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The Cities of Johto

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My favourite is undoubtedly Lavender Town, nothing beats that spooky music ;d.


My favourite is undoubtedly Lavender Town, nothing beats that spooky music ;d.

But Lavender Town in HG/SS, has pretty calm and soothing music. There's nothing too spooky about it really.

Anyway, am I the only person who was disappointed with Blackthorn City in HG/SS? I mean, there's nothing too exciting about it's design in these games; all they added was rocks and some dead trees near the entrance. The city just looks bland, even moreso than it's G/S/C version, which says a lot about the creativity of the designers.
I love Ecruteak :)
Lavendar Town gives you this sort of eerie feel (maybe it's the music) I LIKE IT!

But my overall favorite would have to be Goldenrod City! Mainly because there's many things you can do, and the Pokeathlon isn't far.


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Eh. Despite it being the main area in probably being my favorite video game EVER, Johto didn't have very good cities. I'm gonna say Olivine and Cherrygrove, because their by the sea and are quite pretty.

Celest M.

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My favorite would have to be Blackthorn City, just for the Dragon's Den, and all of the shenanigans that goes on in there. However, like The 4th KIRA, I too was a little disappointed with the overall city. Quite a boring little place.


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Violet City and Ecruteak City -

Cool Japanese feel to them, with all the towers and such. I like Violet City because Flying-types pwn (lol), and I like Ecruteak City because that is where you meet the awesome Ho-oh. <3

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I like the ecruteak sound the most :)


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I like Goldenrod the most, the other Towns/Cities are abit too small for my liking.


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goldenrod was my favorite in the original but that changed in HG/SS because of the voltorb flip game. Now my second favorite has moved up. now Olivine is my favorite and goldenrod is second.

Blazing Charmander

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While I used to adore Goldenrod City in G/S/C, the new and improved music that played in HG/SS kind of ruined the feel of the city for me. I just thought that the original music in Goldenrod City felt more city-like and the new music felt too festive for some reason.

I agree entirely The 4th KIRA. Goldenrod used to be my most frequently visited city in Silver and Crystal, and the one that I always used to fly to with my Pidgeot. I felt no unease towards going there time and again because it was at the heart of Johto and the music was so catchy. However, as you say, in SoulSilver I try to avoid Goldenrod City where and whenever possible simply because the remixed music just doesn't sit with me. Rather than the feel of a bustling city that the original music gave me, there's something just too sickeningly sweet about the HG/SS remix. :/

While Goldenrod was my standout favourite city in G/S/C Johto, I have really warmed to Ecruteak City in HG/SS. Although I loved it in the original games, I feel that Game Freak have done a fabulous job in giving the city an oriental and cultural atmosphere, right from the aesthetic touches down to its musical arrangement.

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Violet City, it really brings the atmosphere of the town. The tower and walkway were incredibly improved. The style of the buildings matches the atmosphere. It justs brings nostalgia of finding that first major City with a gym.

Pansy :]

My favorite is cherrygrove city, it has a cute name, and i've always had a thing for those little under apreciated towns :)


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I prefer Olivine City. I love that harbour and lighthouse.


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Guess mine is Ecruteak City and Violet City, they're really awesome.
Violet's my most favorite!