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The Classic League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by PlatinumTrainer92, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    Welcome to The Classic League

    1. Remember to follow all League Forum Rules and Serebii Sorum Rules(seriously).
    2. No Ubers are allowed(this means no Wobbuffet either).
    3.Also no spamming,arguing ,flaming,swearing, using hacked pokemon, or anything else that's not allowed.
    4.You can battle the Gym leaders in any order u prefer.
    5.To battle the Elite5 u must have all gym badges.
    6.To battle the champion u must have beaten all E5 members.
    7.If u lose to a gym leader u must wait 1 day before u can have a rematch.
    8. If u lose to an E5 member, u must wait 2 days before u can have a rematch.
    9.Lose to the Champion, and u must wait 3 days before u can have a rematch
    10. Gym leaders and E5 members can battle the league for the title of champion as well(so long as they follow the same rules as challengers of course).
    11.Gym leaders can have 2 wild cards and E5 members can have 3. This means they can have pokemon outside of their specific type for their gym/E5 team(those that are applying as leaders make sure u get yur wildcards approved by me ).
    12.Battles will be on Wifi only, not PO(sorry about that) .
    13.If u have questions just contact me thru pm or visitor messaging.
    14.When challenging the leaders u can't battle them with a full advantage team. This means u can't battle them with all of your pokemon having a complete type or weakness advantage against the leader's team.
    15. Gym leaders and E5 members can have certain conditions or rule for their battles.just make sure your rules are fair and equal.

    Applying to the League:
    to apply please post this form in a post or pm to me.Make sure to include type, position and Friend Code. Your partner pokemon is your strongest or best pokemon in your roster. You can change your team as often but must always keep yur partner pkmn the same.

    (also PM me your team please)

    Friend Code:
    Challenger/Gym Leader/E5 Position:
    Partner Pokemon:

    Available Gym Types:

    The Gym Leaders:

    1. Position Open


    Partner pkmn: Gorebyss ;368;
    FC: 3095-3900-0098

    Type: Electric
    Partner pkmn: Jolteon
    FC: 3566-8563-4453

    4. Name: Shadow Splash(Splash)
    Type: Grass
    Partner pkmn: Shaymin ;492;
    FC: 2364 7841 7891
    RULE: No Ubers (list on page 2 I believe), no two of the same Pokemon, no two of the same items, and no more than three "legendaries" (which is Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and the legends not on the Ubers list).
    Everything else goes (there is no sleep clause, freeze clause, or anything like that).

    5. Name: Gambler James
    Partner pkmn: Crobat ;169;
    FC: 1420-4534-4351
    RULE:Challengers can't use any legendary pokemon against the gym leader

    6. Name: Takeo(GOLD)
    Partner pkmn: Jirachi ;385;
    FC: 3954-4799-6404
    RULE: No Ubers (list on page 2 I believe), no two of the same Pokemon, no two of the same items, and no more than three "legendaries" (which is Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and the legends not on the Ubers list).
    Everything else goes (there is no sleep clause, freeze clause, or anything like that).

    7. Type: fire
    Position OPEN

    8. Name:platinumTrainer92
    Partner pkmn: Golem ;076;
    FC: 0389-1122-5261
    RULE:challengers cant use a counter team(no more than 2 pokemon of the same types and ect.)

    The Elite 5

    1. Name:Bestgamepearl
    Partner pkmn: Mamoswine ;473;
    FC: 4168-9896-0015

    2. Name: pokemonmaster2222(Ash)
    Partner pkmn: Dusknoir ;477;
    FC: 3009-5969-7191

    Type: Dark
    Partner pkmn: Umbreon ;197;
    FC: 3739-8261-4851

    4. Name:Super_Jamalx9000
    Partner pkmn: Aggron ;306;
    FC: 5457-6641-2214

    5. Name:LegitBreeder
    Type: Dragon
    Partner pkmn: Dragonite ;149;
    FC: 4942-3334-2812
    RULE: PM LegitBreeder for her specific E5 battle rule/info.

    The Champion

    The Challengers

    1.Name: nkg2k10
    Partner pkmn: Jirachi ;385;
    FC: 3310-2865-9784

    2.Name: Matt
    Partner pkmn: Typhlosion ;157;
    FC: 2493-6390-7509

    3.Name: Dragonite 127(Jesse)
    Partner pkmn: Gengar ;094;
    FC: 2279-4566-1183

    Partner pkmn: Electivire ;466;
    FC: 3739-8261-4951

    Partner pkmn: Typhlosion ;157;
    FC: 3911-0818-3010

    Partner pkmn: Jolteon ;135;

    7.Name:Angel Juarez
    Partner pkmn: Staraptor ;398;
    FC: 4641-2036-6590

    8.Name:Holy Kris
    Partner pkmn:Infernape ;392;
    FC: 4727-6708-2571

    9.Name: TheMaster
    Friend Code: 0732 9544 3001 and PO name is TheMaster1
    Partner: Weavile ;461;

    10.Name: -Shadow!
    Friend Code: 2580-1805-5114
    Partner: Jirachi ;385;

    11.Name: Anastasia22
    Friend Code: 0732 6933 9527
    Partner: Froslass ;478;

    12.Name: Pokedex101
    Friend Code: 0862 2005 9879
    Partner: Raichu ;026;

    13.Name: Mike_kun
    Friend Code: 4641-5586-1315
    Partner: Cacturne ;;

    14.Name: LegendaryChiko
    Friend Code: 4985-2004-8535
    Partner: ?

    15.Name: gig
    Friend Code: PO only
    Partner: Relicanth ;369;

    Friend Code: 0002 9836 2632
    Partner: Dragonite ;149;

    The Classic League's Artist: still looking for one. If interested please let me know(thanks)

    I will update as much as possible when i can.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2011
  2. Super_Jamalx9000

    Super_Jamalx9000 Well-Known Member

    Name: Super_Jamalx9000
    Friend Code: 5457 6641 2214
    Challenger/Gym Leader/E5 Position: E5
    Type: steel
    Partner Pokemon: Aggron
  3. Joelerz

    Joelerz Your Fateful Battle

    Name: Joel
    Partner pkmn: Garchomp

    Fc is in sig if you wanna evaluate me just pm
    :} no one will beat the elite four with me on team
  4. LegitBreeder

    LegitBreeder Master Breeder

    I don't really have a partner pokemon :s I never have had but I'd like to be E5 dragon leader will give name + FC when I get back with a partner pokemon...
  5. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    Ok Super and Joelerz, yur both added and i'll pm you for a test battle soon.. LegitBreeder, since Joelerz was the first one to sign up as dragon type E5 leader, he gets the position.. However there are still a lot of other positions in the league available so just let me know which spot u would like to apply for soon.
  6. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    brb gatchomp is and uber and in the rules it says no uber and dont think of salamence cos thats an uber as well
  7. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    lol I just looked it up and he's right. Sorry but yur gonna have to change yur partner pokemon Joelerz. It's the rules.
  8. Joelerz

    Joelerz Your Fateful Battle

    nvm change it then so Super could be a dragon type :] I'll still be tough with dark
    Pokemon Type : Dark
    Partner Absol
  9. Cris~Wigglytuff~

    Cris~Wigglytuff~ elite wigglejiggle!?

    Name: Cris~Wigglytuff~ (I prefer Crisko)
    FC: 3095 3900 0098
    Position: Gym Leader
    Type: Water
    Partner Pokemon: Shelly the Gorebyss =]
  10. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    ok league listings have been uptdated, Joelerz will be our E5 dark type, LegitBreeder's our E5 dragon type, and Cris~Wigglytuff(Crisko) will be our water type gym leader.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2011
  11. Joelerz

    Joelerz Your Fateful Battle

    Sorry i know this is a little off topic but do i get a user bar?
  12. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    lol its alright..well, as soon as i can find an artist for this league, then maybe we can get a banner and stuff for this league..if any of you guys know someone on the forum u could recommend as this league's artist, let me know.. (thanks)
  13. LegitBreeder

    LegitBreeder Master Breeder

    Sweet E5 dragon leader...
    Name: Charly
    FC: 4942 3334 2812
    Partner pokemon... Probably dragonite...
  14. Lucas.G

    Lucas.G Veteran Member

    I want to be the Fire Gym Leader

    Partner Pokemon: Infernape
    FC: 4812 9437 8541
  15. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    i no i shouldnt post again since im not in the league so ill join as a challenger and try on the fan art section of serebii for a league artist
  16. pokemonmaster2222

    pokemonmaster2222 New Member

    i want to e5 ghost
    partner: dusknoir
    fc:3009 5969 7191
  17. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    Ok, i updated the listings now..
    pokemonmaster is our E5 Ghost type
    All E5 spots are filled(thanks for applying guys)
    Lucas G. is our fire type gym leader
    I will join the league as the 8th gym leader (Ground type)
    There are now 5 gym leader spots left..

    also, nkg2k10 u need to fill out the form so i can accept u as a challenger for this league
  18. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    Friend Code:in ma sig
    Challenger/Gym Leader/E5 Position:challenger
    Type: mixed
    Partner Pokemon: i have 3 teams and here are the strongest on each 1st i think would be jirachi (its not uber brb) second would be dragonite and thrid would be i think snorlax or somat
  19. Lucas.G

    Lucas.G Veteran Member

    Since tomorrow I can battle almost everytime
  20. PlatinumTrainer92

    PlatinumTrainer92 Veteran Trainer

    Update: Thanks to Lucs G. we will be able to have badges and league team banners for everyone..it will take a while but it will be done.
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