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Magikarp is...

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Nintendo released a Virtual Console for the eShop on the 3DS. The Virtual Console (VC for short) consists of past titles released on past systems. Nintendo said that the VC will include GB and GBC titles, but I'm not sure about GBA titles, as it wasn't announced, yet. There are some games I want to see on the 3DS VC, which include...

Pokemon Blue;009;
Very good storyline, Pokemon, and a good feeling of nostalgia.
Pokemon Emerald;384;
Extremely good storyline, very good Pokemon, many places to visit, and like Blue, a good feeling of nostalgia.

Now is time to start the 3DS VC Pokemon Game Wishlist(PGW for short)

Please name a game, or a few games, and list a reason why you want that game on the 3DS VC.

General Pokemon Discussion is a section that deals with the Pokemon world itself, not videogame-specific topics or anime-specific topics, or even manga-specific topics. A discussion of software titles for the 3DS VC is more specific to the matter of the 3DS game library than it is to the Pokemon world in fans' imaginations, so this thread is misplaced. Try the Nintendo Discussion subforum, or possibly the Other Pokemon Games Discussion subforum.


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I heard if you went to Lake Verity in D/P and circled that little entrence area (the place where you and your rival get your starters) 100 times a lv. 100 Red Gyrados would apear that you could catch. Also the whole 'There's a Mew Hiding Under a Truck' thing in FR/LG. To bad I'm not a moron... I hope, lol.


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No way would a live-action Pokemon ever work. Having them be photo-realistic or anything resembling that wouldn't work, and on the flip side having models you would see in a game like Stadium or Collosseum interact with real people would completely take away from it. Even if it was made the budget would be low and any delusions you've got of a gritty, realistic series would go away fast. Nobody besides fans like us look at Pokemon and think of it as anything besides a bad kid show, so it wouldn't exactly be made like Doctor Who or Lost.

And like someone said, traditional animation never ages, CGI does and fast. They could easily make the anime more mature if they wanted to, but they don't.
yeah even though it could be epic and gain alot of fan but there would be too unrealistic to do


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Killer Togepis?

Have you ever been killed by a togepi? Please post!( I'm just hoping that i'm not the only one out there ).


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No no no way. I don't think it would work at all. All the CG in the world couldn't make that look anywhere near respectable. You can make them look like the dragons/mermaids/elves from harry potter, which look somewhat realistic, or you can make them look like the rats from the live action alvin and the chipmunks movie. Either way things will NOT end well.

And please, just for a moment, imagine this in live action for me. http://images.wikia.com/pokemon/images/b/b8/Fantina.jpg


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Go to any alley in New York City and you can see that in live action.


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Pokemon Full Art Zekrom.

What would be the best chance of me getting a Zekrom Full art? Tins, Victini box, or random packs? (Don't say online or booster box)


E Bay? Amazon? Craigslist?


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there is not point. it just is?

That is to say that there once was a point to create a basis for all future points, if there were any.
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