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The Clubsplosion Begins! (731)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Rival Destinies' started by Serebii, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. RickHoenn

    RickHoenn Banned

    Bianca is one of the greatest characters in this anime, she's just amazing. <3
  2. Poke Master 7

    Poke Master 7 Boulder Trainer

    So let me put this into perspective.In a tournament where each trainer can only use one Pokemon, Ash decides to go with his weakest and least trained Pokemon of all the Pokemon he could've picked? With everyone else going with a Pokemon they've had the longest or one they've evolved, nothing short of constant deus ex machina will keep Ash in this tournament much less let him win since we all know Scraggy's not evolving here.
  3. 1rkhachatryan

    1rkhachatryan Call me Robert guys

    Can someone show me how Seed Bomb looked?? Also so were Sawk and Seismitoad using the same move when they went all hand to hand combat?
  4. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Another year of wasting my life ಠ_ಠ

    So, from the pictures it looks like Scraggy finished with Headbutt :) I was right 2 weeks before it happened...just not the way it happened
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  5. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    This tournament is for Scraggy to train. I don't think Ash really cares if he loses, so he just went with the Pokemon he wants to train here, plus considering this tournament is well known for Fighting types, he probably wanted to use a fighting type and that's his only one.

    Scraggy may be his weakest Pokemon, but it's not weak.
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    The whole Bianca-running-into-people gag is seriously getting old. Anyway, I disliked the character interactions at the start of the episode; Georgia and Burgundy acted predictably, and I'm sort of getting tired of Don George; the tournaments that they set up are interesting, but as characters, they're as boring as dirt. Another thing that I disliked is that we got a lot of interesting characters in this episode (like the guy with the Seismitoad and the girl with Gothorita), but they're only going to show up once. What a waste. Over all, the episode wasn't special, but I kind of knew that it wouldn't be; I wasn't caught up in the hype like everyone else.
  7. Royal_Qeca

    Royal_Qeca Pokémon Blue

    Bianca was awesome in this episode! I absolutely love this character now!!
  8. Banana Knight Arthur

    Banana Knight Arthur NEGATIVE MINUS

    Nope Kenyan's Dageki learned Karate Chop.

    Seiismictoad has Brick Break.
  9. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Only saw the pictures but looks amazing, the animation looks cool, Seismitoad vs Sawk and Scraggy vs Simisage seem really damn awesome figths.

    They toned down the gags it seems but came up with other stuff which seemed funny to me, mainly Conkeldurr creeping Satoshi and Pikachu out lol, looking forward to watch it but it looks like an awesome start.

    I liked how Scraggy used Leer efectivelly.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2012
  10. Banana Knight Arthur

    Banana Knight Arthur NEGATIVE MINUS

    What happened was, Shooti said something that annoyed Ash, and Ash was going to step up to him angrily, and Clown-face blocked him.
  11. 3D992

    3D992 The Living Hologram

    I guess pokemon really wants to promote healthy muscles. Sawk, Stephan, Throh, and Don George are all buff...
  12. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    Looks like a good episode. Knowing what they're saying would help a lot though. But I'm excited to see the Dub version already.
  13. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    i love the dub version of everything :3
  14. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    They were still creepied by awesomedurr.

    Its a fightning type tournament.
  15. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    Yeah I'm one of those people that watches both versions. I need to know what they're saying.

    Btw does anyone know what Georga said at the end of the episode after Iris sent out Excadrill? She seemed mad about something specific.
  16. Banana Knight Arthur

    Banana Knight Arthur NEGATIVE MINUS

    The way Clown-face moves in the preview was pretty agile and elegant, its looks betray it's mobility.

    He spun in a circle with his concrete beams like a ballerina, dispelling the Flamethrower. Seems he won't lose in such an embarrassing manner like last time.

    And people, remember, the 'Spirit Bomb' is just Rock Tomb, the orb is hurled and the foe is surrounded with rocks.
  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Then why were Seismitoad, Gothorita and Simisage used? :confused:
  18. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Seeing as Trip has Conkeldurr; this could mean Ash could get a Gigalith down the line. Heck, Maybe he'll get a Scrafty too.
  19. Banana Knight Arthur

    Banana Knight Arthur NEGATIVE MINUS

    Traditionally, most of the competitors are fighting types.

    It's not a requirement...
  20. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Didn't I say what I though about that before?

    I think participants that want to get into the tournament but don't have a figthning type, use a pokemon with kinda of an humanoid form(and by that I mean standing on two feet), I'm still waiting for the dubbed episode but I believe the info we got said it is a figthning type tournament, so basicly if you don't have a figthning pokemon but a pokemon that can fit the humanoid criteria or even have a figthning move, makes it able to enter the tournament, I migth be wrong even if I am, the person I quoted was talking about the pokemon showing their muscles, etc even if this isn't a figthning type tournament its still a figthning type focused tournament since there are so many in here.

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