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The Children of the Stars: Azrael's Awakening (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Requiem's Eclipse, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    The Children of the Stars:
    Azrael's Awakening

    The Death of Earth

    The year is A.D 3011. Earth has become a planet drained of its resources and is inhabitable thanks to the pollution caused by humans. The grassy plains in the central US have become a barren wasteland. The Amazon is now a dead zone from deforestation. The Oceans are now poisonous from the over load of offshore dumps. Humans have taken to space to flee from the dangers and poisonous atmosphere that it earth. A majority of the population took off in three space stations Abraham, Julius and Jehovah to search for planets that are habitable for humans while some of the population stayed in a space colony, known as Eve, in order to try and save earth so that a portion of the population can return to their home. No one knew what they would find in space.

    The Trinion Incident

    The Year is now S.E. 5993, 3012 being S.E. 0001, and the Human Population across the Milky Way Galaxy is about 5 trillion. Humans are spread out across the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, more so in the Orion Arm and the close by Sagittarius Arm. Technology has advanced so far along, warp drives and teleportation of living organisms is now possible. For thousands of years, the Human population have been trying to rebuild their civilization and multiplying the population which they have succeeded in. The Humans made sure not to invade other planets with intelligent life but, make strong alliances with them. Earth is still in a state of inhabitability; however, the people that stayed at space colony Eve have made amazing strides in recovering Earth.

    One planet that humans were able to find was called Trinion, situated in the Sagittarius Arm. Trinion was a lush tropical planet which many humans used to warm weather lived and was also used as a major vacation hub for the Galaxy. The planet was discovered by Humans in S.E. 4790 and for a while everything went well. Catastrophe however was just around the corner.

    The date was May 25[SUP]th[/SUP]; S.E. 5993 when the population of Trinion awoke to the sky being an ominous red hue, completely opposite to the turquoise color it is usually. Not much is known exactly what happened however a transmission from a civilian of Trinion was sent to Space Colony Abraham. The video transmitted was as so.


    White noise opened the video transmission with fast frames of red and black hues dancing across the screen. About 30 seconds of this continued until the video focused on a boy. He couldn’t be older than 17 or 18. He was classically handsome however, his looks were betrayed by the look of fear and the blood smeared across his face. His breathing was labored like he was running a mile marathon. He took a second to catch his breath and then spoke, his voice shaking uncontrollably as if he was crying as well.

    “My name is Joshua Crowley and Trinion is under attack…” he cut off to clear his throat “by something.” He began to look around to see if he was safe and then continued. “The sky turned red and….and we were blind sighted.” His face was now devoid of any fear replaced with some kind of subtle fulfillment as he continued. “It’s too late to save Trinion but hopefully this video would provide some answers as to what-“he was cut off suddenly by white noise taking over the screen. When the camera was able to refocus it was on the ground with Joshua’s lifeless body on the floor. A demonic silhouette hovered over him almost like it was studying his body. After a few moments it turned toward the camera and began studying it as well. The figure was literally just darkness. There were no discernible facial features of the creatures face, just darkness. A loud sound was heard, which could be best described as a roar, and the creature turned around revealing a large black mass in the red sky. It looked as though it was splitting a sea of blood. It seemed the mass was calling the smaller creature back. Other black creatures can be seen running past the creature that killed Joshua. The creature which murdered Joshua then turned back toward the camera. That’s when the transmission cuts out.

    The Star Children Awake: Azrael

    In the coming months after that transmission it was found Trinion was now a dead planet and made inhabitable by whatever happened there. Oddly, there were twelve human children in space colony Eve that began showing signs of super human powers. They all experienced super strength, speed and each had their own unique super powers. The children were each born under different zodiac signs and they all had a unique power that was representative of the sign they were born under. The children also had the power to summon a weapon and a suit of armor to use in battle. The scientists of space colony Eve began studying them. After a few months of studies and experiments on the children, the children were sent to scout for the Black Mass that attacked Trinion, so that other planets don’t suffer the same fate.

    The children had found the black mass quickly moving toward Ulori seemingly out of nowhere. Ulori is a desert/ wasteland planet that acts as a zoo for the desert animals from earth in order to repopulate. The children were successful in defending Ulori against the black mass but could not destroy it. Their star powers handled the black creatures but, not without some major struggles. The children came back to space colony Eve with news. The black mass is named Azrael. One of the children heard one of its spawn say it as it died. The humans and the rest of the galaxy now had a name to the evil that had destroyed Trinion and is clearly on a mission to destroy more planets. Questions arose about what exactly is Azrael and what is its purpose. More importantly, was it created by a race of sentient beings? Is it a result of actions by the inhabitants of the Milky Way Galaxy? The star children are now on a mission to discover the secrets of Azrael and ultimately destroy it.

    The Star Children

    As said before each Star Child is given super powers but, they each have a unique power just for their sign. Also they are able to summon a weapon and armor for battle against Azrael and its Spawns. The armor that each child is able to summon is crystalline and is based on the gemstone of their Zodiac Sign.

    Dates: 3/21-4/20
    Weapon: Gauntlets
    Power: Fire
    Armor: Ruby

    Dates: 4/21-5/21
    Weapon: Sword & Shield
    Power: Ground
    Armor: Amber

    Dates: 5/22 – 6/21
    Weapon: Twin Katana
    Power: Thunder
    Armor: Topaz

    Dates: 6/22 – 7/22
    Weapon: Ring Blade
    Power: Gravity
    Armor: Amethyst

    Dates: 7/23 – 8/21
    Weapon: Giant Hammer
    Power: Energy
    Armor: Peridot

    Dates: 8/22 – 9/23
    Weapon: Staff
    Power: Light (Holy)
    Armor: Diamond

    Dates: 9/24 – 10/23
    Weapon: Spear
    Power: Wind
    Armor: Emerald

    Dates: 10/24 – 11/22
    Weapon: Scythe
    Power: Darkness
    Armor: Garnet

    Dates: 11/23 – 12/22
    Weapon: Bow & Arrow
    Power: Teleportation
    Armor: Rose Quartz

    Dates: 12/23 – 1/20
    Weapon: Arm Blades
    Power: Metal
    Armor: Onyx

    Dates: 1/21 – 2/19
    Weapon: Katana
    Power: Water Manipulation
    Armor: Sapphire

    Dates: 2/20 – 3/20
    Weapon: Knives
    Power: Mind
    Armor: Aquamarine

    Major Races in Milky Way Galaxy

    Humans – Same as real life humans. Originate from the Orion Arm.

    Aerions – Aerions are bird like humanoid creatures that originate from the Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy and their home planet is Treeth. They have human like faces but have sharp angular features and have very distinguished noses much like beaks. Where there should be hair on their head, they have amazingly beautiful plumage. They have wings on their forearms that match the color of their feathers on their head. From the waist down, they have the legs of birds. They are capable of flight and are formidable fighters. They rarely fight however and are known as the diplomats of the universe.

    Treeth is an amazingly lush planet full of green forests and stunning mountains and few settlements for the Aerions because they believe nature is key to being happy. They are one with nature but, do what must be done to advance their civilization. Their technology is equal to that of human technology however, their houses are built into the trees and mountains of their world.

    Elves – Elves are much live elves of fairytales and folklore and that is because these aliens used to visit earth. They look a lot like humans except for their pointed ears. They are the smartest race in the Milky Way Galaxy and originate from the Perseus Arm. Their home planet, Lunearth (lu-nay-arth), is an exact clone of earth, except for geography. Lunearth is what Earth could’ve become however, humans ruined it. Elves have over seen humans for millennia and so, they were obviously very disappointed when the humans destroyed Earth. The race is almost like the wiser older brother of humans.
    Though human technology is amazingly advance, Elvan technology is still much more advanced. Elves use a lot of technology that is emotion based and can read the owners mind.

    Tyrilons – Tyrilons are a sentient reptilian race that originate from the New Arm. Not much is known about this race except for the fact that they are a military nation and very hostile against all other races of the Galaxy. Their home planet is the Jurassic like planet Ulkiron.

    Sign- Up

    Age: (16-20)
    Sign: (Does not need to match your real zodiac sign.)
    Birthday: (Must be within dates for sign. Does not need to match your real birthday.)
    Weapon: (Describe your weapon if there are any variations to it)
    Powers: (Explain some things you can do with your elemental powers. Remember everyone has super strength and speed. Don’t go crazy)
    Armor: (Name your gemstone then, describe your armor. About a paragraph)
    Personality: (About a paragraph. It is not a necessity to use traits of your zodiac sign but, using the sign as a foundation would make it a little easier.)
    Appearance: (About a Paragraph.)
    History: (Two Paragraphs.)

    Accepted Characters:

    1. Diego Vendrix (II) - Taurus, DVB
    2. Alessandra Fortuna - Cancer, Requiem's Eclipse
    3. Lana Kalvin - Virgo, Chihaya01
    4. Valerie Smith - Libra, Titan500
    5. Eleanor Thorne - Sagittarius, Comestarlight
    6. Nerius Ganymede - Aquarius, CuriousHeartless
    7. Neil Nordegraf - Pisces, Nythe


    1. Kefira Gore - Leo, SpyroxPikachu
    2. Harley Bosconovitch - Capricorn, Elysian


    1. Aries - Azran Flame
    2. Gemini - OPEN
    3. Scorpio - AzerWrath


    1. All Serebii Rules apply
    2. No God - Modding, Make your character have weaknesses
    3. Bunnying is a no no.
    4. You're only allowed one character.
    5. Be Nice
    6. Have Fun. Yes it's a rule. ​
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2013
  2. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Can I reserve Capricorn? This looks cool!
  3. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Reserve me Taurus
  4. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    I'll reserve Libra, please.
  5. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    All your guys spots are reserved. I would like to reserved my spot for Cancer.
  6. AzerWrath

    AzerWrath 「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」

    Can we be constellations that are not included in your list?
    If so, reserve me Hydra.

    If not, Scorpio. I give you my thanks in advance.
  7. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    For now, only the twelve signs that are on the ecliptic are available. Later on when the RP is far enough along I might add some other constellations if we need them.

    Your reserved for Scorpio is accepted
  8. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Excellent. This will be my WIP then.

    Name: Harley Bosconovitch
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sign: Capricorn
    Birthday: 27/23
    Weapon: Scythe

    Harleys Scythe is a bit taller than he is, and despite that, pretty easy to vield.
    The blade is a metallic silver, decorated with ancient inscriptions, and the shaft is black.

    Powers: Darkness Manipulation: Harley emits darkness and is able to utilize his powers to summon a thick dark fog, making it nearly impossible to see.
    He can also use his powers to make flowers and vegetation die, and his darkness can manipulate peoples emotions, making them depressed and carefree. He can also manifest darkness into black transparent wings, which enables him to fly.
    Harley also have nightvision, making him capable of seeing in the dark.Among these, Harly is under the posession of superhuman strength and speed.

    Armor: Garnet

    Harleys armor is mostly deep, dark red and black, and consists of light greaves and gauntlets, among with a small breastplate with decorative red and yellow patterns, in order to give him as much mobility as possible. On his head, he has a mask resembling medieval knights decorated with red and black feathers.


    Appearance: Harley is about average tall and fairly muscular, as he've been training a lot during his later years. He has a slender figure and eats healthy. His eyes are mysteriously red, and emits a friendly feel, despite their unnatural look. His eyes are highlighted by his dark brown hair, which is relativly short and stray. Above his eyes are two dark eyebrows which makes him look rather mysterious, despite his personality. His skin is pale, as he dislikes being out in the sun, and his skin highlights both his hair and eyes, making him resemble a vampire, thus making him stick out in a crowd. He often wear sunglasses as the light hurts hs eyes if he's outside for too long.

    For clothing, Harley loves colorful patterns and bright colors in general. He often dress after how he feel, and as he's pretty much always happy, he dress in cheerful colors. He does, however often use dark, slender jeans held up by a belt with a skull-shaped buckle. His clothing are pretty fashionable, as Harley is a fashion-freak with a flamboyant attitude towards the miracle called shopping. He doesn't use much acessories, but he does have an earpiece with a red gemstone in it in his right ear.

    Personality: Harley is a happy go-getter who's pretty much always smiling, no matter the situation. He has a cheerful attitude towards challenges, and always fo his best to get things done. He's a social butterfly, and enjoy spending time outside with whoever wants to be around him. Because of his parents, he haven't made many friends, and his social skills are a bit lacking. He does, however care about the few friends he does have, and is a reliable person in most situations. He's also an intelligent guy, as he spent most of his childhood indoors reading books.
    His parents influence on him have had a negative backfire, and he has developed another "personality". Here, he's angry, gloomy and overall very self centered. It came to be after being looked upon as a beast my his parents and feeling rejected. This side of him cares little about the values of human life, and is able to end them just as easily as breathing. Thsi side of him has simply just been called "Harley's Dark Side"

    History: Harley was adopted into a wealthy and very religious family. They were very strict in raising him, and was always scared because of his natural red eyes, as they themselves had brown and blue eyes. Harley wasn't scared of the dark either, and always seemed to have a gloomy aura surrounding him. They thought he was the spawn of satan that had come to bring woe and misery to the people, but didn't dare let it get in the way of lovng him. They were very strict with who he hang out with, what he did on his spare time etc. They would drag him along to church very often, and have countles priests look at him and talk to him. They even tried an exorcism once. All of this made Harley very tired, but he couldn't say anything. "Never talk back, just do as you are told" His mother always said. Harley hated everything that was going on around him, but he couldn't do anything about it except smile innocently and act like every other kid in town, like everything in his life was normal. Because of this, he grew a deep rage that he would supress in order to keep his parents from going crazy.

    This went on throughout his entire choldhood and early teens. His parents had gotten a bit nuts, as they were certain that Harley was the son of the devil from what they had witnessed. What had really happened, was that Harley solwly came to understand his powers of darkness, which didn't really help out. He first noticed it when he was 12 years old, and a boquet of flowers in the livingroom had mysteriously dried out and died after he had been in there reading a book. He just thought they had always been like that, but his parents had watched the surveillance tape, seeing that the flowers just slowly died. After this, they rarely dared even speaking to Harley, who thought he had done something wrong to upset his parents. They grew apart, and Harley was to discover his powers alone, terrifying his parents even more.

    It happened a few years later that everything cracked. Harleys parents seemed depressed and sad, and a dark fog was hanging over the family mansion. Harleys parents didn't even bother trying to seek help anywhere. They ujst gave up at some point. Harley was excited. He liked this darkness he was able to summon, and killed off the entire garden with his powers, making the mansion look more like a haunted mansion than a family-friendly home housing two mainiacs and the spawn of satan. the people of the town even made up stories of the mansion, and how evil spirits punished naughty children that didn't behave.
    Harleys parents then one day just had enough. Witnessing all the death and darkness that surrounded them drove them to hang themselves at the front entrance, tired of all the woe and misery their only son had brought upon them. Harley, who later found them, went into a comatose state, letting his powers run wild, surrounding the entire neighbourhood in darkness. The polive later arrived, and found to their shock, a young man sitting on the front porch, staring into nothing with his empty red eyes while his parents hung lifeless behind him. The police managed to put 2 and 2 together, and Harley was re-directed to further authorities into a life of scientists and studies.

    Last edited: Jun 5, 2013
  9. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Could I reserve Leo please? ouo
  10. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    I was going to go Libra when I started reading the plot, but got beat to it. Can I get Aquarius?

    Question. Why doesn't Sagittarius, the archer, use the bow and arrow? Really looking at this, there are quite a few just small errors in the general flavor of stuff. It doesn't truly matter (Except that Sagittarius thing, that was just poor planning) but it is kind of weird.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2013
  11. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Both your reserves are accepted, I'll post my sign up a little later.
  12. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Hello. I would like a reserve for Gemini please, would you kindly
  13. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    You're reserved! Spots left are Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
  14. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    I think I'll go ahead and reserve Sagittarius.
  15. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    I'd like to reserve Pisces, please.
  16. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    extremely speedy sign up completion go!

    Kefira Gore (Prefers to be called Kay)




    August 4th (8/4)

    Name; Earth Smasher

    Kefira wields a large hammer that radiates the energy of the earth. It’s brown in color with large green spikes aligning the head of the hammer, and around half of Kefira’s overall height. It’s amazing she can even lift such a strangely large hammer. The handle of the hammer is lined with vines with a few odd looking, yet beautiful flowers sprouting up.

    Power; Earth Manipulation

    Kefira has control over some of the more earth based elemental attacks, she tends to think that earth is one of the greatest elements. Kefira’s attacks can range from shooting medium sized boulders at her opponents that she can scoop from the ground itself, or firing vines to constrict her opponents and weaken them rather quickly, or even to sap a little energy from her opponents to heal herself (although her healing move fatigues her greatly, so she only uses it in the utmost emergencies.) Kefira also has a sort of, earth shattering attack that causes the ground to shift and crack at everyone’s feet and throw them off balance, this can be triggered when she gets angry enough to brutally slam her hammer on the ground.

    Gemstone; Amber

    Kefira’s armor is an orangish-yellow color, it’s very jagged similar to most uncut amber, and has a very trim and moveable look to it. The overall look of the armor is somewhat odd, the breastplate is a hue of dark orange amber as well as a little bit of brownish amber thrown into it as well. The top half of the armor also has rather large shoulders, with jagged edges that look rather similar to the fur of an animal. The helmet of the armor is completely amber, in all sorts of different hues with a small heart shape above the black eyepiece where the owner peers out of. The helmet has a ring of jagged yellow amber around it, giving a similar look to a lions mane. Finally, the bottom half of the armor is similar in color to the upper half; giving her legs a great layer of protection. This is covered by a long orange piece of fabric that covers her legs from front to back, before wrapping itself around to seem like an odd sort of tail.

    Armor Appearance (or close to);

    Bold | Unyielding | Caring | Compassionate

    Kefira is very bold, she’ll try anything once and will always stand up for her beliefs no matter how much bigger than her you are. She has the heart of a lion, always looking for competition and the ability to be noticed. She cares deeply for everything, human or animal and will always be a good sport if she bests someone in an event or race; she hates being a poor sport. She’s very compassionate about her interests and will always discuss them in great lengths if they’re brought up in a conversation.

    Flirty | Rash | Emotional | Overly Organized

    However, Kefira is very flirty, knowing the easiest ways to flirt with people of the opposite sex and get their eyes on her. She kind of loves being the center of attention. She’s rash, making decisions quickly, before having a true chance to think them through. She’s also very emotional, if she’s in a bad mood she can go through various mood swings that make quite a few people think she’s emotionally damaged or distraught. Kefira also suffers from OCD and finds it quite hard not to fidget or organize things.

    Usual Attire;

    Kefira is a slim girl whose body seems somewhat out of proportion with the rest of her torso, she only weighs around 130 pounds and is about 5’6” tall. Her breasts are around a D cup, making them seem quite large with her small size. She has amber colored eyes which are usually held behind a pair of small brown glasses, she considers her eyes to be her overall best feature. Her hair is blonde and short, as well as extremely tasseled and more or less going in every direction known to man; many people compare her hair to that of a lion’s mane. She wears a pair of brown goggles atop her head, sometimes flipping them down before starting to battle.

    For fashion, Kefira wears a red scarf that descends to about her waist. Along with a slightly too large brown coat and a pair of regular brown shorts and amber and brown boots. Under her coat she wears a green plaid shirt with a small unbuttoned brown vest over top of it.

    Appearance without coat;

    To be edited
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  17. Titan500

    Titan500 Solar Panels

    Hopefully the RPG won't start for at least five days; I have stuff going on, but if it does, I'll try to catch up.


    Name: Valerie Smith

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Sign: Libra

    Birthday: 20th of September

    Weapon: Glaive

    Powers: Valerie's affinity with the wind allows her to manipulate gases to varying effects. Although she is somewhat lacking in the energy department, the danger of her abilities comes in the form of her creativity, as she is capable of pulling off remarkable feats with her powers.

    Armour: Pale grey, Valerie's armour is sleek and nondescript, allowing her to maneuver more quickly. Its appearance reveals nothing of her gender, possessing an androgynous form that accentuates nothing. There are barely any defining features to the armour, other than the four emerald lines that ran down her arms and the simple black v-crest situated between the helmet's ominous red eyes.

    Personality: Valerie rarely ever talks, preferring to simply observe the conversations of others; she considers it a waste of time to talk about meaningless drivel, speaking only when there is a need to comment on something of great importance. It would not be inaccurate to describe her as a rather stoic person, especially when barely anything truly fazes her. Calm and collected, she tries to do everything without letting her emotions interfere, yet at times her stubbornness gets to her.

    She has a habit of narrating everything within her head, sometimes even poetically. Her inner monologues are surprisingly eloquent compared to her short and succinct speech, and are strangely peppered with infrequent mentions of classic literature. Ever since she was young, Valerie had been an avid reader, leading to her habit of referencing books.

    Although supposedly heroic, her sense of morality has always been rather weak; she will engage in more dubious acts if they will further her attempts to bring about absolute justice. She is incapable of compromise, determined to achieve the objective no matter the cost. Combined with her stubborn streak, it is nearly impossible to turn her away from her path, no matter how flawed it may possibly be.

    Appearance: For an average young woman, Valerie is surprisingly tall, standing at nearly one metre eighty, or in the outdated and inefficient imperial system of measurement, six feet. She serves as a rather intimidating figure; her face, permanently set in an emotionless stare, adds to this feeling, her clouded green eyes and thin mouth creating a certain aura. With dark brown hair flowing down to her shoulders and a streamlined physique, she exudes the feeling of being a fighter .

    Valerie's choice of clothing is especially simple: wearing a blue dress shirt and dark brown trousers, she looks more similar to an average officer worker than a superhuman being. However, her grey combat boots show that she is prepared for conflict, along with the leather motorcycle gloves that she wears nearly all the time. A tattered yellow scarf, one that she has owned since childhood, is wrapped around her left arm, its ends regularly fraying away in the wind.

    History: For most of her life, Valerie had subscribed to the notion of absolute justice, frequently brawling with other children in her neighbourhood in order to uphold those ideals. She had been a determined child, doing all in her power to fight against those who opposed her beliefs. Her stubborn refusal to back down did not earn her any respect, but she had never been one to care for such things; she had always cared more for literature and her ideals.

    Much of her childhood had been spent fighting the children who preyed on the weak, turning her into a 'bully hunter' of some sorts, albeit one who cared more for justice than the feelings of the victims. In fact, her repeated fighting lead her to be classified as a delinquent, despite being rather polite to those she met. She was rarely ever rude to anyone, even her opponents.

    When her powers had first manifested, Valerie had been fighting against another of her classmates, who ended up being seriously injured by her new-found strength. After this, she was forced to tone down her actions considerably in the event that she could accidentally kill someone. It was a rather humbling thought, but it did not prevent her from experimenting with her powers.

    Later on, Valerie was sent in to the research labs of the colony, where she assisted in the experiments and learnt to control her powers in a greater form. Following this training of sorts, she followed her fellow children to Ulori, where they fought against the black mass that had destroyed other planets, learning that it, for some inane reason, was named after the Judaic and Islamic angel of death, Azrael.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2013
  18. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    SpyroxPikachu - I really like the character, however, I feel like the history was a bit rushed. Make it a little more personal and unique to your character. Currently, your sign up is Pending

    Titan500 - Valerie Smith is Accepted

    Fallen Icarus and Nythe - Both reservations are accepted

    All that's left is Virgo and Aries.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2013
  19. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Now I have a couple of announcements. The first being since our characters already have met and have known each other for a while, I would like, prior to the RPG starting, for people to start creating possible relationships/ friendships between characters once more sign ups get in so we can see how the cast looks like.

    Also I will apply for a discussion thread that would allows us to decide as a group future planets we can visit and more races and possibly new star children based on if there is more interest in the RP.

    Also, I am opening up applications for a Co-GM. This is because I might be too busy sometimes to come on and so if I'm unable to answer something you may ask the Co-GM. Also this RPG I want to be a collaborative as possible so a Co-Gm will allow me to juggle ideas off someone else. If you are accepted as Co-GM you will be given spoilers to the RP and important plot points so you can help guide the RP along. If you want to be Co-Gm, you must have your character accepted and you must send me a short explanation of why you think you can be it and send a RPG example. PM me if you are interested.

    A final note, I would like this RP to start mid - late June so please send in your Sign-Ups as soon as possible. Thank you and here is my character.

    Name: Alessandra Fortuna
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sign: Cancer, the Crab
    Birthday: July 1st

    Weapon: Ring Blade named Divine Circle. Alessandra’s ring blade’s diameter is a little taller than the height she is. There are medium sized scythe like ridges along the blade for slashing. Divine Circle also has slots in the inside of it for grip.

    Powers: Gravity. Gifted with the power of Gravity from the stars, she’s able to manipulate gravity at will. Below are some techniques she is able to do.

    Gravity Orbs – Alessandra has the ability to send small gravity orbs that either send small objects toward it using Purple Gravity orbs or send the objects flying in different directions by using Anti–Gravity. The strength of the gravity orbs depends on the size of them. So the bigger they are the bigger things they can push or pull. However, the larger the orb the more time it will take and more energy it will use. So, it’s very rare for Alessandra to continuously large orbs in battle. The standard size for the orbs is about the size of a beach ball and the launch time for them is just an arm’s throw.

    Gravity Hub – This technique makes Alessandra’s body into a center of gravity and she is able to pull things toward her or push them away. She uses this in conjunction with her weapon during battle. She flings the sword forward and starts flinging it around the battlefield like a never ending boomerang. She does this by making any point of her body have a strong gravitational pull then she very quickly changes that spot to an anti gravity spot, sending her blade in a completely different direction. This pattern causes a figure 8 motion. To change the direction of the figure 8, she merely has to catch the weapon then throw it in the desired direction and continue the process. She lovingly calls this the Gravity Dance because the motions she does in order to catch and change direction of her weapon is very dance like.

    Selective Gravity – This ability allows her to select what objects are affected by her gravity powers. This is useful in the battlefield so she can make her allies immune to all gravity changes as well as the natural habitat of the planet she is on. This power also allows her to choose single or a small group of objects and affect the pull of gravity on them alone.

    Armor: Amethyst

    Alessandra’s armor is made out of Amethyst. The armor is body clinging and shows off Alessandra’s fit, toned body. Her armor is much more like a crystalline body suit than that of traditional armor. The armor is a brilliant violet color that brings a cloudy night sky to mind. There are thin plates of crystal strategically placed so that she has free range of motion. Her armor covers her entire body except for her head. Though extremely lightweight, Alessandra’s armor is surprisingly sturdy. The armor can take a few hits before one would think it would crack. Her shoulder plates are the only thing on the suit that are not stream line and body clinging. The shoulder plates flare out into harsh stalagmite like structures and are quite the example of rigid beauty.

    Personality: It’s almost ironic how Alessandra was given the power of Gravity. She has a tendency to pull people in and once they’re close enough she keeps them in her vise grip like hold, much like a crab would and is the basic theory of gravity. This shows her tendency to be quite possessive of the ones she loves. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as she is very protective of the ones she loves and will defend them to the death. She always reacts more harshly to someone harming her loved ones than herself.

    She also has a romantic, mysterious nature about her. This is what attracts many people to her. She loves fairy tales about true love’s first kiss and it is shown in her overall outlook on love. It needs to be romantic, passionate and transcendent. However, one may find it difficult to get her out of her shell, so to speak. She has a very hard exterior that can come off as cold and unfeeling to some but, it’s her defense mechanism so she does not show her true super sensitive and emotional side. You can try taking her out of her shell but, it’s near impossible. Alessandra would tell you what’s wrong when she wants to.

    Though Alessandra is a very loving, nurturing and caring person, if she does not get her way with those traits, she can become emotionally manipulative. She is very receptive of other people’s emotions and exactly what buttons to push. This shows Alessandra will get what she wants no matter the means. However, once she shows her emotions people realize what buttons to push with her as well, making her a very impressionable and easily corruptible individual.

    Appearance: Alessandra is a beauty queen so, granted she is quite the looker. Being of mainly Portuguese and Brazilian descent, she has naturally gorgeous sun kissed skin, which is kind of rare since she lives in a Space Colony. Alessandra has natural loose curls in her black hair. She has perfectly groomed eyebrows, which have slight arches to them. Alessandra’s eyes are naturally full of emotion and romance. Her deep forest green eyes are windows into her soul and always shows her true emotions even if she is trying to hide the, at the time. Alessandra has a very soft delicate nose that compliments the rest of her feminine features. She has freckles that start on the bridge of her nose that end under her eyes. Alessandra wears some makeup but never foundation as it would clog her pores. She wears black eyeliner and mascara a wears natural brown earth tone eye shadow. The final touch of her make-up is different shades of pink or natural colored lip stick.

    Alessandra stands at about 1.8 meters (she rounds up, she’s more like 1.7678m), which is slightly above average for a girl her age. She weighs about 61 kilograms and has an average body shape. Alessandra has a very fit build with very little body fat but, she still manages to have noticeable hips. She has what she calls the best breasts for a woman, those being a C cup. She tends to be quite the fashionista and wears the most fashionable clothes whether or not they are exactly practical. She tends to wear an assortment of skirts and different tops depending on what her mood is at the time. So her clothes tend to change day to day. Her favorite outfit, however, makes her skin look absolutely radiant. It includes a white mid thigh length skirt, a tan belt and a sheer pale green collared shirt. The shirt is kind of see through and you tend to be able to see her bra through the shirt. She tops off her favorite outfit with pink 4 inch heels, making her seem much taller than she is.

    History: Alessandra had a normal upbringing until she was about 7 when she decided she wanted to do beauty pageants, something that has been a staple in human nature for thousands and thousands of years. That is when things started changing for her life. Her first pageant at 8 years old she had won and became an instant hit in the pageant world. Her cute girly features and romantic view on life won over the judges time and time again. It took some time until the dark side of the pageant world started showing its face. Well into her teens after winning Miss Teen Eve, the most prestigious Teen Pageant on the colony, jealousy sprouted among the other girls that were in the pageant and nasty rumors began to spread across the pageant world. Some were innocent; other’s threatened her reputation and more importantly her family. Many of the rumors of her family were that her parents were stage parents and forced her in pageantry to live through her. Also there were accusations of her parents paying a doctor to have plastic surgery performed on Alessandra, which wasn’t the case either. The worst in her opinion that didn’t involve her directly was that they paid off the judge to let Alessandra win that pageant. The rumors got so bad that she had to be taken out of school.

    Being a Pageant winner, Alessandra was under strict contractual obligations to act as lady like as possible and could not engage in the rumors against her family. So, she simply had to brush it off in interviews and normal socializing, however, it really shook her to the core. The pressure continuously built up to keep the perfect façade up but, it would prove to be too much. Sometime after the Trinion incident she was had to do an interview and, being such a nurturing loving person, had been severely affected by the events at Trinion and her emotions were at a fever pitch. The interviewer was some celebrity blogger, which Alessandra did not exactly understand why she was being interviewed by him because she was not a celebrity or at least a huge one.

    The interview started as any other interview went for a Pageant winner. It started with the usual ‘How does it feel to be Miss Teen Eve,’ or ‘What is the experience like going around the huge colony, are there parts you haveve never been to?’. It was a standard interview until. The man started bringing up the rumors of her family. He poked and prodded to get her to answer but, Alessandra was resolute. It was not until the interviewer accused Alessandra of not commenting on the rumors because they are true, he was being ruthless now. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her emotions began to run wild as she began insulting the man in her mind. ‘Does this idiot know I can’t comment on them because I have a contract?’ her anger began running wild. Her hurt began to outwardly show. Tears and uncontrollable sobs came out of like a storm. In an instant the gravity in the room became 5 times the normal setting set for the colony. People began panicking until they realized it was coming from Alessandra herself. The suspended lights came crashing down and injured a few people on the crew, who were either face down on the floor, unable to move or crawling trying to get out of the room. Once her rage subsided, which was about three minutes, the gravity in the room turned to normal. Alessandra did not know at the time but, she is a child of the stars.
  20. Nythe

    Nythe Mostly Harmless

    Name: Neil Nordegraf
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sign: Pisces
    Birthday: 11th March

    Weapon: Knives

    Neil uses two fighting knives with 14 inch spear point blades and an array of throwing knives. The two fighting knives have black handles and blue guards. His throwing knives are made out of a single piece of metal; they have no true handle, only a blunt part that is safe to grab.

    Powers: Besides the super strength and speed, Neil has the power of Mind manipulation, which allows him to influence other people’s actions in a number of ways.

    Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind – When making eye contact with someone, Neil can enter their mind and take control of their body. At the same time he loses control of his own body, leaving it behind completely defenceless. The amount of time he can keep it up and the energy it takes to do so both depend on target’s personality: the stronger their spirit is, the harder it is to control them.

    It’s Not What You Think – Using this ability, Neil can completely change people’s perception, by making their brain misinterpret the signals from their senses. The more changes he wants to implement to their perception of reality, the more energy he requires to pull it off. It works indiscriminately on everyone in his vicinity, all he can control is the range.

    Let Me Tell You How You Feel – The most simple of Neil’s powers, it enables him to make others feel the same emotions as he is feeling at the moment. That also includes the target of the emotion in question; for example, if he is in love with Mary, he can’t make Mary love him, but he can make everyone love Mary. He can use this ability on multiple people at once, as long as he knows their exact location, which effectively limits his range to those he can see. Once, he stops using this power, everyone’s emotions will be back under their own control.

    Armor: Aquamarine

    Neil’s armour is mainly pale blue. It’s close-fitting and pretty light, so it doesn’t restrict his movement too much. Even so it’s a full-body armour. The helmet is a plain open faced one with no striking features pointing out of it. It’s slightly decorated with five black parallel lines running from one cheek to the other around the back of his head. The breastplate looks as if it was made out of giant fish scales – there are four lines of five “fish scales” covering his torso. In each line two of the scales are covering the front and three the back. The armour covering his limbs is once again very simple in design, but the pale blue gets gradually darker towards the hands and feet.

    Personality: Neil is generally a positive and cheerful person. He is mostly laid back and easy-going, but often gets quite emotional. Those strong emotions peter out very quickly, meaning he doesn’t harbour anger or resentment, but also doesn’t get passionate about anything. With his general attitude and talkativeness, he has no problem meeting new people and making new friends. However, he isn’t as good when it comes to forming strong bonds with people. He isn’t easily motivated and rarely plans for the future. Instead, he prefers to just drift through life and take things as they come. He often gets distracted and loses focus because of minor things or just by slipping into daydreams.

    While he doesn’t want to cause any injustice, he doesn’t feel it’s his duty to correct all the inequity around him. His optimistic and trusting nature also make him pretty naive. He hates making decisions so he usually follows other people’s examples. As such he is likely to be influenced by others and easily manipulated, although he wouldn’t knowingly do anything that goes against his principles.

    Appearance: At 5ft 11, Neil is just above average height. While he is a bit on the slim side, his build isn’t particularly athletic. His fair skin reveals his Caucasian roots. His straight sandy brown hair is quite long for a guy with his eyebrows and ears all hidden beneath it. Unlike his small nose and thin mouth, his brown eyes are quite big and round; none of them freakishly so.

    He doesn’t care about fashion, he wears what he feels the most comfortable in. Because of that, Neil’s usual clothes are very simple: a baggy bright blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans. While the jeans are plain, his T-shirt does have a white outline of a typical cartoon bomb printed on the front. When in colder places, he also wears a white hooded jacket over the T-shirt. His preferred footwear is a pair of white and blue sneakers. Neil also wears some accessories: a simple necklace made of various wooden beads on a string and a white sweatband around each wrist.

    History: Most of Neil’s early memories involve doctors or medicines. When he was three, he was diagnosed with a rare life threatening disease. For months, he was connected to various life support machines, before his condition stabilised and eventually his health started to improve. Because of his lengthy hospitalisation, the only child he had regular contact with was his older sister, who became a big influence on him and remained in that role for years.

    At six, he was finally released from the hospital. At first he had trouble getting used to meeting new people, but after spending a few days in the company of other kids, he realised what he had been missing. This new feeling of friendship, which took over from the loneliness of the hospital bed, was so strong, he wanted to experience it every day. On a subconscious level, he knew his worst days are behind him and was looking forward to what life had to offer.

    He continued to make a lot of friends throughout his school years, but he never had more than a handful of really good ones at any point. His friends would often come around his house, where they would play video games together or sometimes listen to his sister’s band practice. He tried to follow in her musical footsteps and learned to play the bass half-decently, but never joined any bands.

    He discovered his supernatural powers while playing a video game. He was getting more and more frustrated because he was repeatedly getting killed at the same point in the game, when he suddenly found himself staring at his body falling from his sofa with a crushed controller in his hands through the eyes of the family’s cat. The incident was reported to the authorities and Neil spent the next few months being studied by scientists.
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