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>>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by BlazikenRocks, Oct 8, 2006.


Magikarp is...

  1. a fail

  2. an epic fail

  3. good

  4. rubbish until it evolves

  5. pointless

  6. annoying

  7. a stupid pokemon, why did they bother making it?※♪∞※#∴?!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Dr.Pikachu

    Dr.Pikachu Member

    i did, nobody replyed
  2. ShadowSplash

    ShadowSplash Don't Mess With Me

    Lmfao .....
  3. Perrytheplatypus

    Perrytheplatypus Perry the platypus

    Ahah. Oh wow. But that's still not weirder then my dream.
  4. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    Rattata. So I can kill any pokemon in two hits
  5. Halo5512

    Halo5512 We need Misty back..

    Zorua, Just because its a pokemon that can trick people while having its tail still, It would be cool to turn into Obama with a tail just to freak out everyone :D
  6. Paraico

    Paraico Ground Pound

  7. ringingcedars

    ringingcedars pauuuul<3333

    i do a lot hahah. i had a dream a few night ago that jurrasic park or something really freaky with dinosaurs was running around my town and i had to stop them with my pokemon lol.
  8. Halo5512

    Halo5512 We need Misty back..

    Yah I had a dream about charmander a few years back... Ill never forget it it kept on saying LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS! COME TO KANTO! in charmander language and i understood it. It grabbed hold of me and took me through a bright liht... then i woke up...
  9. noahk

    noahk Well-Known Member

    My LIFE is a big pokemon dream.
  10. Tamaku

    Tamaku Catching 'em all.

    A pikachu ATE my sandwich.
    No more pikachu.
    My Empoleon Empolepwned it.
  11. Princess Ratia

    Princess Ratia Serperior Love

    today when i took a nap, i totally just dreamed of "pokemon grey" coming out. and i couldn't buy it cuz i had no money. that's as close to a pokemon dream i'll ever have. xdd.
  12. Dr.Pikachu

    Dr.Pikachu Member

    its not that hard to answer my question, just click on wifi chat and see if you get in.
  13. Ammako

    Ammako Well-Known Member

    I dreamed two days ago that Milotic evolved in B/W.
    It evolved into some sort of Lugia/Ho-oh/Sigilyph hybrid and it's backsprite looked like a Lapras mixed with Carracosta.
  14. Mei

    Mei Well-Known Member

    Munna. It absolutely terrifies me.
  15. Paraico

    Paraico Ground Pound

    Jame's breasts in the anime, in game is that old man outside the grass gym
  16. Halo5512

    Halo5512 We need Misty back..

    Misty Needs To Get her Butt out of Cerulean Gym

    k seriously, they ruined the anime when they took Msty out. They need her back, i hate the stupid new girls they put on the show, i dont even watch since the end of johto. Who else agrees?
  17. thins

    thins Member

    I think the most disturbing thing in pokemon is how ditto breeds with mostly everything. Honestly, think about how creepy that is...

    Also, imagine if pokemon games got more advanced and you could cross breed. Think of the horrors that could be produced...
  18. Gritz

    Gritz Member

    Show off your artistic skills

    In the 5th gen games, Daryden tells the story of how Reshiram and Zekrom were once one Pokemon. If you had seen it, what do you think this Pokemon would have looked like?
  19. Caedakar

    Caedakar New Member

    Shouldn't this be in the anime forum?
  20. Gritz

    Gritz Member

    that looks nothing like anything not worth mentioning.
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