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The Competitive Rate My Team of Competitive Rate My Teamess

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Dragalge, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Hello all, I used to eat Durants, aka a Duranteater but I became a boss in December. Welcome to my Competitive Rate My Team, where you rate my team. Hence why I made one, I'm your boss. This is an OU Team I developed over the past weeks and tested it out. Results weren't too shabby but I feel it needs a bit more work and that's why your all here to rate and pinpoint out any mistakes.

    Da Team Preview

    De sets

    Rotom-W@Choice Specs
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 sp att/252 Speed/4 HP
    -Hydro Pump
    -Volt Switch
    -HP Grass

    This washing machine is feared as a killing machine in the rain. With great bulk and typing, no wonder this guy is the best out of the Rotom appliances. He is my lead 98% of the time and my VoltTurn partner with Scizor. Trick is a cool toy that can cripple Ferrothorn, Forretress, Mamoswine and other Physical threats, taking their item in place of the Specs. Hydro Pump however equipped with Specs is deadly on anything that doesn't resist it. Volt Switch gives me some hit and run damage, allowing to send in a counter of choice. Hidden Power Grass is there for opposing washing machines, and Gastrodon. Nature is Timid to grasp more speed, which is necessary to outspeed base 80's and other stuff, rather then Modest to increase more power. EVs are there for maximum Speed and sp attack.

    Thundurus-T@ Choice Scarf
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 252 speed/252 sp attack/4 HP
    -Focus Blast
    -HP Ice

    Dat tail! This serpent thing is one of the most greatest revenge killers and that is what he does best. With a Timid Nature and Scarf attached, he is able to outspeed quite a number of OU mons. Thunderbolt is my STAB over Thunder and stills does a fair amount of damage with that hot 145 sp attack. Focus Blast hits Terrakion, Ferrothorn, Mamoswine and other related OU mons hard while hurting the blobs quite a bit. Psychic is another coverage move for taking down weak Fighting types like Conkeldurr and friends. Hidden Power Ice rounds it out, annihilating Gliscor, opposing Thundurus-T, and both Landorus formes. Timid is to outspeed rather than more power, EVs are set to increase Speed and sp attack.

    Hydreigon@ Expert Belt
    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 sp attack/252 speed/ 4 Attack
    -Draco Meteor
    -Fire Blast

    With the introduction of Superpower in BW2, Hydreigon now has the ability to dent his worst counters, Chansey, Blissey and Heatran. Mixdreigon is crazy fun because of the myriad coverage he posseses. Draco Meteor is still my main STAB and allows me to dent weakened Dragonite, Garchomp and just plow through others like Conkeldurr. Fire Blast roasts Scizor, Ferrothorn and Forretress who would wall me. Roost is a cool toy that gives me more survivability. Mild is to not have my attacking stat decrease and EVs to maximize Sp attack and Speed. Rest is dumped into Attack for Superpower.

    Conkeldurr@ Flame Orb
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252 Attack/252 HP/4 speed
    Ability: Guts
    -Mach Punch
    -Drain Punch
    -Ice Punch

    I like this clown. He packs a punch with 140 Attack and Guts. Ice Punch also was a little god send to eliminate Gliscor and Landorus formes. After Guts activates, **** is gonna get real with his STABs. Mach Punch is a great priority move with nice coverage, weakening Terrakion, Ferrothorn, Gastrodon, Kyurem, Kyurem-B and more! Drain Punch gives me another punch to hit foes hard while gaining lost HP back. Ice Punch again hits Gliscor, and Landorus formes while striking through Garchomp and other Dragons. Payback can help me beat on Reuniclus and friends and has great coverage with Fighting. Adamant is to maximize his Attack more. EVs are given to increase durability and Attack.

    Scizor@ Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 252 Attack/248 HP/8 speed
    -Bullet Punch

    Meet one of the premier Choice Band users. Scizor comes with a fabulous typing and ability in the name of Technican. Add Bullet Punch and you got a Pokémon who can punch wholes into teams. Bullet Punch hits Tyranitar, Terrakion, both Kyurem formes, and other non resisting mons hard. U-turn is to hit and run, denting holes in teams at the same time. Plus it completes my VoltTurn core with Rotom-W. Pursuit catches any Espeon, Gengar, Latios, Latias, etc who would love to escape from his horror. Superpower is to pummel Ferrothorn and a few others related that would wall him. Nature is Adamant for Attack boosts. EVs are given for a more bulkier route while retaining 252 attack EVs.

    Heatran@ Air Balloon
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 sp attack/252 speed/4 HP
    -Flame Charge
    -Fire Blast
    -Earth Power
    -HP Ice

    Wait Flame Charge Heatran? Yep, this set is viable due to allowing him to outpace a lot more OU mons (not good with outspeed calcs) after a boost. Key is to set up on something that can't touch it like Ferrothorn or Skarmory. Then after a boost, his other moves do the rest. Fire Blast is the main STAB to cook a lot of things like Scizor, Skarmory, Thundurus-T, Conkeldurr and more snacks. Earth Power beats Jolteon and friends. HP Ice is there to stop Gliscor, Dugtrio, Thundurus-T, Tornadus-T and Landorus formes. Timid is for more speed and EVs are given to maximize Speed and Sp attack.

    Whelp that's the team guys/gals/genderless beings. Feel free to give constructive criticism and find out any flaws. Thanks for looking at this too.
  2. Ghosts of the Forums

    Ghosts of the Forums Who Ya Gonna Call?

    Hey there, nice team.

    first off, id say hydreigon could use some mixed evs, 100atk 216sp.atk, rest in speed.

    hang on, i got that damage calculator im my sig, ill edit in the rest in a sec.

    here we go. wont be long.

    100atk takes a sizeable chunk out of chansey with superpower, although it cant 2hko, even after rocks.

    216 special attack gives you a chance to ohko ferro in the rain af--

    no wait, i had the evs wrong..

    they guarentee a 2hko on ferro in rain.

    ok, back from the restroom,

    you can sponge a hp ice from non positive nature specs thundurus-t, and ohko back with draco meteor.

    witgh a life orb, of course.

    mamo can not come in if rocks and at least one layer of spikes is up, or two or more spikes, no rocks.

    ill do the rest later.

    what i am suggesting is, Mixed attacking ev's > Special attacking ev's on hydriegon.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    That's true, I kinda focused on buffing Draco Meteor and Fire Blast more than hitting a balance with the Attack spread. I'll test out the mix EVs later.
  4. Ghosts of the Forums

    Ghosts of the Forums Who Ya Gonna Call?

    I don't think you need more special attack, or at least much more, because you hit a jump point with 216.
  5. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Bumpity bumpy blumpers.

    Anyway, I tried out the mixed EVs, and it went alright. The speed still bothered me. Should I replace it with a DD Haxorus?
  6. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Haxorus is frailer than Hydra, so it often needs the Dance, if opponent has a scarfed terrakion or something alike, it will need 2, but it can nearly never reach that high a boost. MixDreigon should do fine, and you can ofc scarf it to gain the speed boost. a fully special set would be best then.
    One more suggestion: Rash > Mild on Hydra. All but one priority moves are physical. Also, maybe Volt Switch > Psychic on Thunderus, for more volturning. Conk etc. are hit nearly as hard with TBolt anyway.
  7. Ghosts of the Forums

    Ghosts of the Forums Who Ya Gonna Call?

    I agree with rash, I hadn't seen that.

    And I agre with volt turn'ing your thunder t, but I just didn't know what to suggest getting rid of for it.

    252Atk +1 Guts Conkeldurr (+Atk) Payback vs 252HP/0Def Reuniclus (Neutral): 56% - 66% (240 - 284 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.

    252SpAtk Life Orb Reuniclus (+SAtk) Psyshock vs 252HP/0Def Conkeldurr (Neutral): 91% - 107% (378 - 446 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 47% chance to OHKO.

    Just some calcs.

    Conk is in bad shape when up against a reuniclus, because they are slower then him, and will oko him with the ever present stealth rocks up, which you have no spinner for.
  8. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    Not all the time, but it's got like a 70%-80% chance to OHKO with Rocks up and always OHKOs if even one layer of Spikes are up.
  9. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    ^Factoring in flame orb, conk is always ohkoed at the end of the turn. unless light screen/memento.

    Well, the first thing i see wrong that blatantly streaks across the screen (its downright rude actually), is that you have no spinner, and you have no rocks.

    a spinner is highly recommended, with a voltturn core, that pesky conkelldurr problem, as well as thunderus-t. This team also doesnt seem to have a good backbone to it, but not all teams need that. it'll just mean you'll have to sacrifice more often or switch more often, but this in turn racks up the hazard damage. If you're going to have something, at least have stealth rocks. If you're just going rocks, I suggest donphan over rotom-w.

    Donphan @Leftovers
    - Sturdy -
    (+Def/ -SpA)
    252 hp/ 252 def/ 4 SpD
    - Ice Shard
    - Earthquake
    - Stealth Rock
    - Rapid spin

    You really don't need rotom-w. mamoswine is checked by conk, scizor, and can't switch in on most of your pokes, lando is checked by scarfthundy, and cant switch into conk, and scizor puts a sizeable dent in it, gliscor the same thing, and just seems to be useless. donphan adds more priority, allowing you to revenge kill more, and also adds rocks and spins.

    alternatively, if you start to get a little rain weak, you can also try Bulky Starmie.

    Thats zll for now, cuz im tired, haha
  10. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Looks like a nice start to a team.

    You are so horribly weak to fighting moves that Choice Band Terrakion can just press close combat over and over and each time it does something will die. You need some extra insurance against fighting type moves as besides the SR weak super frail Thundurus nothing resists them.

    Try dropping Thundurus for a Choice Scarf Landorus-T and getting rid of Hydreigon for a LO Latios (with Psyshock). Also run Stealth Rocks > Flame Charge on Heatran. Flame Charge Heatran sucks unless it's in sunlight. This will give you added padding against strong fighting moves like Breloom or Terrakion and keep up offensive momentum. Stealth Rocks are really nice to have especially with U-turn Landorus + Volt Switch Rotom W.

    I don't have too much else to add, but these changes will give your team some more durability.

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