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The Completed Fics Catalog

JX Valentine


Welcome to the Completed Fics Catalog, an index of 100% completed fics in Serebii's fanfic community! Whether you’re in the mood for a very specific type of fic or looking for ways to make sure your fics reach the right audiences, this thread is dedicated to organizing fics in this forum for easy reading.

Want to add your story to the list? You can! Just copy and paste the form below, and a mod will be around to edit your story into the thread. Please make sure you read the rest of the post, though, to guarantee that your listing will be added to the right list!

You can also use this form to request that your fic be moved out of either Fan Fiction or Non-Pokémon Fics and into Completed Fics. That's right! Submitting a form will tell the mods that you want your fic in this forum, so it's a handy way of getting things done!

[b][i][url=(your fic’s URL)](your fic’s title)[/url][/i][/b], by [b](your name)[/b]
(summary of your fic in 350 words or less)
[b](up to three genres here)[/b]
[i]Tags:[/i] (keywords or short phrases that also describe your fic—please separate each tag with a comma)
(Simply replace all content in parentheses with stuff that describes your fic. Feel free to use the tag listing to mention trigger warnings as well!)

Please note that this archive is only for completed work. For Pokémon fics still in progress, please see this thread. Non-Pokémon WIPs have their own archive as well. Orphaned fics (incomplete fics that have not seen an update for so long you're pretty sure they're not going to be continued) are still considered WIPs and should be posted to either of the other two archives. Posting a submission to the wrong archive thread may result in delays in getting your fic listed, so please double-check which thread you’re posting in before hitting the submit button.

Additionally, while all archives have a category for the romance genre, it’s exclusively for fics containing romances between original characters, as romance fics between canon characters are considered shipping fics. For shipping fics, please visit the shipping-specific forum.

And finally, as of this writing (June 11, 2015), we are also accepting help in completing this archive! Have you written a story a long time ago that you'd like to add to either of the collections below? Are you well-versed enough in a fic somewhere in this subforum that you could write a summary of it on behalf of the author? Please don't hesitate to submit! Thanks in advance for your help!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to use this thread to ask!

Thank you!


To save on space, we’re allowing all fics to be categorized by up to three genres. Most of these genres are based on the Fanfiction.net system, with a few specific to our forum. Because these can get pretty vague, each genre is listed below the spoiler cut, with examples. Feel free to use this as a guide, but as always, if you’re still confused, don’t hesitated to ask!

Although frequently listed in conjunction with the adventure genre, the action genre is something slightly different. Whereas adventure focuses on a quest, action focuses on, well, action. If you’re thinking fight scenes and explosions, you are definitely on the right track. A lot of the plot of an action thriller is structured in a way to highlight the fast-paced fight scenes, so any fic in which most of the plot is driven by physical conflict and violence is probably an action fic.
Examples: The Matrix, Die Hard, The Avengers/MCU, every kung fu/martial arts film ever

When it comes to the adventure genre, there’s a lot of overlap between this and the action genre and the journey fic concept, but the main idea is that the protagonist is taken out of their ordinary life and undertakes something extraordinary (be it a journey, a quest, a task, a series of events, or so forth), typically involving a lot of physical danger.
Examples: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pokémon itself

Angst—not to be confused with tragedy, drama, or hurt/comfort—is a fic that focuses on a character’s sadness and the struggles they undertake to keep going forward. These fics are typically introspective in nature, meaning they spend a lot of time in a character’s head, discussing what it is that’s keeping them down.
Examples: Neon Genesis Evangelion, pretty much anything written by Franz Kafka or Leo Tolstoy

Exactly what it says on the tin. Any fic that features canon characters as main characters or focus elements is a canon character-centric fic. Please note that Pokémon species themselves do not count as canon characters, but specific members of a species could. So for example, if you wrote a fic about a character who happens to be a Pikachu, that’s not necessarily a canon character-centric fic. If, however, you wrote a fic about Ash’s Pikachu, then that fic would be a canon-centric fic. Otherwise, in general, the character has to be a canon one (as in, the character has to have appeared in canon) in order to count.
Examples: Most fics on Fanfiction.net

Not to be confused with the mystery genre (although there is a lot of overlap), crime fics are fics that center around characters involved with crime or a plot revolving around crime. This is where you have your stories about organized crime, con artists, murderers, and so forth. Please note that in order to be a proper crime fic, you need to have criminal activity actually happening; fics about Pokémon’s various evil organizations (Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, etc) or the bosses thereof (Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, N, etc) aren’t necessarily crime fics.
Examples: The Godfather trilogy, Sherlock Holmes, Scarface

Fics are srs bsnss. Or at least fics in this genre are. Drama deals with serious themes. It focuses a lot on emotion, largely because, regardless of how outlandish and fantastical it might get, it ultimately deals with characters tackling heady, realistic issues such as prejudice, poverty, addiction, relationships, illness, morality, and other fun elements of the human condition. While not every drama ends up being or involves a tragedy, many do, and the genre as a whole ultimately deals with the survival of whatever terrible thing a character faces. Please note that while soap operas are dramatic, they’re typically over-the-top and aren’t necessarily what you’d need to model your fic after in order to fit in with the drama genre.
Examples: The Fault in Our Stars (or anything by John Green in general), Citizen Kane, Titanic, Faust

Yet another one of those genres that are basically exactly what they sound like. In this case, the fic is written like a family-friendly movie. As in, it’s one of those pieces that the whole family can enjoy, not just the kids, but it’s also a piece that you can share with small kids as well. Think Disney (especially the live-action films of the 90s), only in fic form. In other words, this is our most kid-friendly genre, for fics written especially for general audiences.
Examples: Pretty much every Disney film of the 90s, most Jim Henson movies, Home Alone

Magic! Dragons! Legends! This is a genre that challenges writers’ imaginations. At the very core of the fantasy genre is magic—or supernatural elements that can’t necessarily be explained. Likewise, it’s about folklore and mythical beings and creatures that simply go beyond the realm of reality. In short, fantasy is any fic set in any time period that focuses on things that don’t exist and typically cannot be explained via science.
Examples: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Discworld

It’s shipping for the platonically inclined! No, but really, these are fics that focus on exactly what you’d imagine them to: the friendship between one or more characters. As in, the relationship is the focus of the fic, and it’s completely, unshakably, 100% platonic.
Examples: The Babysitters Club, Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon

If you’re up for a scare, head to horror. Horror relies on themes—including but not limited to violence, supernatural phenomena, stalking, and so forth—in conjunction with darker atmospheres and settings in order to make a reader feel uncomfortable or afraid.
Examples: It, Dracula, Goosebumps, House of Leaves, H.P. Lovecraft’s body of work

As a sharp contrast to drama and horror, humor plays with a reader’s emotions as well but does so in a way to make them laugh. Whether it’s ridiculous scenarios or simply well-placed wit, the focus is more on a light-hearted tone that a reader will find funny.
Examples: Discworld, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Mark Twain’s body of work

Not to be confused with drama, hurt/comfort is basically angst with a happy ending. Like angst, it’s a very introspective genre, focusing more on a character’s inner thoughts. However, unlike angst, rather than dwelling on a character’s sadness, a hurt/comfort fic focuses on their healing process. Hurt/comfort fics usually feature two or more characters wherein at least one party is the hurt party (hurt being either physical or emotional in nature), and the other is the one that provides moral, psychological, or medical support in order to coax the first party towards a satisfactory resolution.
Examples: This is a specific fanfiction-exclusive concept with no comparable literary or movie genres, so there are unfortunately no available examples. Sorry!

There’s a question, and eventually, there’s going to be an answer. A genre that frequently crosses over with thriller or crime, mysteries are all about the hunt. Characters work quickly and closely to unravel whatever question is hanging over their heads, whether that question has to do with the murder of another character, the theft of something important, disappearances, strange circumstances … you name it.
Examples: Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie’s body of work, the Millennium trilogy, Memento, Blade Runner

Parody is an imitation of another work, typically for comedic effect. This can extend from parodying characters in a larger work to parodying the genre or work as a whole. Sometimes, this imitation is also used to make a comment, even if that comment is, “You know, this genre is really kinda stupid if you think about it.” Point is, it’s a challenging genre to master, not only because a good imitation is difficult to do but also because although a good parody is hilarious on its own, some of the work’s meaning may be lost in translation for audiences who aren’t entirely familiar with the source material.
Examples: Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Gulliver’s Travels, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Onion

Poetry—or poems—focus more on the expression of an image or emotion, rather than on telling a story. They’re not necessarily told via traditional paragraphs (i.e., prose), either. Basically, they take whatever form the author feels would be best to convey a concept, rather than a particular plot.
Examples: Nursery rhymes, beat poetry, idk waaaaaay too many out there.

Short for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, PMD fics are fics focusing on the world or general concept of the PMD side games. Fics in this genre have casts composed entirely of Pokémon and tend to feature one or more of the following: Mystery Dungeons, rescue teams (or groups of Pokémon working together in special organizations), humans transformed into Pokémon.
Examples: This is a specific fanfiction-exclusive concept with no comparable literary or movie genres, so there are unfortunately no available examples. Sorry!

A companion genre to canon character-centric, Pokémon-centric focuses on the Pokémon, rather than human characters. However, don’t mistake this for PMD, either. Whereas PMD features Pokémon-only casts in a world separate from the main canon’s, Pokémon-centric fics are usually set in a world where Pokémon coexist with human beings. This is because the point of a Pokémon-centric fic is to illustrate the “human” world from a Pokémon’s viewpoint. So in other words, a lot of Pokémon-centric fics focus on the human-Pokémon relationship, the animalistic nature of Pokémon, and so forth (whereas PMD focuses on the adventure Pokémon have in a world where humans don’t exist).
Examples: This is a specific fanfiction-exclusive concept with no comparable literary or movie genres, so there are unfortunately no available examples. Sorry!

When Character A and Character B (and idk maybe Character C if they’re into that) like each other very much, they do something called fall in love. That’s the basis of the romance genre in a nutshell. Two (or more!) characters meet. Two (or more!) characters fall in love. Shenanigans happen. Please note that for the purposes of these archives, we are not talking about shipping, which is a romance in which all parties involved are canon characters. Those go in Shipping Fics, not these lists.
Examples: Romeo and Juliet, Jane Austen’s body of work, and—say what you want about it—Twilight.

Shiny things FOR SCIENCE! Sci-fi is one of those genres that’s pretty easy to define—probably even easier than a lot of things—because while one could say “yes, this is a given” to a lot of genre names, science fiction is pretty literal about what it is. It’s a story that focuses a lot on science. As in, while there might be monsters or futuristic inventions or what-have-you, the main point is that it, in some way, is grounded in science … even if the science being used in the fic is more like pseudo-science. Long story short, there’s science somewhere in here.
Examples: Sci-fi covers an array of topics. For a sampler platter, try Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, We, The Time Traveler, Frankenstein, and even some good ol’ fashioned Godzilla.

Or in other words, suspense. This isn’t a subgenre of action or horror or even crime. It’s more like the lovechild of one or more of those ideas. Thriller focuses on hitting its readers’ adrenaline buttons. It makes you anticipate or dread what’s about to come next—but not necessarily in a way that makes you fear for your own safety (as in the case of horror). Cliffhangers, plot twists, and so forth are all the hallmarks of this genre. If your readers aren’t guessing at every turn, you’re probably doing it wrong.
Examples: Alfred Hitchcock is the king of this. Watch Rear Window, Vertigo, or Rebecca for perfect examples. Don’t like Hitchcock? The Count of Monte Cristo and Heart of Darkness are also fine examples. So is Silence of the Lambs and Psycho.

Rocks fall and everyone dies. Pretty much literally. On a serious note, tragedy (not to be confused with angst) is a genre in which bad things happen to occasionally good people. This is the genre where characters die, where characters get knocked out of their social status, and, in general, where characters end up really, really miserable. Additionally, whereas angst focuses on characters feeling miserable, tragedy focuses on the act of making characters miserable. Or dead. Mostly dead.
Examples: Every Shakespeare tragedy ever (including and especially Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet), Les Miserables, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A fandom-specific genre that focuses on exactly what it sounds like. It is literally any fic that focuses on the act of being a trainer. So the traditional journey fic tends to be a trainer fic, as are most tournament or battle fics. Please note that, yes, this definition means that just because your fic contains characters who are trainers doesn’t necessarily mean your fic is a trainer fic. Remember that a trainer fic focuses on trainers being trainers; fics that, for example, focus on trainers on a date, trainers expounding on the glory of pie, or trainers generally doing anything other than training would be categorized under other genres.
Examples: The Pokémon anime, manga, and main games, as well as Pokémon Colosseum and XD.

How can you have a Western Pokémon fic if the Wild West isn’t a thing in the Pokémon universe? Easy! Westerns don’t necessarily have to involve the Wild West; they simply need to involve a Wild West-like setting. At their hearts, Westerns are all about the freedom and lawlessness of the frontier. They’re typically period pieces focusing on the pioneers who struggle for survival in a desert or prairie setting, and as such, themes such as good versus evil (i.e., law versus lawlessness) or the boldness of discovery tend to be prevalent in a good Western. In short, fill your fic with plenty of cowboys, natives, and outlaws, and you’ve got yourself a Western.
Examples: The Lone Ranger, Once Upon a Time in the West, Firefly, Trigun

Do none of these seem to fit your fic? Feel free to use this catch-all genre! This genre is for fics that include elements that aren't quite any of the above. Maybe they're kinda like an angst but not really, or maybe they're a House of Leaves-like un-novel that literally belongs to a genre that isn't even listed here. Whatever your reason for going with "other," just remember that the more descriptive and specific your tags and summary are (to help define what "other" means), the easier it will be to catch the attention of potential readers.


To save on space, we've created a separate Google Doc for the Catalog. Please click here to proceed to the library!
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Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
(see main forum thread re: formatting)

The Origin of Storms, by Sike Saner
Esaax the wobbuffet has not been the same since the death of his trainer. He may never be the same again.
Pokémon-centric, Tragedy, Horror
Tags: wobbuffet, arbok, fakemon, violence, gore, mild language, depictions of sexual harrassment, involuntary transformation, body horror, abuse of psychic powers

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Rally Interpretation 2, by The Teller
Despite the "2," the story contains "Rally Interpretation" as well. Told in the 2nd person POV (eg. "You feel delighted at seeing the children from down the lane." "You hesitate as you overcook the Combusken."), this anthology of short stories is about the various evil team grunts (Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Old Plasma, New Plasma, Flare, and surprise special guests Snagem and Cipher), what they were like before joining up, and how, exactly, they were recruited into their respective organization. The whole story answers the question, "What kind of person joins an evil cult?"
Angst, Crime, Drama
(Mods- It's really more of an introspective, "stream of consciousness" piece, so it's hard to place it in any of the categories. Help? Also, entries vary wildly on tone, so some are really angsty, some have none. Can I just leave that tidbit here? Also, the thread is a collection of disconnected oneshots, so is it considered a "chaptered fic" or a "one shot?")
Tags: Evil team, grunt, 2nd POV, Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, Flare, Snagem, Cipher, harsh language

JX Valentine

Aaaaand fixed according to Sike's notes. Thanks! :D (And also, approved!)

(Mods- It's really more of an introspective, "stream of consciousness" piece, so it's hard to place it in any of the categories. Help? Also, entries vary wildly on tone, so some are really angsty, some have none. Can I just leave that tidbit here? Also, the thread is a collection of disconnected oneshots, so is it considered a "chaptered fic" or a "one shot?")

All good questions! Lemme start off with the easiest to answer.

If submitting a collection, it'd depend on whether or not the stories can be put together to tell one larger one. In some cases, one shot collections are really just a bunch of stories that actually do form a coherent whole, whereas others are truly and completely separate. Compare Rally Interpretations with [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]'s Chromatic, for example. Your fic collection tells separate stories about separate characters, yeah, but ultimately, they're all about the same idea: a single, coherent whole that is what it's like to work for the evil teams. Chromatic, on the other hand, can't be put together in a coherent whole because each one shot actually does stand separately to cover completely different stories. So in your case, I'd classify Rally Interpretations under the same banner as chaptered fics because each story really continues the main idea, but in Chromatic's case, that would go under one shots, even if they're really a package of one shots, rather than a single story. So the tl;dr version is you can totally submit one shot collections to the one shot library, but to do so, they should really be very clearly separate stories, rather than parts that feed into an overall whole.

As for genre, you're right, Rally Interpretations is kinda hard to pin down, but I do think that, given the fact that angst is a very distinctive thing, it might be worth it to drop that genre unless you'd like to bring in readers who are really into introspection. It is, meanwhile, absolutely the other two things, but I think the closest thing to the angst genre happening here would be the Plasma entries. And even then, it's really more the Neo Plasma one that does it. Plasma itself focuses more on the follower's reaction to Ghetsis than on their own inner thoughts. Galactic might be introspective too, but it's not quite angsty.

Leaving this entry alone for now to see if it helps you/changes your mind about how you want to describe your fic. But if you're good to go, feel free to let us know!


Lost but Seeking
Maybe add a character study and/or slice-of-life genre? Those are pretty common for one-shots (and I think I would call Rally Interpretation character study). Or perhaps an "other" for 'fics that don't comfortably fit anywhere else.

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
I'm okay with creating a slice-of-life or "other" category" (is "Character Study" a common enough theme on this website?). I'll bow down to mod wisdom and say that my story is a chaptered story. I'll also agree that the themes I used are kinda weak and I only went with what seemed like it got touched on the most throughout the series. I guess ideally, Slice-of-life, Other, and Drama would work best. Otherwise, lets just keep it to Crime and Drama. Thanks for the input, guys!


Gone. Not coming back.
A Leash of Foxes, by Cutlerine
It is 1864. You wake up in the middle of the desert. There is a bird circling overhead, and a hole in your memory the size of your life. You get up, pick up your hat, and walk away into the wild, wild East. Note: this story was originally written as an interactive text adventure, but can still be read now that it is complete.
Action, Adventure, Western
Tags: charizard, kadabra, alakazam, mega evolution, historical, Orre, text adventure, violence, suicide mention, body horror
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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
A Dragon in Shining Armour, by Griff4815
Examon becomes the eleventh Digimon to be accepted into the Order of the Royal Knights. However, him being a dragon causes some friction with some of the other knights. Despite this, fitting in won't be the only problem he'll have to deal with. Evil Digimon threaten the stability of the Digital World and the Order. On top of that, the Royal Knights clash over their differences.
Action, Drama, Friendship
Tags: Digimon, Royal Knights, original universe, Digimon only, original characters, fish out of water, character-driven, violence, mature themes, language

Note: Can something be an Adventure if there's not an actual task involved? I'm a bit unsure about whether to classify my fic as Action or Adventure, because it's not so much a quest as it is a character reacting to threats. There's a good amount of action in the story, from three person brawls to a field battle, but when I think Action, I think of a story that revolves around the fact that there will be fighting, whereas with my fic is fairly character-driven and there's only a fight/skirmish every few chapters.
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Alright, finally time to let this thing rest.

Mother of the Cave, by PhalanxSigil
The story of a mother Aggron who is tending to her flock at the bottom of the Granite Cave. Until poachers show up.
Pokémon-centric, family
Tags: one-shot, Aggron, poacher, Aron, children, mother, Granite Cave, family

JX Valentine

(is "Character Study" a common enough theme on this website?).

That ... is a good question. And between that and the amount of overlap a character study genre would have with the -centric genres otherwise (meaning character studies on this site usually seem to be either of those two genres, rather than OC fic), I'm kinda hesitant to add a character study genre (unless it actually is a distinct genre in its own right). Same with slice-of-life, although it's less about "is there overlap" and more about "are people writing these atm?" Granted, we've got some rare genres on the list as it is (lmao Western), but I feel like we're more likely to see one of those than slice-of-life.

I am, however, totally down with an other category. I'mma gonna assume you want Rally Interpretations to be put in that, so I'll go ahead and sort yours in once I add it to the lists. :D

Note: Can something be an Adventure if there's not an actual task involved?

Nope. Or kinda sorta. As mentioned in the description for adventure, the core idea is that a protagonist departs from their ordinary life in order to undertake something extraordinary, typically with a lot of risks involved. (Zee sauce for this definition.) That something extraordinary could be a lot of things—a quest, a task, a journey, a series of unfortunate events, or something along those lines. Not quite sure if that helps you decide. Lemme know if that changes your genres or if you'd like to keep them as-is; I'll leave this entry alone until you give me the OK. b)'')b

(Also, I can totally clarify that definition in the meantime!)
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Berries, by Dramatic Melody
Intrigued about the myth surrounding Berry Forest, a researcher investigates around Three Island. In the end, she gets more than she asked for.
Mystery, Tragedy
Tags: one-shot, Three Island, Berry Forest, Lostelle, Hypno, investigation, mature theme

A Friday, by Dramatic Melody
She would be the perfect child to bring with it. But perhaps she was the perfect child to be with.
Pokémon-centric, Friendship, Family
Tags: one-shot, Drifloon, Valley Windworks, weekly event, friendship, slice-of-life

Escape Rope, by Dramatic Melody
Losing your wife is the most painful thing a man can experience. Everything else doesn't come close.
Tragedy, Angst, Drama
Tags: one-shot, Anistar City, Serena, Scatterbug, relationship, love, loss, death, mature theme

All three of these are requests for moving to this section as well. Also, I'm not sure if I should be elaborating on what these mature themes should be, so I just went with that placeholder for both "Berries" and "Escape Rope". Thanks!
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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Nope. Or kinda sorta. As mentioned in the description for adventure, the core idea is that a protagonist departs from their ordinary life in order to undertake something extraordinary, typically with a lot of risks involved. (Zee sauce for this definition.) That something extraordinary could be a lot of things—a quest, a task, a journey, a series of unfortunate events, or something along those lines. Not quite sure if that helps you decide. Lemme know if that changes your genres or if you'd like to keep them as-is; I'll leave this entry alone until you give me the OK. b)'')b

(Also, I can totally clarify that definition in the meantime!)

Can you replace "Adventure" with "Action"? Thanks!


Prince of Heart
Oh BTW...the link to A Friday doesn't actually link to the forum thread.

EDIT: well that's weird...it didnt quote even though I tried to make it do that.

JX Valentine

Oh BTW...the link to A Friday doesn't actually link to the forum thread.

EDIT: well that's weird...it didnt quote even though I tried to make it do that.

Yep. I know. I fixed it when I added it to the archive. Check the listing, not DM's post. If it's not forwarding you to the story thread in the listing, I'm not sure what's up, but it is for me.

(As a side note, I'm probably not going to make "approval" posts—as in, posting just to say a listing is approved—just because I personally consider it spammy, but hey! Either way, you'll know you've been approved if your fic is added to the list, and you'll know if you haven't if I post. *nod*)

Spiteful Murkrow

Early Game Encounter
Decided to stop procrastinating and finally get these two out. These fics are done in the sense that any changes from here on out are going to be minor typo fixes when I have too much time on my hands.

Dragonspiral's Children

A narrator's account of camaraderie with a family and their Pokemon and growing up with them across the years.

Pokémon-centric, Friendship, Family

Tags: Unova, Druddigon, Memoir, Viginette, Family, Growing Up

Context Switch

The story of a young programmer being brought to Hoenn to work on a wildly popular series of monster-taming video games– a suspiciously familiar-sounding series of monster-taming video games.

Friendship, Drama, Canon Character-Centric
Okay, it's an NPC with like 2 lines in-game, but still.
Tags: Hoenn, Tropius, Corphish, Viginette, Game Freak, Pokedex Completion, Programming, welcome to my life

Mrs. Lovett

Rolling writer
The Master's Trick, by Mrs. Lovett
A young trainer stumbles upon a Trick House on Route 110, unwittingly to witness events that will change Hoenn.
Horror, Humor
Tags: Hoenn, Trick Master, Trick House, NPC, May, Player Character, moving on

I'd like to request this to be moved to the Completed Fics section, as well. I hope the Horror/Humor categorization is okay, because it makes sense in the way I imagine the story. xP


Well-Known Member
Survival Project, by diamondpearl876

Sai Luart's only goal: to create the strongest pokémon team possible, and to use them to earn the eight Johto gym badges in record time. Each chapter of Survival Project delves into the mind of one of his pokémon. The team makes several attempts at trying to uncover the motives behind Sai's behavior, all the while trying to come to terms with their own personal demons.

Trainer Fic, Pokemon-Centric, Mystery

Tags: Johto, suicide, mental illness, first person, abuse, angst, tragedy, original trainer, loss, death, love, friendship, psychology

*Technically completed, just making edits. Not sure if it should be in the archive yet?