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Magikarp is...

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My 3rd choice would be Squitle because he's the 1st pokemon I ever had in games, no he's the 1st I actualy ever had because I didn't start collecting cards until I was 7 and stated playin pokemon blue when I was 5.


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My favorite Pokeymanz would probably have to be Psyduck, Keldeo (obviously), Bidoof, and Yanmega.

Psyduck- It's a mental platypus, how can't you like Psyduck?
Keldeo- Keldeo's a beast. Nothin' like a legendary that looks like a My Little Pony.
Bidoof- 96% of people hate Bidoof, I wanna be in the minority :D
Yanmega- because I feel liek it.


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i love honchkrow, its a dark type, and has swagga! its like a mobster bird which commands flocks of murkrow. as well as an awesome movepool and attack.

2nd has to be hydreigon because of its design and typeage

3rd is gengar my favourite from first gen on the basis of design and facial expression


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Salamence and Electivire, they look so awesome plus they're pretty strong too. Really most Dragon types in general are my favourites.

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Sylveon, tho.
Pikachu and Dewott.
Pikachu because it's so cute and always had a special place in my heart.
Dewott because it looks amazing and the second I saw it I thought that Oshawott wasn't all bad ^_^

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Mewtwo because he is such a vicious pokemon. I also enjoyed his backstory in the movie as it really helped me to sympathize with the character.


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Would a Live-Action "Pokemon" Serial Work?

Computer-generated animation seems to have evolved to the point where it doesn't cost the moon to produce it and there's no shortage of people who know how to do it. These improvements can only continue with time. So I've been wondering if, when children who grew up on the games and anime back in the 90s are adults in the media, we'll ever see the games re-adapted into a live action series with CGI pokemon? And what's more, do you think the format would work. Assuming the animation was strong enough to make the pokemon look organic and the budget was high enough to allow for fluid animation and a respectable cast of competent (if not necessarily famous) actors, do you think it would work?

I think that in 24 or so 44-minute episodes, provided the battles are kept fairly brief, you could show a complete journey from starting trainer across the eight gyms, the villain subplot and the championship without it feeling too rushed or having to drop anything too substantial from the games. Then do a different region with each season, adapting each series of games. There's five years worth of storylines already right there!

One thing I think would have to change: having 10-year-old protagonists. This wouldn't work in live action at all. I say it would be better to have leads who are 15 or so at least.

Also, while I don't think they should be gratuitous about it, they should at least make the show somewhat darker than the anime (more akin to the Manga in tone) with more mature subject matter.

Do you think a live-action serial would attract new fans and more respect to the franchise? Or do you think it would wind up trying to do too much and not satisfying anybody?


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Pseudo legends!!!

Who is your favorite pseudo Legend?????????
Mine would personally be tyranitar, as he starts up sandstorm and looks cool.
Who is your favorite???????
Who is the best pseudo???


PS: Garchomp is uber again LOL
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nope, itd end up like the last air bender, completely rushing to get to the next area and compressed as hell to the point its just "we did this, then that

plus theyd never know what to do with the pokemon.


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Why so much emphasis on CGI?

You could implement all of these "darker" changes in normal animation. The thing with CGI is that it's constantly being overwritten with newer and better graphics where as traditional animation has staying power. Nobody says, "Wow! The first season of pokemon was good, but it had terrible graphics compared to today!"

It just doesn't makes sense to take a medium that has existed so well within its form for so long and move it to a relatively new, and IMO, inferior form of entertainment.
Mine would have to be Hydreigon, despite the fact that you misspelled it. Oh well.

Anyway, it has an awesome unique typing, a good movepool, and a great design overall.


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I don't think it'll work. And if they'll do it, then yeah, they must make it darker like the Manga.
It might work, but it probably wouldn't. They HAVE to make it darker, and more mature. While the anime is good, it's definitely aimed at younger audiences. They need to make the story better, make the episodes tie into each other. Look at Doctor Who. They have more than two seasons follow the same basic storylines, introducing new mysteries each episode, and keeping the suspense perfectly.


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Traveling Trainers: A Survey

Not by Passerby Analytics though I wouldn't put it past them. :p

As you may or may not know, there are two MAJOR fanboy hotspots ready to get started! They are ANIME EXPO and SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON.

For those who own a 3DS there is a question I'd put out for all of you:

C-GEAR (Black and White) or STREET PASS (3D Pokedex and various 3DS minigames)?

You can't use both at the same time so which do you wish to try the majority of the time? Or do you think you'd have success with both?

Me? I can't wait to get into the Dealers Hall with Streetpass myself. I wanna finish my pokedex!

Sidenote: The Dragon Quest 9 maps event was a total success!.

So tell me which you would prefer if you go to conventions and such?
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It may work, but it also may not. I actually think a live-action Pokemon movie would be cool. I have a feeling it would work if they made one. If they could do it with Little Red Ridding Hood, they could do it w/ Pokemon.
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