gone differently to make your day not suck?

(Printing it, almost forgot.)



As soon as the disembodied voice mentioned shipping between her and Giratina, she grimaced and said,

"Yeah...no. I..." She paused, forcing herself to not dwell on memories that would make her drown. "...I know I can fall in love again, but I've tried, all right? I just can't...fall in love like I did with my late husband."

Thankfully, the topic quickly changed from romance...at least until Giratina mentioned Darkrai. She just gave a deadpan stare and a raised eyebrow. As it went on though, it soon changed to her trying to hold back her laughter until the very end where she couldn't hold it anymore. Thus, it took a little bit before she calmed down to talk again.

"You know, I'm tempted to just keep talking to you for the fun of it, and have Time--er, Dialga--come here but...I'm merciful, so I won't ask anymore..." she said. Then she smirked. "...for you specifically."

She took another deep breath before she continued. "As for your question... Nope. Even if there weren't any of the problems with changing the past with time travel, I wouldn't. That's the thing about dealing with death. You have no idea when it'll happen and when it does, there's not much I can do about that. But that means changing anything else looks a lot easier in comparison, so I focus on that instead."

Mory put her hands behind her head. "Anyways...another question for anyone who wants to answer: if you could change your powers, would you? Or if you don't have powers, would you want any kind?"

Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
There is a rock fountain alone at the junction of two dirt roads. Not much can be seen miles around, though there is a small wooden post nearby with indications to reach a nearby town.

The one other thing around, right by the fountain, is a female Fraxure counting coins and otherwise idling about. Other than rock-laced vambraces (which you'd probably not want to know what are they made from) she looks about the same as a normal, wild Fraxure. She pays you attention only after you ask a question: "Who are you?"

"Mrmmm... I'm Volyrina." A bit of a tense silence. "That's about it, really.... fine, I'm from the North and also uuuh, the East?" She looks around the horizon in all directions for a moment. "Yeah, the East. If you want to know more I'm signed up at the board next town over," she mentions casually.

It seems that getting any more information from her is going to cost you... maybe in coins. Hoping for a better alternative perhaps, you have turned to the joviality and the tragicomedy of the youth as an inspiration for the next question.

"What is the stupidest decision you've ever made, and did it affect your life in a huge way?"

The Fraxure glares at you, maybe thinking that you should have chosen another line of questioning. Oh well; she shakes, rustling some scales, and does deign to answer.

"Stupid decisions you say? ...Leaving the clan I guess."

There's a long silence before she relaxes, snarls and tosses a coin to the fountain. "Just teasing. Ditching the clan was awesome! Those suckers? Their loss. Mine...." she shrugs. "Paying in advance for some lots and deeds not bothering to check the seller..."

She tenses again, her tail bats the ground.


She looks around for a moment, fixating her sights in the western horizon. "That set me back a huge lot. Had to sleep under bridges for a few winters, had to fight Linoones for their caves... I guess in a way it never ended." Her tail bats the ground again. "If you want free advice? Get hired muscle so you can focus fully on the brain job. In this world, one misstep and you get scammed."

You try and get some more talk out of this Pokémon, trying to figure out more about her life. What little freely comes out mostly mentions random adventures hunting down outlaws here and there. Maybe at some point you misheard a name or something, because when you ask "Then who was phone?" Volyrina just lifted her claws to stop you and shook her head.

"Phione? No no no, I don't know who it was. Back at the clan-" she emphasizes that last word with a snarl, "we oft heard some stories of special Pokémon. Phiones somewhere? Maybe there was one. Most of what I heard was about the Glacial Labyrinth and the green dragon who ate a meteor." She nods sagely. "As in munched it for breakfast. Some dragons are just uncultured like that."

She turns around and makes motion for you to follow her as she heads off to the west. "No no," she says, "Pokémon around here are more civilized and funnier to be around."

You try to bring back the conversation to the subject of Legendaries as it came up however. "Have you met your world's dieties? If there are any."

Volyrina eagerly shakes her head. "No no no, dunno about how are any of you feeling in other worlds but we don't want to meet our gods. Thanks but just like, NO. This world is soon to end anyway, no need to rush it. So..." -she sighs. "Not yet. There's stuff to be done. Why, you won't tell me you want to meet your gods?"

You have to insist a bit on the subject of Legendaries, maybe now for the angle of the ones she does seem to want to talk about. "Are you close with ant non-Legendary Pokémon, as I've heard other worlds call them?"

She's about to answer - when there's a moment of distraction. She frowns, mumbles and rustles about for a moment before she seems to collect herself. "Oh I've got lots of friends. Like, totally." A long pause. "...What? They are cool."

Another, more pronounced pause, and the Fraxure crosses her arms.

"Except for one, I say, Legendaries or not it doesn't matter if it turns out you are a bit of a... letdown from everyone's expectations. I guess."

You stay silent in an attempt to invite further explanations.

"She's a Virizion from the... from who knows where. A famous explorer even. Everyone with a stick seems to just loooove her," - she rolls her eyes - "and I would admit she is well experienced in both exploration and combat, but... she hurt a friend of mine oh damn it am I really calling Dunsparce a friend and I think she makes a point of hurting everyone's feelings at least once." She shrugs and kicks the ground. "Frankly, the only reason why I outsource for her services is that she's a part-timer doing the work of like three or four Pokémon."

The Fraxure seems to find now the time to interject with questions of her own.

"Whoever you are, you are one of questions... I wonder if any of you are of the kind to give back. Let's see, are you wandering the world, and if so why?"

"And as for that Giratina, if you are even the real deal... what do you think of us? The mortals who are dragons like you?"
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It was nice that there someone else besides the Giratina to talk to, if only because the voice he talked to would get a break from him. But the question from the Fraxure was a bit of a surprise, especially as it dug up memories.

"Yeah I am," she said. "Why? Because that's how I do my job, find a soul and lead it to the road to the afterlife. Of course, I can't be everywhere at once and there are stubborn souls, so some of them turn into Ghosts. Usually, I still try to semd them back but if they're the 'reborn' type, or as a friend of mine told me, 'Ghost-type', then I leave 'em alone... Unless they're like those things that most call 'Chandelure' and they're stealing souls, in which case I still drag them to the afterlife."

Mory took a deep breath then said,

"Well, this has been fun, but I think I'll tap out for now until I get messaged or something..."

She stands and leaves through the door she came in, turning into her true, red avian form once she steps out and flies back home to do her business.

Curiously, however, someone seems to take her place on the chair. It was a woman, wearing a black high school uniform, complete with a skirt, and thin glasses on her face, her clothes matching with her teenage look in age. Her grey eyes soon open and her brows furrow as she looks around the bare room.

"Where am I...?" she said, mostly to herself.

Then she jumps as she hears the words,

"Who are you?"


She looks around again and notes the televisions and the tinted screen, growing nervous but then music plays. It was somehow a familiar tune despite her not hearing it before and not only that, she relaxes from it. And then she remembered, it had played in the Velvet Room. And if this was playing then...

She sighed and pushed up her glasses. "Fine..." she said before straightening. "My name is Akira Amamiya and I'm a third-year high school student in my hometown's school."

Once again, she adjusts her glasses, her worries starting to creep up again.

"Is that all?" she said, though she felt that wouldn't be case.

And she was right as a voice, from a Lucario, said,

"What is the stupidest decision you've ever made, and did it affect your life in a huge way?"

She stared for a few moments, not quite believing her eyes before shaking her head. Akira chuckled slightly that, somehow, these sort of things still surprised her.

"Stupid huh? I guess technically the stupidest I've made would be falling in love with a serial murderer...but I already knew that when I fell in love with him. Though I didn't know when I became friends with him, so make of that however you want."

Akira's gaze hardened.

"But make no mistake that I'm saying his crimes should be forgetten but still...getting close to a killer isn't the smartest idea...and I don't regret any of it. I mean, without him, there's a good chance my brother would be dead. So as far as I'm concerned, he made up for what he's done, but he'll still make up for it anyway, for the rest of his life."

Akira took a deep breath and fixed her glasses a third time.

"Since we're asking questions...I've got one of my own. How much are you willing to forgive of someone?"

(Note: I am not sure if this character counts as my own since she was supposed to be female Joker but in a world where regular Joker also exists and as siblings like most fics do when adding both of the protagonists (Makoto Yuki/Minato Arisato and Minako Arisato/Kotone Shiome) of Persona 3--though in Akira's case they'te step-siblings--and...she kind of became part OC, part female Joker so...hopefully this still counts)

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
(*slinks in*)

*glares* Where've you been?

(Aw, you missed me?)

You wish. It was nice and quiet, was able to mediate for once.

(Sure. Well good news, Giratina, think this is your last time you have to mandatorily answer anything.)

I'm thrilled.


...yeah, not buying it.

(I mean, I'm gonna have to ask you to stay in the general vicinity—)

Goddamn it, woman, you're making me regret not taking Entei and Deoxys at their word!

(I mean you never know!)

Exactly. Give me the damn questions so I can go huddle in the corner and, I dunno, cry.

(What corner?)

*threateningly points with a wing* Don't!

(Anyway, Giratina, this one is from this “Vorylina” person... no, dragon. “what do you think of us? The mortals who are dragons like you?”)

The fact they had to go and say “mortals” just makes me think they have a complex. I'm half-Ghost anyway, so I don't care.

(You don't have a reason for not caring for other Dragon Pokémon, do you?)

I didn't talk to any mortals. I just don't care, doesn't make you special for being a Dragon-type. Call me when you can take down one of those Fairy Pokémon without a problem. Something tells me that's not happening anytime soon.

(*leers* Could you be any more of a jackass?)

Deal with it.

(Well Mory's gone, so you got some Akira chick asking this: “How much are you willing to forgive of someone?”)

*chortles* It takes a lot, and I mean a lot to offend me, and any wrongdoings are most likely of my own doing anyway. So I'm under no obligation to forgive anyone. I hold grudges instead.

(*dryly* That's lovely, but I expected nothing less.)

Can I go now? My dick is just aching to release.

(Oh my God, Giratina, why?!)

I said I was going to "cry", I just wasn't clear as to from where.

(You did that on purpose! Whatever, go!)

Fin-ally. I never thought this day would come. *lumbers off-screen*

(*pinches bridge of nose* Why do I do this to myself? *pauses, looks back to see Giratina sitting there* What is it now?)

Who's next?

(What? I don't know.)

Seriously? You're just going to pull a name out of your ass?

(No, I just haven't made up my mind.)

Just like how you haven't made up your mind when you're going to update—

(*hurriedly* Rayquaza's next.)

*bursts out laughing* Holy shit, you can't be for real!

(I totally am! *uses author powers to drag Rayquaza into the board*)

*blinks rapidly and looks around* Whoa, what's happening? Last thing I remember was kicking this Geppetto dude's ass, and then it all went dark.

[*gloating* Hey Rayquaza, remember what Deoxys said ages ago?]

*thinks* Something about this little tiny bitch going Super Saiyan? *looks down at author*

(*stares, unamused*)

*stares back*

(*leers harder*)

...oh crap, Dorkxys wasn't lying this time. I thought the moron was talking out of his ass again.

(How's life, Rayquaza?)

Oh screw you!

(*turns "camera" to self* And this has gone on long enough. Tune in whenever for Rayquaza's own ramblings.)

*off-camera* I'm not doing it! What did I do to deserve this?!

[*laughing off-camera*]

(Giratina, if you're going to stay to heckle, then leave a question, please.)

[Damn it, fine! *looks in the "camera"* Got any gra—]

(*growls* Giratinaaaaaa.)

[Tch. What is your worst nightmare?]

(*huffs* Fine, I'll print that.)


Akira stiffened at the words of the Giratina, memories of a few months ago passing through her eyes, before she shook her head and focused on the fact that she was seeing a Giratina. It made her wonder why Pokémon weren't Personas but she guessed they hadn't been around as long as most other things so that could a contributing factor.

Akira was in fact very tempted to not answer, but...

She had seen Shadows. She didn't want that.

So she took a deep breath and said, "My worst fear's pretty cliché but...seeing the ones I care about die, especially if I...couldn't save them when I could've..." She chuckled but it was anything but mirthful. "That nearly happened actually. And it's still one of my worst memories..."

Another shake of her head to stop the deluge then she said,

"So...Rayquaza, was it? How about something like a nightmare... Is there any dream you have you know you can't achieve for whatever reason?"

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
(*staring at a pouting Rayquaza*)

*glares back*

(You've been doing that for a week?)

Screw you! Why am I here?!

(I'm still making up my mind. Also, why do you guys really want to go back to being under Legion's thumb, anyway?)

It's better than being in here with you. I seriously can't believe those guys were right.

(Well, since Giratina's gone, I'll go ahead and get started. Since you're a newcomer, you're gonna have to answer some previously-established questions before you can leave one.)

I'm going to sabotage every question you give me out of spite.

(You don't even know who's asked them.)

*folds arms* I don't care. You humans ask the most boring questions to those you deem godlike.

(You're not a god, though.)

Shows what you know. Even before Arceus punished us, you humans feared me, even worshiped me in some places.

(...Have you always been this egotistical? Remember when you lost your eye?)

Don't you dare hold that over my head!

(Just so you know, the faster you answer these questions, the faster you can leave.)

*snorts out a laugh* Isn't three the magic number?

(I'm not even gonna ask the "Who are you?" question, you're handling that just fine on your own.)

What's that supposed to mean?

(Nothing. Can you tell us about the stupidest decision you've ever made, and did it affect your life in a huge way?)

Probably allowing Deoxys to get past my radar to crash-land on Earth. I have to put up with the asshole, now.

(Everyone has to.)

*pauses, then sneers* Well, no duh.

(I dunno, Rayquaza, I think living up in the O-zone is a lonely experience.)

*sarcastic* Not at all, I have plenty of scrap metal buddies to hang around with.

(Have you ever thought maybe you were the reason mankind never really advanced to space exploration?)

*leers* Is that a trick question?

(Hypothetical. Anyhoo.... ehhh, this question's rather repetitive. You used to be immortal—)


(—but to tweak this a bit, were there any opportunities you had as an immortal?)

The hell kind of question is that? What opportunities?

(*rolls eyes* I don't know. Was there anything you could do as an immortal that you can't do now?)

Uhhhhh not die?


Look, you try staying alive while a freaking demon lord is after your skin! I can't even remember what happened in the stupid Tree after we fought this group of humans and Pokémon.

(Yeaaaaah you're not going to like that answer if you can't remember.)

Wait, what?

(Next question—)

No, don't leave me hanging, girlie! What happened to me in the Tree?

(You'll find out—eventually—Are you close with ant non-Legendary Pokémon, as I've heard other worlds call them?)

*snerks* "Ant".


No, I never was. Although if you ask me, I don't know how the hell Deoxys got his Legendary status with the humans. He's nothing more than a freaking space virus they shot a laser beam at. He actually doesn't like telling that part of his origins, he pretends he's so much more important than he really is. It's pathetic. Think it's one of those penis envies but with Legendary statuses.

(That's gross. Also, that's stupid.)

My dick's bigger.

(*waves hand around* Okay stop. Next question: If you could change your powers, would you?)

Not a bit. I'm not envious of anyone else for their powers. Although warping space and time sounds pretty cool, actually. Probably would've helped in getting Groudon and Kyogre off each other's back ages ago.

(*mumbles to self* Finally a normal answer for once.)

We done yet?

(Almost. How much are you willing to forgive of someone?)

Do we have to forgive someone?

(I mean... are you willing to or not?)

I have no regrets.

(Not even your eating spree?)

...How'd you know about that? Oh wait, you humans tend to leave records behind. Someone might've written about it or something.

(Oh my God, that was actually real?)

I mean, I don't exactly like talking about it because it did some weird things to my stomach, but all that gas messed with the satellites for a while and it might've actually absorbed some cosmic rays and cooled the earth for a bit. It was pretty funny because the scientists were freaking out and screaming about climate change or some shit like that because I farted in space.

(*has head in hands*)

Awwww, I made her speechless.

(No... I just never expected to learn about dragon farts halting global warming.)

You humans should thank me instead of shooting junk in my face.

(Well it's too late for that, isn't it? Last question—)


(*glares* This is actually meant for you, personally. Is there any dream you have you know you can't achieve for whatever reason?)

The hell is that supposed to mean? Is this punk suggesting I can't make my dreams become reality?

(Don't be rude, Rayquaza.)

I can just ask Cresselia to take me to dreamland and I'd be able to live out my fantasies that way. *beat* But I won't because I'm nice. She's going through problems of her own, and I don't want to use her for that.

(Not that kind of dream.)

It's called "sarcasm". It's apparently really delicious.

(*rubs temples* Why do I always pick the jackasses?)

But fine, let me make up something for you. *puts claw to chin in mock thought* I have a dream that Deoxys finally gets his comeuppance and I can see him off, personally. Kind of like that one scene in that one cartoon where the bad guy sang a song as he shot off the one guy into the air on a building missile or something like that.

(...wait, are you talking about Aladdin where Jafar mockingly sang "Prince Ali" as he tried to kill off Aladdin?)

Uhhhh I believe that's the one? I never caught the name. But yeah, something like that. I'd like to sing a song while kicking Deoxys' ass into a black hole, actually.

(You know, you've been talking about Deoxys a lot, lately. You sure you don't actually like him and that you two are good friends?)

Don't push it, missy. You want to take a tour through my intestinal tract?

(Before I do, can you leave a question behind for the next person to answer?)

Do I have to?


Can you stop destroying my home with your metal junk and your stinky pollution?

(....You just have to make it about yourself, don't you?)

Leave me alone! I don't work well under pressure!

(*pauses, looks over at Bulbapedia to check Abilities*)

*blinks* What're you doing?

(*looks at list of Pokémon with Pressure with a slight smirk* Oh. Nothing.)

*scowls in bafflement*
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Akira would admit that she hadn't been too comfortable being this strange place at first, even with the music playing that she began to suspect only she could hear, but as the Rayquaza kept speaking with the woman, who she couldn't quite see, she finally felt at ease seeing something familiar: arguing. It was rather ironic that strife ended up calming her, but perhaps that was one of the many reasons she fell for her love.

She was pulled from her musings when the Rayquaza said,

"Can you stop destroying my home with your metal junk and your stinky pollution?"

At first, she was confused, until she realized the green dragon had used the word "pollution". She chuckled, but there was no humor in it.

Adjusting her glasses, she said, unable to resist taking the question "seriously", "Sorry. Can't do much about that. There's only so much one person can do to make millions stop something that makes things easy for them." Another thought came to mind. "Besides, I'm not fron your world either, so can't even begin to try."

Another recalibration of her optical helpers before she continued.

"Well, I got a question for anyone who wants to answer...What is your goal in life?"

She knew it was perhaps on the...cliché side, but she couldn't helo but wonder if the rest of the universe wasn't so different.

Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
Volyrina returns her attention to the ping pong of questions after a time of absentmindedness; a few Pokémon have come and gone in the meantime and she reflects for a while over the supposed Giratina's reaction to her question.

Truth be told, she can't really feel better at the Rayquaza's tone of answers.

"I thought I was the only one who didn't exactly *want* to be here."

Still, she decides to ipick up a few more questions to answer.

"Now this is a question... how much am I willing to forgive of someone?"

She shifts about for a moment. "Not much," she says bitterly. "Not scamming people twice, for one. I wouldn't really want to imagine what kinds of things in life are that unforgivable..."

She shakes her head. "Scaring people? That's normal... Killing? That's normal. It'd have to be very personal a relationship so you can betray it to that point. Oooooor you could just be a high-grade jerk..." *thinks back to the Giratina and Rayquaza, still unsure how to feel*.

"Can you stop destroying my home with your metal junk and your stinky pollution?"

"Uuuuh yeah listen no, I don't even know who you are and what metal junk are people working with but hey! Tell them to come and make business with Quagsire and Conkledurr? Rock and wood are their prime materials, perhaps you'll feel better about that."

She sighs. "Next!"

She reads from a sheet of paper or something. "What is your goal in life?"


"That's, hmmm... Paradise?" Her pupils shrink, her tail and arms tense. "A place to live in freely without worry that you would disturb other people? A place you don't have to leave? Why? Is that too much to ask?" She snarls as she finishes that last part of the question.

It takes Volyrina a moment to catch her breath and to resume her previous disposition. She stares long into the distance, moving her eyes slightly, as if trying to give a deeper look to whoever the other interviewers are and wherever they are.

"But enough of phantasms and of ideas in the making. I'm trying to understand you, creatures of other worlds of or other planes of existence... and I feel like there is a thing that everyone has in common... so whoever comes next, what do you do for a living and how many people do a work like yours?"