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The Chosen Seven


Ive been thinking about this project for sometime now.And no,its not like the Battle Fontier or Gym Leader Challenge.Its a group of seven people who have been chosen by a Specific Legendary Pokemon.That person then uses that legendary in his/her team.There can be only one Legendary per the Chosen One.So choose wisely.

Pm me if you want to become a leader.I cant choose everyone so I'll try to make fair desicions.If two people choose the same legendary then they will have to battle each other and whoever wins gets the position.If there are more than two people that want the same legendary than a tournament style decision will be applyed.If you wish to sign-up then use this type of registering application.

Friend Code:
Legendary using:
Prize:Can be a pokemon or item.

FAQ Time

Q:So....I cant use more than one Legendary?
A:No,one Legendary per leader

Q:If all the spots are filled for the Chosen One(s),how can I be one?
A:You can challenge the Chosen One whose spot you wish to aquire.You must also use legendary that that leader has.If you win then you become the leader.If somebody cuts the wifi connection in the battle,but you were winning then you become the leader.Or vice versa.

Q:What happens if I lose?
A:Then you must wait one week before rechallenging.

Q:Somebody is already trying to challenge me but I just got this Leader position.Do I have to battle?
A:No,once you become a leader everyone else must wait a week in-a-half before challenging you.

Q:My team can be made up of any pokemon right?
A:Yes,besides legendarys and Wobbuffet and Wynaut.

Q:What happens if I beat one of the Chosen One(s) in a normal battle?
A:Then you get the prize they offer.

Q:And if I lose?
A:You have to wait one and a half weeks before rechallenging.

Q:Can I,the challenger,use a Legendary?
A:No,unless youre challenging the chosen one for his/her position.

Q:What types of battles are allowed?
A:Only Lv100 single battles.You dont need to raise your pokemon to that level,wifi automatically raises them.

Q: Do my Pokemon need to be EV trained?
A:No,but it would put you in a better battle position.

Q: Do I need the game to apply?
A:No,but it would help to have it.

Q:When does this begin??
A:When all spots are taken.

All applications not Pmed to me will be ignored.
Banners and symbols(not badges)will be made once all positions are filled.

Here's Mine:
Name: DeVan
Friend Code: 4768-2988-2891(Do not add me without asking)
Region: America
Version: Japanese Pearl
Legendary using: Rayquaza
Motto: I am the Chosen one of the Skys.
Prize: A shiny pokemon of request


These are the leaders:

Shiny Charizard Master=Diaruga
Darkydude O Doom=Regice

Sorry everyone who didnt make it.There was some very hard desicions....
So stop pming me!And to clear up any confusion,i am the seventh chosen one.

NEW EDIT:The title says "The Chosen Seven"but there are actually eight.Me being the eighth and Leader.

UPDATE:If you want to challenge a leader be warned:Theyre team may not be ready

UPDATE-2:This is the temporary banner for the Chosen Seven.Put it in your sig to spread to word.

If you wish to use this banner,than go use this link.

Be sure to remove the spaces between the and link parts.

[B]UPDATE:This has been brought up in another thread.Its true that I used some of Diablocon's rules.Sorry that I didnt post this earlier.So..yeah...Partial credit goes to Diablocon[/B]

[B]I am back after my extended abscence.Some [U]really[/U] needs to tell me what happend.
New banner,btw.Credit goes to Rune the 1st[/B][IMG]http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e271/Keyblade2230/The-Chosen-Seven.gif

UPDATE:A new rule is in affect as of now.If you wish to take a leaders position then you beat them three times.Sorry for eveybody wanting to get the position fast and easily.

UPDATE:Another new rule,you can be in the Chosen Seven and in another group if you want to.Have fun.
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Well-Known Member
Does each legendary have to be a different type than the other ones?(That would make sense)

Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
Friend Code:I'm in america,don't have one yet
Legendary using:Celebi
Motto:"I am the chosen one of nature!"
Yay,I'm the first one!
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Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
Did I get accepted?
Name: Hikari(in katakana)
Friend Code:1890 6885 5854
Region: Jpn
Legendary using:Kureseria
Motto:"Face to the hope that is life..."
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Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
I think it's on all D/P's.And I'll take my no answer as a yes.
Name: Uriel
Friend Code: Waiting for English Pearl.
Region: Brazil
Version: Huh, English Pearl. Obviously, I don't have one yet.
Legendary using: Regice
Motto: "Let the cold hand of justice punish your n00bish way of life." Or something like that.
Prize: Bold lv.25 Milotic with marvelous IVs and Mirror Coat.


Here is mine:
Name: Stephen
Friend Code: N/A (Getting U.S version)
Region: America
Version: U.S Pearl
Legendary using: Manaphy
Motto: You'll lose against my element.
Prize: Any Legendary of choice from 1-3rd gen...Or Fione.

Well? Did I make the cut?

Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
Wow!Everybody so far is using the american version!


Randomite of Doom
Name: Zera
Region: USA
Friend Code: Coming when D/P comes out
Version: US Pearl
Legendary: Palkia
Motto: ...You know, this is going to be fun...
Prize: Rioru/Celebi/Jirachi/Random Pokemon (only if I have spent the 6 transfers a day, or can't hatch Rioru fast enough)
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Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
Dude,somebody is already using Manaphy.


Name: Zera
Region: USA
Friend Code: Coming when D/P comes out
Version: US Pearl
Legendary: Manaphy (if not, then Palkia)
Motto: ...You know, this is going to be fun...
Prize: Rioru/Celebi/Jirachi/Random Pokemon (only if I have spent the 6 transfers a day, or can't hatch Rioru fast enough)

Um. Can you use Palkia instead, since I have already chosen Manaphy? You don't have to, I am just asking.


Glitch Hunting Freak
Sounds fun!
Name: Will
Friend Code: 2921 4698 3477
Region: Jap
Version: Diamond
Legendary using: Diaruga (shiny :p )
Motto: Time is irrelevant, your fate is inevitable.
Prize: Zugaidosu

Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star
Yet, you seem to not notice the fact i signed up and am using the japanese version >_>

Sorry,but you said your region was america,and it didn't list what region's version
you were using,so I assumed you were using the us version.Sorry.