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Magikarp is...

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I've never even noticed something disturbing. I was old enough when I started playing Pokemon Blue (11 years old) and had been raised playing stuff like Mortal Kombat, so I found nothing disturbing at all.


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Well Golbats only have eyes, mouth wings, and feet. Their whole ehad is just a huge mouth with fangs...*shudder*.... and the fact that random strangers give you items. Illex forest creeped me out a bit, "the protector who guards the forest" i was careful not to anger it in some way.... Lunatone gives me a wierd feeling.... Someone once told me that in R/S/E you could ride the rocket to the moon and catch a mew


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I have to agree with Dark Eevee; Lost Silver is by far the best Pokemon creepypasta in existence and I cannot wait until that guy on Youtube completes the demo so I can play it at 2 am in the dark and be outstanded.

Anyways, this thread... as far as I am aware we've not allowed discussions of hacked games in the past as it ties in with the general rule of SPPf disallowing hack/ROM/whatever duscussion in any way, shape or form. For that reason I am closing this thread HOWEVER if another mod feels that this is okay then I have no objections to this topic being unlocked.

Call it playing safe.


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Dark Eevee said:
Why do you even need videos of the Gym Leaders?
Cause Kamitsure is gorgeous and Fourshipping is superior.

oh wait where am i

Yeah... OP. The next time could you either ask at the Pokemon Questions sticky or even look around at the 5th Gen Discussion forum? You'd have better luck and also won't get told off by others for posting at the wrong place. xD

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You all wanna know the disturbing things in pokemon?

the people who play the games.

So why do you play? unless you are really disturbing in real life ):
When a Pokemon faints you can still surf/fly/rock climb/etc. on their lifeless bodies.

Also, the noise Pikachu made when it fainted in Pokemon Yellow always really disturbed me. It was so sad!

The first part is reallly disturbing i agree, Flying on a dead Pokemon o_O

Also the fact,again, that Ash is portrayed by a girl in the anime!


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How NPCs need a DS to trade. And how you need some sort of machine to trade pokemon when you could have swapped pokeballs. A lot faster than flying to the sky.
The Pokemon Question's thread!

That's right! Feel free to ask any question's you like, such as:

"Why does Farfetch'd have that leek?" ;083;

"Why is X type weak to Y type?"

"How long are Pokemon games kept in production?"

"Is the Bicycle stored in the backpack?"

"How does Cubone get the skull it wears?"

"Why don't they make games with multiple save files?"

...and many more!


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I put a Diglet and A Wailord in the daycare. Diglett was a girl, and Wailord was Male. They had an egg. Diglet lived. XD

Hahaha... mine was Female Haunter and Male Alakazam in the Day Care. I thought you could walk straight through a Haunter? So how the hell does Zam... 'fertilise' Haunter?

When I was about 8 or 9 the Ghost in FR/LG gave me nightmares XD.

EDIT: And also the fact that the place where you put Poke Balls in R/S/E is known as the 'Balls Pocket'

And thanks to pokenutter, the Channelers from the tower. I don't think you could ever find as many mentally ill people in the same place outside a loony bin in reality.
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This is not a general Pokemon discussion; it is a "I'm doing something, give me ideas" thread. Somehow, that seems disrespectful to me. This forum is no one's personal blog.


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Well, congratulations, Time supporters

Seasons in the BW games do not work with changing the time. Thereby, you have to wait a couple of months to change your season. And several Pokemon and items require this.


Do you still support changing times? I didn't from the beginning. The next game should REMOVE THESE THINGS. Please.


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Really? I love day and night, and seasons are even more awesome. It's more realistic. I alwyas found it annoying that by Pastoria was a permanent rain and snowpoint had constant snow in d/p/pt.


Better Than Thou
Oh, you get a couple random pointless aesthetics, but you have to wait to get Pokemon or items.

I prefer not having this, thanks.


Mr. F
Er... it adds more of a challenge to the game.

You're probably just complaining because you're lazy yet impatient and can't be bothered to wait for a while to be able to catch a certain Pokémon.

Cain Nightroad

Oh, you get a couple random pointless aesthetics, but you have to wait to get Pokemon or items.

I prefer not having this, thanks.

It will keep people playing the games, or at least keep them checking in with the games every few months. And for a little while, it forces people to make do with a certain group of Pokemon and eventually opens up the rest of the pantheon of new Pokemon. If Tyranitar was locked away from the Pokemon world until exactly a year from today, then competitive teams would change drastically and we would get a little more diversity.
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