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The Chosen Seven

Jirachi The Moon Master

Wish upon a star

rune the 1st

Ive been thinking about this project for sometime now.And no,its not like the Battle Fontier or Gym Leader Challenge.Its a group of seven people who have been chosen by a Specific Legendary Pokemon.That person then uses that legendary in his/her team.There can be only one Legendary per the Chosen One.So choose wisely.

Pm me if you want to become a leader.I cant choose everyone so I'll try to make fair desicions.If two people choose the same legendary then they will have to battle each other and whoever wins gets the position.If there are more than two people that want the same legendary than a tournament style decision will be applyed.If you wish to sign-up then use this type of registering application.

Q:Can I be a Chosen One if Im in another group?
A:No you cannot be in this organization if youre a part of Diablocons group or any other group.
....alan I am very sorry to say this but you must get out of one group....that is unless DeVan doesn't catch you.....I suggest staying with battlefields or galactic HQ....HA!!!!


Well-Known Member
D/P Warzones is very unorganized, and its basically a copy of the Galactic HQ thing, which is why I quit