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The Combatants Cup

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Someone is a little biased, aren't they?

But anyway, I won't let myself get nervous this time....stupid me.

you're right, must predict against own team


Definition of insanity
Your Team: Golden Eagles (Eaglets now without our former core of 3 ;-; )
Opponent's Serebii Username: big beluga
Opponent's Team: french name with badass
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): L 0-2
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): L 0-3
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): n/a

Thanks for agreeing to get this outta the way early, now come on eagles and gl fatty!


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nervous in pkmn, ha
I don't know what happened. Usually, I'm just fine, but in the last two battles, adrenaline hit me like a truck. I was able to feel my heart beating. In a pokemon battle.

Though I did stay calm in my battle against Psycho Cut...


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I'm super sick but ill try to get my match done as quick as possible.


Just letting everyone know I won't be available for the next day and a half to get my match done. Shouldn't have any problem getting my battles done this week though.
you're right, must predict against own team

Indeed often people predict against their own teams not because of hate, but because of sense. A soldier who would question a suicide order is more valuable than one who would follow it blindly.


Creamery Commander
Here are the week 5 CFL matchups. remember, these are NOT battles to be done.

[0] Team tsumigi-chan vs. Team Eliteknight [20]
Jets [0] : [0] Alcatraz
Psycho Cut [0] : [20] Big Beluga
Voice Of The Forest [0] : [0] Suhnny
SoulMuse [0] : [0] magicmonkey

[0] Team OrbrunnerX vs. Team The Mysterious Stranger [0]
Rhonder [0] : [0] guerrilla radio
Scorch_The_Breeder_Dude [0] : [0] prohawk
The Mysterious Stranger [0] : [0] Eliteknight
BestGamePearl [0] : [0] ShowMeTheMankey

[0] Team Extroph vs. Team Chidoriuser [0]
jirachiuser1 [0] : [0] Dr. Chaos
~Ace [0] : [0] sparkbeat
TrainerChris [0] : [0] ElxlceL
dewhinifier [0] : [0] BLUES.

[0] Team CrystalNinetales vs. Team firestar319 [0]
CrystalNinetales [0] : [0] Lunar.
Rairyan [0] : [0] Montresor
Shadow♠ [0] : [0] miror
mcdanger [0] : [0] Extroph

Bye: Team Woebegonenick


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If all goes according to plan, I should be fighting Ninja Eevee any moment now...

Edit: I guess not. Well, I've got all day. I guess I'll just stalk is profile until he gets on. I just need this done today, or I'll probably have to wait until Friday.
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Does someone have a link to Shadow's profile for me since I don't feel like searching through 1500 people who have shadow in their name.


De-le-le wooooooooooop
Staff member
Does someone have a link to Shadow's profile for me since I don't feel like searching through 1500 people who have shadow in their name.

Kots has links to everyone's profile in the OP under where it shows the teams
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