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The Completed Fics Catalog

Calls with an Ex-Champion, by PhalanxSigil

You beat the Champion, but what happens in the aftermath? We look through the eyes of Cynthia, one of the many ousted Champions, as she sees how fame and the media gets under the new Champion's skin.

Canon Character-Centric, Drama, Friendship

Keywords: Champion, Cynthia, Lucas, fame, friendship, media
Guess it's the right time to put these guys here!

24 Months, by Dramatic Melody
If she had it her way, she wouldn't have let him leave. And as each month passes by, his absence becomes more and more prominent.
Angst, Canon character-centric, Tragedy
Tags: one-shot, Unova, Hilbert, Mom, motherhood, distance, loss

Stationary, by Dramatic Melody
He waits for her, and he doesn't know what's more nerve-wracking - the waiting or the uncertainty.
Tags: one-shot, Johto, Magnet Train, slice of life, uncertainty

Exit Interview, by Dramatic Melody
What happens when the core of Team Flare is taken away from their system? A human resources admin and a passionate grunt find out the hard way.
Angst, Canon character-centric
Tags: one-shot, Kalos, Team Flare, Lysandre, Mightyena, villainous team, loss

EDIT: Also, for 24 Months, can this count as a request to take it out of the Fanfic Catalog?


Call me Del
I've finally got every chapter uploaded here! Woo!

The End, by Delirious Absol
In a world ravaged by war started by a wicked Hydreigon, the Pokemon have been split into three groups - Outcasts, Heretics and Darkness. Two members of the Outcasts Guild - a Meowstic called Cleo and her small Dedenne companion Spark - stumble upon an odd discovery. Something that sparks a little hope amongst the Outcasts. The hope that one day, the Darkness just might be defeated and Pokemon can live in peace once more.
However, this discovery sets two assassins - an androgynous Zorua named Harlequin and a joker of a Banette named Enigma - after Cleo and her friends. What unfolds next is a roller-coaster of events that throw our heroes right into the epic battle between good and evil.
Fantasy, Adventure
Tags: Epic, PMD, Mystery Dungeon, Meowstic, Dedenne, Whimsicott, Zorua, Banette, Friendship, War

Sike Saner

Peace to the Mountain
The time has come.

Communication, by Sike Saner
Solonn Zgil-Al, one of the few pokémon able to speak to humans, learns what can happen when certain talents are not kept hidden.
Pokémon-centric, Drama
Tags: snorunt, glalie, fakemon, violence, gore, mild language, brief nudity, involuntary transformation, body horror, abuse of psychic powers

Related stories: The Origin of Storms, Bad Idea

Gosh dang that felt good. :D


Gone. Not coming back.
Time and Tide, by Cutlerine
Five and a half centuries ago, a man named Archie raised a legendary pokémon named Kyogre, and everyone else failed to stop him. Two years ago, a young woman named Avice set out to undo the devastation that Kyogre wrought on Hoenn. Today, she begins to write the story of what happened. Extremely self-consciously.
Adventure, Drama
Tags: AU, Archie, Maxie, Sapphire, Zinnia, Hoenn, mild language, violence

In the Bleak Midwinter, by Cutlerine
A vivillon and an ariados united by an unlikely pact seek out ancient mystery in an eerily empty Kalos.
Pokémon-centric, Drama, Friendship
Tags: vivillon, ariados, mild violence, Kalos


Write on
Now that Hidden Power is finished, I'd like for it to be moved here.

Hidden Power: A Lumineon's Story, by American--Pi
When a Lumineon named Blue gets released into the wild and comes across a school of starving Finneon and Lumineon, he finds out that the moves he learned as a Trained Pokemon might be just what the school needs. Response to the Fan Fiction Quarterly Edition 5 challenge.
Adventure, Drama, Pokemon-centric
Tags: Lumineon, Finneon, Pokemon-POV, Sinnoh


Lost in the Internet
I'd like to move my completed fic from fanfiction plz.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Destruction, by 0bss1d1ankn1ght
A Riolu and his older sister Buneary join Florges Guild to become explorers.
Action; Adventure; Drama
Tags: Oran; Pecha; mystery dungeon; Florges

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
A Megaload of Work

Oh boy, time to do some housekeeping and FINALLY sweep these stories under the "completed" mat!

[Silence] (Quarterly Challenge), by The Teller
An answer to the challenge’s “no dialogue” rule, this story looks at a day in the life of Sinnoh’s Elite Four and Champion, as they take on challengers. However, this is no ordinary day, and what makes that so is the big mystery. Also, the narrator has a huge bias against Hoenn for some reason.
Canon Character-Centric, Humor, Action
Tags: Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian, Cynthia, Lucario, Volkner

Delibird's Tales [Yuletide One-shot], by The Teller
With the prompts being “snowstorm” and “meteor shower,” and also the preferred setting being PMD, I present a story about a Delibird that lives on top of a snowy mountain. During a snowstorm, he finds himself with a Wynaut companion and decides to pass the time by telling Wynaut stories about the past. He tells three stories, all disconnected from one another, all teaching various morals. Are they true stories? Are they mere fables?
PMD, Romance, Pokemon-Centric
Tags: Yuletide, nature, Nidoran, Jynx, shiny, Wynaut

The Disingenuous Magearna, by The Teller
A short, humorous look at PIDDLE, a secret organization that controls the minds of the masses by purposefully leaking sensational information to the public, all so that the public doesn’t start thinking about how bad the current state of the world is in. A commentary on how rabid Pokétubers got when Magearna was first leaked.
Humor, Parody
Tags: Magearna, humor, funny

Dragons of Mind, by The Teller
The second episode (?) of the Courage the Cowardly Dog x Pokémon crossover I did. When the Bagges are in the city of Nowhere, a portal suddenly appears and out comes Zekrom and Reshiram, who proceed to fight each other and subsequently start to destroy Nowhere! Courage must protect Muriel from harm as well as figure out how to stop the two dragons from fighting.
Humor, Other (Crossover), Action
Tags: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Zekrom, Reshiram, Darkrai, Deadpool, crossover

Courage's Double Trouble, by The Teller
The response to the challenge of “write a crossover.” This is a Courage the Cowardly Dog x Pokémon crossover. When the Team Rocket trio set their eyes on the Bagges’ farm, and on Courage himself, Courage must find a way to dispatch these villains while protecting Muriel and the house. The story is written to resemble almost like a script for a typical episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Humor, Other (Crossover), Action
Tags: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jessie, James, Meowth, Team Rocket, comedy

Let's Free: Quarterly 3, by The Teller
Response to the challenge “write your own holiday (and make it winter-themed),” this multi-nominated story takes place in Icirrus City, during the Terminus Reap holiday season. What is the Terminus Reap? You’ll have to read to find out (/cheap tactic)! The story follows a family as they prepare for the Terminus Reap.
Mystery, Angst, Other (Slice of Life)
Tags: Icirrus, Quarterly, feels

The Most Beautiful Warlord of Ransei (Yuletide 2016, 6, by The Teller
A Yuletide story using the prompts “underused Pokémon,” “underused location,” and “underused characters,” this AU Conquest story uses modern characters as substitutes for Warlords and has them pitted against each other to see who is the most beautiful Warlord in all of Ransei! With each Warlord fighting for their own reasons, whomever is the victor will surely go down in history! Also contains a Mitsuhide ref.
Canon Character-Centric, Other (AU, Conquest)
Tags: Lorelei, Drasna, Juniper, Jynx, Garbodor, Druddigon, Conquest, AU

Let me know if there's any problems afoot!
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Oh, I have a title?
Time to move to completed fics!

Out of the Blue, by TikTok13
The hothead of Kanto, Blue, wants to see his old friend again. But he is burdened with the fear and worry of what will happen when they meet. Follow Blue through this short-but-sweet story in which our protagonist reminisces on the past, before finally confronting his rival. Red. What will happen? Probably something Out of the Blue.
Canon Character-Centric, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Tags: Generation 2, Blue, Red, Gold, Mt.Silver, Comedy, Anger, Sadness, Memories.
Right, so here we go with the one-shots I've got!

Left Alone by Nerdy McNerdface
Everyone knows the tale of the two boys from Pallet Town who became the strongest trainers in the world, and how their rivalry blossomed as they defeated the Gyms and the Elite Four almost neck and neck with each other. Nobody knows the tale of the girl they left behind.
Canon-Character Centric, Friendship, Angst
Tags: Generation 1, Leaf, Red, Blue, Kanto, Memories, Friendship, Death, Heartbreak.

A Simple Kalosian's Story by Nerdy McNerdface
I don't like telling my story. I don't enjoy recalling my memories of my journey. I guess you're just lucky I'm willing today.
Angst, Drama, Tragedy
Tags: Kalos, Fennekin, Flabébé, Zygarde, Team Flare, Death, Violence, Mental Trauma.
Soda Pop, by Dramatic Melody
Two people talk about their past and future over two bottles of soda pop.
Tags: one-shot, Hoenn, Team Magma, Team Magma grunt, Team Aqua, Team Aqua grunt, fluff, relationship

Dear Purrloin,, by Dramatic Melody
A child writes a letter to her Pokémon.
Angst, Family
Tags: one-shot, Unova, Purrloin, Hugh, children's story, loss

Youngster Josh, by Dramatic Melody
A newly hired gym trainer deals with the pressures of the job.
Tags: one-shot, Hoenn, Rustboro City, gym trainers, Pokemon Gym

All three are also requests to move them here. Thanks! :)


Name's Adam.
A Mew Me, by DreamSayer
In a small town in Johto lived a boy who befriended a mew in the nearby forest and he and that Pokemon were the best of friends. However, a tragic incident occurred and the pokemon had to change Geo forever in the process of bringing him back. How will Geo be able to cope with his new life and will it affect the relationship between him and his pokemon friend?
Adventure, Friendship, Drama
Tags: Mew, Oc, Pokemon Transformation, Adventure, Suspense, Eventual Romance, Tragedy, Friendship, Violence

Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}
Man I should have noticed this was here like, long ago.

Anyway, posting here for the stories that I have considered complete, and yes, confirming them to be moved to Completed Fics.

Thanks in advance!


Playfield, by Venia Silente
An Arcanine and a Rapidash race across the landscape. A trail of flame and the wonder of the world behind them. Why, where, when do they race? What is at stake and what can they earn? All these questions share a common, broad, yet simple and concise answer: time.
Friendship, Pokémon-Centric
Tags: worldbuilding, folklore, season, Arcanine, Rapidash

Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~, by Venia Silente
A Valentine's treat. A troop of wild Nidoran reaches into the city looking for adventures. One of them, a recently evolved ’rino, can feel the love (and a desire for cute poisonous furballs) in the air - but to reach to the female, he must get past some of the mysteries of human civilization. Nominated for Best Pokémon MC, Best Comedy.
Romance, Adventure, Pokémon-Centric
Tags: Valentine's, Nidoran

Built for Risk (preliminary), by Venia Silente
aka “How to Excel at Containing Devastation for Fun and Profit”. How do Arenas and Battle Towers function in the Pokémon universe? An exploration and interpretation of the concept. Part of the Serebii 2013 "Interpretations" writing contest.
Tags: worldbuilding, concept study, battling, sports, technology, contest

Overlord, by Venia Silente
A look at the ruler of the renowned Team Rocket. And no, I don't mean Giovanni, but the one who is always there, observing and spending quality time with Giovanni, never leaving his side, for as much as Giovanni might be evil, it can not be denied that he truly adores his one companion - his cat. Nominated for Best Non-Romantic Relationship, Best Pokémon MC.
Friendship, Canon Character-Centric, Pokémon-Centric
Tags: Persian, Giovanni, Team Rocket, character study, cat, contest


Gone. Not coming back.
Go Home, by Cutlerine
Gwyneth makes bad decisions. This is why she is no longer a trainer, and why she and her lover of eight years are no longer together. It is also why she is determined to hike all the way across Unova to break up her brother's wedding, with only two weeks to go until the day itself. She does not see any way in which this can end well. She's going anyway.
Tags: Unova, Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca, journey, venipede, strong language, mental illness, transphobia, violence


It's "I Come Anon"
Chapter fic:

Will Somebody Stop These Kids?, by icomeanon6
Jason, Krissy, and Travis are young trainers who just want to do the right thing, and to them that means fighting Team Rocket. If only this didn't make the police's job harder, specifically for Jason's cousin Derek. It's the adults vs. the kids, and they're on the same team.
Friendship, Trainer Fic
Tags: Johto, journey, slice-of-life, strong language, death, child abuse, bullying, alcohol abuse, gambling, suicide themes, violence, growlithe, arcanine, horsea, seadra, chikorita, bayleef, alakazam, Bill

One shot:

The Magician of Ilex Forest, by icomeanon6
Hundreds of years ago in Johto, the balance of power between humans and pokemon begins to shift. PokeCommunity Small Writing Contest 2017 first place.
Horror, Pokémon-Centric
Tags: Johto, houndoom, murkrow, celebi, violence, death, drug abuse, ptsd


The Halvarsaga, by Firebrand
Abducted by northmen, Wulfric must learn to adapt to their savage and alien ways. But his captor, the dispossessed heir to the throne of the north, has a burning ambition to take back his rightful place, and Wulfric soon finds himself drawn into Halvard's machinations.
Drama, Action, History
Tags: Vikings, history, AU, blood, war, violence, Chatot

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Please move my story from FanFiction to Completed. I know no one reads it in FanFiction now. At least here, they can see its beautiful corpse.

The War on Ft. Cherub, by The Teller
Three teams of real-world kids all duke it out for supremacy at a local gym via Pokemon Go. You see the entire battle unfold as their over-imaginative childlike minds would see them. Who will win, and who will have to limp away to fight another day?
Action, Family, Friendship
Tags: Pokemon Go, Team Instinct, Team Mystic, Team Valor, Real World


The magic of Pokemon
Requesting a move to Completed, please.

Pokemon Moonlight Silver
by FlamingRuby

A re-imagining of the Johto arc of the anime, without all the filler.

Adventure, Canon Character-centric

Tags: Pokemon anime remix