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Magikarp is...

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gone gently
Hey guys, I'm running a Pokemon group in my city, Toronto. It's a place for all Pokefans to unite and play Pokemon games together (card games, video games), and watch the Anime too.

But I'm having problems finding members to join.

But I hardly have any members. After going to the big annual convention in my city, I KNOW there's a lot of Pokemon fans out there.

I suppose my question is, where would I find Pokemon fans in the city? I would like to promote and tell them my group, and get them to come out. I was thinking of looking around:

-Card shops
-Hobby stores
-Raves (surprisingly, a lot of ravers love Pokemon)
-Any events that involve Anime (a lot of people love the Pokemon anime)

Any other places I should try?

This forum doesn't sanction fan-run events. There are certain legal liability questions that could be raised...

In any case, if you have a Pokemon-related question, use the Pokemon Questions thread. If you have a real-world or social question, the Miscellaneous section has a Questions thread as well.


Generation V had a 650th Pokemon, which was so impossibly horrible that any who gazed on its visage would be driven mad with insanity. It was this Pokemon which threatened all of human existence, until Kyurem came down to battle it. Even the mighty dragon could not wholly defeat it, but managed only to freeze it under a mile of ice in the barren north. There, it was hoped, it would sleep forever.

Now that Kyurem is again active, however, the beast has grown restless. Should it ever awaken fully, doom is almost certain. For on that day, all shall hear its call...the Call of Tentathulhu!

(Evolves from Tentacruel if leveled up while knowing its ultimate move: Elder Ire)


not bad
Fire/Grass: Weed that smokes itself!


Do it the bird way!
Rock/Ice. it would be possibly the worst defensive type ever conceived of. That would make me laugh, especially if they tried to give it really good stats to make it seem good.


Elite Trainer
I want to see a Ghost/Normal type to finally put to rest the ol' Fighting-Ghost perfect coverage thingy. And a Steel/Ghost to undo the Fighting-Dragon perfect coverage combo.

They would screw with the Metagame.


Strongest Charmander
What is Your favorite Pokemon/ Team?

Okay, sooo. This may hopefully be a suuuuuuuper long thread. I basically want to discuss your favorite Pokemon or team! Maybe even both! Ummm I kinda have to lay down some rules here. Okay!
1:Dont diss someone for liking a Pokemon that is stupid in your opinion [ example: Eww, you like pikachu? Pikachu sucks and so do you.(I dont hate Pikachu)] Sorry, I know you probably wont do that but them stupid trolls nowadays...
2: Try to remain calm about everything. If a New guy comes and posts about trades without knowing about the trade thread, just redirect him or something!
[but of course in serebiis rules it says being new doesnt give you immunity lol]
3:You cannot say your favorite Pokemon is Keldeo or Genosect, For the reason that have not been released yet. Once they have been released it doesnt bother me



Back from the depths
I want to see a rock/dragon (A gargoyle or something like that) Maybe legend?
just imagine a HUGE city, way bigger than Castelia city.
i the city there is a HUGE building full of trainers, which extends towards the heavens.
At the top, this pokemon could be looking over the city waiting for a battle.
A rock dragon would be HORRIBLE against ice, but if its fast enough it could stone edge them before they can do anything.
Back to the city, all of this waste has to go somewhere right?
There would be a huge sewer system, full of grimer, muk and such.
Maybe there could be a legendary there.
Poison/Ghost? Dragon/Poison? Poison/Fire? Poison/Steel?
So many possibilities.


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POKemon favorites???

everyone says "oh my favorite pokemon is ...." but you never list why its your favorite. so tell us here what your favorite pokemon is and why.

My favorite pokemon is manaphy becuz its a small little water type with a big heart and loves to attack. i have lost 2 battles with it alone in the elite 4 i got it at level 1 and ever since then i have leveled it up to level 100


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오션 마스터
Kyogre is my favorite because of how easily he can control water around him, and because of his immense power. Plus, he's rare. :D


Brock Obama
Giratina actually looked like Ghost steel, but they gave him dragon instead. Maybe a true Ghost-Steel type, like this picture I once seen which is based on the Ghastly family plus the sort of chains and iron ball worn by a convict, but I couldn't find the picture. However, knowing gamefreak, they would probably give it some horrible stats and movepool, like what they did to Shedninja with the ATROCIOUS typing and super low stats


To answer your question why people don't always say why, it's just cuz they think it's cool or they feel like they have a 'connection' with it, or because it's an underdog (Magicarp lovers).

As for me, one of my faves is Gallade because I think it's cool.

I also like Lombre because he seems kind of evil compared to Ludicolo's gayness.
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