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The Clash of the Dimentions


Bewear my power
A combined world

I know Shadows of Fear isn't over, but I couldn't wait to do this fic.

NOTE: This isn't a Pokemon fic yet. Pokemon characters will appear eventually. Right now, this is what we have.



My name is Artemis Fowl II. Or Artemis Fowl Jr., whichever you prefer. Either way, you may address me as Artemis.

It has been several years since I had my memory restored after it had been wiped by the fairy people. I was about to commit yet another crime in my crimimal career. However, this time, it did not involve the LEPrecon police units of the fairy world known as Haven.

This time, it involved my own world, the human world. Or as the fairy people would refer to it as, "the Mud Men world"

Despite my intelligence, I have still not been able to figure out why the fairy people call us all "Mud Men".

But, back to my crime. I was about to steal a gold statuette from a museum of rare finds. The statuette was worth approxomatly $4, 579.

I will enjoy that kind of money.

My large Russian bodyguard, Butler, was also my most trusted partner-in-crime, as well as a good...friend. His head is shaven, and he looked like he was 58 years old.

In truth, he was made that way by an LEP operation.

A captain of the LEP, Holly Short, had used a Neuro 2000 laser to extract a bullet from Butler's body. The surgery had a rather strange side-effect: it took 15 years off of Butler's life.

However, that did not matter to Butler. He was much tougher than to just let age claim him. He had once taken on the most dangerous fairy creature, a Troll, and lived to tell the tale, which is very rare even among the fairy people.

I really must stop straying from the subject of my crime. I was suppossed to be meeting with three thieves, looking for work after their original gang, the K.L.A.W.W gang, had been disbanded. I wished to grant their wish for work.

I believe the hotel room I was currently in would not suit them very nicely. The room was large, but with all the random odds and ends that Butler and I had gathered, it was rather cramped. The walls were colored with yellow paint, and I had hung several paintings of my father, Artemis the first--who had also conducted a life of crime before he was abducted by the Russian Mafia--on the wall to cover some of the less...tasteful spots.

At last, I saw Butler squeeze his massive bulk through the door.

"Sir, the thieves are here. I may warn you, though: they look quite...unusal." he said.

"Thank you, Butler." I replied. "Bring them in."

Indeed, as Butler said, the thieves' appearances were quite a shock. The first one looked like a purple lizard, except that it stood on its hind legs and wore a green trenchcoat.

The second thief looked like a tiger: one that stood on its hind legs, wore a purple turban, and wore robes. He also seemed to wear a ruby on his chest.

The final thief was the most surprising: it was a large, red buffalo. It wore a large, brown toga, much like the romans did in 100 B.C. It even had a purple nose. It also had a large, wooden staff.

"You are three thieves looking for work." I said. "And, apparetley, you have heard of me."

"You bet we havo, daddio!" babbled the purple lizard in a french accent.

"What Dimitri is trying to say is, we heard about your father, and that you were continuing his legacy of crime. In every crime I've heard you commit, the police never caught you." said the tiger in some sort of Indian accent. "Ah, but we may as well introduce ourselves. The babbling lizard is Dimitri, I am Rajan, and the buffalo is Jean Bison."

"Hmmm." I said. It seemed that this "Rajan" was the intelligent one of the bunch, while "Dimitri" was the babbling idiot. I could not identify this "Jean Bison" yet.

"What are your specialties?" I asked.

"I swimo, yo-yo!" babbled Dimitri again.

"He means he can swim very well. I am very wealthy and popular. Jean Bison has train systems to carry loot." explained Rajan again.

"Nobody can stop my mighty Iron Horses!" Jean Bison said for the first time.

"He calls the trains 'Iron Horses"'." explained Rajan once more.

"Hmmm." I said again. These three may be useful thieves to help me establish a well-known crime industry. The only problem is that, because they were former members of a well known criminal empire, can I trust them?


That's it for the prologue. Read, review and rate guys and gals!


The first Artemis Foul fanfic in Serebii Forums, eh? I like it.

Deep in description, prevention of boredom, and length.

Can't wait til the next and hopefully just as good or better one.


The Compromise
Finally an Artemis Fowl fic!

The prologue is very good so far, the way you write it does give you the impression of someone very clever writing it, which is very good. The only problem I could spot was that you missed out a 'u' in unusual. Apart from that, brilliant! :)


Bewear my power
Hate to dissapoint you guys/gals, but Artemis isn't the only character I'll follow the story of. I'm going to follow the stories of other characters as well.

Like the one I'm going to describe in Chapter 1. Be warned, as he will be a bit of a surprise.

And here it is!

Chapter 1:


My name is Bruce Banner. You may know me, but not as who I am.

You may know me as the Hulk.

The Hulk is a twelve foot, green monstrosity that has huge muscles. And a liking for destruction. A liking caused by a Devil persona inside my head.

The persona itself wants me to cause more destruction than I already do. Destruction that threatens civilians.

The only friend, and ally, I have is my doctor. His name is Dr. Leonard Samson.

Samson is about as tall as I am: 5'11. He has black, straight hair, with a ponytail to pay tribute to the mythological strongman known as Samson.

Leonard's been able to construct a machine that will let me literally face the Devil persona in my head. It's far from complete, however, and will take a while to finish.

Samson has also devoloped a device that plants objectives of missions into my head, then violently transforms me into the Hulk. It defenitely isn't pleasent, but it's what I need to do to defeat the Devil persona.

I was about to start my first mission.

We were hiding out at an abandoned church. It wasn't very pleasing, but it did the job.

I walked outside, a weight-like device in my hand. I pressed the button on it, and a green bolt of lightning struck me.

I couldn't tell if it was coincidence or if it was meant to happen, since it was a dark, cloudy day.

Anyway, I felt my body getting bigger, stronger. My growing body tore my shirt to shreds, what with it being too big to fit. My feet grew too big for my shoes.

I was becoming the Hulk.

I felt my mind slip away, as the vicious instinct of the Hulk took over...


Name is Hulk. Hulk the strongest one there is.

Hulk leap toward puny human city. Hulk lands on building.

"All units, be on the lookout for Bruce Banner." Hulk hear. "Subject is 5'11, medium build, brown hair. Subject is considered armed and dangerous."

Hulk look down and see puny human police car move by. Bahaha! Puny humans no match for HULK!

Hulk leap down building. Hulk land on puny human road.

"There he is! Move in, move in!" cry puny humans.

Hulk grab one puny human. Hulk smash one against building. Puny human die.

Puny humans in black fire bullets. Bullets bounce off Hulk. Hulk swing hand around. Knocks puny humans away.

Puny police cars in Hulk's way. Hulk pick up car. Hulk throw car at puny humans.

Hulk gets vision...

Hulk sees three electric metal blocks in vision. Hulk hears voice in Hulk's head.

"Destroy...smash..." voice say.

Hulk leap. Hulk jump off building wall. Hulk land on puny car. Hulk leap again. Hulk reach electric metal block.

"Everybody, look out! It's Banner!" cry puny humans.

Hulk swat down metal fence. Hulk punch electric metal block. Hulk jump on top of electric metal block. Hulk keep jumping on electric metal block. Electric metal block explode.

Hulk see lots of lights go out.

Hulk run. Hulk bashes puny humans in black out of Hulk's way. Hulk bowls cars over. Hulk reaches second electric metal block. Hulk wind up arm. Hulk punch electric metal block. Electric metal block explodes.

"Holy Heck on a stick! Did somebody offend this guy?" say puny human.

Voice crackles in puny human's radio.

"Maybe he just got his electric bill." say voice.

Hulk leap again. Hulk land on top of building. Hulk leap through billboard.

"All units be on the lookout for Bruce Banner." say radio voice. "approxomatly 12 feet tall, green skin. Wanted in connection with destruction of private property, submersive activities and resisting arrest."

Hulk not care about what puny radio voice say. Hulk leap towards final electric metal block. Hulk jump on top of electric metal block. Hulk stomp on electric metal block. Hulk stomp again. Hulk stomp many more times. Electric metal block explode. Hulk leap away. Hulk see many more lights go out.

Hulk leap back to church.

Hulk feel body getting smaller, skin getting whiter. Hulk becoming weakling Banner again...

Bruce Banner

...I felt my mind return, my mission complete. I felt my body shrink back to its normal size.

I looked down on myself. I needed yet another new set of clothes. All that I had on was a torn pair of jeans. I entered the church.

"Well done, Bruce." said Samson. "Now that you've had Hulk destroy three Power Substations, my lab can have more power."

"Don't mention it." I replied. "And, by the way, I need another set of clothes."

"Already thought of that." said Samson, guestering to a large pile of clothes.

I took off the torn jeans and put on a green shirt and tan pants. I also put on a jacket, since it was pretty cold outside.

"We're going to need more parts, Bruce." said Samson. "Can you handle becoming the Hulk again?"

"Yeah." I replied. "I can handle it."


That's it for the first chapter.

And mods, THIS IS NOT A POKEMON FIC YET! Pokemon characters will appear in the next chapter.

Sorry if this is too short, but it seems so big on the "post reply" screen.
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Don Ledianni
Nice. Gotta like the Hulk! Hope to see more of this fic. It's interesting that you're doing Hulk meets Pokemon. I wonder how it'll fit. Keep up the good work!


Edit: I don't want to nitpick but dimention is supposed to be spelled 'dimension'. Either way, nice crossover opportunity you're making. Hulk seems to be in his classic 1960s form. Re: Not the Smart Hulk or the Gray version. (Dunno if you read comics)
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Bewear my power
Chapter 3 is up! Another new character will be in this one!

NOTE: You will not know this character if you don't watch Transformers Cybertron.

Chapter 3:


My name is Starscream. I am a Decepticon from planet Cybertron.

To any brainless humans out there, a Decepticon is one of two races on Cybertron. The other race, the one that we are against, is called the Autobots.

Us Decepticons are viewed as evil. The Autobots are viewed as good. I don't care which side is viewed how, all I care about is that I get the power I deserve!

Currently, I am very close to obtaining the power of the Cyber Planet Keys, chips that, once inserted into the body of a Transformer, grant tremendous power.

I was in the middle of a human city, about to take the Cyber Planet Key of the planet Earth from the human cultural building called a "museum".

Well, I was just reaching through the roof to take the key, what with my being as big as a human building.

I was surrounded by my soldiers. They were ancient Transformers, locked away in a large hill at the human's North Pole. I had freed them.

"Attention, robot. Surrender now, or I will fire." a human voice said to me.

I looked to my right and saw a human robot roughly the size of me. It had a missile pack and a laser cannon on top of it, four missile cannons on the torso and a seeminly durable body. It had two arms with four-fingered hands on each, and two legs with large feet.

"You and the Hulk are threats to society. Surrender now." the voice said again.

I looked above and saw a certain spaceship Transformer hovering over me. It was Sideways, a con-happy Decepticon that was part of my army. He was the only non-ancient Transformer in my army.

"Sideways, destroy that human robot!" I ordered.

"With pleasure!" came the reply from Sideways. He flew at the robot, ready to destroy it.

Then he transformed to robot mode.

His body retained its shape, but his cockpit opened, revealing a head that popped out of it. His jets twisted and turned, eventually becoming his legs. Two sides of the body twisted and turned as well, becoming Sideway's arms. The large weapon mechanism mounted on his back detatched, flying into his hand.

"CYBER KEY POWER!" he shouted.

A vortex in the night sky appeared, then a beam of purple light came from it. At the front of the beam was a metal chip, a Cyber Key. The key inserted into his weapon, arming it with several blades.

I must admit, even Sideways couldn't match the size of the human's robot. The robot merely swatted him away, sending him through a building.

Hmm, I thought. This human may be some trouble.

Then I saw an unusual human appear behind the robot. It had green skin, and seemed a lot bigger than most humans.

The robot turned and saw the creature. "HULK!" the human manning it shouted. "I'll deal with you later, Banner. Right now, I have to keep this robot from stealing from the museum."

"CYBER KEY POWER!" I shouted. Another Cyber Key inserted into my right arm, arming a large sword. The same happened with the other arm.

I rushed at the robot, ready to fight. The robot fired several missiles from its torso cannons. I deflected them away with my swords. I planted the sword on my right arm into the robot's right arm. I then swung my sword to one side, cutting the arm right off.

The robot's laser cannon fired, hitting me full in the face. I screamed in pain, putting my left sword in front of my face to block the laser. The laser stopped after a while, and I used my other sword to lop it and the missile pack right off.

The robot fired a laser from its left arm, blasting me in my chest. I leapt out of the laser's way, then I sliced the arm in half with the sword on my right arm. I then disconnected what remained of the arm from the torso with the sword on my left arm.

I decided to deliver the final blow, plunging my sword into the robot's cockpit area. I pulled my sword out to find it covered in a small amout of blood. Human blood. I guess I had pierced the human that had been manning the robot.

The robot collapsed, sending shockwaves throughout the city that tumbled most of the buildings.

Before I could claim the Cyber Planet Key, though, I saw yet another human. This one was riding a orange, dragon-like creature.

"Dragonite, Hyper Beam!" cried the human.

The creature, apparantley called "Dragonite" opened its mouth and blasted a large beam at me. It did little damage, since the creature was so small compared to me.

I merely swung my sword, knocking the Dragonite off course quite a bit. It flew into a window of what remained of one of the buildings.

I looked down and saw the green human leaping up at me at a surprising rate of speed...


Hulk see big jet-bot destroy General Ross mech. Hulk see big jet-bot swat away puny human riding Dragonite. Hulk must protect city. Hulk must destroy big jet-bot.

Hulk leap at big jet-bot. Big jet-bot surprised at Hulk's leap. Hulk grab big jet-bot's face.


Hulk punch big jet-bot's nose. Big jet-bot put hands on nose. Big jet-bot stagger back. Big jet-bot transform into jet. Jet fly away.

"I will be back, creature." say jet-bot before flying off.

Hulk get back to primary mission. Hulk go to puny human warehouse, Hulk must get lifter thing...


Quite a few calamities in the news. First, a certain large green creature destroys three power substation generators. Then that same creature somehow scares off a large robot. Then it makes off with a hydralic lift from a warehouse.

Then I saw yet another news story involving the same green creature.

"This is reporter Gabby reporting the news. The green creature, called the Hulk by military officials, has just made off with a CAT-scan imager from the medical storage yard. The security guards are baffled as to why a 12 foot creature would want a CAT-scan imager as well as a hydralic lift. We hope to bring you more news as it comes."

Hmph. That reporter knows nothing. That creature is Dr. Bruce Banner! I remembered reading an artical in the newspaper about the famous scientist getting in the path of a gamma ray gun, transforming him into the Hulk. I believe that Bruce is stealing those things because he wants to cure himself of the Hulk.

I also believed he would pay a large sum of money if we stole those things from him...no. That would be to dangerous. He would simply become the Hulk and steal them back, and I wouldn't get a dime.

Why was I thinking about this? I needed to concentrate on the matter at hand.

I was having Rajan steal the golden statuette. With his wealth and popularity, he should be able to get in very easily.

From that angle, he will stash the statuette under his turban and simply walk out from there. The metal detector that was there would detect the ruby on his chest, not the statuette.

I was watching from a cam hidden in Rajan's flowing robe.

I knew that he would have approxomately a 87.5% chance of getting the statuette.

But then, as I had learned in my adventures with the fairy people, there was always the unexpected...


That's it for the third chapter. Read, review and rate!

Silent Shadow

Earth Trainer
wow.... Wasn't expecting this when you asked me to reply to this fic... But in a good way. Like LX said, it's interesting how you're doing all these crossovers in one story. It kinda keeps you guessing. Hulk, Artemis Fowl, Pokemon, Transformers.... what/who is next? Keep it up!


Bewear my power
I edited the first Hulk chapter a bit, so I'd like you to re-read it. It has a bit of a joke in it, just to add some comedy.


Bewear my power
Finally! I got a new video card, and now I can post chapter 4!

Chapter 4


Audio sensors: online.

Visual sensors: online.

Unit: online.

My visual sensors activated, and I looked at my current location. I felt my cranual module rotate in effort to intake information about this location.

It appeared to be some sort of laboratory, with stasis pods containing hedgehog-like robots, one blue and one black.

"Yes!" said a human man's voice. "All systems, full power!"

I looked in front of me and saw an egg-shaped human with long legs, a bushy brown mustache, a pair of blue glasses over his eyes as well as a pair of goggles on top of his bald head.

"Ah, good to see you are active." the human said. "I am Dr. Robotnik, your creator and master."

My information intake program registered this, and classified Dr. Robotnik as "master"

Master Robotnik walked away from me. "You are the second of my E-100 series robots, E-102! Codename..." he turned around. "...Gamma!"

I scanned myself. I was, indeed, a robot. My left arm held a metallic hand at the end, whereas my right arm wielded a gun, built right on.

I scanned my torso. It was red, with a white stripe down the middle. That was all I could see.

"Don't worry about your appearance, Gamma." said master Robotnik. "Just follow me."

I did as I was told, not expecting what I would find. Master Robotnik lead me to a white door with a red frame.

"The shooting range is through this door." master Robotnik explained. "Your big brother, E-101 Beta, is there practicing. Go in, and your mission objective program will tell you your objective."

I walked in, intrested in seeing this "Beta". Once inside, my mission objective program displayed a mission objective on my visual sensors.

The objective read "Destroy the Sonic Doll".

The doll appeared to be a puppet of some sort of blue hedgehog, similar to the robot seen in one of the two stasis pods in the lab I was created in. The hedgehog had red shoes, a blue body, and white gloves. It looked feeble.

I merely walked through the entire range, running scans for the Sonic Doll. Eventually, I found it. I powered up my gun, aimed it at the pathetic doll...

And fired.

It was a direct hit, which caused the Sonic Doll to fall apart.

"Excellent shot, younger brother." a robotic voice said.

I rotated my cranual module in the direction of the voice, and saw a robot similar to myself, except that it was black, had missile launchers on both arms, and some sort of jetpack hovering behind it.

"Are you the E-101 Beta master Robotnik told me about?" I inquired.

"Affirmative. I am." the black robot responded.

Beta and I left the shooting range together. We came back to the lab, and master Robotnik greeted us.

"Excellent job, Gamma!" he congradulated. "I see you've met Beta while you were in there. I have a test for you. Follow me to the bottom floor, both of you!"

We did, and master Robotnik then said "Gamma, I'm giving you a little test. You and Beta are going to face each other in a battle. The one who wins gets to serve on my battle craft, the Egg Carrier."

I primed my gun, and Beta loaded his missile launchers. Beta fired first, sending a missile at me from his left launcher. I fired my gun, obliterating the missile, then fired again, hitting Beta.

But the older E-100 series robot had more stamina than me, as the blow from my first shot did not defeat him. He utilized his jetpack-like device to fly up, sending a volley of missiles at me from his right launcher.

I converted to drive mode, using the wheels on the back of my legs to roll away from all the missiles. I fired another blast, which hit Beta, but it still did not defeat him. I fired one more time, and Beta collapsed, defeated at last.

"Well done, Gamma! That was much better than I expected!" congradulated master Robotnik. "You are officially permitted to work on the Egg Carrier!"

Beta had apparantley been in recovery mode since I had blasted him for the third time, and walked between me and master Robotnik.

"Oh, so you want to come along too, Beta?" queried master Robotnik. "Very well. We could always use a set of spare parts, I guess."

"All right!" master Robotnik continued. "Follow me to the Egg Carrier!"

Master Robotnik walked through a nearby door, followed by Beta and I. I did not know what to expect on the Egg Carrier, but my calculations so that I will find out...

...very soon.


Read, review and rate!