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Magikarp is...

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Destruction to all
I am. If they didn't want people to see them, don't release them.


gone gently
When images are allowed again, Serebii.net will have them.

Pansy :]

I'm replaying Emerald as a girl, and after i beat a FEMALE trainer she said something really lezboish... cant remember what it was, but it was CREEPY!!!


Sea Ruby Trainer

Welp, im happy, Mewtwo gets a more powerful psychic type move with 100 bp and 100 acc, and no dowmfalls(making it better then Deoxys psycho boost), he also gets an ok new ability, I still think he needs a speed priority move but heres hoping he'll get one in later games. Plus I get a poke based on my favorite animal, a Leopard, this gen makes me happy. Now I cant wait for flavor text of all pokes, Mewtwo mostly, also cant wait to see the older pokes new sprites.


gone gently
I'm happy too! If you'd like to further recount what about the 5th gen makes you happy, visit the 5th gen subforum. Then I'd be even happier!


Icy Cool
Disturbing things in pokemon? The games or the anime?

That an old married couple doesn't understand where eggs come from.
That the player can wear the same outfit for days and days, in all sorts of weather.
That there are no bathrooms, but there are beds and trashbins.
That pokemon can't be captured after fainting. What, it's not sporting enough, after you just walloped them into oblivion?

That ash and co. are still the same age
That team rocket hasn't given up on pikachu
That giovanni hasn't given up on JJ&M


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I saw this trailer last night. I'm not sure what to think of it. It looks faker than false and it seems to mock the franchise rather than glorify it.

I'm not a fan of it.


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mespirt -F
Azelf - M
Uxie -M
entei - M
raikou -M
Suicune - F
ledgendary bird - F
Regis - nothing ...they are like ken dolls

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon


gone gently
Rather than just posting something because you don't know if it exists already, I request you check to see whether it actually does exist.

The Fire Starter

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Just recently in my Leaf Green version, I came accross a couple whom a double battled with. Their pre-battle words? "If I win this, I will propose to her!"

They say this when they rematch you as well.

By winning, you prevent him from proposing to his girlfriend.


From Zero To Hero
It annoys me how the women in the Celadon Gym in FireRed/LeafGreen don't think I'm a real girl, even when I'm playing as the girl character.


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Roxanne wears a tie.

Also the Unown Broadcast with no possible explanation. The Mahogany Town broadcast was also creepy.

Roughneck Kirby has a Cleffa.

Maylene (Sinnoh fighting gym leader) beats up grown men.

All the pictures on the Internet about Dugtrio's body.
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