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The Comic-Makers' Academy

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by Blivsey, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    (Approved by MS)


    It came to my attention that there has been no attempt up until now to create an organized way of teaching inadiquate comic-makers to make up-to-snuff comics. However, I, Oblivion the eight hundred and seventh, am here to change that. I have organized this Comic Academy to teach the uneducated comic authors of these forums. With the support of those named below, I have (successfully) appealed to have this academy created. I thank all who read this for bringing in those who need improvement for teaching. The cirriculum is explained below.

    With all due respect,

    Origional supporters:
    Damian the Duck
    Power Shot
    Controller of Flames
    Devil G

    Academy Cirriculum

    The academy will be incorporating a system of master-student work in its teachings. Each master, chosen from a list of available, respect-worthy authors, will take the student and teach said student how to create up-to-snuff sprite comics. The general five categories that must be taught are as follows:

    Resource Creation - The making of spritesheets and backgrounds and how to use others' sprites in a non-thieving manner.
    Story - The creation and incorporation of storylines in a sprite comic and what makes a good plot. Also how to link plots together into story arcs and revolve them around a central theme.
    Characters - How to create believable, Mary-Sueless characters and develop their personalities correctly. Also includes character interaction and properly-handled cameos.
    Humor - How to properly think up and use the main focus of a comic, the main focus being to create laughter. Also includes appropriate vs. inappropriate and funny vs. dull jokes.
    Maturity - How to use proper grammar and avoid creating comics with a noobish quality. Also how to interact properly within a topic and maintain the comic thread.

    Once the Master believes that the student is ready, all the available Masters and the Founder will be brought together and the student will be given a final test. For the test, the student will create three comics revolving around a theme that a panel of judges chosen by moi chooses. The guidelines are only that the comics are about said topic. The rest of the choices are up to the student and his/her style. Naturally, the judges will be using their toughest criticism. If a student passes, (s)he is awarded a diploma from the school and is expected to create top-quality comics. If not, (s)he is sent back with a new master for more training. As long as new masters are available, the student may comtinue to try again. Students with diplomas that produce subpar comics will be face tougher consequences.

    With that, you must complete a form before you are tutored. Nothing terribly challenging.

    Name: Username. Not difficult.
    Style: What style of comics you wish to make (pokemon overworlds, megaman-styled sprites, hand-drawn, etc.)
    Requested Master: You may request to work under a certain master. However, if the master selected is inadequate, I may assign you a master.

    NOTE: There is no concrete list of Masters. Good comic-makers may be pulled to do mastering duties.
  2. Kauser79

    Kauser79 Kauser il più grande

    Can I join the acadamy? I've always wanted to make comics...

    Name: Kauser79 (Or just Kauser, or K79)
    Style: M&L: SS
    Requested Master: Umm... Blueguy maybe? No requested master.

    *Hopes to be accepted*
  3. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Well, Blueguy is banned, so no help there.

    I know a guy that works with Superstar Saga sprites a bit, I'll see if he can voulenteer time.
  4. Kauser79

    Kauser79 Kauser il più grande

    Cool! I can't wait 'till I get help... I've tryed to make comics before, but I've never posted them because I can't come up with good jokes. *Feels unfunny*
  5. Blues

    Blues Monkey Dragon

    I suppose I can be trained in sprite comic school...

    Name: Blues
    Style: Rockman (Megaman) sprites
    Requested Master: I don't really know, anyone is fine as long as they are good...
  6. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Blues, I know a jolly old soul who'd be glad to have you. Hold on while I find out if he's available...

    I'll get you Sponge, Occurrence, but you'll have to tell him what kind of backgrounds. Not exactly my choice of a tutor, but whatever.
  7. Blues

    Blues Monkey Dragon

    You're assigning to to Santa Claus? Well, ho ho ho!

    I see this just got stickied...
  8. Kauser79

    Kauser79 Kauser il più grande

    No, I believe s/he said...

    I believe that's Old King Cole... :D

    Anyways, what's the name of my master, if you've found them yet?

    And w00t to the sticification! :club:
  9. Infinity

    Infinity Gone...

    Whee stickied! Anyway, I'll be glad to lend my services, but I only draw my stuff, I don't do sprites, but I can do humor.
  10. Flygon

    Flygon Guest

    I can only assist for a short period of time (winter break.) While I can, though, could I teach maturity?
  11. Controller of Flames

    Controller of Flames Taking Care

    Oblivion pass my exertice to any megaman and/or pokemon comics.

    A note that should be added: You don't have to pass this thing to vecome a comic maker, but you will recieve a great amount of respect.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2005
  12. Sakim

    Sakim Darkness Is Rising..

    Name: Sakim
    Style:pokemon Overworlds, Mario Comics.
    Requested Master: Any one but make them nice!

    Also I've made some comics and some didn't stay on the front page so I'll need some help there.
  13. Solid Kirby

    Solid Kirby Back, I guess.

    I received the PM, and I'll be able to help. =)

    So, how does this work? Do we do it through PMs, or what? I'm curious to know.
  14. Kauser79

    Kauser79 Kauser il più grande

    I figure it's Pm'ing... Doesn't look like Oblivion's on right now, though.

    And I just noticed, that quote in you're sig is from my thread! o_0
  15. Sora

    Sora AKA Snagger Outlaw

    Oh yeah, I forgot to PM you about supporting this. You can add me as well.
  16. Mackenzie

    Mackenzie Guest

    Yeah im interested in making a good comic.

    Name: Mackenzie (or Mac)
    Style: Overworld Style (Pokemon FR/LG and R/S/E)
    Master: no idea.
  17. Silver Fusion

    Silver Fusion Hyper Coordinator

    Name: Silver Fusion
    Style: Hand Drawn
    Requested Master: Does it matter?

    I've got a few ideas for my comic but I'm a bit confuzzled over the whole ordeal. I got a book about drawing manga a few days ago it should help.

    If any one needs help with Overworld Spriting you can ask me. I ran a request shop once and have completed many sheets.
  18. Smeargle

    Smeargle Trash, anyone?

    Name: Smeargle
    Style: Pokemon overworlds, please
    Requested Master: Anyone, really.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2006
  19. elitesnake

    elitesnake Guest

    Name: elitesnake
    Style: Pokemon Overworlds
    Requested Master: Controller of Flames
  20. Dafearo(svensk)

    Dafearo(svensk) Voodoobear

    Hope I don't gets any homeworks...

    Name: Dafearo(svensk) or D(s).
    Type: Overworld.
    And I could accept anyone aslong as the'yre good...
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