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>>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by BlazikenRocks, Oct 8, 2006.


Magikarp is...

  1. a fail

  2. an epic fail

  3. good

  4. rubbish until it evolves

  5. pointless

  6. annoying

  7. a stupid pokemon, why did they bother making it?※♪∞※#∴?!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. BlazikenRocks

    BlazikenRocks Main screen turn on!

    There aren't any girls at my school who play pokemon. Come to think of it, I've never really seen any girls who play pokemon. Are there girls at other schools who play pokemon?
  2. Well duh a lot of girls play and I have a lot of friends who play it-especially Ellie. XD
  3. AngelLatias

    AngelLatias + L i g h t m a r e

    I love pokemon. I think that most of the members here are boys. -.- Girls are more interested in other things like looking pretty and wearing really short skirts. It's a shame, girls are better at pokemon since they are smarter. xD J/k boys...
  4. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    I'm a girl who plays Pokemon, and there are plenty of others who do. Just look at some SPPf members' profiles. :p
  5. Lint

    Lint Pyro Trainer

    ... My friend Dave (erm... her name is actually Kate, but thats a different story) plays her Red all the time. My ex-girlfriend played Sapphire. Some of my students at karate play pokemon better then most of the guys. Why else would they have playable female characters in the games, and stuff like that.
  6. BlazikenRocks

    BlazikenRocks Main screen turn on!

    Wow. I must just have a defective school.
  7. Sailor Merury

    Sailor Merury Butterflys rock!

    I play Pokemon. I'm a girl. Almost every girl I've ever met likes Pokemon.
  8. Desert Flower

    Desert Flower Sandstorm Trainer

    *raises hand* I ish female.
  9. I know several girls who like Pokemon IRL, myself included.
  10. AngelLatias

    AngelLatias + L i g h t m a r e

    Girls seem to grow out of liking little cute animals. I know 3 girls who like pokemon btw.
  11. Azalia Leafsong

    Azalia Leafsong Beginning Anew

    I'm a girl who plays Pokemon. In the past I've met other girls IRL who liked the series too.
  12. octoboy

    octoboy I Crush Everything

    Well, my sister doesn't seem to like pokemon, and I thought it was because she was female, but when I saw the kids at her school, the boys didn't like pokemon either, so I guess that rubbed off on her. And I guess it just doesn't appeal to her. She's really more of a fan of dress up than she is imaginary creatures.
  13. skitty24

    skitty24 Well-Known Member

    Girls play pokemon too, not just boys. I only know one girl who likes pokemon. Well, there's this other girl who I saw was holding a plush togepi. She might like pokemon.
  14. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    There're a lot of girls at my school who play Pokemon, including me.
    In fact, I hang out with most of them. ^^;
    There're like...6? Yeah. And that's just one lunch period and just the ones that I know play pokemon in that lunch period. Think about how many others there could be in the other two lunch periods. ;)
  15. ziakra

    ziakra So Zetta Slow!

    My bestfriend is a girl who plays pokemon and is a fanatic...hehe
  16. BlazikenRocks

    BlazikenRocks Main screen turn on!

    Oh sweet! Girls kick butt!
  17. Charlie_

    Charlie_ @therealcharlie

    Yepp, I know a few girls who play Pokemon.. and are better than me too! XD
    But I don't mind.. cuz one of them is uber hot.
  18. KyonKyon

    KyonKyon Gust of Wind

    lol i know like 4 friends who play pokemon, I traded alot when i have LG with my friend who had FR, yes i am female, i dont know why many ppl think pokemon is lame blah blah blah, because mainly the anime i think o_O, if the anime wasnt there i think pokemon would be put into a different perspective to many
  19. Nashua

    Nashua shoosh.

    I knew a few girls that played pokemon in my lifetime, including myself.
  20. Rashdan

    Rashdan [Insert Wacky Title]

    Well, after all, there's no specific gender required to play any game, so, it doesn't surprise me. I've never seen a girl who plays it close to where I live/in my school.
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