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The Colosseum FAQ/Walkthrough

Discussion in 'Colosseum and XD FAQs' started by bobandbill, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    *Now with a Shadow Pokemon and Purification guide added, along with a Natures and how they affect the Purification methods table and the Purification glitch*

    This is a work-in-progress here. Both I and Chaos Emerald shall be joining many of the other Colosseum threads here, and then rewrite various parts of it and all, so it's all in one thread. Plus we shall make additions and make this FAQ as helpful as possible.

    Any questions, contact me or Chaos Emerald :)

    And go to the Help thread to ask anything which isn't found here either.

    First off the 'general' FAQ, which shall be greatly expanded upon.

    Note: The term 'Advance game' refers to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, and Leaf Green.

    Q: What is Pokemon Colosseum?
    A: Pokemon Colosseum is the first Pokemon game for the GameCube that allows you to battle in 3-D. It is also the first ever 3-D Pokemon RPG.

    Q: Will I need a memory card?
    A: Colosseum requires a memory card, same as any other GC game.

    Q: How many memory blocks do this game take?
    A: 48 blocks.

    Q: Is it possible to copy the saved data from one memory card to another?
    A: NO. You cannot copy the data from one memory card to another - this is done to prevent people from duplicating the file and hence the Pokemon and items within.

    Q: What Pokemon Gameboy games is Colosseum compatible with?
    A: Any Advance game. Colosseum will not support Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and/or Crystal. See the compatibility guide further down for more.

    Q: What can I expect from this game compared to Pokemon Stadium 1/2?
    A: Unlike the Stadium games, this is primarily an RPG. A scenario or storyline mode is playable, in which you play as a teenager in the region of Orre. All 386 Pokemon are usable, some in beautiful 3-D graphics. The environments are excellent. The music is new. Attacks look exponentially better than they did in Stadium. You can expect less in the way of Stadium-like battles, and rental Pokemon however - again, the main premise of the game is the RPG factor.

    Q: Is there a Gym Leader Castle?
    A: No, there is no Gym Leader Castle. This isn't a Stadium game.

    Q: Will I be able to play any of my Advance games on my television using Pokemon Colosseum like you were able to do in both Stadiums?
    A: No, if you wanted to play your Advance game on the television, you would need either a Gameboy Player or Pokemon Box.

    Now The Scenario Mode FAQ... again to be expanded upon.

    Answers to questions on Shadow Pokemon, Snagging, and Revival can be found further below.

    If you are stuck in Colosseum, check Serebii's walkthrough provided by Coronis. Use the walkthrough to find out when you encounter certain shadow Pokemon, where you have to go, etc. It is very helpful. http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/walkthrough/

    Any questions on Scenario Mode Battle Mountain can be answered here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle/

    Q: What is Scenario mode?
    A: Scenario mode is basically a 3-D Pokemon RPG that allows you to capture some of the G/S/C Pokemon that were unavailable in Ruby/Sapphire.

    Q: What area does the game take place?
    A: The Orre Region.

    Q: Do I get to play as Ash?
    A: No, you play as a teenage character whom is cooler than Ash. You can choose his name, but he is commonly known as Wes. Also known as Seth, and Leo in the Japanese versions.

    Q: Who is that girl?
    A: The girl plays a key role in the game. She identifies Shadow Pokemon which you can snag, and is your non-Pokemon-using sidekick. She also can be named, but is known as Rui.

    Q: I've seen pictures of Bayleef, Quilava, and Croconaw. Does that mean I get to choose between Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile when I start the game?
    A: No. Those Pokemon are snaggable, you do not start with them. You however can get one rather early on in the game. The other two can be obtained after beating the main storyline. Your starters are an Espeon and an Umbreon, both males.

    Q: I can't seem to find a save option in the menu. How do I save my progress?
    A: In various locations in the game, you'll find PCs, the only way to save the game. Use the PCs to save your progress.

    Q: I've heard that the save spots are only located in Pokemon Centers, is that true?
    A: No, there are save spots scattered around Orre. You will not always have to run to the nearest Pokemon Center - PCs can be found in other buildings as well.

    Q: Shadow Pokemon? What are those?
    A: Shadow Pokemon are a new aspect of the game - basically, normal Pokemon gone bad. They can only use the move Shadow Rush to begin with. The game revolves around them, with you able to 'snag' or steal them off other people, similar to catching wild Pokemon. You cannot trade these Shadow Pokemon however until you have purified them and they return to normal.

    Q: What is this 'Darkest Pokemon'?
    A: That would be the Tyranitar that you can snag in the 'final' battle. It supposedly cannot be revived in the normal way (although it can).

    Q: What Pokemon should I use to beat the game?
    A: That really depends on the person playing the game. As long as you level up your Pokemon, then you will be good to go - think also however about type coverage and weaknesses.

    Now The Colosseum Mode FAQ... again to be expanded upon.

    For questions on Colosseum mode in general, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle.shtml

    For questions on Colosseum mode Colosseum battles, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/colosseum/

    For questions on Colosseum mode Battle Mountain, you'll find your answers here: http://www.serebii.net/colosseum/battle-b/

    Q: Will there be rental Pokemon in this game?
    A: Sort of. In the battle mode under 'Battle Now', you can choose to battle the computer without using any of your own teams. There is a pool of about 6 teams in each category which one will be randomly chosen for you, and another for your opponent. The categories are divided up into 1 on 1 and 2 on 2, then by level.

    Q: When you battle using Fire Red/Leaf Green, what will the trainer look like?
    A: Colosseum has all Advance game characters programmed in it, so they'll look like the respective trainer.

    Now The 'How-to-get-Ho-oh FAQ...

    So you've played the game, beaten the storyline, and now want to get that colourful flying legendary bird you've seen just before the credits. But how? This guide tells you the answers.
    Who's Ho-oh?
    Ho-oh is National Dex #250, and it is in fact one of the Uber Tier Pokemon, having the base stats all equal 680. For more stat/move/ect info, go here: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/250.shtml

    Getting Ho-oh

    There are two things you need to do in order for you to get Ho-oh, in order:

    1. Catch and Purify all 48 shadow pokemon.

    That's right, all of them. You must do this before proceeding with the next step. Purify by first emptying the Shadow Bar by walking with your Shadow Pokemon in your Party (or in the Day Care), battling with it, calling it out of Hyper State in Battles, by using Colognes, then by taking it to the Alter Stone in Agate. Or simply use one of the Time flutes, but you can only get three, so be careful.

    2. Prepare your team.

    Firstly, register your desired team, and then use that team. You can use Pokemon from games other than Colosseum, but they must be part of a registered team first.

    Now, the opposing Pokemon team shall match the highest leveled Pokemon you have. However your opponents' Pokemon level shall never be below 50 as a minimum. So make a team of six Pokemon, each of equal level and minimum level of 50.

    Who to have on your team? Well, it's up to you. Note however that the challenge in Mt Battle is not that great. You'll start off against a fearsome army of Magikarps, Feebas and Wurmple to name a few, but slowly and gradully it will get harder. At the end you may have to battle some legendaries. But Pokemon such as Quagsire will do all right on your team, if you don't have a common type weakness throughout your team and so forth. EV training is not required to to be sucessful either.

    If you're looking to do Mt Battle with legendary Pokemon you can. You will still get Ho-oh, just with a 15% decrease in tickets for each legendary you use.

    Each 'clean-sweep' win (winning without any of your Pokemon fainting) you have will get you a free Continue, so you will probably have a large number when it starts to get 'hard'.

    3. Defeat the Colosseum mode Mt. Battle, on either 1v1 or 2v2 mode.

    Begin the 100-round epic. MAKE SURE THIS IS IN COLOSSEUM MODE, NOT STORYMODE. Each battle involves four Pokemon out of six for the double battles, and three Pokemon out of six for the single. Your Pokemon get healed after each battle, and you can save after every ten battles.

    After you defeat the 100th trainer on Mt. Battle with all pokemon purified, you get your tickets, then a nice screen showing Ho-oh appears. Check your box in your Scenario game, and you will have a Ho-oh there.

    So, you want another Ho-oh? Go ahead and try again - BUT first you need to restart the Colosseum file you have and purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon again. Otherwise you won't get another Ho-Oh.

    Shadow Pokemon and Purification Methods

    Shadow Pokemon, a new type of Pokemon within Pokemon Colosseum? But what makes them so different to normal Pokemon? Well, there are a variety of additions Shadow Pokemon get, and restrictions placed on them as well. These differ from Colosseum to XD - here is the Colosseum version.

    What are they?

    Shadow Pokemon can only be found in Pokemon Colosseum, and XD: Gale of Darkness. Essentially, they are normal Pokemon turned bad, by having, as the games explain, the ‘door to its heart closed’. They can be recognized by a dark aura that surrounds them. They make up the plot in Colosseum (and XD), with the aim of the game being for you to Snag them off of trainers, and purify them.

    List of Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum - Don't include Espeon/Umbreon/Plusle/Ho-Oh and beyond

    Differences between Shadows and ye average Pokemon

    - Sorry, you can’t trade me!
    Shadow Pokemon are unable to be traded from Colosseum (or XD) to any of the 3rd generation games. It is a restriction placed on the trading areas of the game. If you want to trade a Shadow Pokemon, you’ll need to purify it.

    - I don’t like nicknames…
    Shadow Pokemon cannot be nicknamed - at least, not until you’ve purified them. Once there are you can do so.

    - Experience points? I lost mine!
    Leastways, for part of their life as a Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon for the first to ‘stages’ will not receive any experience points from battles. After that they will start gaining those experience points, albeit they don’t actually receive them until they get purified. Basically - Shadow Pokemon cannot go up in level or evolve until they are purified, when they receive any experience points that they may have earned then.

    - Don’t think about using that TM there.
    Shadow Pokemon cannot be taught any TM’s.

    - Not allowed to participate in certain Colosseums or Battle Mode
    Shadow Pokemon are banned from participating in Phenac Colosseum, or in any of the challenges in Colosseum mode.

    - I know Shadow Rush!
    All Shadow Pokemon start of with one move only - Shadow Rush. A move that relies on the Attack stat, has a base power of 90 and has no typing - in other words for Colosseum if scores no super-effective hits and nothing resists it. It also deals a small amount of recoil damage to the user. It differs from what it is like in XD: Gale of Darkness.
    Shadow Pokemon when freshly snagged only have this move - however with time one can regain other moves. Also once the Pokemon is purified it forgets Shadow Rush forever.

    - I can go into HYPER MODE!!!1!
    During battle, when Shadow Rush is used a Shadow Pokemon may go into Hyper mode. Their aura turns red, and they miss moving on that turn. Bummer. What’s more, is that one cannot use any items on it, and the Pokemon will only want to use Shadow Rush - it may disobey you if you tell it to use another move, or attack your other Pokemon.
    But it’s not all bad - if your Pokemon is in Hyper Mode, the critical hit ratio for Shadow Rush greatly increases.

    It is not a permanent effect - Hyper Mode can be dispelled if you Call your Pokemon during a Battle, use cologne on it or put it in the Day Care. Doing so also reduces its Shadow Meter - making this a method to purify a Pokemon.

    Stages of Purification

    Now, how does one know if a Pokemon is close to purification? Well, in their summery page, one can see a shadow meter. When you first Snag a Shadow Pokemon, this will be entirely filled up. However as you purify the Pokemon, it will start to decrease - the less in the Shadow Meter, the closer to purification.

    There are five bars in total.

    - Five full bars
    Simply, the first stage to overcome. Your Pokemon will not be able to receive any experience points, its Nature is unknown, and it only knows one attack - Shadow Rush.

    - Four full bars
    One bar successfully emptied - as a reward, the Shadow Pokemon ‘relearns’ one move. Unfortunately this tends to be a status-inflicting or stat-lowering move - not the most helpful thing. Better then nothing though.

    - Three full bars
    Once you empty two bars, you Pokemon will from now on gain experience points in battles. However they do not benefit from them until purification. In addition, the Pokemon’s Nature is revealed to you. This also is helpful to find out which method of Purification is best for your Pokemon - more on that later.

    - Two full bars
    Another move is relearned by the Shadow Pokemon - usually a better one then the previous.

    - One full bar
    Again - you gain another move once you get the Shadow Meter down to less than one lone bar.

    - An empty bar
    When the Shadow Meter has been completely emptied, your Pokemon can now be purified and stop being a Shadow Pokemon.

    Purification methods

    So, how does one purify them? You probably want to, even if Shadow Rush is probably the best move that Shadow Dunsparce will ever see, especially if you want that Ho-oh. So, the methods:

    - Walk the walk
    Simply having the Pokemon in your party and walking around with it will slowly diminish the Shadow Meter.

    - Battle those trainers
    Whenever a Shadow Pokemon enters a Battle, the Shadow Meter will decrease some. So the more battles it takes part in, the more you purify it.

    - Call from Hyper State
    This can be used in conjunction with battles - simply have the Shadow Pokemon continue to use Shadow Rush, until it goes into Hyper State. Then use the Call option on that Pokemon’s turn (rather than attack, change Pokemon or use an item). Doing so while bring it out of Hyper State, and diminish the Shadow bar.

    Handy Hint - Try using Helping Hand with your Partner Pokemon in conjunction with Shadow Rush. The chances that the Shadow Pokemon will enter Hyper State will increase. Thought to be an increase to 50% - testing still being continued.

    - Uses colognes
    Simply use a cologne scent on the Shadow Pokemon. First though you need a cologne case - obtainable from an NPC outside the Pokemon Centre in Agate Village. After that you can buy colognes from the shop in Agate Village. There are three types of them:

    Joy Scent - Purifies to a slight extent - $600
    Excite Scent - Purifies to a good extent - $800
    Vivid Scent - Purifies to a great extent - $1,200

    Generally - the more expensive, the better the scent, and the more it decreases the Shadow Meter. Simply use the scent on your Pokemon.

    - Use the Day Care
    Stick a Shadow Pokemon in the Day Care, then walk around. As you walk, the Shadow Meter will steadily decrease. However, beware - the price for doing so may shoot up considerably, so make sure you have some money if you do so.

    After the Shadow Meter is fully depleted, there is one final step.

    - Take the Shadow Pokemon to the Relic Stone
    It is found in Agate village and is accessible via a path down from the left of the Pokemon Centre. It features in part of the storyline as well.
    If a Pokemon is ready to be purified, the Shrine will shine brightly. Press A on it, and then choose the Pokemon you want to purify.

    Upon purification, their aura will disappear. Then they receive any experience points it may have received, and if they have gained enough they may level up. In addition, they may even evolve. Yippee. Finally, they will receive a ribbon, and you will be able to give it a nickname.
    They will also relearn one additional move, and forget Shadow Rush automatically.

    However, there is one other method to purify a Pokemon:

    - Play some music on that Time Flute.
    No, seriously. Didn’t you know music calms the soul?
    Ok, not just music - Celebi as well. If you use a key item called Time Flute on a Shadow Pokemon, Celebi will come and fly around, and suddenly - the Pokemon becomes normal again! This works regardless of how full the Shadow Meter is.

    However - one can only find three Time Flutes in the game. One gets given to you after you help out in Mt Battle in the storyline, one is found on the top of Mt Battle, and the third is found via using the U-Disk (Up disk) on the UFO in The Under.

    You can’t trade these either, as they are Key Items, so there’s no way to get more via a certain Emerald cloning trick.
    It’s recommended you save these for the harder-to-purify Pokemon, such as Tyranitar.

    How long does it take to purify a Pokemon?

    Generally, it varies, both on their level and on their nature, depending on what method of purification you use. The early ones may take an hour at max, while others may take a few hours.

    Natures and Purification

    The Nature of a Pokemon is an important aspect in purifying them - leastways, in terms of time spent in doing so. For depending on the Nature of the Pokemon, some purification methods do more then others.

    To find out the Nature of a Shadow Pokemon, stock up on Vivid scents, and save the game prior to using them. Then use as many as you need to diminish two shadow bars, when the Nature is revealed.

    Then refer to this table. Apparently these differ from the ones in XD, so do not apply this table to XD. Courtesy of ‘Shadow Frog’, and a ‘Deathborn 668’, whose FAQ also seems to agree with this data:


    The time taken varies depending on the Pokemon itself - however anything done via a ‘Very Good’ method may take you less then an hour, depending how fast you go. A ‘Very Bad’ method may take 5 hours though - certainly time-saving information here.

    The short of it - these methods work best with these natures:
    Using in battle: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Calm, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Naughty, Quirky, Sassy

    Call from Hyper Mode: Docile, Lonely, Serious, Timid.

    Walk around in Party: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Hardy, Impish, Lax, Lonely, Naive, Naughty, Sassy.

    Pokemon Day-Care: Bashful, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Mild, Modest, Quirky, Relaxed, Timid.

    Using Cologne: Bashful, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Hasty, Jolly, Lax, Lonely, Mild, Rash, Relaxed, Timid.

    The ‘Other’ Purification Method!

    Courtesy of a ‘Shadow Frog’ who has an FAQ detailing this method with links to pictures even! This is a glitch that requires you to leave your GameCube (or Wii) on, while holding a direction on the control to keep your character moving into a ‘wall’ in such a way that the shadow metre will decrease. The advantage is you don’t have to do anything but leave it on - no need to earn money or anything, albeit it can be timely. Do however if using the glitch make sure your game console won’t overheat or anything.

    To take the most advantage of this method have a party of 6 Shadow Pokemon at a time, so you can purify all 6 at once. You can have an additional one in the Day Care, only be sure to have some money handy in that case to pay for it.

    Now, you can’t simply walk into any old wall or force field for this glitch to work, for it is programmed in the game that doing so will not affect the Shadow Metre in any way. Yet there are exceptions to the rule.

    There are multiple places to perform this glitch - Agate Village offers the best locations however with a number of irregular slopes and hills. We’ll use the hill immediately visible when you first enter Agate Village to your left. Be on top of it, facing back towards you. Then hold down so your character walks into the hill edge - if done right the screen will be shaking about somewhat. As long as this continues, the game will think you are walking around normally and the Shadow Metres of your Pokemon will decrease. Then it’s a matter of holding it down for a good while until they are ready to be purified.

    Handy Hint - there’s a way around having to physically hold down on the control stick as well. When at the end of the hill, disconnect your controller while the control stick is in a neutral position. Then, plug it in WHILE holding Up on the control stick. Then release so it is in a neutral direction. The game system should read up as neutral, and neutral as down, so if done correctly your character will be running down into the hill, and the screen shaking about.

    Then it’s simply a matter of being patient, and winding down those hours by doing something else as your Pokemon purify.

    The Master Ball glitch

    This is a well-known glitch that is present only in Pokemon Colosseum (no, it is not present in XD: Gale of Darkness). Basically, it allows you to reuse the Master ball as many times as you like. This also works with any other kind of Ball - Pokeball, Great ball, etc. So essentially you only needto buy one kind of Ball.

    All you need are two Pokemon, a Shadow Pokemon that needs catching, and at least two different types of Pokeball. This has to be done within the one turn, but can be done multiple times within the one battle.

    Once you've worked your way in a battle and are up against a Shadow Pokemon, with the first Pokemon's turn, go to the items option and use the Ball that you want to use. With the second Pokemon, go back to items, and change the position of the Ball you just used with another one. Then do whatever you want if the second Pokemon's turn - attack, use another item, switch Pokemon, whatever you want.

    Afer that turn (or battle, if it ended on that turn), go and check the items pocket. You will still have the same number of Balls that you previously had. So if you used the Master ball via this glitch, you would still have it, ready for another use.

    GBA-to-GCN connection FAQ

    credit to Fox for the original and Chaos Emerald for edits

    Q: Can I use the Gameboy Player to use my Advance game with Colosseum/XD?
    A: No. The Gameboy Player is used to play Gameboy games on the television. It cannot be used in conjunction with any Gamecube game.

    Q: Can I upload my Pokemon from my Advance game to Colosseum/XD?
    Q: Can I download my Pokemon from Colosseum/XD to my Advance game?
    A: Yes, you can once you beat the final boss of Colosseum. For Fire Red/Leaf Green, you also need to obtain the National dex and get the items "Ruby" and "Sapphire" to Celio on One Island. You don't upload/download Pokemon, instead you trade as if you were trading from Gameboy to Gameboy.

    Q: Can I use my Japanese Advance game on my English Colosseum/XD?
    Q: Can I use my English Advance game on my Japanese Colosseum/XD?
    A: No. Regardless on whether or not the Japanese Advance games and the English Advance games are compatible, you cannot connect them to Colosseum of a different language.

    Q: I've heard that you can connect Pokemon Colosseum/XD with R/B/Y/G/S/C. Does that mean I can use my level 100 Lugia?
    A: No. Pokemon Colosseum/XD, as with the Advance games, are not compatible with R/B/Y/G/S/C.

    Q: I have my team ready to battle in my Advance game's PC, but I cannot find them like I could in Stadium. Why is that?
    A: In Pokemon Colosseum/XD, to trade or battle with Pokemon from your Advance game, they must be in your party, and must have the items you want attached.

    Q: When I trade a Pokemon from Colosseum or XD to an Advance game, will it show up in the Pokedex?
    A: It depends on the Pokemon, the version, and what you did with the version so far. If it is obtainable in Ruby/Sapphire, it will show up in the Pokedex. If it is not normally obtainable in Ruby/Sapphire (such as Ampharos), you need to have traded with Fire Red or Leaf Green first, then it will show up. Assuming you got to a the certain point in Fire Red/Leaf Green where you are allowed to trade with Ruby/Sapphire, all Pokemon traded to Fire Red/Leaf Green will show up. Finally, in Emerald, once you have the National Dex, you can trade with Colosseum and XD and the Pokemon will show up.

    Q: Will I be able to use hacked Pokemon in my Colosseum/XD game?
    A: Appearantly, you cannot use any hacked Pokemon in Colosseum/XD, as it will not allow its use. This is similar to what happened with the Stadium games when there was something wrong with one of your Pokemon.

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2008
  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Now for the walkthrough. In separate post due to character limit.

    For now here's kirbyroks' one (beyond Makuhita ATM), but I shall be updating it slowly but surely, making it more presentable, etc. And in a nice spoiler too.

    Opening Cut Scene, the Game Menu Screen and the Outskirt Stand
    First of all begins a true test of wit, courage and creativity.

    After successfully doing so, you will be treated to a cut-scene, generally involving your character (whom you have just named) being awesome.

    After the cut-scene, play commences, with you standing outside a train in the middle of the desert. This is called the Outskirt Stand - but first, let’s have a look at the Menu screen. Press Start. Come on, you know you want to.

    You have four options to choose from. First off is the Pokemon option.

    Pokemon - here, you view the stats, movesets and what-not of your Pokemon. What’s that, you handheld-Pokemon playing people? You don’t get to choose your level-5 starter from a Professor that is named after a tree? Yes, indeed. Instead, you start off with two Pokemon - the psychic type Pokemon Espeon at Level 25 and the dark type Pokemon Umbreon at Level 26. Curiously, they will also always be male.

    For the heck of it - a lowdown on their moves (courtesy of kirbyroks):
    Umbreon Level 26 (Dark). Umbreon is a defensive Pokemon - great for absorbing hits and walling. Not that much of an attacker (although Bite for now gets STAB) however.

    Move 1: Bite
    Move type: Dark
    Accuracy: 100
    Move Power: 60
    PP: 25
    Effects: There is a 30% chance of the opponent flinching when hit. This will be your main attacking move for Umbreon for the time being.

    Move 2: Secret Power
    Move type: Normal
    Accuracy: 100
    Move Power: 70
    PP: 20
    Effects: There is a 30% chance of causing a stat effect on the opponent depending on the battle location. Not a bad attack, plus comes with the chance of an additional effect kicking in depending where you use it, such as paralysis indoors, loss of accuracy in Phenac City, etc.

    Move 3: Taunt
    Move type: Dark
    Accuracy: 100
    Move Power: ---
    PP: 20
    Effects: Makes opponent use attack moves only.

    Move 4: Snatch
    Move type: Dark
    Accuracy: 100
    Power: ---
    PP: 10
    Effects: Steals any positive status affects opponent Pokemon uses.


    Espeon Level 25 (Psychic). This is an Attacking Pokemon - although better at special defense it does also get Return. Its defenses leave it somewhat fragile though.

    Move 1: Confusion
    Move type: Psychic
    Accuracy: 100
    Move Power: 50
    PP: 25
    Effects: There is a 10% chance of confusing the foe. Espeon’s primary attacking move here.

    Move 2: Return
    Move type: Normal
    Accuracy: 100
    Power: ---
    PP: 20
    Effects: The more the Pokemon likes you, the stronger this move will be. This move’s power already starts out to be pretty high - given the fact that it states that both Espeon and Umbreon are old ‘friends’ of your character.

    Move 3: Reflect
    Move Type: Psychic
    Accuracy: ---
    Move Power: ---
    PP: 20
    Effects: Doubles defense thereby taking .05 damage from all normal attacks.

    Move 4: Helping Hand
    Move type: Normal
    Accuracy: 100
    Power: ---
    PP: 20
    Effects: Boosts allied Pokemon’s attack by 50% for one turn.

    Next is the snazzy P*DA (short for Pokemon Digital Assistant) - for those familiar with the main handheld games - Orre’s (the name of this region) equivalent of a Pokedex. There’s not so much that you can do with it yet - there’s a Snag list, but that will be empty for now. Then there’s an (in-game) e-mail section - all you can do there is set up the tone that will play when you get one.
    But also you can see some other useful stats - such as how much money you have.
    10, 000 Pokemon dollars? Not bad! Also will be the Coupons that you have thus far (it’ll be 0 for now), your ID number and your play-time.

    Next is the Items option. Here you can use items to heal your Pokemon, and so forth, as well as see what Key items you have. You already start out with some items, such as Potions, Super Potions and two of basically every ‘Heal’ item (such as Burn Heals, Full Heals, etc).

    And last, but not least, is the ‘Exit’ option. Try it out!

    So, that’s the start-up menu. Now, back to the train. Well, what was a train - this now has been converted into a rest-stop for travellers - where the train came from is anyone’s guess. It also serves as a shop, which you may be visiting rather often.

    If you were to try to walk away from the Outskirt Stand, you would be taken to the Map screen - selecting another town or place would allow you to travel there. Only, there are no other places to go to yet - so exit the Map and head into the train via a Ramp. You may notice a car parked outside with a squirming bag - and before you can walk in another short cut scene plays, involving two people speaking to each other and driving off with aforementioned car (that hovers).

    Head on inside. The moment you walk in, you will be forced to watch a television program, which happens to involve what happened in the opening cut scene. What fun. You also learn about Team Snagem - a group of Pokemon-stealing… people. After said television program, talk to the NPC’s if you feel like it, and then walk out of the locomotive.

    But what’s this? A pink-haired man (yes, pink) will follow and challenge you to a DUEL TO THE DEATH. And by that, we mean a Pokemon battle! Might as well accept - it’s free experience. What’s that - you don’t want to? Too bad - saying no just has our friend Pinky asking you for a battle again. And again… so say yes.

    Rider Willie ($240):
    Zigzagoon Level 24
    Zigzagoon Level 24

    A far cry from the level 2 Pokemon faced at the beginning of the handheld games - but still very easy. Both of these Pokemon are of the normal type, and won’t but up much of a fight. Watch as Espeon's Confusion/Return attacks and Umbreon’s Bite/Secret Power wipes them out. It’ll more than likely take you two turns to win.

    After showing who’s boss around here and winning some money off of Pinky, he’ll tell you that you should go to Phenac City. Walk away form the Outskirt Stand and access the map screen. What ho, a new town can be travelled to now! Phenac City - the city of water. Select it and watch the short cut-scene as your trainer rides the hovering one-wheeled vehicle of doom to his destination.

    Phenac City

    Upon arriving you will see the two people that were at the Outskirt Stand moving the wiggling bag. Only, it turns out that there is someone inside of the bag, crying for help. One of them will notice you overhear the scuffle, and a battle will ensue.

    Shady guy Folly ($500):
    Whismur Lvl 24
    Whismur Lvl 25

    Another easy battle. Espeon's Confusion should take one out in one hit while Umbreon's Bite severely injures the other. Finish it off with another Confusion or Bite.

    Cut-scene time! Two citizens will run over, as the two men concede defeat and run off, leaving the bag behind. One of the onlookers will try to untie it, will ask you for help in untying a knot. Help him do just that - it’s one of those forced scenarios. Inside the bag they were carting around contained...a girl? WOW WHAT DO YOU KNOW! A sidekick! After some dialogue you will be able to name your new sidekick.


    Congratulations! Now you have a pre-teen girl following you around wherever you go. Yep, Rui shall follow your every step. What fun!
    The good-natured Rui will ask you to escort her around town, never mind that you’ve never been here before. Say no as many times as you wish until you realise that you will have to say yes, and laugh/cringe at Rui remarking that she ‘knew you’d say that’.

    Never mind - you get told where to go by the NPC’s, but as now you can explore Phenac City… here’s our guide to the place!


    Phenac city - the town of water, water and more water. Waterfalls, water fountains… an oasis town in the middle of the desert. How nice.

    Directly behind is an exit, while directly ahead is the water fountain. To the direct right is a house - a bit in front of it is an NPC whom you can battle. Let’s do just that.

    Fun Old Man Dris ($800):
    Sentret level 25
    Hoothoot level 25

    Nothing too hard - should take you all of two turns to win, unless Hoothoot’s Hypnosis hits. But don’t use that Awakening! If you ‘call’ out to your Pokemon during a battle, if they are asleep they will wake up!

    To the left of the fountain are two useful buildings. One is the Pokemon Center.
    Inside, besides a couple of NPC’s is a lady behind a counter. Talk to her, and she will fully heal your Pokemon free of charge.
    To the right of her is a PC. Accessing it will:
    - let you access the Pokemon Storage System. Once you get more than 6 Pokemon any more will get sent here. Only 3 boxes to use however, but you won’t be exceeding that limit easily anyway
    - let you access the item storage. Unlike most handheld games, if you get more items than you can fit in your bag, they will be also sent to the PC.
    - Let you SAVE THE GAME. This is the only way you can save the game - by accessing a PC. There are several around the game - and always at least one in a Pokemon Center.

    Downstairs is another PC, and where you can trade Pokemon to GBA games. (See the compatibility guide). However - you will not be able to until you beat the main storyline.

    Behind the Pokemon Center is a shop. Here you can buy Healing items like Potions or Burn Heals on the 1st level, or the status-boosting ones on the second level, such as Dire Hit or X Special.

    That’s the first level of Phenac city. Beyond the fountain is a set of stairs leading to another. Directly in front of you is the Pre Gym. To the right is another random house, with the exit to the right of that. Behind that house is an NPC who you can battle.

    Roller Boy Karb ($150):
    Wurmple level 25
    Silcoon level 25

    Also easy - Confusion and Bite to victory. Upon winning, this NPC will also give you TM 41 - Torment.

    Directly behind the Pre Gym is Phenac Colosseum - only nothing is happening there just yet. To the right is the Mayor’s house.

    But first, let’s visit the Pre Gym! Walk inside…
    Directly in front is a small stage. To the left a Pokemon Class going on. Go and talk to the teacher. She will kindly upgrade your P*DA with the Strategy Memo. Now you can see every Pokemon that you have encountered so far! You can look at their Abilities, their Height and Weight, and so forth.

    Now for some more battles. Go to the right hand side, and talk to the person by the control panels. He’ll ask if you want to have some battles – if you say yes, walk onto the battle arena and stand on the left hand side.

    Four battles will commence, although you can quit anytime after each battle. First up is…

    Cooltrainer Botan ($810):
    Sunkern level 27
    Hoppip level 26

    A rather easy battle; Hoppip and Sunkern aren’t exactly intimidating opponents. Upon victory, our grass-type user Botan will walk off, and another challenger will appear.

    Cooltrainer Liqui ($810):
    Marill level 26
    Surskit level 27

    Marill has better defense than the fragile Surskit – again this should hold much of a problem to you. (And if you haven’t noticed by now, the trainer’s name has something to do with their Pokemon type).

    Rich Boy Dugo ($540):
    Trapinch level 27
    Swinub level 27

    Also fairly easy. Confusion and Bite FTW. Bring on the next and last trainer!

    Lady Gwin ($540):
    Geodude level 27
    Rhyhorn level 27

    Two rock types to contend with - lucky you have some special attacking moves to use. Win and Justy will come up and present you with the almighty White Herb! An item that restores stat reduction during battles (like lowered attack). Hmm, not the greatest item ever… Justy will also tell you to come back and battle him when you have a total of 6 Pokemon in your party. Keep that on your to-do list for later.

    Back to your job at hand - going to the mayor’s house. It’s the one to the left of the Pre Gym, so head over there. Note also the exit from town next to the mayors house.
    PLUS - if you were to walk back from in front of the mayor’s house (towards the Pokemon Centre), you will find a small Pokemon-themed box. Inside are three free Super Potions - not bad! Now, back to the mayor’s house.

    Walking next to the door will activate a short cut scene, involving a scary-looking anorexic man walk out of the Mayor’s house. He’ll talk to you mysteriously for a bit before walking off. Just a tad odd… recover from the shock and go inside.

    The happy little cheery chubby man will greet you, followed by a fair bit of dialogue. Rui tells him about getting kidnapped, and also that she saw a strange Pokemon giving off a dark aura… the mayor dutifully promises to help out. How nice. He then suggest to you to go and try the Colosseum challenge. Might as well head over there, then. It’s the large dome-like building beyond the Pre Gym up the backmost set of stairs.

    Walk in, and talk to the receptionist as you prepare to wipe the floor with your two trusty Pokemon. But what this? There’s already a challenge underway? We’ll have to wait til later? Oh well. Nothing for it but to go back outside…

    Only, three Team Snagem grunts are waiting for you, feeling mighty peeved at what you did in the opening cut scene. I guess they have reason too be somewhat annoyed at you as well, those Pokemon-stealing criminals. After some fun dialogue including some more information on that Snag machine you have, one decides to battle you.

    Team Snagem Wakin ($270):
    Corphish Level 25
    Koffing Level 27

    You have a type advantage here - use Confusion on Koffing to kill him right away and use Bite on Corphish. Then finish it off in the next turn. By now if you’ve done all the battles and with no fainting, Umbreon would be at level 28 and Espeon at 27.

    Upon your victory, they will run off swearing revenge (one might assume the other two people didn’t have Pokemon/chickened off). Rui shall talk to you afterwards then regarding the event, and an idea that she had. And what’s a better idea than to go… SHOPPING! No, not for clothes or anything like that - for Pokeballs. So head over to the good old shop in Phenac!

    Pity they don’t sell Pokeballs… what to do? Talking to the NPC on the second level of the shop who’s sitting down or reading the newspaper helps - he advises you to go to the Outskirt Stand. So head over there (or just skip the above step and go there anyway…)

    Talk to the owner of the place, and he’ll find you those Pokeballs. He even gives 5 to you for free! How nice. From now on, if you want Pokeballs the Outskirt stand is the only place to buy them. Might as well buy some more - better safe than sorry. Also, the same secret ‘deal’ from the GBA games remains - buy ten Pokeballs at once, and you get a free Premier ball (essentially an extra Pokeball).

    Head back to Phenac city now. The moment you enter, an NPC will approach you to say that some creepy men came to town, including the two kidnappers. If your Pokemon are a bit injured, take them to the Pokemon centre for a free healing, and save the game. Then, head back to the mayor’s house.

    Upon entering, you may get a little shock. Folly and Trudly the kidnappers are there, but so is something - I mean, someone, else. Enter Miror B. The lowdown - he’s a Ludicolo-obsessed music and dancing loving disco man in a snazzy gold outfit. AND he has a giant Pokeball-themed afro. (And yes - he’s a guy). Cue some dialogue, and than a few other people, along with Miror B leaving the room to catchy salsa music, leaving Folly and Trudly to battle you.

    Miror B Peon Folly ($520):
    Whismur level 26
    Lotad level 25

    Nothing hard here - just Confusion and Bite away. After winning, Trudly will this time battle you:

    Miror B Peon Trudly ($600):
    Duskull level 25
    Spinarak level 25
    Makuhita level 30

    Three Pokemon? Blasphemy! The first two are a cinch though - Confusion on Spinarak for a super effective hit, and Bite on the ghost for another super effective hit. But you may be wondering why Makuhita is underlined? Well, as Rui points out - it’s a Shadow Pokemon! A dark aura shall appear around it, as it attacks you and some dialogue takes place. Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon turned evil, so, as Rui states, there’s only one thing for it. Snag it! Those Pokeballs are going to come in handy now…

    Weaken the Makuhita - be careful not to faint it. Umbreon’s Bite or Secret Power comes in handy, along with Secret Power’s small chance of paralysis when indoors. The snag should be easy though - just like catching a regular Pokemon in the wild on those handheld games. Only it’s another trainer’s Pokemon.

    Snag that Pokemon, and victory shall be yours! Trudly and Folly will lament their loss, before running off. You now have a Shadow Makuhita on your team. Head over to the Pokemon centre and heal up your Pokemon. BUT DON’T TRY TO LEAVE TOWN YET!

    (We’re up to here thus far - back to kirbyroks’ walkthrough for now).

    If not
    you can head to a gate and fight the gate guard there to get through.
    You can fight the gate guard on the east side of town for an
    opportunity to catch the fire pokemon Quilava, the south gate guard for
    the opportunity to catch the water pokemon Crocanaw, or the west gate
    guard for an opportunity to catch the grass pokemon Bayleaf.

    Battle Red/Blue/Green Trooper!
    Note. I advise saving before this battle in case you kill the dark
    pokemon as it is a very valuable pokemon to catch as a female if
    you plan on breeding it.

    Bayleaf/Crocanaw/Quilava Lvl 30
    Grimer Lvl 26
    Spoink Lvl 24

    Use confusion on the Grimer to KO him and bring out Spoink, while using
    bite on quilava/bayleaf/crocanaw to weaken it. Use bite on the Starter
    to weaken it further while hitting the Spoink with Return. Use bite
    again to bring the dark pokemon down to very low HP and finish of
    Spoink with another Return. The dark pokemon should be in the red in HP
    or at most the low yellow. Use a pokeball on it while using a potion on
    your pokemon if you have it to strengthen it, or using call out to keep
    it from killing the dark one.

    Battle over! You got another pokemon! You are a lucky person. Watch the
    gate guard hold his head in agony and defeat, then scamper away like a
    whipped dog.
    Save if you got the starter, don't if you didn't. If you didn't get it
    hit that reset button and try again. Once you have it and are done head
    out the gate and to the next town over.

    Construction site.
    What a mess. Nothing doing here. Head to the next town.

    [W1.3] Pyrite town
    Gee what a dumpy town. It isn't nearly as pretty as the other one. Oh
    well. Watch the person in the ridiculous blue hat talk to the other
    person. After that ends there are some things to do in this town.
    Directly ahead of you is the fortune telling shop. Go in there if you
    want to see a cross between Katt Monroe of Starfox and Leia Organa from
    Otherwise there isn't much to do in there.
    Go in the shop across the street and up a bit and the person with the
    stupid blue hat will run into you causing him to wobble like a drunken
    man. Go out and go up on to see a house with some old geezers in it. Go
    out and head up to get to the shop and you can buy stuff there
    including hyper potion. It heals 200 HP per potion. Sweetness. Go
    across the street to see a really big guy in that building. Or just go
    north to reach the hotel on the left side of the street. For 100 bucks
    you can have a room to heal your pokemon. Otherwise go outside or run
    around inside and go into people's bedrooms. Go out and talk to the
    girl there to battle her.

    Battle: Chaser Emok
    Gulpin Lvl 27
    Zubat Lvl 27

    Not to hard of a fight. Use Espeon's confusion here to kill Zubat and
    Gulpin. And if you want to use your dark pokemon to make them less dark
    now would be a good time.

    End battle. What's that ahead of you? A large target with trainers!
    Cool! Time to get some Exp. And lose some darkness!

    Fight the one on the right first.

    Battle: Male trainer
    Skitty Lvl 28
    Misdreavous Lvl 30 (Shadow)
    Zigzagoon Lvl 28

    A bit of a tough battle.
    Here you will fight one of my old favorites Misdreavous from the
    gold/silver days. Use confusion on Skitty and Zigzagoon. Use bite on
    Misdreavous. If you want have your dark pokemon out here to make them
    become less dark. It's probably best though you don't have your Espeon
    out and Misdreavous's shadow ball will destroy him. Weaken Misdreavous
    and capture it,

    Male trainer
    Senret Lvl 25
    Swellow Lvl 25
    Slakoth Lvl 26

    Easy battle. Confusion the Senret and bite the Swellow. Repeat to kill
    them. Take out the slayoth with a confusion and a bite attack.
    Battle over

    Rider Liba
    Skiploom Lvl 30 (Shadow)
    Oddish. Lvl 26
    Dustox Lvl 26

    Bite or confusion the Oddish and Dustox to death.
    Weaken the Skiploom and capture it. Not very hard.

    Bandana guy Divel
    Psyduck Lvl 29
    Quagsire Lvl 30 (Shadow)
    Easy. Bite the Psyduck out of existence and weaken the Quagsire and
    capture it. Piece of rum cake.

    Roller boy Lon
    Slugma (Shadow)

    Lots of fighting to do here. You can fight the rest
    of the trainers and try to catch their dark pokemon
    or you can continue on. When you want to go on, go to
    the end of town, across the bridge and talk to the
    colosseum lady. Then go to the very beginning of town
    and talk to the guy there. and you will battle him.

    Ralts: Lvl 28
    Furret Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Machop Lvl 30
    Seedot Lvl 27
    Just bite the Ralts once to kill him and use
    confusion to KO Machop. Use confusion on the Seedot and bite the
    Furret down to low HP and catch it.

    A cut-scene will trigger.
    Wow big hair is talking to freaky hair VIA videophone...
    Now head to the house south of the hotel and talk to the
    buff guy and the kid and then open the door behind the
    bookshelf and talk to the kids there. When you exit another
    kid will be talking to the buff guy and then will leave. Head
    over to the windmill and a cut-scene will trigger as a guy
    staggers out and collapses. Run inside and the other guy
    will be on the floor too. Talk to him and a cut-scene will
    trigger and that cop will run in. You will notice the
    gears are not turning anymore. It seems one of them was
    taken. Now you have to get it back. Head over to the
    construction site.

    [W1.4] Construction site
    When you get there head up and right to find a shiny
    gear. Now you can keep it just for you because you obviously
    have a lot of use for it. Or you could return it to the
    windmill. Head back to Pyrite Town.

    Pyrite town

    Run into the windmill
    and the buff guy and the windmill guy will be talking. Run up
    to the axle that is missing the gear and press A to open
    your inventory. You will automatically be on the gear so
    just press A till you put it back on. TADA! The windmill
    is going again! At this point head north to the computer and
    save. Talk to the lady and just keep hitting A and you will go
    through into the run down colosseum and a battle will start.

    Trainer 1
    Barboach Lvl 30
    Sandshrew Lvl 31
    Sandshrew goes down in a couple of bites from Umbreon and
    Barboach will die to a few dark rushes or confusions.

    Battle over.

    Battle 2!
    Trainer 2

    Natu Lvl 30
    Meditite Lvl 30
    Natu being psychic will go down easily to Umbreon's bite,
    while Meditite will go down to confusion.
    Battle end!

    Battle 3!
    Trainer 3
    Electrike Lvl 30
    Cacnea Lvl 31
    Cacnea goes down to a fire attack if you got Quilava or
    a poison attack if you have it. You don't have a ground
    type pokemon so use Maganium if you go it against
    Electrike or use confusion or bite on him to get the STAB
    damage in as he is resistant to neither.
    Use confusion/bite/dark rush/ if you have it to finish
    off Vulpix.

    End battle 3!

    Battle 4!
    Trainer 4
    Bagon Lvl
    Goldeen Lvl 32
    Magnemite Lvl 31
    Delibird Lvl 32

    Bagon goes down to a confusion or a bite or two and
    Goldeen will go down in the same. Magnemite will go
    down to a fire move if you have Quilava or earthquake
    if you have it and Delibird goes down to a confusion
    or two. Battle 4 end!

    you just beat the colosseum in this city! You rock!
    Upon exiting head south after collecting your cash
    prize and meet the shadow grunt on the bridge. A
    cut-scene will play and that door will finally open.
    The shadow grunt will take you somewhere and some
    chick will say something to the grunt and he will
    battle you.

    Cypher peon nore:
    Shadow grunt
    Yanma Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Pineco Lvl 32
    Nincada Lvl 31
    Surskit Lvl 32

    Pineco goes down in a couple bites and Nincada
    goes down to a confusion as does Surskit. Weaken
    Yanma and capture it with a pokeball.
    End battle!

    Now your partner will talk to the buff guy and
    some kids who came in after the grunts flee.
    After they leave pick up the shiny notebook
    next to you. Go through the building fighting
    trainers as you go.

    Trainer 1:
    Phanpy Lvl 31
    Trapinch Lvl 32.
    Trapinch goes down in 2 confusions and Phanpy
    will be hurt badly by a couple bites.

    Roller boy pike:
    Taillow Lvl 33
    Hoothoot Lvl 34
    A couple bites and returns will do
    the trick here. It isn't to hard.

    Now you have access to the computer and
    healing machine. Use them.
    Head up the stairs.

    Bandana guy Geats:
    Pupitar Lvl 31
    Carvahna Lvl 32
    Barboach Lvl 32

    Pupitar and Carvahna are dark so keep Espeon
    out of this one. Pupitar will go down in a
    couple bites and Carvahna in a few dark rushes.
    Barboach goes down in a combination of dark rushes
    and bites easily.

    Hunter Geare:
    Remoraid Lvl 33
    Magnemite Lvl 32
    Confusion and bite Remoraid to finish her then smokescreen
    and confusion magnemite to death. Mahukita's vital throw and
    Cross chop work wonders on Magnimite.

    Now you can go the first left turn and fight the brute
    or go through the door and fight the kid if you want
    some pokeballs from the case,

    Bandana guy Loba: (kid)
    Wingull Lvl 32
    Whooper Lvl 33
    confusion whooper to bring him down to very low HP
    or kill him and bite Wingull to KO her. Finish whooper
    if you need to.

    Body-builder Akmen: (brute)
    Electrike Lvl 31
    Voltorb Lvl 31
    Confusion Voltorb to bring his HP to yellow and bite
    Electrike to do the same. Once more to finish them.

    Go up he stairs for another floor of trainers.

    Rider Raleen:
    Doduo Lvl 32
    Ledyba Lvl 32
    Swablu Lvl 31

    Ledyba should be smitten with your bite and Doduo
    will be KO'd by a confusion. Swablu will get his
    HP halved by a confusion and Ledyba should be
    about dead now to your bite attacks. Once more
    to crush them both.

    Hunter Tura:
    Spheal Lvl 31
    Snorunt: Lvl 32

    Bite Snorunt and confusion Spheal twice. Battle ended.

    Go into the second door to collect the prize from the
    box. Yay! A revive! ^_^ Fight the next trainer.

    Hunter Toti:
    Horsea Lvl 31
    Oddish Lvl 32
    Sandshrew Lvl 32

    Hit Oddish with confusion to KO him and hit Horsea
    with bite to KO him. Confusion Sandshrew to bring him
    to like 1 HP if not kill him and if he doesn't die
    have a bite finish him. End battle!

    Next room. Next trainer.

    Bodybuilder Elidi:
    Cacnea Lvl 32
    Tentacool Lvl 33
    Confusion Cacnea and finish it with bite.
    do a confusion and a bite on Tentacool to finish it.

    Go onto the next room. Go upstairs and you are
    outside again...only on the roof! Go in the
    door to find that kid you saw earlier on the
    ground quivering at the feet of two shadow
    grunts. *sigh* Better save him.

    Mirror B Peon Reath:
    Remoraid Lvl 20 (Shadow)
    Spinarak Lvl 33
    Luvdisk Lvl 32

    First confusion the Spinarak to KO it in one hit.
    Confusion the Luvdisk and hit the Remoraid with
    the weakest thing you have. Preferably a fire
    pokemon so it is not effective otherwise you
    will KO it and not catch it. Secret power works
    well also. Do another confusion to finish the
    Luvdisk. Catch the Remoraid. End battle.

    Mirror B peon Ferma:
    Mantine Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Aipom Lvl 32
    Furret Lvl 31
    Yanma Lvl 33

    confusion the Aipom to heck and bite the
    Mantine to injure it a small amount. Repeat
    till it is low on HP and capture it. Confusion
    the Furret to death. Confusion or fire spin the
    Yanma to death. End battle.

    Now the shadow grunts will flee. Run up and talk
    to the kid. The big haired guy will appear on
    the screen. Use the elevator to get downstairs
    and pick up the item and go through the door.
    Save at the computer. Head back up to the rooftop
    and enter that cave. Battle the trainer to get in.

    [W1.5] Pyrite Cave

    Hunter Doken:
    Quilfish Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Goldeen Lvl 33
    Linoon Lvl 33

    If your Espeon is Lvl 31 or under use confusion
    on the Quilfish to severely injure it. Bite
    Goldeen twice to kill it.

    Enter the cave and make your way to the end.
    Go downstairs. You can fight trainers on
    the way if you want or you can sneak past them.

    Trainer 1:
    Koffing Lvl 32
    Ralts Lvl 31
    Shroomish Lvl 32

    Confusion Koffing and bite Ralts to KO them
    both in one hit. Confusion and bite Shroomish to
    finish the match.

    Go down the tunnel and you can either go north
    or up the stairs.

    ***Up the stairs***

    Follow the tunnel and fight the pink clad trainer
    or sneak past her.

    Trainer 2:
    Geodude Lvl 32
    Lotad Lvl 31
    Snorunt Lvl 32
    Slakoth Lvl 31

    Confusion Geodude to OHKO him and bite Lotad to hurt him.
    Confusion and bite Snorunt to KO him then confusion Slakoth
    and bite Lotad to finish him. Finish the sloth with

    Walk past the kid and continue on. Get the Ultra balls and
    go back downstairs and up and fight the trainer.

    Trainer 3:
    Meditite Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Bagon Lvl 33
    Numel Lvl 32

    Confusion Bagon to KO him in one hit and bite Meditite.
    Bite Numel to half his HP and finish him with a confusion.
    Weaken Meditite and capture it.

    Now you can go right or left. Going left for now. Go down
    the stairs. WATER! At any rate go left across the bridge.

    Rider Sosh:
    Dunsparce Lvl 33(Shadow)
    Mareep Lvl 34
    Cacnea Lvl 34

    Confusion Mareep and bite Dunsparce. Repeat to KO Mareep
    and make dunsparce's HP low.
    Secret power Cacnea to make it die. Capture Dunsparce and
    kill Cacnea. End battle.

    Go to the end of the bridge and use the healing machine
    and save at the computer then go upstairs.
    Hug the wall going north and fight the trainer at the end
    near the stairs.

    Hunter Zalo:
    Swablu Lvl 33 (Shadow)
    Lotad Lvl 31
    Beldum Lvl 32
    Lombre Lvl 32

    Confusion the Swablu and bite the Lotad. Repeat. Catch the Swablu.
    The Swablu should be at very low HP. confusion the Lombre
    and bite/fire spin the Beldum. rinse. Lather. Repeat. End battle.

    Head downstairs. WATER! Anyways head north.
    FIESTAAAAAAA! Go up and break up the Salsa party appreciation
    day and you will find Mirabo/Miror B with his pokemon. Approach
    mister salsa and throw off his groove.

    Mirabo/Miror B:
    Ludicolo Lvl 31
    Ludicolo Lvl 28
    Ludicolo Lvl 30
    Ludicolo Lvl 29
    Sodowoodoo Lvl 35 (Shadow)

    Return one and secret power the other.
    Secret power to finish him and use whatever to
    finish the other. Dark rush is your friend in this match.
    Dark rush the next few that should be lower levels.
    If you caught your Noctowl then USE IT! its fly is
    invaluable here. Catch Sodowoodoo. Bite and secret
    power shall weaken him!

    End battle! Get the TM 49 from the box and go up
    through the door. GET THE MACHO BRACE from the northeast corner
    THEN approach Plusle.
    Trigger cut-scene. After some talking Plussle will jump in
    your pockets. Its yours. Now exit town.
    But wait. The fortune teller will call you and talk to her
    and she will say something or other. Now exit town and
    go north!

    [W1.6] Agate Village.

    Go to the big house and your partner will
    run to her grandparents.
    Their real names are Eagun and Beluh...Yeah.
    After some talking a
    boy will come in. The old man will follow the boy out.
    Go out and head right and make your way down and end up
    going into a cave. A girl will see you and walk up.
    She will fight you

    Cipher peon Doven:
    Spheal Lvl 33
    Carvahna Lvl 34
    Confusion Spheal and bite Carvahna. Repeat.
    You win. Easy. The girl will cry. >_>...the wimp...
    She will run off afterwards. Proceed into the cave.

    Cipher peon Silton:
    Shroomish Lvl 34
    Cacnea Lvl 34
    confusion Shroomish and bite Cacnea. Repeat. You win!

    He leaves. Proceed farther. Ahh the exit...HUH! A girl
    drops in front of you.

    Cipher peon Kass:
    Ralts Lvl 35
    Baltoy Lvl 35
    Kirlia Lvl 35

    Bite Ralts to 1HKO him and return Baltoy.
    Bite Kirlia to KO her. and return Baltoy again.
    You win! Hooray!

    Go out and you are on an overgrown place with
    lots of clover.
    Head up. Some idiot decides to fight the old man and
    his pikachu.
    Pika is 12 levels higher. Surely he can't beat the old man.
    But what is this...dark rush? Poor pika *_*. You will run up.
    Now he will fight you! The fool! You have fury!

    Cipher peon Skrub:
    Geodude Lvl 35
    Hitmontop Lvl 38 (Shadow)
    Clampearl Lvl 36
    Wynaut Lvl 37

    Confusion Geodude to death and use a secret power/bite on
    Hitmontop till he is at low HP. kill his Clampearl with
    your Flaffy if you have it. Use bite/return on Wynaut to KO him.

    You win. Tough battle. He will leave, dropping a notebook.
    Now you are back in the grandparents home. Head down to the
    beginning dock and head left. Go around the bend and into
    the cave. Open the cases to get a couple pokeballs.
    Go to the shop with the large wooden pokeball sign and
    into the house southeast of it.
    A wobuffet at the table. Cool. Anyways Talk to the old
    man on the couch and select yes when asked something.
    Go back to the house with your partener's grandparents in
    it and talk to them and they will give you something.
    You now try to leave. HUH! YOUVE GOT MAIL! Break out the
    PDA and read it on the second option. Head out of town.

    [W1.7] Mt. Battle

    Head to the sixth area and enter the building. Save and
    heal your pokemon and enter the main door. Go forwards
    and you will enter a series of battles.

    Battle 1!
    Rider Turo:
    Trapinch Lvl 35
    Numel Lvl 34
    Sandshrew Lvl 35

    Bite Numel and confusion Trapinch. Repeat
    Bite Sandshrew and confusion him.
    End battle.

    Battle 2!
    Rider Drovic:

    Swinub Lvl 35
    Baltoy Lvl 36
    Pupitar Lvl 37

    Bite Baltoy. Repeat.
    Bite Pupitar twice to kill it and use your Noctowl's fly
    on Swinub. Battle end.

    Battle 3!
    Rider Kimit:
    Sandshrew Lvl 36
    Geodude Lvl 36
    Numel Lvl 36

    Confusion Geodude and bite Sandshrew. Repeat.
    Watch out for Geodude's magnitude.
    Bite Numel and dark rush him.
    Battle over!

    Battle 4!
    Rider Riden:
    Pineco Lvl 35
    Baltoy Lvl 35
    Houndour Lvl
    Graveler Lvl 37

    Confusion Pineco and bite Baltoy. Repeat.
    Bite Graveler and return Houndour. Repeat.
    End battle.

    Battle 5!
    Trainer Telia:
    Trapinch Lvl 38
    Lileep Lvl 36
    Barboach Lvl 36
    Trapinch Lvl 38

    Bite Lileep and confusion Trapinch. Repeat
    confusion Barboach. Repeat.
    Bite Trapinch.
    You win.

    Battle 6!
    Sr. Performer Nortz:
    Cacnea Lvl 37
    Spinda Lvl 37
    Kadabra Lvl 37

    Bite Spinda and confusion Cacnea.
    Confusion Cacnea again and bite Spinda.
    Bite Kadabra and confusion Spinda.
    End battle!

    Battle 7!
    Hunter Weeg:
    Graveler Lvl 36
    Vibrava Lvl 37
    Sandslash Lvl 37

    Confusion vibrava and bite Graveler.
    Confusion Sandslash and bite vibrava.
    End battle.

    Battle 8!
    Cipher peon Kison:
    Houndour Lvl 37
    Koffing Lvl 37
    Duskull Lvl 36
    Kirlia Lvl 36

    Confusion Koffing and secret power Houndour.
    Bite Duskull and return Houndour.
    Bite Kirlia and return her.

    Battle 9!
    Cipher Peon Berin:
    Geodude Lvl 36
    Geodude Lvl 36
    Sandslash Lvl 38
    Bite Geodude #1 and confusion Geodude # 2.
    Bite Sandslash. Hes down. You win. I would
    go back and save and heal now.

    Battle 10!
    Cipher Admin Dakim:
    Golem Lvl 38
    Meting Lvl 37
    Swampert Lvl 36
    Camerupt Lvl 38
    *Entie* Lvl 40 (Shadow)
    This will be by far the hardest battle yet
    so open it all up. And if you kill Entie
    hit that reset button. You must catch him!

    Psybeam or confusion on golem and bite Metang.
    Psybeam Swampert and bite Metang or use ember
    if you have Quilava.
    Bite Camerupt and dark rush Swampert.
    Use Misdreavous's shadow ball on Camerupt and bite Entei.

    After you catch Entei SAVE! As soon as you can.

    Now watch the admin leap to safety outside of the camera's view.
    One can only assume he is dead because we are directly above
    a chasm several hundred feet above solid and jagged rocks...
    >_> Anyways...

    Pick up the hidden item on the ground next to you
    and talk to the guy that got pasted to the floor before you
    fought the huge bad guy. You will end up in the pkmn center
    place before the 10 platforms. He will give you an item
    that will allow you to call Celebi and on the right is a
    box which contains TM47. Save and retrieve your Entie from
    the PC. Just to make sure...save twice. Entie may be weak
    for a legendary but he is still very strong. Head back to
    Agate Village.

    Agate Village

    Go forwards and the old man will
    see you. He will say some junk
    or other to your partner and
    then go to the cave with the river in it. It is down the ramp
    to the left of the pkmn center. Go through and reach the
    little pillar thing. Stop and listen to the music and birds
    chirping if you want to, if not hit the A button on the pillar.
    Select a pokemon that has its dark bars gone and is dark.
    BANG! Its not dark anymore! Wow and you can even name it and
    it levels up too! Time to purify all your best pokemon.
    And you might want to pick up the notebook that guy with the
    Hitmontop dropped beforehand. You might want to head back to the
    pkmn center and withdraw any pokemon you may have gotten the
    dark bars gone from and purify them. If not... Fight the kid
    outside the pkmn center.

    Swellow Lvl 39
    Rhyhorn Lvl 39
    Sunflora Lvl 40

    Might I suggest you use your Entie here to lower his dark bar.
    Dark rush Swellow and use Misdreavous if you have it or Espeon.
    Either one should use Psybeam. Use Quilava if you have it to
    kill Sunflora or shadow ball if you have Misdreavous...or
    just dark rush with a dark pkmn...
    Now go east of the pkmn center and talk to the girl. When you
    have a choice choose the bottom option and she will give you
    a cologne case.

    Heal and save. Now I would suggest going somewhere and fighting
    a lot to lower your pkmn's dark bars and/or gain exp.

    When you are ready to go on talk to your partener's grandfather
    and the old man outside the entrance to the village. Then when
    you go out a new area should be open in the middle.

    [W1.8] ??? lab.
    Go there and you won't be able to do anything but you will get an
    Email. Head back to Pyrite city..

    Pyrite town
    Head over to the house with the secret room behind the bookshelf
    and go in the secret room. Talk to them and then leave for the
    police station. Walk up to the table in the side room and press
    A to get the key to the jail cell. walk up to the nearby cell
    with two prisoners and press A on the door and choose the bottom
    item in the list it opens to which should be your key. Walk up to
    the sleeping guy and press A to plunder a key. Head to the large
    building at the north of town right of the bridge before you cross
    it. Go right and go to the door and get the key which is now the
    bottom item on the list it opens up to when you select the door.
    Go down the elevator. YAY!...A slum city place...names Andaa...
    Oh well. a cut-scene will trigger going into the city and you will
    see the city and a run down TV with the reporter woman on it.
    Then some woman with gold wing looking things and weird hair
    sticking out sideways. At any rate skip past all this. Head south
    and then west to find a vending machine like those on top of the
    goldenrod, celadon, or Lilycove dept stores in the Gameboy games.
    You can buy water, soda pop, or lemonade here. Lemonade is the
    best because it is $350 and it heals 80 HP. Head back right and up
    to where you were and then head left past the woman and down the
    stairs. Go into the shop. You can buy a lot of stuff here
    Such as:

    Hyper potion $1,200 Heals 200 HP
    Max potion $2,500 Heals all HP
    Full restore $3,000 Heals all HP and all stats.
    Full heal $600 Heals all status
    Revive $1,500 Revives a fainted pokemon
    And some TMs:
    TM10 Hidden power $3,000
    TM14 Blizzard $5,500
    TM15 Hyper beam $7,500
    TM16 Light screen $3,000
    TM17 Protect $3,000
    TM20 Safeguard $3,000
    TM25 Thunder $5,500
    TM33 Reflect $3,000
    TM38 Fire blast $5,500

    This is some good stuff here!
    Head outside and south. Go left at the bottom and go into the
    hotel. Head upstairs and out the door south. Head east and into the
    poke center place and downstairs and talk to the kid. You will get
    a part. Head back outside to see another cut-scene. Head back to
    where the shop is and head west up the stairs. Talk to the kid and
    go inside. Head downstairs. Some talking will take place after
    which you should talk to the kid with no hat. Then head outside.
    They will ask about your PDA and get the equivalent of your phone
    number like on the g/s/c games so they can call you. Head east and
    you will see that kid again tied up again. Go save his butt...again.

    Shadow grunt:
    Ledyba Lvl 40 (Shadow)
    Spinarak Lvl 39
    Volbeat Lvl 38

    Confusion Ledyba to hurt him about a third of his HP.
    Dark rush Spinarak to take half of his HP.
    Repeat and Spinarak should die.
    Catch Ledyba and kill the rest. Dark rush/return Volbeat to death.

    Shadow grunt
    Arados Lvl 38
    Illumise Lvl 40
    Gloom Lvl 39

    Use fire if you have Quilava. Or use whatever. Dark rush and dark
    moves work well. Shadow ball will do well also. The bugs will
    kill your Espeon so keep it out of this one.
    Fire and ice work well on gloom.

    Talk to the kid in the prison VIA the indent on the side and he
    will give you something. Now would be a good time to save.
    Head north to the hovering hologram thing and press A. It should
    Be on an Item labeled R and UFO and stuff. Choose that.
    Head up to the hover thing and hitch a ride and then go forwards.

    Go inside. NOTE!: You should save your game before this battle
    as there is a dark Suicune which is one of the legendary dogs.
    You can't miss this one! I would also advise that you head back to
    the outskirts train shop and buy some net balls as these are more
    effective than an ultra ball on Suicune.

    If you are ready head inside.
    Head inside to see the press there filming that lady. Go into the
    room south to find 3 rare candies in a box! Sweetness! Talk to
    the jeweled lady to fight her.

    Cipher admin Venus:
    Delcatty Lvl 45
    Banette Lvl 45
    Steelix Lvl 45
    Vileploom Lvl 44
    Suicune Lvl 40 (Shadow)

    Your Umbreon will do well against Banette so use faint attack on it.
    Use Hitmontop or Makuhita against Delcatty. Beware banette's
    shadow ball as Espeon. Use Entie's fire blast against Steelix.
    Use the same on Vileploom. use faint attack/bite on Suicune.
    Or use secret power to take a small amount of HP away from it
    and possibly paralyze it... which is very good to do.
    Sunny day is also very useful.

    After beating her she will run away as will the rest of the people
    around. Pickup the notebook on the desk and get the TM45 from
    above the stairs. Now follow her down the stairs. The cheater
    took an elevator. Head back into the door and east up the stairs
    that are through the door. A poke center. Save! Now head back out
    where you saw her go down the elevator and take the rightmost door.
    Head down the stairs battling trainers.

    BATTLE 1!
    Hunter Frena:
    Teddiursa Lvl 37
    Jigglypuff Lvl 36
    Gilgar Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Shroomish Lvl 35

    Entie will take out jiggly with a fire blast and Teddiursa
    with the same. Gilgar will be injured by a dark rush
    from your new Suicune. Fire from Entie or Quilava will
    destroy Shroomish as will Espeon's psychic moves. Capture gligar.

    Battle 2!
    Chaser Liaks:
    Kirlia Lvl 37
    Gloom Lvl 36
    Roseleia Lvl 38
    Stantler Lvl 43 (Shadow)

    Entie's fire blast will toast gloom and Kirlia will die in
    a single faint attack.
    Toast the flower with a fire blast!
    Hit Stantler with bite to weaken it and capture it.

    Battle 3!
    Bodybuilder Lonia:
    Masquerain Lvl 39
    Dunsparce Lvl 39
    Octilery Lvl 38
    Piloswine Lvl 43 (Shadow)

    Use psybeam on Masquerain and faint attack on Dunsparce.
    Use dark rush if you want. It works ok for the most part
    here. Octilery falls victim to Bayleaf if you got it or
    an electric move. Hit Piloswine with faint attack a
    few times.

    Battle 4!
    Rider Nelis:
    Corsola Lvl 41
    Sneasle Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Loudred Lvl 41
    Seviper Lvl 40

    Bite works well at chipping down Sneasle's health without
    killing him so that a good thing to use. Use shadow ball
    on Corsola or use Suicune's dark rush to further lower its
    dark bars. Psybeam will KO Seviper. Loudred will die to
    Hitmontop if you have it or perhaps a psybeam.

    Go inside. Go in the far end of the train and then out the
    other side after getting the item north of the train.
    Now she will flee like the coward that she is but she will
    drop the key outside the door. I first thought this was very poor
    programming of water dripping on the floor which was treated
    as an object and you couldn't walk through it. But the sparkly
    thing is really the key. Grab it. Cool you now have the key
    to a large and powerful vehicle inside...SO START IT UP!!!!
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee
    Wow! New area...head left and see two grunts...They run off
    and suddenly blow the door. Head right of the door all the way
    to the end and get the up UFO key.
    Head inside. What do you know. A hole. The grunts will run off
    and then to your right is another sparkly thing on the ground.
    Get it! Head the train back to the first station.
    GO up the long stairs back to the top. All the way back to the
    room where you fought the shadow exec and outside. Go back
    one that hover platform and then use the UFO disks to go on.
    If you use the UFO disk you just got you would think it would take
    you on but instead the up disk takes you up to the second Celebi
    flute. You need the disk you got some time ago to go on. The F disk.
    Head into the Colosseum and SAVE! You've been here before! Now use
    the elevator! Head south to exit. Head to the middle area.
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    And Part two in another post. A big walkthrough.

    [W1.9] Shadow Pokemon Lab
    March right through the front door! Hit the lock on the left
    and use the key to do that. Head left and collect your prize
    from the box. Go in the right door. Go into the right room and
    trigger the other doors lock with the purple console.
    Go back outside and into the door. Save at the PC.
    Go right and through the maze-like corridors. Head downstairs.
    Keep going and you will fight a scientist.

    Researcher miron:
    Voltorb Lvl 38
    Voltorb Lvl 38

    Dark rush works well here as does faint attack. If you got
    Quilava he will have dig and that is a 1HKO for the Voltorb.
    One faint attack will kill a Voltorb or leave it with little
    HP. Finish it off.

    Oh look! HE dropped another key on the floor that you never
    would have seen had the bad guys not always polished their keys
    so much that they shine. Head back outside and to the right
    door. Open the door with the key and go down the elevator.
    Head left and down and go through the door. A shadow grunt
    will drop down and challenge you.

    Cipher peon Cole:
    Aipom Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Castform Lvl 41
    Remoraid Lvl 42
    Furret Lvl 37

    Now Im not usually like this but ummm...Whats up with
    castform...he looks...well...o_O Like its weird
    concidering that castform is a she...and it has...
    Castformchanges types so attack accordingly.
    Shadow ball Remoraid to death.
    Catch Aipom.
    KILL FURRET! I don't care how just DO IT!

    Go in the elevator.
    There is DNA on the counter so ummm...get it?
    Sneak past the scientist and up the stairs.

    Researcher coren:
    Electrode Lvl 40
    Magnemite Lvl 39
    Magneton Lvl 40

    Use dig/fire with Quilava while using helping hand with Espeon.
    These guys thunder hurts.

    Grab the thing on the counter.
    Head back up the elevator back to the start and
    this time head down. Head south and use the key
    you just got on the door. A shadow grunt
    Will fight you.

    Cipher peon lare:
    Nuzleaf Lvl 38
    Houndour Lvl 38
    Carivana Lvl 38
    Murkrow Lvl 43

    Flame the Nuzleaf with fire blast or something and dark
    rush/surf/dig the Houndour. Dark rush/Suicune's surf the Carvahna.
    Use bite on the Murkrow to weaken it for the capture.

    Head on south.

    Once you reach the bottom a shadow grunt will challenge

    Cipher peon Vana:
    Larvitar Lvl 40
    Swablu Lvl 40
    Fortress Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Zubat Lvl 40

    Combine your attacks to take Swablu out in one turn.
    A dark rush and another decent attack such as faint attack
    will finish it. combine both your attacks again to kill
    Larvitar. A psybeam should kill off Zubat and secret power
    will hurt fortress a little and could paralyze it.

    Head down the elevator.

    Head right and you will be faced with a shadow grunt.

    Shadow grunt:
    Ariados Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Rhyhorn Lvl 40
    Grovyle Lvl 42

    Combine your attacks to take out Rhyhorn and do the same for
    Grovyle. Two bits and Ariados will be very low on HP.
    Catch it.

    Head right all the way and collect the reward at the end.
    Head back then up and right. a shadow Grunt will fight you.

    Cipher peon Tanie:
    Granbull Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Vigoroth Lvl 39.
    Linoon Lvl 38

    Faint attack Granbull and psybeam Vigoroth with Espeon.
    Repeat. Faint attack Linoon. Repeat while throwing balls at

    Go back left and up. Sneak as close to the tanks as possible
    and you won't fight the scientist. Pick up another DNA
    something on the floor behind him. Head out.
    Head back to the two elevators. GO into the first one and head

    BATTLE: Researcher Kotan:
    Electrode Lvl 42
    Magneton Lvl 42
    Ampharos Lvl 41

    Quilava is invaluable here. Use His sunny day first off to make
    the enemies thunder only 40% accurate. Then use his dig and
    ember/fire blast(Magneton) to own them from the face of the

    Continue on...

    Cipher peon Remil:
    Vibrava Lvl 43 (Shadow)
    Swellow lvl 43
    Kadabra Lvl 42
    Kleon Lvl 43.

    Faint attack Vibrava to lower his HP for capture.
    Faint attack Kadabra to kill him in one hit.
    Use confuse ray on Kleon.
    Confusion or psybeam Swellow.

    Go through the next door and fight the grunt.
    To get through the door you will need to know the three pokemon.
    Those two DNA samples can go in the second elevator if you head
    back and the DNA machine will tell you the pokemon.
    I don't know if it is the same for every game or random but
    I got it in my first try even with only two DNA samples.
    I had Suicune, Mightyena, Misdreavous. Ill have an update with
    the location of the third DNA sample when I find it.

    Cipher peon Skrub:
    Hitmontop Lvl 38 (dark if you didn't catch him before when he
    was fighting pikachu. If you caught him before it will be a
    Wobuffet Lvl 42
    Clampearl Lvl 43
    Graveler Lvl 44

    Be careful of the Wobufet's destiny bond. Fear the power of
    teh wabba! Focus all your attack on him to KO him before he
    can destiny bond you because he has little speed.
    Faint attack and dark rush him.
    Use bite or dark rush on Hitmontop to weaken him.
    Electricity works well on the water type Clampearl.
    Psybeam works well on Graveler.
    Medicham will go down with psybeam as well.

    Go downstairs and see the bad guy erasing the computers.

    Cipher admin EIN:
    Altaria Lvl 46
    Lanturn Lvl 47
    Huntail Lvl 47
    Golbat Lvl 48
    *Entei* Lvl 40 (Shadow)

    Use confuse ray to make the others persons pokemon confused
    right off the bat.
    Use faint attack on Lanturn.
    If you have Suicune's ice move yet hit Altaria with it.
    Combine your attacks on Altaria.
    Kill Golbat with confusion or faint attack.
    Use faint attack and secret power to lower Raikou's health
    and capture him.

    Now he will run off leaving you victorious!
    Go through the elevator and head outside.
    You will get an email.
    Head back to Andaa

    [W2.0] The Under
    Head to that house with the kids in it with the sludge
    in front of it. Talk to the kid in the upper room. Now
    head to the construction site. SUPPRISE! Its built!
    WOW! What a joint!
    Next on the to-do list. Vacation for the rest of your life.
    But you can't do that now can you. So head inside.
    Prepare for some hard battling so get your best pokes with
    you. Heal and save and continue.
    Head left to fight Mirabo. The pokeball haired guy.

    Mirabo/Miror B:
    Loudred Lvl 46
    Ludicolo Lvl 44
    Golduck Lvl 45
    Ludicolo Lvl 45
    Sodowoodoo Lvl 35 (Shadow) Only if you missed it before.
    If you caught it before he will have:
    Armaldo Lvl 45

    Psybeam Loudred and use Suicune's ice beam or blizzard if you
    have it on Ludicolo.
    Faint attack Golduck and ice Ludicolo.
    Repeat the faint attack and ice the next Ludicolo. Lastly
    combine all your strength against Armaldo. Fire works well.

    Wow you got an item from him!
    Go heal and save. Return and take the right door.

    Whiscash Lvl 46
    Fortress Lvl 45
    Flygon Lvl 46
    Claydol Lvl 46
    Houndooom Lvl 47

    Use fire on fortress to KO him and confuse Whiscash.
    If necessary use fire again or if he used protect.
    Shadow ball and psychic Flygon out. Blizzard works best though.
    Shadow ball Claydol away or use Suicune's surf.
    Use Suicune's surf on Houndooom.

    End battle!

    Wow you got another ID!
    Head back and save and heal.
    This time go through the middle door in front of
    you. Tada. there are your saving and healing stations.
    Talk to the old man to watch him transform and battle you.

    Shadow grunt:
    Muk Lvl 39
    Beautifly Lvl 39
    Seviper Lvl 40

    Use psychic on Muk and surf to KO Muk and hurt Seviper
    and Beautifly.
    Finish Beautifly with a psychic and use surf also so
    it will finish Seviper.

    Continue on through the door to the left and then up.
    Two shadow grunts block your way. Fight the north one

    Cipher Peon Baila:
    Sunflora Lvl 45 (Shadow)
    Jumpluff Lvl 42
    Gloom Lvl 41

    Psychic Jumpluff and use surf with Suicune. The
    combined attacks will KO Jumpluff and weaken Sunflora.
    Use ice, fire or psychic on gloom. Entie, Quilava, Suicune,
    or Espeon will work well against it. Keep using surf to slowly
    weaken Sunflora. Swift from Espeon works well also.
    Remember you want to catch it, not kill it.

    Go into the room above you now.

    Wigglytuff Lvl 48
    Bellosom Lvl 47
    Raichu Lvl 48
    Misdreavous Lvl 47
    Milotic Lvl 48

    Psychic and faint attack Wigglytuff.
    Repeat on Bellosom or break out Entie and destroy her.
    Repeat on Raichu.
    Faint attack Misdreavous and psychic it or finish any
    other poke that may be alive still.
    Combine your attacks on Milotic and finish it!

    Wow! Another ID! Cool..-_- Go back and fight
    the other shadow grunt.

    Cipher peon Arton:
    Delibird Lvl 45 (Shadow)
    Piloswine Lvl 42
    Glalie Lvl 42

    Psychic Piloswine and faint attack him.
    Fire blast Glalie and that should KO him.
    A couple swifts will really lower Delibird's HP.
    That or one secret power. I got lucky with secret
    power and got Delibird to one HP and paralyzed him
    so that should work just as well.

    Heal and save and continue to the next "boss."
    This room in-between has four colored
    pokeball fixtures. Each of the Id things goes into
    one of these. You can put your three in now or go
    on and get the fourth first. At any rate On to the

    Manectric Lvl 50
    Pellipepper Lvl 49
    Rhyhorn Lvl 50
    Starme Lvl 49
    Crobat Lvl 49

    Quilava's dig will work wonders on Manectric and
    Raikou's electricity will "clip the wings" of
    Suicune will mop up Rhyhorn with surf or you could use
    psychic from Espeon.
    Starme will go down to Ampharos or Raikou's electricity.
    Another good move would be faint attack on Starme because
    it is also psychic.
    Crobat goes down to psychic or electricity.

    YAY! The last ID!

    Go plug it in! But wait! You got an Email from Kessy's
    Grandpa! Go back and speak to him. YAY! He gives you
    the masterball! The ultimate pokeball that catches any
    poke 100% of the time, no matter what! Save!

    Go put the final ID in the slot and go through the door.
    HUH? A shadow grunt gets in your way.
    Cipher peon ???!
    Shadow grunt:
    Masquerain Lvl 42
    Ariados Lvl 41
    Heracross Lvl 45 (Shadow)

    Psychic Masquerain and secret power Ariados.
    Psychic Ariados and secret power Heracross.
    Use swift and secret power to weaken Heracross
    for the capture. Catch it. Oh BTW. Don't use your
    masterball. Use conventional balls like the ultra ball.
    Odds are your secret power will have paralyzed it so
    an ultra ball should get it right away at low HP.

    Go ahead to get ANOTHER Email.
    Just go on and you will be in a room full of
    people aching for a fight.
    The first guy fights you.

    Trainer 1:
    Nuzleaf Lvl 39
    Graveler Lvl 42
    Hariyama Lvl 42
    Lombre Lvl 42

    Graveler goes down to psychic and Nuzleaf will die
    with a faint attack or two.
    Beware Nuzleaf's self destruct.
    Hariyama will go down in Nuzleaf's SD or in a psychic
    from your Espeon. Whichever comes first.
    A psychic faint attack combo will take down Lombre.

    go right and enter the door. you will hear a punching
    sound and a guy will fight you.


    Wigglytuff Lvl 43
    Loudred Lvl 45

    Confuse ray Loudred and psychic Wigglytuff.
    Loudred will go down in whatever. He is
    weaker than most of your pokes.

    Head left (not through the door) to fight another trainer.

    Quilfish Lvl 40
    Octilery Lvl 39
    Seadra Lvl 39
    Feraligatr Lvl 40

    All of these are rather weak. A good idea would be to
    use some dark pokemon and bring their dark bars down.
    Watch Feraligatr's hydro pump though.

    Head up to the guy in black next to the elevator and it
    seems that it is a guy that is on your side!

    Head in the elevator.
    Cool elevator...
    Wow! Finally you get to fight Jakira!
    Or not. She flees up an elevator...
    Head up to the elevators and run around
    and Helgonza, team snatch's leader will come down.
    He still isn't mad cuz you blew up his base is he?
    *gulp* Guess he is...
    Fight him.
    There is a secret healing room under the left stairs

    Shiftry Lvl 53
    Crawdaunt Lvl 52
    Hariyama Lvl 53
    Pincer Lvl 52
    Skarmory Lvl 47 (Shadow)

    fire blast Shiftry and zap Crawdaunt.
    Hariyama goes down to a psychic and
    pincer in a fire move.
    A psychic and a psybeam will severely weaken Skarmory
    for the capture. Capture it.

    Head out, heal, save and come back.

    Go up the elevator and You will be in an arena.
    Now you will do like before and fight 4 trainers
    in a row. Each have valuable dark pokemon so it
    would be wise to pack some ultra balls.

    Bodybuilder Jomas:
    Zangoose Lvl 45
    Miltank Lvl 48 (Shadow)
    Porygon 2 Lvl 45

    Use Suicune's surf to hurt both pokes and faint attack
    on Zangoose. Repeat.
    Fighting will work well on Porygon or psychic.
    Swift works well to weaken Miltank.

    Rider Delan:
    Absol Lvl 46 (Shadow)
    Sharpedo Lvl 47
    Mightyena Lvl 46

    Zap Sharpedo and secret power Absol to weaken it.
    Kill Mightyena with a surf/secret power combo.
    Capture Absol.
    Cipher peon Nella:
    Houndooom Lvl 48 (Shadow)
    Torcoal Lvl 47
    Mascargo Lvl 46

    Use secret power and surf to start. The surf
    will severely injure Houndooom and Torcoal and
    the secret power will finish it. If you have
    leveled up your Suicune much surf will KO Houndooom.
    So if you have use another move on Torcoal.
    Mascargo goes down to a water move.
    Catch Houndooom.

    Cipher peon Ston:
    Tropius Lvl 49 (Shadow)
    Craydilly Lvl 48
    Vileploom Lvl 48
    Cacturn Lvl 49

    Shadow ball and faint attack Craydilly to hurt it.
    Use secret power on Tropius to weaken and paralyze it.
    Catch Tropius
    Vileploom goes down in a single psychic.
    Finish off Craydilly.
    Burn Cacturn or ice it.

    You win!
    Your pokemon will be healed now and Jakira/Nascour appears.

    Xatu Lvl 54
    Gardivour Lvl 55
    Blazikin Lvl 54
    Walrain Lvl 56
    Dusclops Lvl 55
    Metagross Lvl 50 (Shadow)

    Faint attack gardivour and use surf.
    Use psychic on Blazikin or use surf.
    Use thunder on Walrein.
    Use faint attack on Dusclops added to a psychic.
    Confuse Metagross.
    Swift and secret power can safely weaken Metagross.

    End battle!

    Then the mayor will attack you. HES THE BIG BAD GUY!

    Cipher head Evice:
    Slowking Lvl 61
    Machamp Lvl 61
    Scizor Lvl 60
    Salamence Lvl 60
    Slayking Lvl 60
    Tyranitar Lvl 55 (Shadow)
    Aggron Lvl 60

    Psychic Machamp.
    You should have leveled up Entie to at least Lvl 45
    by now and lvl up and purify Tropius.
    Use them at the beginning and use sunny day with Entie
    and solar beam with Tropius if either tyranitar, Aggron,
    Slaking, or Slowking are out. If your Tropius's level
    is above maybe 55 don't use solar beam as that will kill
    Tyranitar. Feel free to use it on any of the others
    mentioned. Or:

    Use Metagross and Espeon at the beginning. Use their psychics
    to clear out anything but Slowking.
    Slayking, Machamp, Aggron, Tyranitar, and Scizor can't take to
    much of that.

    Or use Entei on Scizor.

    Fire blast/flamethrower Scizor.
    Psychic/blizzard/ice beam Salamence.
    Psychic Machamp.
    Psychic Slaking
    Sunnybeam Aggron and Slowking.
    Catch Tyranitar.

    If you die which you probably will level up some and
    then come back. And purify some useful pokes. Metagross
    for example. It took we a while though. I got 78251 EXP for
    Metagross when I finally purified it, it took so long.
    Metagross loves darkness I guess.

    The two cops run up as do the spy kid and the buff guy.
    And the girl’s Grandpa also WITH HIS PIKACHU!!
    Looks pretty bad for the mayor.
    No pokemon and against 6 people. I guess he will surrender.
    NOT! Come on! Have you ever seen an evil mastermind surrender?
    Watch the cowardly mayor do as all baddies do and flee.
    Crud he has his chopper and he is going to escape....Or will he.
    Suddenly Ho-oh comes flying in and shoots down the chopper
    with his trademark move, Sacred fire.
    Sit back and enjoy the Sacredfireworks...Heh heh.

    The end of RPG mode...
    Now go catch all the pokes you missed.

    [W2.5] Snagging the rest
    After the credits you will find yourself in the train shop.
    You will receive an Email.
    As you head outside you will receive another.
    Go to the under and talk to the computer kid and he will tell you
    that people now link to your PDA.
    Go to pyrite town and talk to the first guy you see.
    He will offer you info on shadow pokemon if you can beat him.
    Kick his...>_>..rear end...
    He will tell you that another trainer used a shadow pokemon.
    The one he tells you about depends on the G/S/C starter you picked.
    If you picked Quilava he will tell you about a Crocanaw.
    If you picked Crocanaw he will tell you about a Bayleaf.
    If you picked Bayleaf he will tell you about Quilava.

    YAY! A new area opened up!

    Head to the team snagem hideout that you blew up in the beginning!
    Time to finish the job!
    Head inside!

    He will tell you the name of the trainer with the dark poke.
    There are loads of trainers to fight here.
    I trust you can handle them on your own till I get around to writing
    them all down. Find the ranger.
    Some of the trainers in here have dark pokemon, if you missed them before.

    Keep an eye out for items in here.
    There are a ton of them.
    As you are messing around in here you should get one or more new Emails.

    Most of the trainers you can walk past and don't have to fight.
    Also things lying around on the ground can be picked up.
    If you see a large broken machine with pokeballs scattered around on the floor
    you can pick the pokeballs up and keep them for future use.

    Blue ranger:
    Grumpig Lvl 54
    Crocanaw Lvl 30 (Shadow) *its a water type. Use a net ball*
    Muk Lvl 55
    Camerupt Lvl 53

    Now head to pyrite.
    You will receive an Email.
    Now head to The under.
    You will receive another Email.

    go talk to Nett. (the computer kid)

    Now go talk to the trainer he tells you to.
    He will battle you:

    Wailord Lvl 56
    Wailord Lvl 56
    You know the drill.
    Electricity or grass works great.
    Psychic will also toast them.

    Now he will tell you about a pokemon with the dark pokemon.
    Head to the shadow pokemon lab.

    Dear Strongbad! how do you type with boxing...Err I mean
    Actually its saying that the ranger is at the lab you just arrived at.
    Head inside and beat about 6 trainers before finding the blue ranger
    where you fought the admin before.
    Fight him.
    Bayleaf Lvl 30
    Spoink Lvl 59
    Sharpedo Lvl 60

    Head to the snagem hideout
    Stop off to heal if you need.

    Read it.
    Head inside VIA the entrance on the left.
    But it won't let you! Shucks!
    head inside normally.
    Remember. If ever you get stuck and can't figure out what to do,
    leave the area, go to another area, and come back and that should
    get you to the point where you can continue.

    You should find some trainers in the snagem hideout that were not there before.
    Beat them.
    2 of them have dark pokemon.
    One is Smeargle, the other is Ursaring.
    Snag them.

    Head into the bosses room of the snagems hideout.
    You will find Helgonza/Gonzap waiting for you.
    Beat him up and he will leave threatening you.
    Pick up the rare candies and full revives in the corners.
    (press A on the red box in the lower left corner of the room and press
    A towards the lower right side of the room)
    Pick up the UFO disk that is sparkling on the desk.

    Head out to the under.
    From the pokestation/colosseum head south and
    outside. Give the old man his teeth if you have them to get the L UFO disk.
    Take the UFO down and heal and save.
    Enter the colosseum 4 times each time winning a HUGE cash prize.

    You will fight all of the cipher admins over once more.
    Mirror B is the fourth trainer of the first match.

    Dakim is the fourth trainer in the second entry.

    Venus is the fourth trainer of the third entry.

    Ein is the fourth trainer of the fourth entry.

    The colloseum king is the fourth trainer in the last entry you will have
    to make. He has a dark Shuckle.

    Mirabo/ Miror B:
    Ludicolo Lvl 68
    Ludicolo Lvl 68
    Ludicolo Lvl 69
    Exploud Lvl 67
    Armaldo Lvl 69

    Trainer 1 in the second entry:
    Sneasle Lvl 60
    Jumpluff Lvl 61
    Electrode Lvl 60

    Sneasle goes down to fire or fighting.
    Jumpluff is weak. 'Bout anything will do the trick. Use fire or psychic
    or something.
    Electrode goes down to ground.

    Trainer 2 in the second entry:
    Delibird Lvl 62
    Marshtomp Lvl 61
    Walrein Lvl 61

    Delibird goes down to ice or electric and Marshtomp goes down to grass.
    Walrein goes down to grass or electric.

    Trainer 3 in the second entry:
    Azumaril Lvl 62
    Medicham Lvl 62
    Linoon Lvl 63
    Natu Lvl 62

    Azumaril goes down to electric or grass while Medicham will go down to
    psychic or ghost.
    Linoon goes down to a fighting move and Natu should be hit with ice.

    Claydol Lvl 63
    Solrock Lvl 64
    Flygon Lvl 64
    Swampert Lvl 65
    Houndoom Lvl 65

    Water is your friend here. Both Solrock and Claydol go down to surf.
    Flygon will go down to ice but Swampert is a bit tougher.
    You need to hit him with grass.
    Houndoom also goes down to surf.

    Trainer 1 in third entry:
    Machop Lvl 60
    Machoke Lvl 60
    Ursaring Lvl 61

    Both Machop and Machoke go down to psychic.
    Ursaring goes down to fighting.

    Trainer 2 in third entry:
    Graveler Lvl 61
    Wigglytuff Lvl 62
    Wailmer Lvl 63
    Donphan Lvl 61

    Both the first go down to fighting type moves.
    Wailmer goes down to electric. Donphan to water.

    Trainer 3 in third entry:
    Spinda Lvl 62
    Delcatty Lvl 62
    Granbull Lvl 62

    Spinda goes down to whatever. Fighting or ground.
    Delcatty goes down to a fighting type move as does Granbull.

    Blissey Lvl 65
    Raichu Lvl 63
    Dusclops Lvl 64
    Meganium Lvl 64
    Milotic Lvl 65

    Raichu goes under in a ground attack and Blissey will die with a
    fighting attack. Dusclops will die to dark or ghost and Meganium
    goes to a fire attack.
    Milotic is weak against electric.

    Trainer 1 in the 4th entry:
    Nuzleaf Lvl 60
    Volbeat Lvl 60
    Beautifly Lvl 60

    Use fire on Nuzleaf and Beautifly.
    And Volbeat...
    ....and Jumpluff...

    Trainer 2 in the 4th entry:
    Lanturn Lvl 60
    Exploud Lvl 61
    Octilery Lvl 61
    Lairon Lvl 60

    Use grass on Lanturn and fighting on Exploud.
    Use electric on Octilery.
    Use water on Lairon.

    Trainer 3 in the fourth entry:
    Swellow Lvl 62
    Marshtomp Lvl 63
    Crawdaunt Lvl 62

    Swellow goes to ice or electric.
    Marshtomp goes to grass.
    Crawdaunt is weak to electric.

    Admin Ein:
    Manectric Lvl 65
    Mantine Lvl 63
    Rhydon Lvl 63
    Gyrados Lvl 64
    Crobat Lvl 65

    Manectric will go down to ground while Mantine is super
    weak against electric.
    Rhydon goes down to water.
    Gyrados is also super weak against electric.
    Use psychic, electric, rock, or ice against Crobat.

    Trainer 1 of last entry:
    Nincada Lvl 64
    Horsea Lvl 63
    Shuppet Lvl 63

    Use fire on Nincada and dragon on Horsea.
    Use ghost or dark on Shuppet

    Trainer 2 in the last entry:
    Kecleon Lvl 65
    Misdreavous Lvl 64
    Kadabra Lvl 64
    Seadra Lvl 65

    Kecleon goes down to a fighting type attack or whatever his type changes to.
    Misdreavous goes down to dark or ghost.
    Same for Kadabra.
    Seadra goes down to dragon or psychic.

    Trainer 3 in last entry:
    Mawile Lvl 66
    Relicanth Lvl 67
    Murkrow Lvl 68

    Relicanth goes down to grass and Mawile to fire.
    Murkrow goes down to electric.

    Deep King Agnol:
    Girafarig Lvl 68
    Sableye Lvl 69
    Shedinja Lvl 68
    Kingdra Lvl 70
    Skarmory Lvl 66
    Shuckle Lvl 45 (Shadow)

    Girafarig goes to fighting and Sableye to dark.
    Hit Shedinja with any ghost, rock, fire, dark, or flying
    attack because these are the only thing that can hit it.
    Skarmory goes down to fire. Use water or fire on Shuckle
    till it is at low HP and snag it.

    Go to different areas and you will get Emails including one
    that has photos of you beating up people with a shadow Togitec.
    Eventually you will get an Email saying to watch TV.
    Do so.

    Head to the train town eventually and there will be there....
    Fight you!
    Milotic Lvl 68
    Houndoom Lvl 68
    Gyrados Lvl 68
    Manectric Lvl 68
    Armaldo Lvl 68
    Togitec Lvl 20 (Shadow)

    For this one bring out a pokemon with ground moves and one with electric.
    Houndoom goes to water or ground and Milotic to grass or electric.
    Manectric goes to ground and Gyrados to electric.
    Use fire on Armaldo and false swipe on Togitec.
    Catch Togetic.

    YAY! You have all the dark pokemon!
    Now purify them!

    His real name is Fein. He is the master of disguise.
    How do you like the job he did! Your reputation is totally trashed.

    Now you should have a whole heap of money saved up by now.
    Use it to buy scents to massage all your pokemon with.

    After you purify all of the Shadow Pokemon you will get an E-Mail that shows a pic of Ho-oh. Ho-oh will be in your PC.
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