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>>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by BlazikenRocks, Oct 8, 2006.


Magikarp is...

  1. a fail

  2. an epic fail

  3. good

  4. rubbish until it evolves

  5. pointless

  6. annoying

  7. a stupid pokemon, why did they bother making it?※♪∞※#∴?!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. seCrawler

    seCrawler seCrawler

    Nice information. I never played it.
  2. TeamK8

    TeamK8 Pokémon Let's Player

    Ah thank you :), I hoped it was okay. Its such a brilliant game its unreal
  3. Tempest44

    Tempest44 New Member

    I really liked your review really refreshing accent for a review, brought back some classic memories.
  4. TeamK8

    TeamK8 Pokémon Let's Player

    Thank you very much, I;m sincerly glad you liked it :)
  5. Silverwindstudios

    Silverwindstudios The Midnight Artist~

    Nice...:) Good review~ ;)
  6. TeamK8

    TeamK8 Pokémon Let's Player

    thank you :D
  7. Salamander94

    Salamander94 dragonslayer

    I'd make a pokemon mmorpg

    1. What would you call it?
    Pokémon World/Pokéverse

    2. Starter pokemon.
    It would literally be dependant on your region. (where you choose to start out in the game. i.e. Sinnoh/Hoen/Kanto/Johto/Unova)

    3. Avatars.
    Customize your own

    4. Storyline.
    Depending on your location, you'd start out in a certain region. You'd make your way through that region's league, along with everyone else in your region. After a certain point in the game, you could be given the option of travelling to other regions and participating in those leagues. I can't really think of specific plots for all the regions, but each one would have its own set of villains and challenges to deal with on the way. Since its an mmorpg, the content could constantly be updated and more regions, leagues and challenges be added with every new expanson pack/patch. So basically, it would be Pokémon with a sort of WoW-esque feel.
  8. TeamK8

    TeamK8 Pokémon Let's Player

  9. Cyndacute12

    Cyndacute12 Psychic Master

    yes knowng about this creepy thing.....i kinda wet myself the first time i read. but very creepy..........
  10. Sweep Freak

    Sweep Freak 10char

    I have a topic dedicated to creepypastas, but their not pokemon related. If you want, you can go check it out.
  11. Cyndacute12

    Cyndacute12 Psychic Master

    very cool......but im a scaredy cat yet i like to talk about the lavendertown syndrome. xD
  12. Charmanderman

    Charmanderman Orangu

    1. What would you call it? Pokémon Nightmare and Daydream
    2. Starter pokemon. Bidoof, Rattata, Patrat (I'm serious, it would be a pretty cool starter lineup.)
    3. Avatars. Make your own!
    4. Storyline. Two separate teams for each version, one who wants to make everyone forever have nightmares, and one who wants to make people sleep and steal their pokémon or something.
  13. TeamK8

    TeamK8 Pokémon Let's Player

    it is actually prettyy creppy when you look into it haha
  14. Inchtall

    Inchtall Back in Black....2

    If you listened to the original Japanese Red/Blue/Green Lavender Town music for an hour, you would get a migrane. 2 hours, death by suicide, brain swelling, or heart attack. And you must be in the range of 7-15.
  15. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    I've got to shut this. Forum Rules- No Advertising in Forum posts.

  16. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    Pokemon Hyacinth Version
    Starters: Hoothoot, Heatmor, Hippopotas
    Avatars: Male is Hilbert (BW), Female is an Ursaring
    Storyline: One day you find a letter telling you to pay your car insurance, so you have to leave the house to buy a crumpet and you battle Gym Leaders along the way as well as foiling the plans of the Evil Team Trollhead. In the end you vanquish them and capture the version mascot, Scyther, who the Trollheadz were going to use to create a new world free of crumpets. After you go to the Grocery Store which is actually the Elite Four and battle them:
    Elite Four 1- Illiterate cleaning lady
    Elite Four 2- Checkout assisstant
    Elite Four 3- Acne ridden teenage manager
    Elite Four 4- A Snubull
    Champion- Illiterate cleaning lady's grandmother

    Once you win you get a free Onix and are declared King/Queen of The Mushroom Kingdom.
  17. Zibdas

    Zibdas not bad

    I'm in that range and I have slept to the music, as well as just listened to it for an hour.

    Pretty catchy if you ask me.
  18. Zibdas

    Zibdas not bad

    Nosepass created them.
    Snivy tricked mew into biting the berry.
    Arceus bit as well on Mew's request.
    Nosepass banished them from the beautiful Nosepass island.
    They had Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga.
    Giratina killed Palkia.

    That's all I got for now.
  19. This is different than your thing. Yours was creepier.
  20. L3W15 7

    L3W15 7 Master Trainer

    My idea is sort of similar to Salamander94:

    1. What would you call it?
    Pokémon Rainbow

    2. Starter pokemon.
    Originally the kanto starters, but you have an opportunity to use each of them at various points in the game.

    3. Avatars.
    I think the standard boy/girl one's would be fine

    4. Storyline.
    Standard begining, you're in the kanto region and your working your way to becoming a pokemon master by obtaining all the badges and defeating the elite four whilst competing with your rival and saving the world from team rocket. You get to the elite four champion who claims that he is using pokemon from the johto region that you have never seen before. He says that you don't stand a chance at beating him as your pokemon will be inexperienced at battling these new pokemon. So, he gives you an enhanced pokedex and sends you off to the Johto region.

    When you arrive you meet proffesor elm and your rival is there to. Your rival tells you that he is starting afresh with only new pokemon so that he learns more about these new pokemon so you decide to do the same. After finally beating the elite four champion you are told that there is a problem in the nearest pokemon centre so you quickly leave to go there whilst accidently leaving your pokemon in the hall of fame were they are being registered. When you arrive you see team rocket and they have damaged the PC. According to the nurse, whilst this PC is damaged it is too risky trying to take any pokemon out of any PC in the region. You go to professor elm for help but when you arrive him and professor oak are both there and they explain that they've already been attempting to fix the problem to no success. They suggest you and your rival travel to the hoen region as professor birch may be able to fix the problem.

    Professor Birch says there is nothing he can do but that the league champion is an expert at fixing computers. Unfortunately he refuses to talk with anyone unless they have obtained all of the badges. So, you and your rival are given new starters and you set out to obtain all of the hoen region's badges. Once you have defeated the elite four the league champion agrees to fix the computers. You take out all of your pokemon to celebrate and enable them to meet eachother and as you do team rocket attack. You and your rival manage to escape in the league champion's helicopter but neither of you have any pokemon. You fly to sinnoh to start all over again.

    In sinnoh professor rowan gives you new starters and suggests you build up a team that's strong so that you can face team rocket. Once you've beaten the elite four you fly back to hoenn to face off against team rocket who have all of your pokemon trapped. Midway through fighting through their base you find all of your pokemon and you assemble the best team from all four regions in order to fight team rocket's boss. After defeating him after a long and difficult battle he activates a magnetic field and uses it to steel all of your pokeballs thus stealing all of your pokemon. You fly to Unova to start over AGAIN and get new starters.

    Your rival agrees to start over with you as he enjoys competing with you. Once you've gotten all the badges and beaten the elite four and finally defeated your rival for the last time, team rocket attack coming through the tunnels in victory road. Your rival agrees to help you fight them as you have finally earned his respect. Together you battle the criminals. At one point you split up and fight team rocket by yourselves.

    When you reach team rocket's boss you see that he has defeated your rival. This time when you face him he is using the exact same team you used against him when you beat him before. Once you finally defeat him he surrenders you back all of the pokemon that he took from you and is taken in to the police.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
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