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The Combatants Cup

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Creamery Commander
In-Team Substitution:
The Regal Renegades substitute Jets for Alcatraz

Off-Team Substitution for the fellowship:
Rhonder has dropped out of the tournament. D-Bray is his replacement.
Your Team: glls
Opponent's Serebii Username: Sheps
Opponent's Team: The Human Scolipedes
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): W 5-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): W 3-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): -



Creamery Commander
Due to real life time consumption, Alcatraz has been forced to step down as Captain of The Regal Renegades. He will still be on the team. BLUES. will take his place as captain.

That is all. Carry on.


Une Equipe de Badass substitutes Bendy001 in for Montresor, since Montresor is the biggest john in existence.
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Your Team: Une equipe de badass
Opponent's Serebii Username: justinjiaxinghu
Opponent's Team: Golden Eagles
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): W 2-0 GG
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): l 1-0 GG
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): l 3-0 gg sort of


class on my back
Your Team: The Golden Eagles
Opponent's Serebii Username: Burnttoast
Opponent's Team: Une equipe de badass
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): L: 2:0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): W: 1-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): W: 3-0 (Lots of burnhax with Scalds this match in my favor, and that turned the tables a bit)

and confirming


Well-Known Member
Ah great, I just seem to have the best of luck getting this battle done. I got on and found that Ninja Eevee was on, he left a moment later.

Unless he gets on again today, tomorrow will be our last chance...


Wanna battle?
contacted twiddle for 72 hours - no response

also visited CC xat and stayed till 3am local time which he did not appear on


Wanna battle?
Your Team: Une equipe de badass
Opponent's Serebii Username: Twiddle
Opponent's Team: The Golden Eagles
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): 6-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): 5-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): N/A
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guerrilla radio

war of change
Your Team: The Regal Renegades
Opponent's Serebii Username: Sparkbeat
Opponent's Team: Aces of Frost
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): 0-3 L
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): 4-0 W
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): 0-3 L

should've been 3-0 but pkmn init, ggs! (avenge me jets pls.. i know i'm ****ed if i ask jets to help)
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Your Team: Aces of Frost
Opponent's Serebii Username: Guerrilla Radio
Opponent's Team: Regal Renegades
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): W 3-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): L 4-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): W 3-0

Decent amount of hax in the first game, not too much I believe in the second game, and tons of hax my way in the third game. Sorry bout that last game :/
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Well-Known Member
Your Team: The Fellowship
Opponent's Serebii Username: Ninja Eevee
Opponent's Team: The Weather Warriors
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): 3-0, win.
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): 3-0, win.

I have redeemed myself! And I didn't get nervous this time...the last two times must of had to do with the CG falling or something.

Ninja Eevee

Haunters Gonna Haunt
Your Team: Weather Warriors
Opponent's Serebii Username: Zachmac
Opponent's Team: The Fellowship
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): L;0-3
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): L; 0-3
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): N/A

I made lots of school boy errors, good play on zachmacs part GGs
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