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Magikarp is...

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I don't really have a particular favorite.

Hydreigon - b/c he has good stats, a great movepool, unique typing, and an awesome design. And it's just awesome.

Volcarona - again, good stats, a great movepool, unique typing and a good combination, and a great design. It looks awesome.

Zangoose - I dunno. I just like it.

Magikarp - you can't dislike Magikarp.


I can type this.
I just love Kingdra because I'm a major fan of dragon-types, I love the colour blue (hozah) and I like seahorses (a little bit)!
And I'm starting to like Hydrodigon (hehe, I don't know how to spell it) because again dragon-types and it's a bit blue. And I just love dragons know matter what they look like, so Hydrodigon is 3 headed but it's the 2nd best dragon-type eva! The first being Kingdra.
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Back in Black....2
Any Pokemon with a creepy Pokedex entry. Example:

A doll that became a Pokemon over the grudge of being thrown out. It seeks the child who disowned it.

This Pokemon never forgets the hits it endured as a cacoon. When it evolves, it seeks payback.
Yeah..... The thing is a poisonous Moth that hunts you down at night.... sweey dreams.

To steal the life force of its prey, it slips into their shadow and silently waits for an opportunity.

The fate of all ships and crew that wander into their habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished.

While shining a light and pretending to be a guide, it leeches the life force of all who follow it.

Porygon-Z -
It's programming was modified so it could travel through alien dimensions. Seems there has been an error.....
Charmander, I liked it ever since I wanted a good pokemon related username and Charmanderman was the first to pop into my head. Also he's cute and has a great shiny form and a cool evolution line.


Mine is Sceptile He looks like a dragon and ninja!( He should hve been dragon type...)


not bad
Bet you would've never guessed.

Shiny Porygon-Z

Hate makes me Famous
I was told if you beat Alder, he'll give you a ticket to Hoenn. I was then told that if you have all three of the dragons(Zekrom, Kyrum, and the other that begins with a R) in your party when you defeat him, you'll get the ticket.
I was also told if you go through the Undella Bay Ruin's maze, at the end you'll find a cross of Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina and a treasure chest. Inside the chest would be the ticket to Hoenn.

Guess how I felt after I had defeated Alder and learned about the Undella Bay Ruins.

Ya i heard that there was a way to get to Hoenn... I was sadly mistaken..


Challenge Accepted
Feraligatr because it looks cool, it has an awesome attack stat and movepool, and because Totodile was my first pokemon ever.
Chikorita it was the first pokemon I ever had when I first started playing pokemon on my original Gold Version when I was 12 Ive loved it ever since.


Petal Blizzard
Charizard because he's my first pokemon, and have had at least one in any game ever since I started playing.
And he's cool as hell <3


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I doubt there is a Pokemon Gray and that it stars Kyurem. I mean seriously! In B/W, the old grandma in Lacunosa Town says Kyurem fell from space!


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My second and third favorites are Grovyle and Charizard. Both look awesome. Plus, I like both of their personalities in the anime.
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