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The Cities of Johto

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Goldenrod City seemed to have so much swag to it I just love going there every time I get the chance.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
I like Ecruteak city... because of its history of myths and legends


Well-Known Member
My fav cities would have to be Ecruteak City because it has a ancient old fashion theme to it and it has a BELIEVABLE legend behind it :) I also like Olivine coz it close to the sea and Azalea Town because its a adventure going through Ilex Forest for the first time :)


Guardiana Cristálica
Mahogany Town/Azalea Town, like in old times!


Active Member
I like cianwood city because its next to the sea, near to the whirl islands and seems to have a somewhat relaxed atmosphere about it.


Steel-Clad Wonder
I really like Olivine City. the music is pretty, and the inhabitants are nice
And the Battle Frontier is nearby
Ecruteak City by far!!! It has this traditional Japanese feeling to it and it's very traditional in way of belief etcetera, I love it! The designs of the buildings are also very Japanese styled. Heck, the battle music for Ho-Oh in HG is Japanese styled!


Champ In The Making
Violet City. It's the place where you have your first true challenge as a trainer and really start your journey off. Plus, the music for that town is awesome.


Water and Ice Tamer.
I definitely choose Olivine City. It's closer to the sea which I love walking on the sands of a beach someday.

Aura Sensei™

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I like Goldenrod.It has the Departemant Store,you can take the train from Johto to Kanto there.And it is bustling.


Music Maker/ Dreamer
I dont really like any of the cities, but i LOVE the bellchime trail, and the place waterfall place that you catch lugia
Johto probably has the weakest cities comparing to all other regions, but if there's one city I like and that's Ecruteak. It's so mythological, and probably the most compared to any other city in any other region. Celestic actually does measure up, but it's debatable


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I really enjoy the Johto region because the entire region has a Japanese culture feel to it. If I had to pick a favorite town or city I'd choose Goldenrod because it has so much to do!


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I like Mt. Silver, if its even a city or classified as one... But apart from that i love the whole region


Johto Boy
I honestly just fly around all the time so I dont really check out the cities lol. But maybe Olivine.