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The Coming War

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Superpower Emboar, Sep 15, 2011.


Who needs some more narration time in the next chapter?

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  1. [​IMG]

    This Is my first Pokemon FanFiction, so please, bear with me as much as you can.

    This is just the very long prologue. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is rated Pg-15 for language, violence, gun references and a few sexual themes.

    Alex Ignis: The main protagonist of The Coming War, he is a Fire Trog partnered with Emboar. His powers began appearing earlier in his life then what is expected, he can be cocky and hot-headed because of this. Alex is a quick-learner and is considered smart. He belongs to Group A of the class of Trogs that this story follows the life of the most. He is the first to figure out multiple problems. Currently in the Story he is in a relationship with Sarah Fulmen, and was once in a relationship, but now a close friendship with Lacy Green, as he was the first to greet her after she was taken forcibly to the Academy.

    Sarah Fulmen:

    Blake Fulmen:

    Justin Miras:

    Lacy Green:

    James Verrat:




    [ Prolugue]

    There is something you may not quite grasp about the world of Pokemon.

    While most children are trainers and begin an adventure with Pokemon. Less are born with the ability to efficiently use a Ranger’s capture styler and make a lifetime protecting nature with Pokemon.

    Around one in a thousand children are born with a tattoo like symbol on their hands.

    There is one for every type of Pokemon, making seventeen total.

    These children have very special destinies, and are taken at five years old to an academy hidden in some obscure corner of the world.

    They are then trained to bond absolutely with one Pokemon forever.

    When the master dies the Pokemon will die, unless captured in a Poke ball instantaneously when the master dies.

    The masters are an elite group that can combine at will with the Pokemon and battle with it as well as if it were its own hands.

    Another name more people know is the Trogs, if you see a strange tattoo never reveal that person as a Trog for then you will go missing forever.

    Many children wish they were born a Trog and even color tattoos on their hands so they might be taken, but alas a Trog can always tell the difference.

    Once every year my father would watch in horror as one or two of his friends was taken from the beautiful public school in Castelia city.

    One day his younger brother was taken, this absolutely devasted my father and he vowed to never let this happen again to any of his kin.

    He dreaded the thought of this life for a child and this prevented my parents from having children for several years.

    When my Mother came home pregnant for the next week all they did was research rumors about preventing Trogs.

    My elder brother was born a . . . perfectly healthy baby.

    This luck continued for a set of twins, a boy and a girl, and my parents had all but forgotten what would happen to children born with tattoos on their hands.

    When my mother was pregnant with me, odd things began happening.

    Wherever she would go the family Growlithe followed her, whenever she went outside at least one Pokemon would be watching over her.

    One day when walking home from the Grocery store a mugger with a knife jumped out and said, “Give me the purse!" Pressing the knife to her front. "Hey, you’re kind of hot. . .” He said with an amused look whilst groping himself.

    “Come with me! Right now!!!” He said and pointed his arm towards a shady looking hotel.

    “Oh no. No. NO. NO.!!!!” She said and tried to run.

    He grabbed her hair and put the cold, sharp and deadly knife tightly against her neck, drawing blood.

    “Don’t fight! It will only hurt more.” He then began to cut off her dress straps.

    “Oh Arceus! Someone help me please! I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!!!” She shouted this and began crying.

    Out of nowhere a Gallade dropped down behind him and quietly sliced off his head.

    A Braviary quickly swooped down and picked up the sobbing woman while two Rufflets grabbed the groceries and purse.

    Seven months later I was born with a small symbol of fire on my palm and the back of my right hand….


    The Man woke in a cold sweat, he stared down at the back of his hands where the symbol for the psychic Pokemon type sat on the back of his hand.

    He was the most powerful Trog alive, or so he thought. . . He then looked at the Gallade that had chosen him as a six year old at the first year graduation.

    He used one of his most finely tuned powers to share the vision he had just had with his partner.

    Gallade saw the short brown haired boy, in a Fire Trogs uniform and an Emboar behind him ready to go into battle.

    The young man held out his palm and appeared to go into the body of his partner.

    Being a Trogs partner he could see the Trog inside the Mega Fire Pig Pokemon moving all Their limbs in unison.
    The Emboar then used a series of moves together which cause his feet to sink into the ground before a tall pillar of earth rose from beneath and shot him into the air.

    At the height of the launch he turned on flame and wild charge together to encase his body in several layers of fire and electricity before falling to the ground like a meteor.

    The crater left over was massive and at least half of what appeared to have been an army of enemies now lay dead from the blast.

    The Trog looked up and smiled crazily, which had a great affect with the Emboar’s tusks included.

    Gallade broke free from the vision and saw his Master scanning his PC for a Fire Trog with an Emboar as a partner, but there was not one that had stayed good.

    All reported Emboar Trogs were Evil. . . . .
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  2. I finished the first chapter because i assumed no news is good enough to continue the story so here it is.

    [Chapter 1
    ~Title in the making~ ]

    My name is Alex.

    I live with my mom and dad in Castelia city and just started school in the Castelia Public School District. I like this school better because I don’t have to ride over to Nacrene city every day in our families very slow car.

    I’m a little different from th average five year old, no matter what happens in the scrimmage battles at school, no matter what pokemon I use I just can’t help but win.

    My oldest brother at ten years old, Rick, is a total D**k.

    I remember saying that in school and almost being expelled.

    After all, Four year olds shouldn’t grasp the meaning of that word according to the teacher; I guess I’m just smart.

    Anyway, I was born with a tattoo like symbol of a flame on my right hand.

    That is likely the reason Rick is so mean to me at all times, I never get a brake!

    It started with him doing things like locking me out of the house, pushing me off slides and making fun of me every chance he got.

    One day, during a family pick-nick he went to far, though technically he was only guilty of not choosing my life over his.

    We found an old warehouse that made a napalm-like substance and I immediately began to try to eat this substance.

    Rick knew enough to not let me eat that, but seemingly didn’t notice when a Charmander walked in and set fire to a window curtain as he walked by.

    With all the flammable chemicals I am surprised nothing blew right away but soon the fire spread and silly three year old me thought it was pretty and began clapping.

    When Rick realized that the whole place was about to go he shouted, “Run You idiot! Run!”, and Sprinted from the Room.

    He had just ran about 200 feet away when the blast shook the ground instantly incinerating everything within the building and a small surrounding area.

    Parents and Rick ran in after Rick explained the situation as well as a eight year old fearing punishment can.

    They soon found the charred remains of the Pokemon that had been inside and me, perfectly fine and crying because the pretty lights were all gone.

    After this my parents gave up being overly-protective and realized that I would soon leave, for a completely un-known world.

    My second oldest sibling Matthew and me are great friends.

    He, at Seven, and his twin sister Katelyn, who prefers Katie or sometimes if she knows you well Kate, are very protective of me.

    They go out of they’re way to explain how special I am and that I will do great things when I’m older. On my fifth birthday I got so many great gifts and was so happy!

    My mom threw two great parties, one my friends went to and one my Relatives and a strange man in a black suit came.

    Everyone at my second party was crying especially my parents, Man! They were so emotional it was almost embarrassing.

    I had never seen the man in the black suit and trench coat before but something told me I would see him again, And at some point I though I glimpsed a fire symbol on his hand too but it was hard to tell.

    After cake I opened my cards, my Grandparents read, “Stay strong Alex. You will do many, many great things I just know it! You may not understand but very soon things will start changing so rapidly you will no longer know which way is up, I’m afraid but you will understand it all one day. Be strong and write if you can. We love you!”

    I wasn’t sure what was happening but I knew something big was coming and I would need to stay strong.

    I then ran over and gave my Grandparents a huge tight hug and said thank you.

    I finished all the other cards from relatives in a similar manner and they all basically said the same thing of how they would miss me.

    When I thought I was done the only man there that was not directly related to me got up handed me a card, touched my hand, and walked out the door.

    As soon as he was gone I opened the card and it said, “My name is Lukas and I will see you very soon. We will get to know each other better, this I promise.”

    I thought this was an odd thing for a grown man to tell a child but I did not go into much thought about it.

    When the party quieted down my grandfather, who by far was one of my favorite relatives, patted my brown hair and said, “I’ll miss you little Trog”

    I assumed it was just a new nickname he was going to try and didn’t think about that either until I was in bed that night and remember the one time Rick had defended me.

    A six year old boy as tall for his age as he was dumb, was calling me bad things my first day of school clearly jealous of the thing on my hand and he shouted, “Why are people who actually deserve to be Trogs born normal!!”

    As he said it he pushed me down and I did the dumb move and attempted to catch myself with my hands, injuring my left arm.

    Him and his posse stood over me laughing until Rick jumped in and began fighting with the bully.

    I had never seen my brother as upset as when he spun around and kicked the bully in the face.

    He was knocked out and I had to wear a cast until the week before my birthday but something had changed, now whenever I looked at Rick he was finally my big brother, not just a bully himself.

    After remembering that day and thinking about how great my birthday had been I finally succumbed to sleep.


    It has been a couple months since my birthday and it was almost time for the end of November.

    I ran all the way home from school because I had really big news.

    When I got home my mom had a worried look and my father had a bottle of scotch beside him.

    My parents aren’t normally like this so I knew something was wrong, though if I asked they would just say, “Oh it’s nothing.”

    When it came time for dinner I couldn’t take it anymore so I started, “A man came to sc. . .”

    Rick cut me off by running in and saying, “I am sorry I am late, the field trip to hoenn was soooo cool I signed up for the league and got this mudkip!!!!!!!”, he said while holding an odd, blue and orange, fish type thing.

    “Oh how nice. When will you be leaving?” said our mother.

    “Soon. Maybe next week.” Rick replied.

    “What happened to you Alex?” Kate Inquired.

    “That man from my birthday came and said tomorrow I can go on a trip and I need to tell everyone goodbye!! Isn’t this cool!!??” My entire Families Jaw dropped before I was even done.

    My father opened a fourth bottle of scotch and said. “He stopped by here too. You’re going to be taken away from everything you’ve ever known because of practically a birth defect. YAaAaAaAay!!” He said drunkenly.

    I asked what he meant but instead of answering he took a few large gulps of alcohol, burped then fell over, passed out.

    My mom and Kate started balling their eyes out, Matthew looked uncharacteristically upset, and Rick looked shocked beyond belief that my news had caused this and his news had been completely trampled under mine.

    I started crying and soon my family including Rick was standing around me saying things would turn out okay.

    That they would write every day, and I would be the best Trog there ever was and I would do so much good.

    The rest of the night we spent talking about family and after my dad cleaned himself up he went into town for my favorite dessert that apparently I would not see for a very long time, a casteliacone.

    I heard so many stories about my siblings and my parents, I almost lost control and started crying again when mom told the story about the scar on her neck.

    Up until now I had no idea how she got it, now I wasn’t sure I even wanted to know.

    We stayed up until around 10:00 pm when I finally fell asleep and my father carried me to my bedroom like he once did so often but now that seems like forever ago.

    I only woke up once to see my Parents still downstairs crying.

    I tried to stop it but I could not hold back the flow of tears that soon came.

    I closed my eyes and cried myself to sleep, anticipating and fearing the day to come. . .
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  3. Here is the second chapter. though apparently no one wants me to have any feedback, please comment!! any criticism is good criticism.

    [Chapter 2
    Goodbyes and a Gift ]

    I woke up to Growlithe sleeping beside me with his head on my fire symbol. He only does this on nights he cannot sleep and is upset about something.

    He woke up to yawn and asked, “Growl?”

    I hoped this meant, 'Are you okay?' but it more than likely meant 'Where is breakfast?'

    I jumped out of bed and saw my parents, already downstairs cooking breakfast.

    I glanced out the window and saw Rick playing with his Mudkip, while Katelyn and Matthew were packing a backpack. I took a mental picture hoping that this moment would not end.

    After about thirty seconds Kate rushed in holding the backpack out to me saying, “You can carry this, right?”

    I put it on my back and smiled knowing this was a going away present for me.

    I set the bag down and went for some waffles, with extra syrup just how I like it.

    My family soon joined me and we were all having a great time.

    Growlithe was eating from his bowl with Mudkip when Mudkip’s fin started pointing towards the door at the same time as Growlithe lifted his nose and pointed at the door.

    There was three short knocks and I jumped up to see who it was.

    What I found was a note that said, “Alex, come to Liberty Pier without any Pokemon or anything but one pair of clothes, at nine A.M sharp. Only direct family can come to say good-bye. We do not want to take him, especially by force, but we will. Your son will do many great things, this I can assure you.”

    That note sent me hurdling back to earth as I realized in forty short minutes I would quite possibly never see the people in this house again.

    I brought the note back upstairs for my parents to see, as well as my siblings.

    A somber mood came over the Dining room as we finished breakfast in silence.

    When we finished I put on my favorite shirt and started to say goodbye to the house, while my Family got ready and Matthew put Growlithe on a leash.

    As one we began walking towards Liberty Pier, my mom crying every step of the way.

    We arrived at liberty pier and I saw two boys and a girl with their families.

    I recognized them from school as my friend Justin, who had a water symbol, a guy named Phil who had what looked like a fault line symbol, who I assumed was ground and Kasey who loved showing off the feather on her hand stating she was a flying Trog.

    I saw Lukas standing on the ramp of a very large passenger plane beckoning for us, the last four to arrive from Unova.

    I went to Rick first and I started to shake his hand which he always aid was the “manly thing to do but instead he grabbed me in a huge hug and started sobbing.

    I walked to Matthew as Lukas became agitated and walked closer.

    I hugged Mat and he told me to be sure and write as often as I could.

    I hugged My Sister Kate and she broke down just like the others had and locked me in such a tight hug I could not breathe.

    I was Bending down to say goodbye to Growlithe when Lukas now standing behind me said, “Hurry along, I don’t want to rush this but we need to go now.”

    This made me mad as I bent down and pet Growlithe’s nose.

    I had been Petting him for about twenty seconds when Lukas grabbed my left arm and tried to pull me up while saying, “Come! On!”

    I shouted, “NO!” and suddenly the symbol on my right hand glowed red hot and Lukas let go of me.

    My entire hand started glowing and suddenly, so did Growlithe.

    I watched in awe as he evolved before my eyes.

    Suddenly he shone and yelled, “ARCAAAAANINNEEE!!!”

    Lukas took several quick steps backwards then grabbed my hand and studied it saying, “Impossible, It takes years of training to gain that power.”

    Matthew asked, “Uhhh how did that just happen? Noone put a firestone in his breakfast, did they?”

    Lukas spoke up, “A Trog has the power to act as an elemental evolution stone, it takes many, many years to learn but somehow your brother just unlocked that power.”

    Rick said simply, “Awesome. . . “

    I asked while the six foot, formerly Growlithe stood behind me, “May I please finish saying goodbye now?”

    Lukas grumbled something about him needing to do some paperwork now and walked back towards the plane.

    As he walked away he said, “in five minutes if you are not on that plane I will tranquilize you and carry you on myself.”

    I looked up at Arcanine’s large Head and reached up to pet him while saying, “Be good old pal, enjoy being big.”

    He tilted his head towards me so I could scratch his chin and he got a gleeful look in his eyes.

    I stopped scratching his chin and felt several tears fall to the pavement.

    I went to my parents and hugged them very tightly, while my mom kissed the top of my head and my dad patted my back.

    They said, “Always remember, we will always love you. You'll always be in our hearts and thoughts.”

    I hugged them once again before walking away.

    As I was walking up the planes’ ramp crying I looked back one more time to see my wonderful loving family then disappeared inside the plane. . .

    I took a seat next to a brown-haired, greenish blue eyed girl and a boy that looked very similar before staring out the window. I couldn't keep my eyes off the large red and black striped Pokemon I had just evolved. I noticed several people staring at me before realizing they had all seen what I just did.

    “Hi I’m Sarah. I live, or lived in Verdanturf town of Hoenn. Do you live in this humongeous city? By the way, what did you just do?” The girl next to me suddenly said.

    “Sarah stop pestering him, he just said goodbye to his family. Sorry about her. Im her twin brother, Blake.” The boy next to Sarah said.

    “Oh it’s fine. My name is Alex and somehow I called on one of my powers and evolved my families Growlithe into an Arcanine.”

    “That’s so cool!” Sarah said.

    I noticed a small lightning symbol on her and Blakes hand and asked, “Are you Electric. . . Trogs?”

    Blake said, “Yep, and you are a Fire Trog Right?”


    We began talking like this and soon everyone on the plane knew everyone else, I introduce Justin to Sarah and Blake and we noticed about a hour later when we stopped in Orre and after some waiting a boy walked in.

    This process went on and they showed multiple shows throughout the day on large television screens.

    Toward the end of the day I got bored with the movie I had seen so many times at Kate’s insistence and started staring at the door every time we landed yet no new Trogs had got on since around five in the afternoon.

    By the time two movies had gone by and it was close to nine at night and we landed in Sinnoh for the sixth time I finally realized what was happening, the pilot was flying sporadically so that it was difficult to follow us.

    Around 9:30 I noticed most of the kids asleep when a tall dark haired girl walked in followed by a Hypno she raised her hand and tapped her symbol twice.

    My right hand raised involuntarily and all of the other childrens hands raised also some gasped but almost none of the already asleep children woke up and I assumed that was because of her Hypno.

    I looked up at my hand and saw it was glowing red like fire while Justin’s let out a water-like blue and Sarah’s and Blake’s shone bright yellow and blue in a strobe like fashion.

    The lady at the front then began muttering to herself, “Two Electrics, Three Fires, Two Waters, Two Dragons, and one of everyone else.” She double, then triple checked her counting before walking back to the pilot’s cabin muttering, “All twenty two safe and sound.”

    I pondered this for a moment then decided to sleep I said, “G’night Sarah, Justin, and Blake. Talk to you in the morning,” and fell asleep in my chair.

    I woke up to Justin shaking me awake and saying, “look!” and pointed out the windows.

    There, quickly approaching was several islands with one large island in a central location of the group.

    I Realized then all the kids have been asleep so not one of us knew how to get back to our home regions.

    When I saw a massive campus near the middle of the largest island I realized that this, foreign place was my new home.


    Magnus sat in the principle’s office of the Trog academy reading the email report sent by Lukas on the young Fire Trog Alex using his power while saying good bye to his pet Growlithe.

    He pushed down the intercom button and said, “Would Jeremy Striefer please report to my office immediately.”

    “Hello.” Jeremy said as he and his partner Magmortar walked in and took a seat.

    “Jeremy read this.” Magnus said as he handed over his laptop with the e-mail still on the screen.

    As Jeremy Read his eyes got Larger as he read each sentence.

    “But how, I am graduating soon and that power doesn’t even come easy to me.”

    “I think his powers are developing quickly. That’s why I need you to see if any of his other powers come out when put in stressful situations. Don’t hurt him but maybe push him around a little.”

    “This is odd, but okay I’ll do it.” Jeremy said after sighing.

    Jeremy walked out planning how he would go about doing this.

    Magnus’s Gallade Teleported in and nodded once to tell him the new Recruits had finally arrived he stood up, smoothed out his clothes and walked out to greet the five year olds he was about to put through hell. . .
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  4. This is the first chapter that takes place in the academy. Enjoy! (it is long)

    [Chapter 3
    Welcome to your new home, whether you like it or not. ]

    Lukas came to the front of the plane with a Typhlosion following him loyally, and announced, “You must get in to teams of five and then we will assign you each a wing in the first year dormatories. Now go.”

    Of Course Justin and I instantly teamed up while Sarah and Blake joined us to make a total of four.

    I saw a girl sitting in a dark corner of the plane still crying with bruises on her hands and her dress dirty and disheveled. I remember picking her up around noon the day before in mahogany town of johto.

    I walked up to her and asked if she would like to join our group.

    Between sobs she said, “Yes I would.”

    I grabbed her hand and led her to the rest of our now fully formed group.

    “Hi, I’m Blake. What’s your name?”

    “Lacy” The girl said releasing one final sob.

    “You know how on the note it said we will take your child by force if necessary? They were not kidding.” Lacy said and put her head in her hands.

    I looked up at Lukas and realized he didn’t want this for any of us and as Lacy explained how her father tried to keep her, as she was the only family he had left after her mom died giving birth, He was close to tears.

    I looked at him and we locked eyes for a moment before he asked, “Does everyone have a group of five people they can get along with for thirteen years? If your group is formed come up to me and I will assign you a wing. You are to go to your room, put on a uniform the same color as you’r type then come down to the auditorium. You have twenty minutes and First impressions are very important so do not be late!”
    As he finished My Group and I were already near him and he said, “You are the first done so you will be Wing A, Third floor of the First year building.”

    “Thanks.” We all said with the exception of Lacy who simply glared at him.

    We walked off the plane and I saw many kids greatly varying in age with all sorts of Pokemon Trailing behind them.

    They all had a colored shirt with the elemental symbol on their shoulder and white or black pants on.

    I took it all in with awe, when I noticed a dark blonde haired boy that was probably seventeen walking straight up to me with a Magmortar Behind him.

    He stood in front of me and said, “Well, well, well do you think you pathetic little babies are going to become trogs? Well I will tell you right now you will never amount to anything.” He said while snickering.

    “Let’s see, a little Ice girl, what happened Princess, The plane ride get bumpy? Hahaha. Oh woooow two Electric twins who probably think they can do something actually productive in their lifetimes. Oh and a pathetic little water Boy. Whats the matter? You not like me calling your friends worthless Sparky? Haha” The Boy Said.

    I realized the “Sparky” comment was directed at me and suddenly he picked me up and shook me while saying, "I am the only Fire Trog that will ever amount to anything, you are just a waste of space and air!"He said and dropped me to the ground.

    I was fuming, no literally there was smoke coming out of my hair and the teen asked, “Oh did I hurt your widdle feewings?”

    The baby talk was the last straw, out of instinct I pulled my arm back and when I pushed them forward sparks shot out of my finger tips and palms.

    My group Looked terrified and amazed at the same time and I saw a man staring from the Entrance to the school deeply thinking.

    I looked down at my hands and stared, until I heard the bully say, “So your powers are already developing. Odd. Sorry about that, someone wanted me to test if stress is allowing you to access your powers before they are developed. My names Jeremy and this is my partner Magmortar. I didn’t mean anything I said and I’m sorry especially to you.” He said as he turned to Lacy.

    “I understand what happened to you better than anyone, I was taken by force also.” Jeremy said.

    Lacy replied by saying thank you and Jeremy showed us to our floor and rooms.

    He waited outside so we could change then he was going to take us to the auditorium for orientation, which he was a part of.

    It took me three tries to find the room with a Fire uniform sitting on the Bed and I stepped fully in to my room.

    It had a Queen size bed to one side and a large flat-screen TV. With video games hooked up.

    I also noticed a P.C with an account already set up for me but of course, there wasn’t a single pokemon in my system.

    I checked the emails and there was only one describing when I needed to report to the auditorium.

    I put on my uniform which fit me perfectly and walked outside.

    Lacy was outside talking to Jeremy, Justin and Blake were talking about when they thought we would get partners and Sarah was in the corner trying to get her hand to create Electricity.

    Jeremy Noticed me and said, “Come on. We have five minutes.”
    I closed my door and our group fell into step behind Jeremy.

    Lacy already liked him more and more and I hoped he would continue like this until we were fully acquainted with the school.

    On our way down I saw the other first year groups, and one group with only four people.

    Jeremy led us out of the Dorm and into the biggest building, which I assumed was the school and main building. I was right, he led us through some more halls and into the auditorium.

    He sat us in the front row, then walked up the ramp and took a seat next to a guy with a Gallade standing err, floating next to him, Lukas who was petting his Typhlosion, and talking to the Hypno Lady.

    Soon we were all in the room and the Gallade guy began, “Welcome, you were all born with special talents. Many of you know that you are resistant to the element correspondent with the symbol on your hand.

    You have been split into two groups of five with two groups of six. For the rest of your life the people in this room are your family.

    I am the owner and principle of this academy, this is my partner Gallade and I am a Psychic Trog. This is Jessica, Her Partner Hypno and She is also a Psychic Trog. This Lazy Bum is Lukas, his partner Typhlosion and you all know him.
    This Fire Trog next to me is our most prized pupil, Jeremy and his partner Magmortar. I’m going to let him take over for a while before he decides which team he wants to Big-Brother For.”

    “I’m Jeremy. Trogs Have Several powers. The most notable is fusing with your pokemon to have full control over them. This only works with a pokemon you have bonded so closely with they willingly share their bodies with you. Next year when you graduate to Second years you will Receive a partner but more on that later. I guess you want to see this. Am I right?”
    Every new Trog in the Audience shouted, “Yes!!”

    Jeremy turned to face Magmortar with his hand outstretched.

    Several red lines that looked like fire started spinning around his hand and suddenly he flew inside the body of his Partner.

    Jessica jumped up and with a smooth voice said, “We now bestow you your very first Trog power, the Ability to see a fused Pokemon.”

    The three Eldest Trogs held hands and their hands shone very strongly and suddenly . . . every Symbol in the audience began glowing together.

    When they stopped glowing, I looked at Magmortar who stood smirking with his hands crossed over his chest and he became translucent so that I saw Jeremy standing in the exact same way inside of him.

    Suddenly Jeremy moved his legs and Magmortar started walking in the exact same way.

    He laughed then did a back flip and Magmortar did one in perfect sync with him.

    “This power can be turned on and off with little thought, try to turn it off now by thinking about it.” Magnus said.

    Immediately Magmortar became solid again and I did not see Jeremy at all.

    Jeremy showed off a little more then jumped out of Magmortar.

    We continued talking for a few more hours about other powers, like the stone mimic, the control over the elements, the healing of pokemon of our type and so on until close to 5:00 in the afternoon.

    We were all tired, having only stopped to eat lunch around 1:00 when three other teenagers came in, a boy and two girls.

    The Boy had a Garchomp and was Dragon while Girl 1 had a Milotic and was Water and Girl 2 had Venomoth and was Poison.

    “Please Each of you pick one of the groups.” Magnus said.

    Jeremy pointed to us, winked and said, “I want to big-brother group A.”

    The Garchomp Boy, Bret wanted group C.

    Alice, with Milotic wanted Group D, and Group B went to Jean, the Venomoth girl.

    We took tours and ate for the rest of the day and at around 7 Jeremy told us to follow him to the Arena, he had a match against Bret.

    We ran after him and his Magmortar and as he ran in one entrance he told us we had reserved seats in the front and pointed to another entrance.

    We ran up the stairs and suddenly stopped.

    “Wooow.”, Blake said even though we all were thinking it.

    The arena was basically a very large football stadium with fewer seats and instead of yard lines there were trees, sand dunes, ponds, rocks jutting out and other obstacles spread throughout the Arena.

    We took seats in the front row which was only around ten feet from the fighting arena and watched as Bret walked in with Garchomp holding his hands up.

    Many of the Students cheered and several Pokemon let loose attacks into the air.

    Then Jeremy walked in with Magmortar and caused so many of the girls present to scream 'We Love You!' and around double the number of Bret’s fans applaud.

    My group joined into the clapping when suddenly Jeremy and Bret’ partners got into a fighting position.
    Jeremy held up his hand in unison with Bret and a hush came over the crowd.

    The Opponents Fused with their Pokemon and then ran at each other.

    An audible Gasp Came over the first year’s as our Trog vision came too us as they fused.

    I watched like this for a second to orient myself that this is basically two humans fighting then turned mine off.

    I looked at Lacy who still had hers on apparently and saw her pupil’s were dialated and were glowing light blue instead of black.

    I looked at my friends and saw that if they had Trog vision on their pupils were they’re elemental color rather than black.

    I looked back towards the fight and saw Jeremy collide with Bret with Cross Chop to Bret’s Brick Break then Bret used Stone Edge and send Jeremy flying against a wall.

    Jeremy stood up, shook himself off and started running back towards Bret.

    When he was halfway there he stopped and launched a fire blast, an orb came out of his mouth, and two arm cannons, fused above Bret and fell on him exploding on impact in a massive array of fire.

    After recovering Bret dove underground and all you see was Garchomp’s fin as he began circling Jeremy.

    I knew Dig would hurt Jeremy very badly especially with all the momentum Bret was building up when Jeremy made a fist and punched the ground, which made shockwaves come out, this sent Bret flying out of the ground and Jeremy jumped up above Bret and unleashed a Hammer Arm right on Bret’s back.

    Bret lay in a crater as Jeremy came back down to the ground, using flamethrowers from his arms to slowly drift back down.
    Bret slowly tried to stand so Jeremy used one final Cross Chop to finish him as the audience began applauding.

    Bret crawled out of Garchomp, made his symbol glow and suddenly Garchomp was full healed.

    Jeremy did the same, than they walked out talking, “When did Magmortar learn Earthquake?” Bret asked, clearly surprised at this new move.

    “Yesterday around lunchtime I went to the TM vending machines and. . .”

    They walked out of earshot and I noticed People were starting to file out.

    My group jumped up and started to walk towards the exit when Jeremy appeared with Bret and together they beckoned our two groups over.

    We walked back to our Dorms while Jeremy discussed the battle with Bret.

    Jeremy had a room right next to the stairs and said good night when we arrived at our floor I looked in as he was walking in and saw his room was complete and a little bit bigger than ours and I also noticed his room was set up like he had always lived there.

    I realized then that whoever worked here must have moved all his stuff to this room during the Battle.

    I walked into my room and found a piece of paper sitting on my bed.

    It was clearly my schedule, it read
    1st – 3rd: school
    4th: Braviary
    5th: Early Trog Powers
    6th: Early Fusion
    7th: Fire Study
    I didn’t understand the separate hours part or why a class was simply called 'Braviary' but I decided I would need sleep so I put the schedule on a desk and went to bed after brushing my teeth.

    I layed in bed missing my family a little more with each passing second, so I got up and tried to send an email from my P.C but it apparently had a connection problem.

    Frustrated I went back to bed and fell asleep, once again anticipating the day to come.


    Sarah sat at her P.C.

    She had already attempted to send an email to her parents and discovered the same thing Alex had.

    She settled for emailing her brother good night and now sat at her Pokemon storage screen wishing for her Plusle to appear.

    Even after staring at the storage for thirty minutes missing her Pokemon so much it still did not appear.

    She powered down the P.C and went to bed with tears in her eyes.

    Sarah stared at the ceiling and reminisced how she met her best friend Plusle that fateful day before going to sleep. . .
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  5. This is some Back-story for Sarah. I'm having a little bit of writer's block so Comment below on who I should do some Back- story for next. (i don't know how to host a Poll) I'm going to do, Magnus (his academy years and how he came to be the Principle), Lukas, Jessica, Justin, Jeremy, Lacy. I'm not sure about Bret as he might soon become very minor compared to the others. Here is the Back- story i promised. Enjoy! Credit to: Sarah Jane. Yes Sarah is based off of her

    Ever since I was little, I had a special bond with Electric-type Pokemon.

    When I was very young, I wandered off from home and was attacked by a wild Mightyena.

    It pinned me on the ground, snarling. It was obviously protecting its Poochyena; had I known I would've never gone near it.

    I cried out for help.

    No one came to my aide.

    All of a sudden, I saw a red blur out of the corner of my eye.

    Out of nowhere, a strong bolt of electricity hit me and the Mightyena.

    The Mightyena howled in agony, and fell to the ground, whimpering.

    It was badly singed, and it lay on the ground, paralyzed and twitching.

    I, however, was unharmed.

    I looked towards the direction where the bolt had come from, and saw a small, mouse-like Pokemon standing there.

    She cautiously walked over and studied me.

    I reached out to touch her, and she shocked me.

    She cocked her head in puzzlement when she saw I was unaffected.

    “Plah?” She said.

    I held out my hand and she put her head up to my palm.

    She felt a small shock from my hand.

    She backed off, startled, but unaffected, since she was an Electric-type Pokemon.

    I showed her the lightning bolt tattoo-like pattern on my hand.

    She smiled and released sparks from her red cheeks.

    “Plah plah!” She crawled into my lap, and I petted her gently.

    Then, from out of the forest I saw a whole group of Plusle, obviously her family.

    These Plusle were much bigger, and one of them stepped forward.

    “Plah! Plusle plah!” It cried.

    It was obviously timid, since it didn't try to approach me.

    The Plusle in my lap frowned and ran over towards the other Plusle.

    She looked back one last time, then disappeared into the woods.

    I reluctantly walked back to Verdanturf Town.

    I had wanted to play with that Plusle longer.

    My brother, Blake, ran outside and looked at me.

    “Mom and Dad are gonna be mad at you for running off!

    What happened to your clothes?” He pointed at my singed clothing.

    There was a lot more damage to them than to me.

    I shrugged and walked inside.

    My mom and dad gave me this whole spiel about how I shouldn't run off without telling them, and that they were worried sick about me.

    I told them all about my encounter with the Mightyena.

    Their faces turned pale, until I told them about how a Pokemon had saved me.

    I described the Pokemon to them. My dad wasn't happy.

    He said he didn't want me hanging around that wild Pokemon.

    My mom touched his arm and said that Plusle weren't dangerous, and that I always had that ability I had to keep from being hurt by an Electric-type Pokemon.

    I didn't understand.

    My mom took my hand and pointed to the lightning bolt on my palm and back of my hand.

    She told me that would protect me from any Electric-type Pokemon.

    She then took my brother's hand and showed that he had the same pattern on his hand.

    She told us we were both born with it, but she didn't think we were old enough to understand.

    I didn't really, but I did understand that my brother and I were “special” in a way others weren't.

    The next day, my brother and I left and began walking through Rusturf Tunnel to get to the trainer's school in Rustboro City.

    He and I were laughing and talking excitedly about the day to come.

    The wild Whismur in the cave became unsettled by our commotion, and began wailing.

    A giant blue Pokemon began to charge at us.

    It was screaming and hollering, getting angrier by the second.

    Out of nowhere, the same Pokemon that had saved me the day before ran up and stood in front of me.

    She was accompanied by a similar Pokemon, but differed in several ways.

    This Pokemon was blue and white, with minuses on his cheeks and a minus-shaped tail.

    Plusle was red and white, with pluses on her cheeks and a plus-shaped tail.

    The blue and white Pokemon stood in front of my brother.

    My Plusle and the Minun both unleashed an Electric-type attack on the wild Pokemon,

    Plusle's being yellow, Minun's being blue, and it fell.

    I scooped up my Plusle, and my brother scooped up his newly acquired Minun and we ran towards Rustboro City, never bothering to look back.

    The day has come when my brother and I must leave home – my parents say we can't take our Pokemon with us.

    I hug Plusle tightly, and cry.

    Plusle begins crying, too. My brother and Minun are by the door, saying their goodbyes.

    My brother holds Minun's small paws in his hands and tells Minun that he'll be back someday, and tells him not to worry.

    I tell Plusle she's my best friend, and to never forget the adventures we had.

    I tell her I'll be back someday, and she smiles through her tears, giving me a playful shock.

    “Plusle...” She wipes a tear from my cheek with her paw and we hug again.

    My mother hands both me and Blake a lava cookie, our favorite snack from Hoenn.

    I'll miss these cookies; they've always been my favorite.

    I break off a piece and give it to Plusle, and she nibbles it slowly.

    I put her down, Blake and I wave one last time, and walk outside.

    I inhale, taking one last whiff of Verdanturf air.

    The smell of flowers, and no volcanic ash whatsoever.

    This is by far the best town to grow up in; it always will be.

    "Plusle plah!" I turn around and see Plusle bounding up toward me.

    She jumps on to my shoulder and rubs her cheek to mine, letting loose sparks.

    This surprises me; only Electric mouse Pokemon with extremely close bonds to their masters perform behavior on them as they would another Electric mouse Pokemon in the wild.

    She's accepted me as one of her kind.

    I tear up and hug her.

    I'm going to miss her so much. I quickly put her down and run to the plane, fighting back tears...
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  6. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    Yea First reveiw!!! I loved the story plot and line however I am not very good at English and did not see any grammer mistakes.

    I was fuming, no literally there was smoke coming out of my hair

    The baby talk was the last straw, out of instinct I pulled my arm back and when I pushed them forward sparks shot out of my finger tips and palms.
    Yea thats gonna hurt!!!

    Really the only sugestion that I have is to make it a bit more commical and funny!

    But over all I would give this a 9.9/10

    Keep up the great work!
    If you are going to make a pm list then please add me :)

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    I like the plotline, but, below are a few lines that need to be changed:

    I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea.
  8. @Blatoise: Thanks for the review and i'll make one right now.

    @DNLADiagram:I agree with a few of your changes but . . . 1. Why would i glare at Arcanine? its odd sentence structure so i will fix it but i'm not going to glare. 2. I have seen my X-Step-Dad down five bottles of scotch no probem, well besides the hangover but still. Scotch is more primarily Drank from glasses, not shots, (also from experience) You were most likely thinking of Tequila. That is why i am keeping that one the same (when there is an alcohol reference please only correct me if you are 100% sure. several people in my family are alcoholics so i know my way around Booze). I agree with you're other changes but am still iffy on the impreganted versus pregnant with it, is the same meaning basically but if it makes it easier to understand I will change it.
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    Well. This is pretty good. The only thing that I have to say is that you capitalize some verbs and you don't capitalize some names. Example:

    Out of that, your fic is great. I always liked Steel Pokémon. You favourite type is Fire, right?
  11. Thank you i am pretty bad with capitalization. i'm adding the Fourth chapter right after i mess around with my King Mewtwo for a little while
  12. FieryLucario

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    Well, I'll tell you what I think about this.
    -You need to use capitols correctly
    -you did pretty good with this one but there are some parts where you need to start a new paragraph everytime a person speaks

    Also, be careful where you go with this fan-fic, the beginning was a lot like mine (with people with Pokemon powers and such, and the moves part) and with the people with Pokemon types. But if it doesn't go the direction that I think it's going, it might be good.
  13. @ Fire. . . Aruseusudjfg aww screw it. anyway i read your fanfic and No, our stories differ in too many ways for them to be alike. Trogs cannot use pokemon moves, just control the Element that correspond with their type. Ex: Jean can make poison erupt out of the ground and send acid spray from her fingertips, while Alice could control water to do her bidding. That is all, No moves just (to quote an awesome show that isn't around any longer) Bending and fusing.
  14. This is the longest chapter by far so enjoy.

    [Chapter 4
    Torture and School Breakfast ]

    Felix lowered the pistol to the Trogs head, “WHERE IS THE SCHOOL!!!”

    The Trog looked over at his Skuntank who was slowly bleeding out.

    Soon he would have no reason to live and would die, so why give this monster the satisfaction of knowing where to find all the other Trogs?

    He smiled to himself and asked, “What’s wrong? Did you forget where it was after you decided to become a Trom? Oh Yea! You did!”

    Felix grinded his teeth, then swung his arm back and hit the Poison Trog in the back of the head.

    “How can you even stand yourself you monster! Magnus trusted you! And you took that for granted and betrayed us all.” The man said as he watched his Skuntank struggle to keep breathing.

    “He’s the monster! We should be Kings! Why should we be forced into hiding! An Army of us could destroy anything any region’s army could throw at us! We are better than all the regular trainers combined, and that is fact. I will ask one more time. Where is the School! I need to get rid of the weak links in our race and you can help. Just tell me how to find the school!” Felix said and pulled back the hammer of the pistol.

    As the life seeped out of his Skuntank the Trog smirked and said, “If you were a real Trog, you would know you piece of ****!”

    Felix had enough. He fired two quick shots into The Trogs head and laughed as the blood splashed on his face.

    Felix’s Honchkrow landed next to the dying Skuntank and dead Trog.

    Felix threw a Pokeball at Skuntank and watched it shake a few times before sparkling.

    He knew it would be hard to bond with after torturing it, his master, and then killing his master but he would work through that.

    His Honchkrow looked at him hungrily and Felix said, “Fine. Dispose of the evidence but then we are flying back.”

    Felix’s Honchkrow nodded his head thankfully then began pecking at the brain matter littered about the room.

    Felix walked out of the room and sat to think.

    It had been almost five years since he had almost graduated the Trog training program but had decided to form an opposite group called the Troms instead.

    He was Magnus’s cousin and was in the same class as him up until he realized all that power was going to waste, thus he formed the Troms.

    There were several members and they had done low-level things like abducting trainers and there Pokemon.

    Recently they had assassinated a Top Ranger hoping the Trogs would send someone to investigate and sure enough Magnus played right into his trap.

    It was futile though, he got no information from that Trog.

    He would find out soon though and then, he would strike without mercy.

    But what else could he do to get them to sit up and take notice?


    I woke up totally refreshed and thought of what I would play with Growlithe that day and if I would go over to Justin’s house.

    Then reality flooded in and I remembered I was somewhere I had never been before about to go to my first day of a special school that I had been selected for before I was born.

    I looked at my room; the shirt that I had arrived in was gone and everything else was exactly the same as it had been.

    I showered, put on a new Fire uniform and opened my door.

    Lacy was just walking out at the same time as me and I waved at her.

    Jeremy’s door opened and Alice ran out while Jeremy still wet from a shower and with a towel around his waste said, “Come on! You have nothing to be ashamed of! We just had fun.”

    He turned around, saw us and announced, “Oh ****! Err I mean uhhh crap yea your old enough for crap right?”

    Before either of us could answer he disappeared inside his room and reappeared a few moments later fully dressed.

    “Why was she in your room?” Lacy inquired.

    “We had a, uhhmm, Sleepover yea a sleepover.” He said while blushing.

    “That sounds fun like a lot of fun.” Justin said as he and Blake came up behind Lacy and I with Sarah closely following.

    “Oh it was.” Jeremy said and stared at the ceiling with a grin on his face.

    “Come on we need to get some breakfast.” Jeremy said and started to walk downstairs to where he had showed us our dorm’s cafeteria was.

    I grabbed a plate and sat down at our group’s table.

    I bit into some toast and it tasted so great I couldn’t believe it.

    I smiled then took a bite of some Bacon.

    I was chewing the bacon slowly, for it tasted great, when it suddenly turned very bitter and I felt like I was choking and drinking acid at the same time.

    I sprinted to the trash can and threw up at least a week’s worth of food.

    Jeremy and a lady with an Audino ran up to me.

    The Audino lady who I later found out was named Mary asked, “What happened?”

    “I just bit into some bacon and had to. . .” I threw up again before I could finish.

    She snatched a piece off the buffet table and chewed it slowly while I puked out my guts.

    “I don’t taste any oddities. Has this ever happened before?” Mary asked

    “I don’t think so. . . wait there was that one time . . .”

    I snatched a piece off the table, held it up to one of the chefs and asked, Is this Tepig bacon or Spoink?”

    The chef replied, “Tepig, Why?”

    “I am allergic or something to Tepig bacon. My body just refuses to digest it.”

    Mary locked eyes with the chef for a minute before saying, “From now on I want you and the rest of your staff to mark what Pokemon whatever dish you put out comes from.”

    I was given some juice to get the taste out of my mouth then got a new plate and filled it with everything except bacon and started eating again.

    I started to feel better when the other groups began arriving. Bret walked in shirtless and scratching his chest while Jean walked in with her group in a perfect line behind her and Alice’s group walked in separately and Alice took a quick headcount before getting herself some breakfast.

    I realized each of the Leader’s took a different approach to leading, as in Jeremy had control but was a friend, Bret had control but was disorganized and laid back.

    Jean was obviously harsh and strict and wasn’t interested in being friends with some five year olds, while Alice appeared to be too much of a friend.

    The rest of breakfast went on without a hitch besides a Fight Trog named Freddy breaking his fork in half while trying to cut into his eggs.

    He was clearly embarrassed until Bret cheered him up.

    Soon though around 8:00 we went back to our rooms to re-brush our teeth and grab our schedules.

    Jeremy showed us to our first class which lasted three hours apparently, and as we walked he noticed how I was the only one with a seventh hour and most students didn’t get an elemental study class until they were seven or sometimes six.

    I thought about this as we walked into the class.


    “Hello. I am Professor Oslek. Laugh if you must but I will be teaching you history, geography, Math *groan from class* and some science. These are necessary skills even if you choose to become field agents rather than teach.

    But first . . . I am required to teach you how to make your symbol glow. Close your eyes then imagine your symbol and whatever element it correspond with. Now imagine dipping your hand into the element and then imagine your symbol glowing. Do this and I will have my partner Alakazam mark off your name on the list.”

    He followed by saying a student’s name every few seconds and I noticed my name get called right after a kid named James.

    Justin and Lacy were a few of the final ones to make it glow and soon the exercise was over and Mr. Oslek announced we could open our eyes

    We spent most of the class period discussing what we had learned from our other schools and some questions we had on the hours.

    The next class we all had was the on titled “Braviary” he chuckled then started on our first history lecture.

    “The original Trog, whose name was lost to history, was born with an odd birthmark on his hand. He was ridiculed for this but noticed Pokemon, especially Normal types always were very friendly to him.

    One day when walking in the woods near his village he saw the mighty Arceus, heavily wounded from a battle for supremacy with Mew. He got some berries for him and took care of his injuries.

    Arceus stayed or possibly just came back to the woods every day to see his one and only friend who happened to be a Human. This went on for a year until one day while petting Arceus his birthmark glowed a white color. Arceus was surprised by this, and touched his friend’s hand.

    This is what happened to create the first fusion. After Several years of fusing he wondered if other pokemon could be fused with. So he hatched a rufflet, evolved and bonded with it until he made a fuse. He now could do flying and normal types both. After that he did a long cycle to get all the types. If any of these Pokemon were to become your partners you will be a very powerful Trog. You will need to know this so here is the full cycle.”

    He then passed out a handout to all of the students and said, “In years to come you will learn how to summon each and every one of these with the exception of Kyurem. He will not come on command unless he personally knows you. Then he might think about coming.”

    I looked at the paper in-front of me that looked like this.

    The Cycle
    Arceus: Normal
    1. Braviary: Flying
    2. Aerodactyl: Rock
    3. Agron: Steel
    4. Bisharp: Dark
    5. Krookadile: Ground
    6. Nidoking: Poison
    7. Gengar: Ghost
    8. Jellicent: Water
    9. Lanturn: Electric
    10. Galvantula: Bug
    11. Volcarona: Fire
    12. Blaziken: Fight
    13. Gallade: Psychic
    14. Latios: Dragon
    15. Kyurem: Ice
    16. Abomasnow: Grass
    17. Sawsbuck: Normal

    Professor Oslek continued after everyone had looked at the handout.

    “The original wanted to have all the types and noticed he could fuse with most normal types and wondered if he could fuse with a other types. After several failed attempts scientists made a discovery that some types were dual types so with the types completely rewritten he noticed most Flying types had a secondary type. After this he formed an idea to raise a Rufflet then eventually fuse with it. After he achieved this and the evolution of Rufflet into Braviary, Arceus got the Flying type plate and his ability become less useless. With Flying type Powers he did research for several months and discovered that all these pokemon have a type in common with the next one in the chart.

    He then set out to get all seventeen types and ended with Sawsbuck to make a poetic full circle. After fusing with these pokemon arceus made them pledge to always defend and serve people like the original Trog in exchange for powerful attacks and the status of legend for a few.

    Most thought being asked to serve these wonderful beings that worked together with them and treated them with equality was reward enough and got moves that other Pokemon know also but very few do.

    Even though they declined Braviary and Sawsbuck were too important and were given moves all the same, Sky Drop which now is known by other Pokemon via TM and Aerodactyl because Braviary shared, and Horn Leech which is not yet known by others.

    Kyurem who was greedy wanted to be a legendary Pokemon. Arceus was injured several years ago because of a fight with Kyurem but he had allowed his friend to Fuse so he simply made a plan that would leave Kyurem in a form he would not enjoy while The good parts of him would live on but that is for a Lesson later in the year. . .

    Latios refused every offer and refused every move given to him until Latias fell ill and he simply asked she be cured. Arceus saw his resolve and granted them both Legendary Staus with a legendary move each included.”

    “This is sounding like a Myth to Explain Legendary Moves! I bet He is just making this up off the top of his head!” A voice from the back of the room said.

    “Oh I assure you, young man, Ghost Trog, *looks at roll list* Jake. Whatever you want to be called I assure you this is all far more real than you anticipate.

    So the original Trog asked his friend one day ‘why can none of your followers talk. Why do you not have the ability to speak unless we are fused? Surely a Pokemon such as yourself could speak.’

    Arceus simply said his name as he and his creations normally did.

    The legend then states in the next several years the original fell very ill. His sons Gort and Mort stayed by his and his Arceus’s side the entire time until the end. On his deathbed, he was to weak to say any final words so Arceus fused with his master for the final time. But then he had an idea. Why should he ever die? He could live on with Arceus Forever! So Arceus took to the sky and permanently attached himself to his master.

    Arceus and the original become a single entity and could then speak telepathically to anyone and everyone, thus granting the original’s wish from year’s before. Together the old friends went to sleep eternally until they would be needed once more.

    His sons both handled their father leaving differently Gort studied and founded this school, while Mort who believed a Trog should be just like any other trainer and have an overwhelming number of Partner’s decided to lay the plans for a future evil organization that now exists. They were and still are, Hell-Bent on killing all Trogs that do not conform to their way of thinking.”

    I was utterly speechless.

    I was apart of an Ancient feud just because I was born.

    “So are we all related?!!??” A Poison Trog named Wendy asked.

    Oslek laughed and replied, “Oh no. Not at all, Arceus wanted others like him so he added the Gene into every Human on earth So anyone can be born a Trog regardless of who they are.”

    “Ooooohhhh.” Most of the class responded though being five we understood maybe two of the words he had said.

    “Alright go to your next Class.”

    Now this would be Fun!

    He had always loved watching Braviarys Fly around the outside of Castelia city and now, I would be flying with them!


    “Hello. I am your Professor Wenk. You may call me Jane or Mrs. Wenk, your choice. And I will be your summoning Instructor.”
    We introduced ourselves to her as she mentioned she didn’t like carrying around her list.

    “This is my partner Sawsbuck. As I’m sure Osleck already ruined for you, the final stage of the cycle. You can summon one but you will learn that much later in the Program.”

    Now this is the only time we will meet in the arena, there are practice fields that way she said as she pointed south. You’ll see them as we fly by, now grab your wrist and hold your right hand above your head then make your symbol shine. Watch me.”

    She lifted her arm that was bent at the elbow toward the sky and grabbed her wrist just below the hand. Suddenly her symbol shone brightly with a white light, and a Braviary broke away from the large flock circling overhead and landed in-front of Ms. Wenk.

    She put her arms down and motioned for us to try.

    As soon as Kasey and a girl named Hillary glowed their symbol Braviarys were already swooping down to them.

    Most of us got Rufflets on the first try including me.

    The Rufflet I called had an odd slash-like wound on it’s right eye.

    It didn’t look like it was impairing its vision or was infected so I patted him on the head and said good-bye.

    The class tried again as one and this time almost all of the students got a Braviary but the same Rufflet came down and landed on my arm with a confused expression on it’s face.

    After several more times of this I was beginning to get agitated and after Everyone in the class had a Braviary come every time I still had the same Rufflet.

    Wenk was talking about how sometimes it is predetermined that a Braviary would choose a Trog when he first summons one.

    She told me not to worry and that I would get it eventually as she summoned another Braviary for me. I started to walk towards it when it squawked and flew away.

    She asked what I had done before summoning a new one.

    I glanced at the Rufflet I had called who was looking up at me from the ground before replying “I don’t know but that Rufflet is the only thing that seems interested in me at all. Is it possible that it was predetermined he would choose me?”

    “Don’t be silly, they don’t choose a Trog until they evolve so you just aren’t trying hard enough.”

    I tried once more and put everything I had into it.

    It was glowing and was so hot I thought I was on Fire and several of the students turned away but again the little Rufflet was the only one who responded.

    Ms. Wenk became agitated and said to him, “Look I don’t care how small this boy is. He needs to ride a Braviary. You would never be able to lift him so please, just come back when you have evolved.”

    There were tears in the little bird’s eyes and he looked at me with a determined look.

    I felt sorry for him as he flew back towards the flock.

    I was preparing to try again when suddenly Braviarys and Rufflets started to fall about halfway towards earth before catching themselves.

    I stared up and saw my little Rufflet taking on huge Braviarys and winning.

    Several students started laughing at the thought of a Rufflet knocking out a Braviary but he just kept using Brave Bird and Crush Claw.

    Suddenly he shone brightly and a large, majestic, powerful red, white and blue Braviary flew down and landed right in-front of me and Ms. Wenk who stood speechless.

    I walked up and saw he still had his scar but it was much smaller.

    I lifted my arm and he bowed his head so I could pet him.

    After regaining her composure Ms. Wenk asked if we would ask our Braviarys for a ride.

    I looked up at my Braviary and he got a gleam in his eyes, “May I have a ride?” I asked with uncertainty.

    He obliged by spreading out his wings so I could crawl on to his back.

    When I was on his back I felt strong and much taller than I normally was it was a truly amazing feeling.

    ***(Writing this next scene reminded me of this song so if you like backround Music play this song while you read about the Flying scene)****** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukgvTE3A0Ic ***********

    The teacher jumped on the back of her Braviary and shouted “Now Fly!” and took off.

    Braviary turned around and looked at me with uncertainty before spreading his wings and jumping into the air.

    Flying was just. . .incredible.

    The wind was whipping in my face as I squeezed my knees against Braviary’s Chest and let out a giant, “WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

    I looked towards the ground and saw the campus and little people all over reading, playing, talking and just hanging out in general.

    I wondered if this was what it was like to be a Flying type and cheered some more.

    Justin flew up next to me and shouted over the wind, “Isn’t his Great!!!!!”

    I shouted back, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!!”

    I scrunched closer to Braviary’s body, at the time I did not know this but my subconscious was telling me I would go faster if I created less of a surface area.

    I was thinking of how fun this was when I saw Sarah’s Braviary get hit by a large clump of rock from someone’s partner on the Ground.

    Her Braviary was knocked out cold and falling.

    Sarah tried frantically to stay on but she fell off after falling for a few second.

    I didn’t even think I just leaned forward and Braviary responded immediately by tucking in his wings and diving towards her.

    We passed right under her and as we passed underneath her I grabbed her arm and swung her onto the back of my Braviary.

    “Are you okay!!???” I asked

    “Yes but my Braviary!!!” Sarah shouted in return.

    We didn’t have to worry though because mine swooped up and caught Sarah’s in his claws.

    We were both relieved and Braviary landed back at the Arena.

    Ms. Wenk ran up and asked if we were okay as she had clearly witnessed the entire fiasco.

    “We’re fine but will that Braviary be okay?” Sarah asked

    She didn’t need the answer because he suddenly shook his head and screeched.

    Sarah ran up and hugged him very tightly clearly very relieved he was okay.

    I pet my Braviary again and the Teacher shouted into the megaphone at the still flying students, “Go to you’re next class they are meeting on the roof of school building two today so you can practice landing there. See you tomorrow!”

    She walked out of the Arena with Sawsbuck following her as I remounted Braviary to fly to the next class.

    In the next class we learned about our powers and how several of them involved making our symbols shine then imagining the outcome we wanted. We then spent the rest of class practicing making our symbols glow.

    In early fusion we met in a large building that had several rooms about half the size of a Gymnasium each.

    The teacher explained these were simulation rooms with large screens.

    He had us step into the largest of these rooms and suddenly gravity went away and I was floating.

    The teacher laughed loudly and told us these rooms had Psychic Pokemon on every side so there was no gravity in these rooms.

    “What does this have to do with fusion” an agitated Blake asked while trying to flip himself to what should have been up.

    “When you are inside a Pokemon you feel everything they feel including the ground but you also feel like you are free floating like you are now. We do something called simulation battles where you move to control a character on the screen, in a way it’s like a Fusion Battle but not nearly as complicated.”

    We did a few of these and I was beginning to understand how to control a pokemon you were inside. . . I thought, but couldn’t be sure exactly.

    After this I went to the class no one else had called Fire Study.

    The room number was someone’s room in the teacher dorms and when I walked in I saw Lukas sitting in a recliner watching T.V.

    “Alex. Come on in. Sit on the couch. Typhlosion will get up he’s just mad at me.”
    I walked toward the couch and Typhlosion scooted over to give me a little room.

    After watching for a few commercial breaks before asking, “Am I going to learn anything?!”

    Lukas sighed deeply then turned off the television.

    He stood up and in one smooth motion reached his arm behind himself before swinging forward and sending a bolt of fire at me.

    I put my arms in front of me and cowered in fear but the fire completely avoided me.

    “You just learned not to interrupt my CSI time before they finish a case and you learned everything in my room is fireproof. Yay! You learned something!”

    I got mad. “Why do I have this class if you aren’t going to teach me anything and just throw fireworks at me!!”

    “Perfect. Your hair is on fire again. Yes I saw it happen yesterday when Jeremy was bullying you. Now you can learn.”

    I spent the next few days learning to throw the wimpy little sparks without getting angry every time and it was starting to become one of my favorite classes.

    Towards the end of the first week I noticed Jessica walk out with an almost disgusted expression on her face.

    As she walked away I noticed her murmuring, “. . . Did I just agree to a date with Lukas?”

    I wondered what a Date was then walked in to a clean-shaven smiling Lukas whose good move didn’t diminish even when I failed at repeating what he had taught the day before.

    At the end of my first week I grew accustomed to the monotony of the school when Jeremy came into each of our rooms and announced, “Put on your nicest uniform and meet me at the Auditorium in five.”

    I did as I was told and met him in the Auditorium.

    After a few minutes a group of dirty Trogs that looked about six walked in with Pokemon that were all in the first evolutionary tae and looked about six.

    “Pssst. Who are they.” Justin asked Jeremy

    Jeremy smiled and whispered “The newly graduated second years.”

    “Why are they all dirty?” Lacy asked

    “You’ll see. You’ll see” Jeremy said with a smirk.
    Rick felt bad to leave his family so soon after Alex had left, but had already bought the nonrefundable ticket to Hoenn.

    He downed another Blitzle and chuckled as his Mudkip evolved into a Marshtomp.

    He threw a Pokeball and got his first capture as that Blitzle had survived nine Mud-Slaps before Fainting and he wanted it.

    Rick clicked his Pokemon to his belt gave his family one more good-bye and ran to the plane.

    Just wait Alex. You’re not the only special one in this family. . .
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  15. 6shinyblastoise

    6shinyblastoise kitty sneeze!!

    Great chapter this was really looooooooonnnnnnngggggg AND I LOVED IT. this chapter was your best one yet. now for the quotes

    I had bacon this morning :) but it was not tepig bacon :(


    1. you should have made the pofessor Oak (heheheheh).
    2. on the second one you forgot to close the quotes.

    over all I would give this 9.99/10
  16. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane Pokéfan Sarah

    Well, that was certainly looong. I don't really understand why you seem to randomly capitalize some words but it is slightly distracting. It also got a little bit tedious at times. Overall a good chapter though. I look forward to the next.
  17. "But what else could he do to get them to sit up and take notice?"

    That is why Oslek cannot be Oak. Oak will show up later but not yet and under different circumstances. . .

    @Sarah Jane: Yaa it was fun to write and i just kept adding stuff. What did i capitalize? i tried to be better about that.
  18. Sarah Jane

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    A LOT. I can't go back and find every single capitalization, but there were LOTS of instances. It seemed like your shift button was freaking out.
  19. It probably was.
  20. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane Pokéfan Sarah

    He fired two quick shots into The Trogs head

    Dispose of the Evidence

    towel around his waste (should be “waist”)

    We had a, uhhmm, Sleepover yea a sleepover

    I smiled then took a bite of some Bacon.

    I realized each of the Leader’s

    history, geography, Math

    After Several years of fusing

    that is for a Lesson later in the year. . .

    This is sounding like a Myth to Explain Legendary Moves!

    I bet He is just making this up off the top of his head!

    He could live on with Arceus Forever!

    I was apart of an Ancient feud

    he added the Gene into every Human on earth (should be capitalized)

    go to your next Class.

    watching Braviarys Fly

    summoning Instructor

    much later in the Program

    after Everyone in the class had a Braviary

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