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The Combatants Cup

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Creamery Commander
And so ends Week 6. Here are the activity/coin flip results of the matches that affected the outcome of the week:
Alcatraz/Jets V. TDoyle18 – Alcatraz had to sub out due to being busy, Jets never came on. TDoyle18 was on and made efforts to battle with Alcatraz. Activity win to TDoyle18.

Tormented V. snivy trainer – From what I saw, neither party really tried to make the battle happen. As such, to a coin flip it goes. Tormented will be heads, snivy trainer will be tails.
Flip 1 – Heads. Tormented leads, 1-0.
Flip 2 – Heads. Tormented wins, 2-0.

That concludes the important activity/coin flips this week. Matches that were not mentioned did not affect the outcome of the week.


The following are the final results of week 6. Details on individual matchups can be found in the Week 6 spoiler in the first post.

[2] Tequila Sunrise vs. The Shield [0]

[1] The Regal Renegades vs. The Aces of Frost [2]

[0] The Lost Ones vs. The hellfire hydras [2]

[1] The Golden Eagles vs. Une equipe de badass [2]

[2] The Goo Lagoon Land Sharks vs. The Human Scolipedes [1]

[2] The Fellowship vs. The Weather Warriors [0]
I now announce the matchups for Week 7 of The Combatants Cup. A similar list will be found in the first post.

The Shield vs. The Regal Renegades
rairyan V. BLUES.
Crazy Bolts V. guerrilla radio
Wolfondiamond V. Jets

Tequila Sunrise vs. The Lost Ones
TrainerChris V. Eliteknight
Psycho Cut V. legendofsqay
chidoriuser V. SoulMuse

The Aces of Frost vs. The Golden Eagles
ElxlceL V. justinjiaxinghu
Sparkbeat V. Twiddle
masterkojondo V. Grassmaster411

The Hellfire Hydras vs. The Goo Lagoon Land Sharks
SneaselFTW V. jirachiuser1
mcdanger V. Suhnny
miror V. Spiderman123

Une équipe de Badass vs. The Fellowship
BurntToast V. D-BRAY
Montresor V. Zachmac
bendy001 V. Voice of the Forest

The Human Scolipedes vs. The Weather Warriors
Sheps V. ShowMeTheMankey
ptz V. Ninja Eevee
Prohawk V. the3rdH0kage

You have until 12:01 AM GMT -5 on Saturday, February 23rd to get your matches done. Best of luck.
CFL Week 6 will be published shortly. I’m in South Carolina so have limited internet access. Expect them up by Monday at the latest. Remember that you can change your lineup until the first battle of the week is posted.​
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EZ Target?

You Lack Da Moxie
Pm sent to miror.


Creamery Commander
There, weather warriors lineup for the week has been fixed. Sorry for making one mistake over the course of this whole tournament.

Here are the matchups for week 5 of the CFL:

[-1] Team tsumigi-chan vs. Team Eliteknight [92]

[0] Team OrbrunnerX vs. Team The Mysterious Stranger [7]

[70] Team Extroph vs. Team Chidoriuser [47]

[42] Team CrystalNinetales vs. Team firestar319 [26]


The matchups for week 6 of the CFL have been posted.
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Just VM'd Prohawk :3

EZ Target?

You Lack Da Moxie
Your Team: goo lagoon land sharks
Opponent's Serebii Username: miror
Opponent's Team: hellfire hydras
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score):win 4-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score):win 3-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score) -


De-le-le wooooooooooop
Staff member
Your Team: Hellfire Hydras
Opponent's Serebii Username: spiderman123
Opponent's Team: Goo Lagoon Land Sharks
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): L 0-4
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): L 1-3[R]
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): -

GGs I guess, first game all I can say is PO is horrific, and the second one reminds me of why I shouldn't be playing 10 minutes after I wake up.


Your Team: GLLS
Opponent's Serebii Username: McDanger
Opponent's Team: Hellfire Hydras
Battle 1 ( w/l/d; score): W 5-0
Battle 2 ( w/l/d; score): L 4-0
Battle 3 ( w/l/d; score): W 4-0

gg ily bby
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