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The Comprehensive New Year's Thread: 2011-2012


~Freezing Winds~
Well, my entire family is trekking up from PA to come to CT. We barely see each other, so it's a great get-together.
I'll most likely be in my room looking depressed. :(


sleep, eat, play, po**, eat, play, sleep, po**, play, eat, po**, sleep.


The Ghost of Tsushima
I'll probably do the same thing I did last year, which involved staying up all night drinking Dr.Pepper and eating pizza.
Yeah...I live in a boring neighbourhood, so the chances are, a party will never happen here.


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Sleep late, bug my parents to take me to Times Square, fail miserably, sleep again until nine p.m., watch the ball drop on TV. I hate how I never get to see the ball drop live.
Maybe when I can drive. :/


aka Lamia
Haven't had much time with the family so I'll probably spend it at home with everyone watching the news and displays they put on. No one to kiss this year anyway! :)


Shadow of nothing
Stay home and laying on my couch, I think.


Well-Known Member
Eat pizza, watch a movie, watch the ball the ball watch people freak out that the end of the world is coming once the clock reads 1,1 2012...