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The Club Nintendo Thread

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Got it memorized?


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I suppose I'll get the cards, I don't really care for posters, though a calendar doesnt sound bad.


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Definitely going with the cards. I don't care for posters too much, but only three, we can get three posters for 400 coins, yet they make you get 600 coins to get a different set of them? No way.


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Gold and Platinum rewards have been announced
It looks like there are quite a few choices this year.
Somehow, I don't feel so annoyed that Americans can receive exclusive "prizes" anymore.

They did. See:
Or, you know, they could do something about it. Something that doesn't involve entering a code found nowhere on their site. Instead, perhaps, they could realise that when Ireland is entered as the country, postcodes cannot be given (since they do not exist).


I'm a big fan of playing cards, so I'm definitely getting the playing cards, though I do wish the offered more stuff.


Got it memorized?
Somehow, I don't feel so annoyed that Americans can receive exclusive "prizes" anymore.

They have definitely had better prizes in the past. There were probably more platinum status recipients than usual with the 3DS's release. I expect next year's rewards won't be too great either with the WiiU coming.


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Aw man, the games would have been an awesome prize if it weren't for the fact that I already have all of those. :(
Posters, calendars and playing cards just seem lame to me. *sigh*


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Glad that they finally revealed the rewards. Have to say that this year's Platinum rewards is at least way better than last year's pins. I mean, Playing Cards (and or posters) can at least be more of usage than a set of pins. In fact, I still haven't used them pins at all from last year. But hey, It's still kinda bad that we have to wait till sometime around November - early December for to actually get them.


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Posters or cards huh? I'll take the cards, posters are boring. I would have liked something cooler, but at least it's better than those crappy pins.


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Knew it wasn't going to be a super epic prize. Not only did many purchase the 3DS but those 20 free games were an easy 200 points. Oh well, I'm happy to choose the cards though. That's all I've been purchasing. First Mario Party, Hanafuda, and now these. I guess I'll have to continue the streak and aim for the Animal Crossing ones next since the Bowser folder is gone.


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I'll be going with the cards. The posters would be nice too, since I don't have any Club Nintendo posters, but I'll at least be able to bring snazzy cards with me wherever I go and show off.

I at least like these prizes better than all of those pins.


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I adore the Club Nintendo posters since they're of such nice quality. I'll probably nab those over the cards; I'd be worried about bending the cards too much by accident
I can't see anything. Club Nintendo's undergoing site maintenance. >:/


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Went with the posters to cover the holes in my wall made from punching them over the shitty platinum gifts, nice of Nintendo to fix the mess up when it's their fault in the first place.


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I was only a couple coins away from hitting Platinum. Oh well, I'll get a calendar (again) and I'll be happy with it.
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