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The Corei Quest...rewritten!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Air Dragon, Mar 22, 2006.


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  1. Air Dragon

    Air Dragon Ha, ha... not.

    The Corei Quest!

    Boring Disclaimer Garbage: This is a fan-fiction I made. (DUUUUH!) Pokemon may not be mine but most of the characters and Pokémon are of my own design apart form the ones you should obviously know and that I obviously don't own. So NYAAAH!



    Shadow Lucario
    Cryptic Blaze
    Colton S
    Chapter List

    Season One:
    Chapter One: The Call
    Chapter Two: A Rivalry is Born
    Chapter Three: The Price Of Trust
    Chapter Four: Sapph’s First Capture
    Chapter Five: Action in EverWood (Part 1)
    Chapter Six: Action in EverWood (Part 2)
    Chapter Seven: Quit Buggin’!
    Chapter Eight: Across the Bay
    Chapter Nine: Shocking Developments
    Chapter Ten: Two Annoying Rivals
    Chapter Eleven: The Gatonda Tournament
    Chapter Twelve: Hurried Hunting
    Chapter Thirteen: The Main Event Part 1 Part 2
    Chapter Fourteen: Off The Chains Part 1 Part 2
    Chapter Fifteen: Rock On, GrandpaPart 1 Part 2
    Chapter Sixteen: The Phony Leader
    Chapter Seventeen: Rolling Stones Gather No Moss Part 1 Part 2
    Chapter Eighteen: One for the Honey...
    Chapter Ninteen: Soaring Shadows
    Chapter Twenty: Aerial Prison Break! Part 1 Part 2
    Chapter Twenty One: Ace On the Airwaves Part 1 Part 2
    Chapter Twenty Two: Battling the Storms Part 1 Part 2 SEASON FINALE




    Chapter One: The Call​

    Rolling green hills, purple snow-capped mountains, vibrantly coloured fields of wild flowers and crystal blue skies and lakes moved on by in a slow rush as an old steam engine moved progressively north. The breathtaking scenery, however, was not on the minds of some of the passengers. Indeed, an eleven year old boy found sleeping a more fulfilling past time than stopping to smell the roses (not that he could stop the train to smell them anyway.)

    As the train drew nearer to Olville Station, the boy reflected on how the invitation from Prof. Theodore T. Yew’s call to his father had started his journey to and in Corei...

    “Sapph? Sapph!”

    Up in his room back in Cherrygrove Town, Johto, Sapph yawned lazily, stretched a bit and rolled on his side. It was, after all, a Saturday, and he was at perfect liberty to sleep in. At least he would have if his mother didn’t know how to get him out of bed in the mornings.

    Unfortunately for Sapph, his mother knew.


    That did it…

    “It’s SAPPH!” he hollered down the stairs.

    “So you are awake,” his mother smiled from the doorway, knowing she had won the daily battle.

    “Aww, crud,” Sapph moaned to his pillow. He then grudgingly got out of bed to peer blearily at his reflection in the mirror.

    A boy with extremely messed up dark brown hair peered back at him with startling blue eyes which were presently dulled by sleep. Yawning widely, he reached for his towel as he shuffled for the bathroom.

    Sapph couldn’t see what the rush was about, there was nowhere “and I mean nowhere other than school to go,” as he would constantly complain to his often-exasperated but good-natured mother and his stern and often indifferent father.

    Half an hour later, Sapph ambled into the kitchen where his little sister Emma was finishing off a plate of honeyed waffles. His mother stood at the stove, serving two more plates of the morning treat that was Sapph’s favourite.

    “Morin’ Samph,” Emma greeted him cheerily, her mouth full of pastry.

    “Hey Emm,” Sapph replied, stifling another huge yawn.

    “Sapph, would you please not yawn that way? Especially in pretence,” his mother chided him kindly.

    Sapph grinned. “Suuuuure thing, Mom,” he smiled, faking another yawn.

    “That’ll do, Sapphire,” his mother countered with a bite of impatience, setting a large stack of breakfast before her second son.

    “Thanks, Mom,” he said in sincere appreciation and dug in.

    Katherine Manson smiled and rumpled his hair a little before setting a second plate of waffles on the table before the seat on Sapph’s left.

    “Hey, mwere’s Dad?” Sapph asked, his face red with the effort of keeping his breakfast in his mouth and talking at the same time.

    “On a walmph,” Emma replied, her cheeks once again stuffed to bursting point.

    “Alright, that’s enough, both of you,” his mother scolded with a smile.

    Both children smiled and somehow swallowed their food.

    “Mum, what did Rubin say last night?” Emma asked her mouth mercifully empty this time.

    “That he was arriving at Goldenrod City Station from Saffron this afternoon,” his mother said, now preparing some Pokémon food for the gym Pokémon."Emma, can I have you feed the Pokémon today? Your father left town early to pick Rubin up and I have to run to Azalea City this afternoon for some groceries.”

    “Mum, can I come, hunh? Pleeease?” Emma asked, her emerald green eyes wide and puppylike.

    “No, honey, you know your job to do,” Katherine smiled as she sat down to her breakfast.

    “Awww, Muuuuuuuuum,” Emma moaned.

    Just then the videophone in the study rang.

    “Dear me, not a moment’s peace, hmm?” Katherine mused, rising to answer the phone.

    “Don’t sweat it, Emm. You can do it in no time stat,” Sapph smiled at her and winked. “I’ll get it, Mom,” he added, rising to get the phone.

    Emma beamed and their mother said “Thank you very much, dear.”

    The Mansons owned a junior league gym in Cherrygrove Town. Sapph’s job was usually to feed the gym Pokémon as well as occasionally help Emma to clean the arena without their mother or father knowing.

    “C’mon, Mum. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?” Emma continued to plead.

    “Sorry, but- what was it Sapph says? Oh, yes- no sale,” Katherine replied, between bites.



    Pretty please?”


    “Pretty please, with honey, sugar, icing and a sundae cherry on top? And an extra large caramel centre?”


    “Hey, Mom. That was the Day Care Centre,” Sapph said returning to his now cold pancakes and munching on them nonetheless.

    “Really, how’s Tyra?” she asked, looking up form her waffles.

    Tyra was Katherine’s Typhlosion and the first Pokémon that Sapph and Emma's mother received from Professor Elm about nineteen years ago.

    “Looks like she’s going to go into labour or something,” Sapph mumbled his mouth once again filled with waffle.

    Katherine’s fork fell from her hand with a loud clattering.

    “She’s what?” she breathed.

    Sapph opened one eye, swallowed and said “That’s what they told me to tell you…said it could be anytime this afterno…what’s wrong?” he asked, noticing that his mother had moved upstairs as though she had used an Extreme Speed attack.

    “What’s with Mom?” he asked Emma, who gave Sapph an extreme fish eye.

    “Don’t you know what that means?” she asked incredulously.

    “Uh, no. Should I?” Sapph asked, only a little irritated.

    “It means she’s going to have a baby!” Katherine told her son as she reappeared fully dressed up. Sapph stared: his dad had always said that it took their mother forever to dress up for anything.

    “Look after the house alright, Sapph? And make sure Emma does her chores,” their mother said in a giddy rush as she bustled about clearing up plates. “Oh, happy day! Tyra’s having a baby!”

    “No sweat, Mom,” Sapph assured her.

    “Thank you, Sapph,” their mother said. “Now, the Pokémon food is all dished out and I must dash, Tyra having a baby!” She sang out loud as she skipped out of the room in a way that would even embarrass Emma.

    Sapph and Emma stared, first at the closed door, and then at each other.

    I don’t get it, Sapph thought, a piece of waffle hanging out the corner of his mouth. If Tyra’s having the baby, why’s she so happy?


    The Manson Family Gym was a large, hardwood building that slightly resembled a barn more in size than in appearance. Everything, from the stable doors to the main supports of the gym was hardwood. Even the arena floor comprised of interlocking, dark hardwood panels on which were painted thick white lines which outlined the battle area. Being a junior league gym, only little leaguers came there for gym matches. The family gym had been victorious for the past two years in one hundred and ninety-nine battles and losing only four, making the league officials consider making it a major league gym for which Johto Silver Conference challengers would have to face before being allowed to compete, provided they could win one more. Sapph was sure he could rack in the one final gym win to make the Manson Gym an official Pokémon League gym…

    …if his dad would only give him the chance.

    As he fed his father’s Muk, Hitmonchan and Onix, he told Emma this. However, as this was a regular topic of discussion, Emma was more or less disposed to agree, even though she sincerely believed he could do it.

    “-I mean, Dad’s Pokémon are really tough, and only lightweights come here for a Strength badge, I bet I could beat anybody who passes by for a badge…”

    “Yeah, but wouldn’t Dad be peeved if you did?” Emma asked quietly as her mop sloshed across the gym floor.

    “Not if I win,” Sapph said dismissively, now setting a dish of sweetened Pokémon food before Ribbon, his mother’s Butterfree and Gummy, Katherine’s Wigglytuff and turning to pick up a mop to help Emma. “After all, it’s ultimately the trainer’s skill that wins the match, as Dad tends to always tell me…”

    “I bet Dad feels you can do it,” Emma said brightly.

    Sapph looked at Emma hopefully for a moment and then both hung their heads as one as the gloom of reality hit them.

    “Yeah, right,” they murmured together dejectedly, returning to Emma’s mopping.

    “Imagine if I could do it before Dad gets back from Goldenrod,” Sapph went on, slightly starry-eyed. “He’d be so proud and Rubin will finally show me some R-E-S-P-E-C-T,”

    “Again, yeah right,” Emma only just half-joked.

    The mopping was finally done and Sapph and Emma were just standing back to watch the gym floor dry (“I mean, I know it’s boring but you got a better idea?” Sapph had argued with Emma before they both sat down to watch) just as a voice called out,” Hey! Anybody here?”

    A boy who looked barely a year younger than Sapph showed up at the doorway. Decked out in a green and gold tracksuit, cap and trainers, he put the image of an overlarge leprechaun in Emma’s mind. He surveyed Sapph and Emma with an appraising look in his copper brown eyes.

    “Is this the Manson Family Gym?” the boy asked, looking around and rumpling his messy reddish-brown hair.

    “Yeah, it is,” Emma answered nervously.

    “What d’you want?” Sapph answered.

    “A battle for the Strength Badge,” the boy answered coolly.

    Sapph’s (his mind on his discussion with Emma earlier) face lit up as the arrival of a reckless and slightly insane idea hit him.

    “I’m Rickie,” the boy continued. “So! Where’s the gym leader?”

    “He’s-“ Emma began to say.

    “You’re lookin’ at him, rookie,” Sapph cut in with a bit of a swagger.

    “Sapph!” Emma said, startled.

    “Rickie,” the boy corrected in the same cool voice, his eyes locked on Sapph’s sparkling blue ones. “So, are we doin’ this or what?”

    “But, but!” Emma stuttered desperately, trying to dissuade her older brother from what she figured out must have crossed his mind.

    “Yeah, we are! Let’s get to it!” Sapph said, ignoring Emma‘s warnings.

    “But Sapph,” Emma hissed as Sapph picked out one of his dad’s Pokémon to battle with. “What if you lose? Dad’ll have to start winning gym battles from square one, and you’ll be so grounded to go!”

    “I’ve gotta show Dad that I can do this,” Sapph whispered urgently to her, pushing two flags; one red and one green into her hands.

    “But-, “Emma continued, fear now in her face.

    “I have to show him that he can count on me, just as much as he counts on Rubin,” Sapph said softly. “C’mon, let’s get the filming equipment rolling…”

    Within five minutes, Rickie and Sapph stood on opposite ends of the training field with Emma on the sidelines.

    “An official Johto Junior League battle between Sapph Manson and Rickie Sun will now begin,” Emma said, her throat dry. “If Rickie wins, he will earn a Strength Badge.” She then turned helplessly to her older brother who acted as the gym leader.

    “Let’s go with one Pokémon each, OK?” Sapph said.

    “Cool,” Rickie said readying his pokéball. “Let’s do it!”

    “Let’s go, Rumble!” Sapph yelled, throwing a red-and-white orb onto the field.

    “I choose you, Cubone!” Rickie called, chucking a similar sphere into the ring at the same time.

    Two Pokémon appeared on the circular pitch. Both brown, one stood at a towering four foot seven inches and wore red boxing gloves. The other came in at a measly one foot four and hefted a short bone as a club. Its short tail wagged slightly as it sized up his foe through the eye holes of its large skull helmet.

    This match is in the bag, Sapph thought.

    Do your best, Sapph! Emma pleaded.

    This battle may be a little on the rough side, none of the others had Pokémon this strong-looking, Rickie thought worriedly.

    “Let’s do our best, Cubone! Try Headbutt!” Rickie called out.

    “Pfft,” Sapph scoffed. “Show ‘em your Mach Punch, Rumble!”

    Cubone only got round to lowering his head to charge before the Hitmonchan’s fist came out of nowhere to clobber Cubone’s heavily guarded head. Cubone flew to the edge of the ring and landed flat on his belly, crying out in pain.

    “Cubone! You OK?” Rickie called out worriedly as his Pokémon struggled to its feet.

    “Nice one, Rumble! Now, Ice Punch attack!” Sapph cheered, remembering the attacks he’d seen his father have Rumble use in the past.

    “Cubone, roll away!” Rickie cried.

    Rumble’s right fist glowed with frozen energy as he ran towards the littler Pokémon. However, Cubone knew he couldn’t let his trainer down. Before the expected impact, Cubone, using a spurt of unreckoned-with speed, rolled away towards Rumble’s left, avoiding the blow which froze the part of the ring where the Lonely Pokémon had stood a mere nanosecond before. The frozen slipstream of the attack however caused Cubone’s skin to feel uncomfortable and affected some damage. Cubone rolled over to stare at the Hitmonchan, panting hard as the biting cold gnawed away at his flank.

    <Well, aren’t you annoying?> Rumble quipped, turning around slowly to glance at the smaller combatant.

    “Hey, you shouldn’t have been able to dodge that!” Sapph exclaimed.

    Rickie shook off his beaming smile as he turned to face Sapph and shrugged “I guess Cubone and I won’t let each other down,” he said in his cool voice.

    “Rumble, another Ice Punch attack! Go!” Sapph ordered, starting to get mad.

    Rickie just nodded at Cubone. Cubone nodded back.

    Rumble rose slowly, clenching his fist as he turned to face Cubone. Cubone also staggered upright as the air around Rumble’s fist slowly cooled to sub-zero temperature. Rumble dashed over and scored a direct hit on Cubone’s belly with a swift yet deliberate uppercutting motion.

    It’s over, Rumble, Sapph and Emma thought together as Cubone doubled up in pain…

    …and vanished in a puff of smoke.

    What the! Sapph thought frantically as Rumble's eyes grew huge.

    “Good job, Cubone! Nice Substitute!” Rickie cheered, his face glowing with pride in his Pokémon.

    Substitute?! Sapph cried out internally.

    <Where’s the real one then?> Rumble asked nobody in particular, scanning the ground frantically for the Ground Pokémon.

    “Now use Aerial Headbutt!” Rickie cheered.

    “Rumble!” Sapph screamed as Cubone, previously unnoticed by the Punching Pokémon, brought his head down heavily on top of the Hitmonchan’s flattened dome, causing critical damage. Cubone flipped away as Rumble staggered around a little, trying to get his bearings.

    Wow! I’ve never seen a Ground type manuevre in the air like that! Emma thought.

    “Get it together, Rumble! Use Mega Punch!” Sapph called out desperately.

    “Cubone! Dodge and use Bone Club!” Rickie commanded swiftly.

    Rumble turned and used drove his fist straight at Cubone with devastating power. However, as the Fighting Pokémon was still a little disoriented from the near concussion he had sustained from Cubone’s first attack and Cubone ducked swiftly, he missed by a mile and struck floor panel. In the same timing Cubone ducked, he twisted to his right, raising his club slightly behind him. As Hitmonchan’s fist hit hardwood, Cubone’s club arched upwards sharply connecting with Rumble’s chin and sending the Punching Pokémon flying this time onto his back a full six feet away.

    “Rumble!” Sapph yelled. “Get up quick and use Ice Punch to end it!”

    Rumble staggered upright onto a shaky and weak knee as he rubbed his chin with his left fist as his right grew cold once again. With a loud battle roar, Rumble ran as fast as he could to end the fight and uphold his trainer’s and Gym’s honour, drawing his freezing fist back as he ran towards Cubone’s panting form.

    “Cubone, quick! Try your Flamethrower attack!” Rickie ordered, worried for his Cubone’s safety.

    “FLAMETHROWER!!!” Emma yelled incredulously.

    “No, Rumble stop! Dodge it, dodge it fast!” Sapph half-yelled, half-pleaded.

    It was too late: Cubone inhaled deeply as Rumble was spare inches away from him and released a huge stream of continual, red-hot fire into Rumble’s face. Sapph and Emma shielded their faces from the unbearable heat wave as the flames danced throughout the ring, eventually dying down to show a well-done Hitmonchan and a very-much pleased with itself Cubone.

    “Rumble?” Sapph said, his voice shaky.

    Rumble turned to stare incredulously at Sapph, as though wondering how Sapph could let him lose to a half pint like Cubone. Without warning, he then coughed out a ring of smoke and fell right over backwards, swirls in his eyes.

    “Rumble is unable to battle,” Emma said uncertainly, raising the green flag towards Rickie and Cubone. ”Rickie and Cubone win the match and a Strength Badge.”

    “ALLL… RIGHT!!!” Rickie yelled, punching the air and then running onto the pitch to hug his Pokémon.

    <We did it, we did it! We so-o kick bu-utt!> Cubone cheered as Rickie twirled him around through the air.

    Sapph returned Rumble silently and with his face downcast reached for a small, round silver disc which he planted into Rickie’s palm.

    “Here,” he mumbled, still in shock at what his impatience had cost the family. “The Strength Badge. Wear with honour.”

    “I will! Promise!” Rickie said happily, pinning the gleaming badge. “Well, gotta go!” he said, waving to the Manson siblings and walking out the door with a tired out Cubone in his arms.

    “What’ll Dad say?” Emma asked in disbelief as she watched their father’s gym record destroyed in an instance.

    ”Well, at least he didn’t see me lose,” Sapph muttered ruefully.

    “Uh, Sapph,” Emma began quietly.

    “Lay off, alright Emm?” Sapph yelled hotly. “I admit it, I screwed up big time. I shoulda listened but noooo… I had to go ahead with my stupid, abjectly insane plot to get Dad to be pleased with me for once! I messed up Dad’s best chance to promote the gym, I blew it, I threw all their hard work out of the window, I…”

    “Dad did see you lose,” Emma cut across her big brother. “So did Mum and Rubin.”

    Sapph’s rant ended abruptly as he dropped Rumble’s pokéball and fear stole over his face.

    “And it looks like he’s been at the doorway for quite some time,” Emma ended quietly.

    Mortified, Sapph turned slowly to see his mother with a sad, stunned look on his face, his father’s bearded face red with rage and his older twin brother Rubin’s face determinedly not looking at Sapph.


    Dinner was not a relaxing affair for the Manson household that evening.

    Justin Manson had started a huffy rant that had carried throughout the whole evening and was still shouting at Sapph even as they sat at the table to mashed potato, braised vegetables and thick, rich beef gravy. True, Rubin had left for Hoenn two years back to begin his Pokémon journey. Just last night, the Manson family had heard from him that he had become the winner of the Pokémon Coordinators’ Grand Festival Contest in some town called Slateport City. The news had caused Justin great joy then. Now all he could settle to was reliving Sapph’s latest failure for the nine hundredth time, with his wife trying to calm him down and Rubin and Emma quietly not trying to get involved, nonchalantly and fearfully respectively.

    “What kind of idiot are you, Sapph?! Losing to a Cubone? Have you learnt nothing from Earl all this time?” He had roared, banging his fist down on the table and causing the pepper shaker to fall on its side.

    “Justin, honey," Katherine said, hesitantly touching her husband's arm. " Please relax and try to enjoy your meal!”

    “Filming your loss to the Pokémon League HQ…" Justin continued to rage, a bit of mash flying off his fork. "Do you understand the magnitude of what you’ve done?”

    “I’m sorry, Dad,” Sapph mumbled in his tiniest voice.

    “'Sorry' doesn’t cut it, Sapph! Rubin was never that irresponsible! Nor was he that damned disobedient!” Justin continued to chew his son out.

    Dad's using a swear word? Emma thought as she chewed. He must be upset...

    Sapph had had enough. Enough of being the loser, enough of being the failure of the family, tired of being the source of shame…he had to justify himself, redeem himself slightly, in the tiniest way possible…

    “Hey, it took Rubin two years to win the stupid Grand Festival!” Sapph yelled, tears in his eyes.

    “That was because he just wanted to be sure of victory and felt that he needed another year of preparation for the contest!” His father shouted back. “And don’t you talk back to me, Sapph! When I set a rule, I expect it to be obeyed!”

    “Justin, that’s enough, Sapph’s sorry…” Katherine tried to interject seeing hot tears prickle the corners of Sapph’s eyes.

    “After all,” he added, “it took you three years to graduate from Earl’s Pokémon Academy, and it took Rubin one. Geniuses do exist, and they know how best to handle themselves and their responsibilities,” Justin Manson’s emphasis on the last word was suffocating.

    Rubin looked unbothered, Sapph looked as red as a Tamato Berry.

    “And trainers, geniuses and otherwise, know better than to bite off more than they can chew,” Sapph’s father added as a note of finality before walking off into the study.

    “Justin, JUSTIN!” Katherine called after her husband, chasing out of the room after him.

    Emma looked at Sapph apologetically. “He didn’t mean it, Sapph,” she said softly.

    “I disagree,” Rubin’s cool voice said quietly. “He normally doesn’t give speeches like that…I’m going out to pick up my Pokémon and Rumble. Don’t wait up.”

    With that, Rubin got up and slouched out through the screen door.

    “Don’t listen to him, Sapph,” Emma said angrily. “You did your best. Rubin’s just mad because he didn’t get to come home to run an official Major League Gym!”

    Sapph stayed silent, listening to his parents argue from the next door study, his spirits dropping as he heard more and more.

    “Two years of effort, Kathy! Two years! And your son had to blow it all in one desperate whim for attention! Doesn’t he feel that he gets enough of that from school?” Justin stormed on, going into an all out rage.

    “Two years of our effort, Justin! Mine and yours! Sapph’s as much your son as mine and wanted to make you just as proud as he made me for trying his best and Rubin makes you for everything!” Katherine cried, angry tears streaking her face.

    Just then the videophone rang.

    “Hello, Justin speaking...Theodore!” Sapph’s father’s voice had lightened up considerable, although it still sounded brusque to Sapph.

    "Theodore?" Emma asked with a quizzical look at Sapph. "Who d'you reckon that is?"

    Sapph, still downcast, did not respond as he twirled his potato salad with little energy. His little sister pouted, and half dragged her older brother to look inti the conversation on tiptoe.
    “Theodore?” Sapph asked with a quizzical look at Emma. His little sister shrugged. Both tiptoed to the door to look into the conversation.

    “Uh, hunh…yes, he did, professor,” Justin grunted. Sapph gulped. The volume of the speaker phone may have been set on low, but he knew the conversation was about him. Emma shushed him quietly and the duo strained to catch what the professor said next.

    “I was just wondering; has Sapph graduated from Earl’s yet?” Prof. Yew asked, scratching his chestnut brown hair.

    ”Yes, yes, he’s graduated,” he heard his father say.

    “Well, I was wondering if you’d want to send him here to Corei to compete in the League here,” Professor Yew said, adjusting his wire-rimmed glasses.

    “What’s that, you say?” Justin said incredulously.

    “After all, he is old enough to own his own Pokémon, and travelling along the road will be a good experience for Sapph as you obviously know,” Prof. Yew said.

    “You sure? Well, I suppose…”

    Professor Yew then said something Sapph and Emma couldn’t catch, but their father’s response came loud and clear.

    “I’m not game for this, you know…he really hasn’t shown much talent at it…” Justin said sceptically.

    “He’s twelve years old, Justin; he should get a feel of raising his own Pokémon, you know; learn true responsibility as you would put it…” Prof. Yew said firmly yet not unkindly.

    "Eleven actually, Professor," Katherine corrected the man on the screen politely.

    "Oh, really? Must've mixed him up with Kamren again," Theodore said apologetically.

    “Hmmm… maybe you’re right…maybe he should come to Corei,” Justin said softly, obviously thinking hard.

    “I knew you’d see it my way,” the professor said cheerfully, his dark brown eyes sparkling with childish mischief.

    “I don’t! I just feel you may have a vague point, that’s all!” Justin roared, highly flushed.

    “If you say so,” Prof. Yew smirked. “So! When’ll Sapph get to Corei?”

    ”Fine, he’ll be there in three days!”

    “Three?” Prof. Yew asked in disbelief.

    ”Yes, three!”

    “What’s the rush? You surely aren’t that hot-headed are you, Justin?” Prof. Yew asked with a laugh.

    “Very funny…yeah, goodbye.” Sapph’s father grunted humourlessly.

    Then Sapph heard his father hang up. He and Emma barely had time to share a mystified look before they heard him call.

    “Sapph! Get in here!”

    Sapph cringed before entering the room. His father sat at the desk, stroking his chin as he surveyed his son through appraising blue eyes similar to Sapph’s and his mother stood to one side looking tired, worried yet pleased all at once.

    “I just spoke with Prof. Yew from Olville Town, Corei,” Justin began. "You remember him, yes?"

    “Y-yeah? Yeah,” Sapph said, nonchalantly at first, but suddenly turning it to uncertainty before his parents caught on to the fact that he was eavesdropping.

    Sapph’s father frowned and continued, “He has a proposal, Sapph. About you.”

    “About me?”

    “Yes…apparently, he wishes for you to try your hands at training. Pokémon training,” Justin went on, his eyes closed as though in thought and his temple resting against his knuckles.


    “Apparently, he sees you fit to take care of your own Pokémon, and although I’m of a different disposition, it’s true that having your own Pokémon may be the only way to teach you what true responsibility is all about…”

    Sapph heard, but hardly dared to believe it.

    “You… you mean,” he stuttered.

    Sapph’s father nodded and smiled a small smile, “Mmmm-hm, that’s right,” he said, opening his eyes to survey him. “if you agree, you leave for Corei tomorrow, if you decide to…”


    “Quiet down, Sapph! Now go and pack!” Katherine told Sapph, trying and failing to conceal a grin at her son’s monkey tricks.

    Sapph ran out of the room, took the stairs three at a time and burst into his room, lost amidst a violent frenzy of joy. He couldn’t believe it; he was going to an unaspected continent teeming with all new Pokémon to capture and train, it was just too surreal…Sapph felt giddy, but he felt tired too. Trying and failing to whoop with glee one more time, Sapph failed and fell onto his bed, and fell even more deeply into slumber…


    “Where’s that boy gotten to?” Justin growled to his wife the next morning.

    “I don’t know, dear…the bus’ll leave soon!” Kathy fretted, looking around the bus stop frantically.

    “Don’t worry, Mum, he’ll be here, look there he is now,” Emma chimed in pointing in the direction of the shopping lane, from which Sapph was jogging towards them.

    “Where’s Rubin?” Sapph asked looking around for his twin brother.

    “He’s gone off to train somewhere,” Justin said shortly. “Here, take this to Gus the repairman in Olville City. It’s your older brother’s Pokédex,” he added, quelling Sapph’s questioning look concerning the slim, battered red box he handed him.

    “Well, this is it dear,” Katherine Manson said, with a brave stab at her usual cheery tone, but her voice slightly wobbly “Have a nice journey, and stay safe!”

    “I won’t let you down, Mom,” Sapph reassured him.

    “Promise you’ll call! Promise?” Emma asked tearfully.

    “You betcha, Emm,” Sapph smiled with a wink. “I may even catch you a rare Pokémon out there!”

    Emma smiled a watery smile and jumped up to hug her big brother.

    “Sapph?” His father said.

    “Yeah, Dad?” Sapph asked, letting go of his sister and turning to his father.

    Justin looked into his second son’s eyes and read nothing but determination to keep his word in his face. Exhaling deeply and said, “Just make sure that you grow up, got it?” Justin told him sternly. “Grow up into the best man you can be! And starting as a Fire type trainer can help you be exactly that!”

    “Got it, Dad,” Sapph said apprehensively.

    Geez, count on Dad to put pressure on me before I even leave! Sapph thought, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

    His mother took him aside and said to him quietly “Don’t stress yourself out living up to another’s standard, alright son?”

    “Okay, Mom,” Sapph said softly.

    “Just show Corei what the Manson family can do, and I’ll not think any less of you or love you any less either,”; She added, tears now running down her cheeks as she wrapped Sapph up into a tight hug.

    “You got it, Mom. And stooooop crying,” Sapph replied, faking a large yawn.

    Kathy smiled and put him on the train, rumpling his hair one more time as she did so.

    Sapph sat down and smiled at his family as he waved goodbye at them out the window. As they vanished around the corner, Sapph leaned back only to hear a familiar voice say, “What’re you doing on the bus, Sapph?”

    Sapph spun around in his seat to see the freckly face of Rickie Sun smiling at him, Cubone on his knees.

    “Rickie!” Sapph said uncertainly “What’s up?”

    “I’m great! I decided to try out for the major league after our battle. Cubone and I are gonna get down at Violet and keep moving on foot from there. Right, Cubone?” Rickie babbled cheerfully.

    Cubone nodded happily.

    Sapph said nothing and just stared out the window at the trees moving by. Rickie, guessing what was on his travel companion's mind, frowned slightly.

    “Listen, Sapph: I can’t say I’m sorry about the battle yesterday. Someone had to win, and we both know it. Let’s just use the experience to look forward and try to be the best that we can be, deal?” Rickie asked offering his hand.

    Sapph looked around at him and found out that he just couldn’t stay mad at Rickie; true, because he lost to him he’d brought shame on himself and the family gym, but losing to a guy like Rickie made him feel loads better than beating a total loser like he was then. After all, he was right: someone had to win, and a loss usually teaches a better lesson than a victory…

    However, rather than say all this, he simply asked instead, “What’s your PokéGear number?” flipping his own device open.

    "Why d'you want it?" Rickie asked, taken aback by the abruptness of the question.

    "So that when I get stronger, I'll challenge you and Cubone to another battle, and whup ya back for yesterday!" Sapph replied with a maniacal smile as the bus progressed northwards.

    "In your dreams, Manson," Rickie replied with a laugh, "In your dreams."

    "Friends call me Sapph," Sapph corrected him, grinning also.

    "Deal, Sapph," Rickie replied with a grin.

    The rest of the journey passed amicably, with Rickie end up giving Sapph advice on how to get to the train station from the Goldenrod City bus stop and on which train to take as the bus rolled to a stop in Violet City.

    “Keep in touch, okay Manson?” Rickie said as Sapph leaned out of the bus window to say good bye. “And good luck!”

    “You too, Rickie,” Sapph countered with a grin. "See you, Cubone!"

    <Later, Sapph!> Cubone called, waving his club in farewell.

    The journey to Goldenrod City from then on was uneventful and Sapph found no trouble transferring onto the old steam train that was to take him to Corei with help from Rickie’s instructions.

    Soon, he was on the train to a whole new, mind-blowing world, and he just couldn’t wait to get there!


    “Dad, Rickie and Mom were right,” Sapph murmured to himself, a small smile on his lips as he slept on, oblivious to the weird stares his fellow passengers gave him. “This is a journey that’ll help me grow up. And I am gonna have to show them what I can truly be. A Manson. And the best that I can be…”


    Whaddya think for a new beginning? Review your comments, views, corrections and ideas! Later, Guys!
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    P.s..I'l try to make sprites of each character and the gym!
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    Warning: Do not read if you are experiencing high levels of hunger or are prone to salivate over your PC at the mention of food, unable to read high amounts of mentally pronounced abusive insults or are easily offended at the sight of imaginary murder scenes and the like…

    Chapter Two: A Rivalry Is Born​

    “Attention passengers, we will be arriving at Olville Town Station in ten minutes. All passengers are to ensure that they have all their belongings on them before they leave the train. I repeat…”

    I heard that already! Geez, do they think I’m deaf or something?

    The boy yawned, stretched and scratched the back of his head under his red and white baseball cap. As he peered out of the window at the steadily approaching station, his tiredness gave way to an intense enthusiasm and excitement that had been welling up within him since he left his native Cherrygrove Town three days ago.

    Sapphire “Sapph” Manson had begun his Pokémon journey. Admittedly not the way he desired (with his twin brother’s broken old Pokédex; a handheld computer with information on all Pokémon in the world that looked like a red flip-open calculator), but he had begun. He planned to start his journey with the strongest starter available, which in his opinion was whichever Fire Pokémon was in Professor Yew’s lab up for grabs. All the Manson household had begun training with Fire Pokémon: His Dad, Justin, had left Pallet Town with a Charmander, his Mum, Katherine, started from New Bark Town with a Cyndaquil and his older twin brother, Rubin had left for Littleroot Town a year before to begin with a Torchic. He wasn’t interested in the other two (especially the Grass starter as he was of the opinion that they were the slowest starters with the most weaknesses).

    Finally, the train hissed and came to a screeching halt in the rustic train station. Sapph leapt down as soon as he felt the train was slow enough, winding up on the pavement face first. Just as he felt this journey had begun on a bad note, he lifted himself off the station floor to see a group of three kids laughing at him. He groaned to the asphalt just a brisk and concerned voice asked “Are you OK?”

    He looked up into a pair of silver grey eyes under a wide-brimmed cowboy hat. Their owner appeared to be a girl about his age in a Red Indian style two-piece outfit and heavy-looking hiking boots. “Yeah.” he grunted, ignoring the girl’s hand and hoisting himself gingerly off the asphalt. His ego was sorer than he was, anyway.

    “I’m Haley,” the girl said, “the guys laughing at you over there are my jerk of an older brother Kamren, his jerk of a girlfriend, Carla and his best friend Chaz, an idiot if you ever met one. Who are you? And,” she added with a hint of a grin she had obviously been trying to hide all this while, “where are you off to in such a hurry?”

    Sapph was starting to get annoyed. “I’m Sapphire…”

    “Like your eyes, hunh?” Haley asked.

    “Yeah”, Sapph said, a little aggressively. Then, noting his tone said “Sorry. D’you know where to find Gus the repairman’s shop?” As anxious as he was to get going, he also knew that he had to send the Pokédex to the local repairman friend of his dad’s in town before he went to the lab.

    “Yep,” Haley said. “Smallest shop on the main street with the largest sign. I’m going there myself. I’ll show you.”


    “Hey, Haley, don’t tell me you’re picking up boyfriends already?” the blonde called, choking on a laugh, her baggy Pokémon League T-shirt barely hiding her slim and slightly curvy figure.

    Haley’s eyes suddenly became cold white slits of fury as she turned to face the girl called Carla. With an evil smile, she answered, “Only if you tell me you’re finally gonna follow your stupid diet.”

    Ouch! Below the belt! Sapph thought, wincing slightly.

    Carla looked as though Haley had slapped her. For a moment she stood stock still, taking in the full import of the insult. When she finally got over the initial shock, her face grew incandescent red.

    “Hey! You’d wanna watch it, Skinny Girl!” Carla yelled back, a nerve on her fist ready to snap.

    Way below the belt, Sapph thought again, alarmed as he literally saw sparks fly from Haley’s hair and an evil aura arise from her very skin.

    “Oh, and one more thing,” Carla said, looking over her shoulder as she turned to go. “Lay off the lemonade, you may slip through the straw and drown one day.”

    Game, set and match! , Sapph thought furtively, hastily stepping away from Haley as she clenched her fist with a loud cracking noise.

    “Now, now, sis,” Kamren added, as he made to follow with Chaz. “Mother always said not to pick up everything you see.”

    A vein snapped on the back of Haley’s head.

    “Everything?” Sapph echoed faintly.

    “DROP DEAD, KAMREN! AND YOU, CARLA!” she yelled, shaking her fist at their retreating backs.

    As if to satisfy a very violent whim, Haley turned to a wall, and proceeded to punch a three inch crater into it, snarling, “I…HATE…THAT…STUPID…,” the next words she picked were a choice of words no writer would really want to write down in a hurry.

    Sapph cowered behind the dustbin as Haley breathed deeply in a bid to calm herself. Turning back to Sapph, her face showed the same cheer that she addressed him at his arrival.

    “What’re you doing down there? Come along, let’s go!” She asked in some surprise, turning to lead the way out of the station.

    “Uh, sure,” Sapph said uneasily, rising to follow Haley out of the station with the throng of arrivals.

    As they left the station, Haley, tucking away a strand of flyaway reddish blond hair asked “So! Starting your Pokémon journey tomorrow too, hunh?”

    “Wha… oh, yeah, I am.” Sapph replied nervously. This Haley character seemed to be showing quite an interest in his affairs in Olville Town. “What are you anyway? Psychic?”

    “No, just intuitive. Kamren going on about how he’s going to get the Fryger tomorrow…”

    “Fryger?” Sapph asked.

    “Fire Tiger species. It’s the fire starter at Professor Yew’s lab…” Haley explained.

    We’ll see about that, Sapph thought, vowing to keep Kamren as far away from his Fryger as possible.

    “…I mean, so what? I’d prefer Aquari, the Water Hare Pokémon. I love Water Pokémon. What type do you like?” Haley continued.

    “I’d like the Fryger too.” Sapph admitted, “Aquari wouldn’t be too shabby, but I’d rather…”

    “Well, let’s hope you get the Fryger then,” Haley cut across him. Sapph stared as Haley clenched a fist over thin air in determination, fire in her eyes.

    “Uh, Haley? You’re really starting to freak me way out,” Sapph said conversationally.

    “Really? Sorry,” Haley apologised, her eyes snapping back to normal.

    “Are you going to compete in the League?” Sapph asked her.

    “Not really,” Haley said slowly, slowing down her pace as they passed the town square and moved on up to the High Street.

    “What then? Contests?” Sapph asked, less eagerly now.

    “No, I’m really not one for competitions. I’d prefer researching like what Prof. Yew is into,” Haley continued, still deep in a reverie.

    “Researching?” Sapph asked incredulously. What a total waste o-, he’d begun to yell in his mind, figuring it was better to keep such thoughts inside than out in the open with Haley nearby.

    “We’re here.” Haley said, interrupting Sapph’s mental rant.

    Sapph entered Gus’s Speedy Repairs first, looking around, while Haley followed him in and went up to the main counter and rang the bell for service.

    Rows upon rows laden down with broken junk lined the shelves. It was almost as though I’ve walked back into the Cherrygrove Odds and Ends, Sapph thought looking around remembering the back street store where he had spent many a lazy Saturday afternoon with his best (not to mention only) buddy and fellow class reject Tony and his little cousin Karen, who was a year younger than them and spent her summers with them. Tony had no respect from anywhere but his family, who ran the shop. Small, bespectacled and scrawny, Tony was often the object of many bullying incidents involving some mean as they come fifth graders at school which Sapph wound up sharing after trying to stick up for him on their first day. From then on, Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez, Tony’s dad and mum were always pleased to see him and Sapph in return would help Tony run errands behind his parents backs.

    After Emma “accidentally” let slip about that event to Mr. and Mrs. Kent, their parents expressly forbade them to go there any more. It was one of those times when Sapph felt they were being unfair and paid for letting them know this with the longest time out in the history of time outs. Sapph wasn’t one for being diplomatic.

    Gus was tall and looking like he was in his sixties. He gave Haley a warm smile as he came in from the back room, pulling out his wrinkled hands out of the pockets of his equally wrinkled brown trousers.

    “Ah, young Miss Haley! A pleasure to see you, as always…how are you family?” Gus said Haley cheerfully, his small goose grey eyes twinkling.

    God, I hate this brat! He thought under the mask of joy.

    “Fine thank you, Mr. Gus!” Haley added, in an identically tone, vibrant with enthusiasm.

    What a loser! Haley snorted mentally, taking in Gus’s awful orange tie.

    “Starting your Pokémon journey tomorrow?” Gus continued in his fruity, unctuous voice.

    Snot-nosed punk! What kind of dress-up is that? If you were my daughter, ohhh, the punishments I’d have in mind…

    “Why yes, Mr Gus! How’d you know?”

    Damn snoop! Where the hell d’you think you’re looking?!

    “Oh, your mother told me,” Gus said jovially, his face radiant with happiness.

    The pompous, gossiping, arrogant cow, Gus went on.

    “Oh, is that right, Mr. Gus? When did you see her?” Haley went on.

    Bloody gossip, Haley continued.

    “At Town Hall the other day,” Gus gushed on. “She was as always, a delight to behold!”

    The ugly hag had so much make-up on, a Muk woulda been happier to look at his reflection than at her!

    Haley gasped in joyful surprise “Oh, Mr. Gus! As Mother says, you are quite the flirt!”

    Perverted stalker! I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!

    A merciful ceasefire of compliments, mental putdowns and non-verbal outright insults then took over the room as Sapph moved like a blur throughout the shop, sifting through an older model PokéNav, several broken Apricorn balls, several battered Pokéblock cases, an iron, camera tripod and saucepan with the bottom gone.

    “Ah yes, I have your kettle here all fixed up…,” Gus went on, ducking under the counter to retrieve a powder blue kettle. “…and, erm, can I help you?” Gus added with a stab of annoyance at Sapph, who was gazing, enthralled at a selection of very rare Pokéballs set in a glass case along the wall.

    Sapph turned around sharply and half-abashed, half-annoyed responded, “erm, yes, please, could you take a look at my brother’s broken Pokédex for me, sir?” he added, resisting the urge to mock Gus with a curtsy and handing the device to the repairman.

    “Who’s your charmingly enthusiastic friend, Haley?” Gus asked cheerfully, pretending not to notice the hostile and touchy tone Sapph’s answer had been muttered in.

    “Oh, him? He’s Sapphire,” Haley answered. “Sapphire Manson.”

    “Sapph, Sapph, the name is Sapph!” Sapph yelled, dropping a large broken microwave into the servicing bin, his face beet red. Gus winced, his blood pressure rising fast.

    Punk, I’ll flay you alive! Gus snarled.

    Sweet move, Sapph! Haley thought appreciatively, smiling in grim satisfaction.

    “So you’d be Justin’s second boy, hmm? I heard a lot of good things about Rubin in Hoenn, very accomplished there he is- (Sapph was feeling even grouchier by now with a scowl to match) -though his Pokédex can’t say the same. Very well, I’ll take a shifty at it. Come pick it up tomorrow morning at 8:30.”

    Sapph muttered his thanks and turned to leave the shop, still scowling. His face, however, lightened as he saw something in a large white basket. Diving forward, Sapph brought out two Friend Balls, a Fast Ball and a Heavy Ball which happened to be in great condition except for the fact that they were incredibly dusty.

    “Hey are these for free?” Sapph asked, turning around.

    “Hey, kid, that’s the free bin. See it written on the side? The sign is supposed to show that everything in the box is free,” Gus said plainly, wondering whether Sapph was simple, stupid or just plain slow.

    “Gee, thanks mister!” Sapph thanked him brightly, dropping the balls into his backpack’s pokéball pouch.

    Grouchy geezer, Sapph thought angrily as he left the repair shop, his scowl firmly back in place.

    Haley grabbed the kettle and with a rushed “Thank you” to Gus, left the shop after Sapph, pausing only to grab three Lure Balls and a Moon Ball from out of the free bin. Studying them for a minute, she eventually dropped the dusty spheres into her bag in a manner that plainly said, ‘Well, if that’s the best you’ve got.

    “Have a nice day, Haley dear! Say hello to your family for me!” Gus called after Haley’s retreating back in his greatly exaggerated voice of pleasure as she turned to wave in farewell.

    I hate you, I hate your family, I hate you all!


    Wandering past the small branch post office, the blue and white Pokémon Mart, the rustic and ancient looking Town Hall and the site of the future Pokémon Paradise salon, Haley finally located Sapph in from of a large white and red building which looked more modern than the quaint; two-story houses that surrounded it. The red-painted roofing set the building apart from its dark plum-roofed neighbours

    Sapph was in the middle of sliding open the glass doors when Haley called out to him. Sapph stopped and turned to face the reddish-blonde girl who was running up the street towards him.

    “What now?” Sapph said, more exasperatedly than rudely.

    “I’ll give you ‘what now’! What was that all about back there?” she asked, finally catching up with him at the Pokémon Centre. She stood with her hands set firmly on her waist and feet apart as she pouted as though Sapph had been rude to Gus.

    “Nothing” Sapph replied grumpily.

    “Sure?” Haley countered.


    Okay! There’s no need to go ballistic on me! One more thing, what are you doing here? Isn’t this a guest house for trainers?”

    “Nah, you think?! I’m spending the night here ‘because, in case you haven’t noticed, I can’t spend it anywhere else! I’m all the way from Cherrygrove in Johto! Geez, what is this, 20 Questions?”

    “No, it isn’t,” Haley replied, also starting to lose her temper, “It’s just that your parents arranged with Prof. Yew and my mother that you’d spend the night at our place!”

    Sapph felt his frustration vanish only to be replaced with shame. Turning away and scuffing his trainers on the ground, Sapph mumbled “I’m sorry. Really.”

    Haley smiled “No problem. Let’s go.”


    The Kent Mansion was the largest building Sapph had ever seen in his life. A noble white villa set atop the hill overlooking the village with an expansive park both in the front and in the back, the mansion gave the impression that the Kents had never had any money troubles in their entire lives.

    “How do you like it?” Haley asked, amused at the stunned expression on Sapph’s face.

    Sapph continued to stare at the house with his jaw dropped.

    “My sis asked you a question, Fortree Mankey, aren’t you gonna answer?” asked a snide voice behind them. Both turned to see Kamren smirking at them. “Or is our new out of towner fancying the station platform he kissed earlier?”

    Sapph groaned inwardly. He’d almost forgotten about Kamren and the fact that staying at the Kent’s’ would mean being under the same roof as his new rival.

    “Very funny, Kammy! ” Sapph retorted with a smirk of his own.

    “What did you call me?” Kamren roared as Haley giggled uncontrollably.

    “Hmm, deaf too… oh well, let’s go find your mum, okay?” Sapph mused, walking towards the house. Haley followed laughing as Kamren spluttered, “Get back here! You can’t call me that here…”

    “What’s so funny?” Sapph asked Haley bemusedly as she still hadn’t stopped laughing yet.

    Haley tried to answer, but choked as fresh peals of laughter escaped her. Sapph shrugged and raised his hand to knock the door. However, Haley just pulled out her house key and opened the door herself, sobering up slightly in the process.

    “Mother, I’m home! Oh, and so is Sapph!” Haley called as they entered.

    Mrs. Kent was tall, graceful and in Sapph’s opinion, one of the prettiest women he’d ever seen. In her early thirties, she sort of looked like Haley, with the same silver grey eyes and heart shaped face. Her hair, which she wore in elegant tresses down her back, was a luxurious, velvety black colour. Wearing an emerald green dress, long white gloves and a friendly expression, she proffered her hand for Sapph to shake with an air of grace and refined dignity. I guess all moms must look pretty, Sapph thought as he shook her hand.

    “Ah, Sapphire…” she began.

    “Sapph.” Sapph replied as pleasantly as he could. He wasn’t really big on the name ‘Sapphire’- it sounded a little too feminine.

    “Oh, sorry Sapph! How was your train trip?”

    Preetty hard, but funny from my point of view, hunh, Sapphire?” sneered Kamren nastily.

    Kammy! That wasn’t polite at all! Apologize now, please!” Mrs. Kent scolded.

    Now Sapph could kinda see what Haley found funny earlier on. Resisting the urge to laugh, he watched Kamren look anywhere but at Sapph and say through gritted teeth, “I’m. Sorry.”

    “That’s better. Now Sapph, how’re your parents? And baby Emma? It’s been so long,” Mrs. Kent went on, leading the way into the lavishly-furnished living room

    “They’re OK,” Sapph said amicably, suppressing a grin at the thought of Emma’s reaction to someone calling her ‘baby’.

    “Kathy and I go very far back… we travelled together when we were young, you know…” Mrs. Kent went on as a dark-haired lady in a frilly maid’s outfit brought out some refreshment for the chatting trio.

    “Humph? Really?” Sapph asked, his mouth full of cupcakes. Haley recoiled in disgust.

    “…and Rubin. How’s he? It’s been a while since I heard of his exploits. Oh, don’t worry, dear, I’m sure you’ll make an excellent trainer in your own right.” She added, catching the dark expression on Sapph’s face.

    “Thanks, Mrs. Kent. That…erm…means a lot to me, I guess.” Sapph said quietly, a faint tinge in his cheek, turning away to watch an elegant Persian and Milotic prance out on the grounds so neither lady could see.

    As silence fell upon them, a maid came in to clear the teat things away. Cooling down, Sapph turned back to Mrs. Kent and said, “By the way, Mrs. Kent…where’s Pampa City?”

    “Oh, that’s a small city somewhat to the west of Nightspark City,” the older Kent replied.

    “We moved from Nightspark when I was six and Kamren was seven,” Haley added. Smiling faintly in reminisce, she went on, “Kamren hasn’t stopped complaining since we arrived in Olville since then.”

    “And you did?” Sapph asked, his eyebrow arched sceptically, after exerting the enormous effort of getting his food down the right tube.

    “Come to think of it, you never stopped moaning about moving here until last year yourself, dear,” Mrs. Kent said thoughtfully, setting her teacup down with a far away look in her eyes.

    “MOTHERRR!” Haley moaned as Sapph began to smirk in a most Kamren-like way. He opened his mouth to say something smart-aleck when Haley hissed furiously out of the corner of her mouth “Not one word, Sapph Manson. Not one stinking word.”

    The collective sight of Haley’s furious face and the memory of Haley’s strength at the station shut Sapph up but good.

    “Well, I suppose we’d all best get some dinner in… unless you two would like to turn in early…” Mrs. Kent said, rising to her feet.

    A loud rumbling sound filled the room at that moment. As Mrs. Kent and Haley spun around to stare at Sapph who in turn turned pink in embarrassment.

    “I believe Master Sapph would like dinner first, madam,” the nearby maid supplied dryly, tossing back her long blonde hair.

    “Yes, dinner so sounds good to me!” Sapph said somewhat sheepishly, springing up with Haley and proceeding to wash up.


    The dining room was as stylish as the rest of the house. Furnished with what looked like century old oak tables and chairs, large purple cushions had been set into the seats, arms and backs of every chair in the room. The windows were large and showed a brilliant sunset over the Yew Laboratory which Sapph could easily watch as he took his place at the table facing the window framed with curtains of a rich, sky blue colour which had a white Romanesque trim.

    Then there was the meal itself: platters, dishes and trays of all Sapph’s favourites and dishes Sapph had never seen before stretched the full length of the table. There was spring rolls, meat rolls, fish rolls, and fresh bread rools; sushi, squid, mashed potato, boiled potato, braised potato, fries; noodles, spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, pork pies, keish, thick rich gravies, barbeque chicken wings, lamb and pork chops, spare ribs, sausages, fish fingers, fried and steamed fish and meat sauces, vegetables, salads and condiments of all kinds imaginable along the length of the large, circular table which was decked out

    To top it off, the maids who served the food were highly attractive, leaving Sapph in wonder as to whether he was in some wild dream and stinging in mild jealousy at the Kents’ rich lifestyle.

    Though there was high tension in the air as Kamren sat to eat at the same table, the meal passed with little conflict between Kamren and Sapph. However, as the meal gradually came to a close, tempers started to flare.

    “Whoo, I’m officially stuffed,” Sapph announced wearily to the Kent family, leaning back in his seat after his fourth large bowl of rocky road ice cream. “Thanks for the meal, Mrs. Kent!”

    “It was our pleasure, Sapph,” Haley said cordially.

    “It was our pleasure, Sapph, ” Kamren mocked his sister, putting on a high pitched falsetto and a grotesque face which included his tongue hanging out.

    Kamren mimed puking into his plate as Mrs. Kent said, “Haley’s right dear. It was a joy having you share this repast with us.”

    “Now I feel ready to become the next Pokémon Master! Which will start when I get a Flame Tiger Pokémon and catch all one hundred and seventy-four Pokémon.”

    “What a joke,” Kamren snorted.

    “What is?” Sapph said, losing all traces of cheer as he sat upright to face Kamren across the table.

    “Well, for starters, it’ll be me who’ll get the Fire Tiger Pokémon, Fryger,” Kamren said simply but with the air of a man itching for a fight.

    "Anything else, Kamren?" Sapph asked coolly, though flushing slightly.

    “Well, idiot, Corei has a hundred and forty seven unique species of Pokémon indigenous to it,” Kamren said nonchalantly. “Every real Pokémon trainer knows that.”

    Sapph flushed in anger and embarrassment.

    “And you said you’ll be the next Pokémon Master? Dream on, loser,” Kamren said in a haughty voice.

    “What did you say?” Sapph snarled starting to really lose it at this point.

    “Now, now, boys, settle down,” Mrs. Kent said cheerily, but with a bite of impatience all the same.

    “We’ll see who’s laughing after I get the Fryger tomorrow morning, Kamren!” Sapph retorted, standing and pointing at Kamren.

    “What did you say?” Kamren said loudly, setting his fork down with a clatter as he too rose to his feet.

    “Stop that, Kamren, if you please!” Mrs. Kent said sternly.

    “But he started it!” Kamren snarled, pointing at Sapph’s smug face.

    “I really don’t care, Kamren! Now please sit down! Sapph’s a guest here, remember?”

    Sapph’s smirk widened as Kamren flopped back into his chair, arms crossed and fuming more than a Camerupt as a bevy of ladies all in the same serving attire came to clear up the feast.

    “Shall I take your plate, sir?” A maid whose black hair was held in two braids asked Sapph, gesturing towards his empty plate.

    “Uh, it’s okay, ma’am,” Sapph said, uncomfortable at the prospect of someone cleaning up after him. “I can do it myself…”

    The three Kents burst out into laughter; Mrs. Kent’s reserved, Haley’s raucous yet jovial and Kamren’s rude.

    “That’s a good one Sapph!” Haley said gasping for breath and wiping the tears from her eyes as, a fat maid with a friendly face and sleek, iron grey hair tied back in a bun cleared away her plate.

    “You really are a stupid Aipom, aren’t you?” Kamren snorted scornfully. “Which backyard farm were you raised on anyway?”

    “Enough Mankey tricks, Kammy!” Mrs. Kent scolded austerely.

    I think I’ll turn in for the night,” Sapph said swiftly, rising out of his chair to leave the room.

    If I don’t, I just may kill that cocky bas… Sapph began in his mind, unpleasant thoughts of what he’d like to call and do to Kamren chasing each other in his mind.

    “Alright, good night, dear!” Mrs. Kent said. “Lucinda? Please take Sapph to the guest room” she added as the chubby maid with rosy cheeks came back from cleaning Haley’s plate.

    “And, Lucinda? There are some dusty pokéballs in my hip bag,” Haley added as the large maid cleared away the plates.

    “Very well, madams,” Lucinda answered, passing the plates to another attractive maid, redhead this time as she passed. “And Mr. Manson’s?”

    “Err, no, no it’s okay, I’ll clean them myself. It’s okay. Really,” Sapph assured her hurriedly before Mrs. Kent or Haley could say yes.

    “After all, Lucinda,” Kamren said, yawning widely as he reclined in his chair, “Mr. Manson’s gotta look after the third rate junk he buys on his own. Doesn’t he, widdle Sapphire?”

    “Kamren, that’s enough! No I mean it!” Mrs. Kent snapped. “And sit up straight!”

    Only one guest room? At least that’s one thing our families have in common, Sapph thought in relief.

    “Just one question, madam,” Lucinda went on.

    “Yes, Lucinda?” Mrs. Kent asked nicely.

    “Which guest room shall I take Mr. Manson up to?”


    Twenty minutes later, Sapph was ushered into a guest room. Sapph was for the third time that day, left totally speechless, a feat not even a mouthful of waffle couldn’t accomplish. Setting his rucksack down, Sapph’s eyes drank the highly polished oaken furniture with deep purple plushie cushions which matched the beddings. A gold-plated chandelier hung from the ceiling and the sky blue with white trim curtains also draped from the splendid gold-plated curtain rail identical to the ones in the dining room, three floors down.

    Regaining his voice, Sapph managed a weak wolf whistle and muttered, “Boy, the Kents sure know how to impress!” looking around the impeccably white tile interior of the adjoining bathroom.

    Wondering why the hell Kamren and Haley would complain about moving here from Nightspark City, Sapph turned towards the bathroom for a pre-bedtime shower. Ten minutes later, Sapph came back into the bed chamber, towelling his shaggy hair. Turning back to his backpack, Sapph began sorting out his thing for tomorrow. He’d just slipped on a pair of purple and orange pyjama shorts when his red and white PokéGear began to vibrate, indicating an incoming video message. Tossing the book Mrs. Kent had given him on raising a Pokémon’s ability to its full potential lightly onto the bed he rolled across the mattress to snatch his PokéGear off the ornate mahogany desk and peered at the sender’s number in the video messaging list. The word ‘Rickie’ flashed on and off with an unopened envelope next to it. He played the message.

    Rickie’s beaming face filled the screen, with Cubone enthusiastically waving his bone in greeting at the screen.

    “Hey, Sapph!” The image on the screen said cheerily. “How’re you doing?”

    Cool, I guess, Sapph thought with a smile. Seeing a friendly, familiar face always put him in a good mood.

    “Guess what, Sapph? I won my Zephyr Badge! On my first try too!”

    That put a bit of a dent in Sapph’s joy at hearing from his friend.

    No way! Sapph thought incredulously, staring at the hexagonal badge Rickie was now holding up. It was undeniably the proficiency badge of the Violet City Gym.

    “It was a little tough, but me and Cubone pulled it off in style! OK gotta go, call me back soon, alright? No, Cubone, those aren’t your pokéblocks! Sorry, buddy…Put ‘em down, Cubone! Hey! Get back here, you!” Rickie called to Cubone, cutting the message.

    Sapph shook his head bemusedly staring at the now silent PokéGear in his hand. Really, that guy is just plain impossible, he thought amusedly. I guess I’d better step on it if I want to catch up. But first, I gotta catch some Z’s before I catch ‘em all! Wow, that sure sounded corny, he added rolling his eyes as he pulled his pyjama top over his incredibly messy hair, only to mess it up even further.

    Sapph slumped back tiredly onto his bed and pulled open the book when the door opened. Sapph looked over the top of the book and scowled as he saw Kamren there with a smug smile on his face, donned out in a white and gold-hemmed bathrobe.

    “Awww, don’t you just look pwecious in your widdle jammies.” He cooed mockingly. “Got tidie widies to match?”

    “Why? Are your big boy boxers too large for your tiny tushie?” Sapph replied retuning to his book.

    An extremely tense silence reigned to the highest recesses of the ceiling. Kamren, his face progressively becoming beet red, spun on his heel and marched toward the door. As Kamren wrenched the door open, Sapph distinctly saw the name ‘Kammy’ spelt out in gold cursive letters across his back. He smiled faintly to himself as he heard his door slam and Mrs. Kent call up the stairs, “Kammy, that’s enough of your tantrums for one day! Go to bed now, Kammykins! No buts!” as Kamren opened his mouth to argue. Closing his book and wondering what Mrs. Kent had embroidered onto Haley’s bathrobe, Sapph’s grin widened as he rolled over and went to sleep, his dreams full of receiving the ultimate Fire starter and rubbing it into Kamren’s smug, red and tear-streaked face.


    Later that night as the moon resembled a full, juicy, round pound of cheese (hey, I’m hungry! Gimme a break!), a shadow crept into the room cautiously. Stealing stealthily across the almost-cavernous room towards Sapph’s snoring form, it reached into a dark cloak and pulled out a kitchen knife out from the black folds. The knife’s blade glinted in the moonlight as it swung the knife upwards in perfect synchrony with Sapph rolling over onto his back a small trickle of drool trailing from his gaping mouth, ready to plunge it into the heart of the slumbering Johto trainer, to put an end to his dreams for ever…

    …the peace of the Kent residence was shattered by a blood curdling scream as the knife made contact. Blood splattered against the wall as the shadow drove its knife in deeper. Twisting the knife around within the region of the neck muscle, jugular and subclavian artery, the flow of blood doubled, staining the white walls and purple bed sheet deeper in crimson blood…


    The heinous act all unfolded in the dreams of the unwelcome visitor whilst in the realm of reality, the shadow was perspiring profusely; the hand that clutched the knife shivering uncontrollably.

    What am I doing? Hoo, talk about extremes! The shadow said to itself, taking deep steadying breaths. Easy, buddy, pull yourself together!

    Pulling back from his prey, the shadow smacked its head into the nearby wall repeatedly, muttering “Calm down! Calm down!” it stopped only as Sapph gave off an extremely loud grunt and rolled over onto his side to face where the shadow, who now resembled a wax statue of darkness, stood sweat dropping profusely.

    Whoa, buddy chill out! It scolded himself. Plan A will work! No need for this kind of measure! Though he’d probably deserve it, it went on, replaying the delicious scene its mind had conjured moments before trying to drive its expressionless face into the wall.

    Slipping the knife back into its cloak, the shadow pausing to hear Sapph mutter, “Who’s got the Fryger now? In your face, Kamren Kent!”

    A nerve flashed across the shadow’s temple at these words.

    Maybe I should’ve killed him after all, the shadowy figure thought, reaching for something on the desktop.

    “Awww, don’t cwy, widdle Kammykins, Mongles make such lovely, loyal fans! For a total loser!” Sapph mumbled on, ending with a minute of feeble laughter, which ended as abruptly as it began as he went back to his loud and potentially embarrassing snoring.

    We’ll see about that, the shadow thought, leaving the room as silently as it had entered.


    Okay, I tried to make it interesting with a cliff-hanger. So it better meet all and everyone's expectations! Anyways please let me know what you think! All comments are welcome!

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    ANd Kamren's bathrobe is damn funny. Like Sapph, I wonder what's on Haley's......

    Three letters: Awp.

    Yay for Chapter two! Good job SM, keep up the good work!

    P.S. I pwn any Pokemon! Nyahahaha......How can you beat a swordsmaster with two adamantium swords or a giant electric sword? I wonder.....

    P.P.S. Independence is the best policy.
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    Note: <…> - Pokémon Speech

    No Mongles, trainers or walls were really harmed in the production of this chapter. All violence was performed by trained, professional stunt doubles and understudies. Believe it…

    Chapter Three: The Price of Trust​

    “G’Morrning, Mrs. Kent,” Carla greeted cheerfully, her hands clasped neatly in front of her red and white vee-neck shirt.

    “Why hello, Carla! And Caland Dex too! How’re you all?” Mrs. Kent, that day in a luxurious red and gold kimono and her luxurious black hair held up by a large, traditional hair clip that matched her kimono.

    “Fine, thank you, Mrs. Kent,” Dex answered for them all.

    “Is Kamren ready?” Carla asked the older lady, looking around as she adjusted the thin straps of her blue denim shoe bag in which her possessions were currently kept.

    “Oh, he should be along soon,” Mrs. Kent assured the group. “Lucinda, could you please tell Kamren his friends are here waiting for him?”

    “But of course madam,” Lucinda replied as she set off for the foot of the marble staircase and passing Haley on her way up as Haley tugged down her mid length Red Indian outfit and straightened her hip pouch in which a small notepad, pencil and her newly cleaned pokéballs resided.

    “Morning, Lucinda! How do I look?” Haley said cheerfully, twirling around on the spot to give the maid and her childhood nanny a good look.

    “Positively radiant, Miss Haley,” Lucinda said cheerfully. “Your father would be so glad to see you now…”

    Haley smiled a sad smile at this. “Yeah, Lucinda, you’re right,” she said quietly.

    Lucinda mentally smacked herself on the head for her insensitivity.

    Haley however brightened as she spoke again. “Anyway, I’m sure I’ll see Father along the road to being a great researcher!”

    “Yes, I’m sure you will see him again! And be a great researcher,” Lucinda said confidently.

    “Bye, Lucinda,” Haley said, hugging her maid tight.

    “Stay safe, Miss,” Lucinda whispered, a tear trickling down her cheek as she hugged the girl back.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, Dex longingly stared at the toast and bacon Mrs. Kent ate with reserve. Noticing this, Mrs. Kent looked up and smiled in an amused way as Haley made it to the dining room for her last breakfast at home for a while and into an intense staring contest with Carla.

    “Haley! Good morning! Where’s your brother?” Mrs. Kent said, looking up to smile at her daughter.

    “Good morning, Mother. He should be getting ready, I guess,” Haley said, tearing her electrifying eye lock with Carla.

    “Would you three like to join me?” Mrs Kent asked graciously, gesturing towards a morning meal that could’ve sat fifteen.

    ”It would be our absolute pleasure, Mrs. Kent.” Calvin said politely as Dex greedily tucked into the pile of pancakes at the oaken dining table.

    “I’ll just take some of it to go, Mother,” Haley said swiftly, reaching for some bread, salad, cheese and ham to make some sandwiches.

    “I’m alright, Mrs. Kent,” Carla said primly, a nasty sneer on her face as she watched Haley fill a thermos with cold orange juice and place it in her hip bag. “A real lady must watch her figure,” she added, staring pointedly with smug contempt at Haley’s petite and slightly stocky form.

    The boys in the room went stock cold as Haley turned to Carla with death etched in her silver grey eyes. Mightyenas seemed to howl into the suddenly frigid air as Carla returned her cold stare.

    Haley opened her mouth wide…


    “Master Kamren, your friends are waiting for you in the dining room,” Lucinda said to Kamren as he pulled the zipper on his black tracksuit up.

    “Yes, yes, very well, Lucinda,” he said indifferently, without looking back. “You may go.”

    And with a casual wave of his hand, brushed the maid off as he passed by her and down the corridors.

    I really don’t know what to think of you, Kamren Kent. Your mother and sister aren’t nearly as rude as you, Lucinda thought sadly, watching the back of the young boy’s reddish blond head as he moved towards the staircase.

    “Oh, yeah? Say that again you…” Haley’s voice stormed from the lower story, a barrage of insults rushing forth.

    I’ll take the second part back, then, shall I? Lucinda thought tiredly, returning to her dusting.

    “Now, now girls, no fighting in the house, please!” Mrs. Kent said sternly. “Haley, where did you pick up that language?”

    “Most likely from Sapph… hey guys, ready to go?” Kamren said coming down the stairs with a one strapped bag slung over his left shoulder.

    “I so did n…” Haley started furiously but at Mrs. Kent’s quelling stare, stopped cold and strode to the door. The group she’d left behind heard the door slam loudly.

    “Dear me, she is in quite a bad temper today, isn’t she?” Mrs. Kent said ruefully to Carla. “I’m really sorry about her attitude, Carla. I apologise on her behalf.”

    “It’s OK Mrs. K., “Carla said cheerfully, fingering the red hairpin that held her long blonde hair back.

    “By the way, where is Sapph?” Mrs. Kent wondered, looking around as she set her cup of tea back onto its saucer with a gentle tinkle.

    “Must have left already,” Kamren said shrugging.

    “Ah, an early Pidgey! Someone could learn a lesson or two!” Mrs. Kent said slyly with a sideways glance at her only son.

    Kamren blushed, and decided to ignore his mother’s smart remark.

    ”Well, shall we?” Kamren said in a take-charge sort of voice rising from the table as he and Dex managed to pry Dex away from the dining table.

    “Yeah,” Dex said, giving the food left a mournful, longing look as he heaved his forest green duffel bag up his shoulder.

    “Thank you for the meal, Mrs. Kent,” Calvin said politely, standing up and straightening his shirt and adjusting his wire rimmed glasses.

    “So, how’d it go last night?” Carla whispered as they made their noisy way out of the room.

    “Smoother than a Squirtle’s underbelly,” Kamren whispered back with a grin.

    “Kammy?” Mrs. Kent called uncertainly as her son reached the door.

    Kamren went rigid as though turned to stone. The others sweat dropped and turned to stare.

    “Yes, Mother?” Kamren said uncertainly.

    “Aren’t we forgetting Mommy’s little goodbye hug and kiss?” Mrs. Kent said sweetly.

    “Mother!” Kamren moaned as the others snickered. “Don’t you think I’m too old for that?”

    “Yes, you’re right I suppose,” Mrs Kent said, slightly crestfallen.

    My little Kammykins is all grown up! She thought fondly, as she watched her son and his friends leave.

    “Don’t tell me she still calls you that,” Carla laughed under her breath.

    “Oh, shut up,” Kamren hissed back.

    “Awww, Kammy got a boo boo,” Dex chuckled in his usual low grunt.

    “I said, KNOCK IT OFF!” Kamren yelled as the made their way into town.

    “Have a safe journey dear… call once in a while…take care!” Mrs. Kent called after the group’s retreating backs.

    I so wish you were here, Remy, Mrs. Kent thought wistfully as she watched her children make their way down the hill and into the world. You’d be so proud of them both…[/I]

    Just then a loud blood curdling yell that seemed to come from one of the upper stories filled the air.

    “Good Lord! What in heavens’ name was that noise?” Mrs. Kent started, staring at the ceiling above her head.

    Outside the Yew Observatory, which doubled as the Olville Research Lab and Prof. Theodore Yew’s home, Haley looked up as the sound of a disturbance reached her ears.

    What was that? Haley wondered. Shrugging it off, she raised her fist to knock on the blue painted door.

    A youth of medium build opened the door. With his neatly cropped black hair and radiant ruby red eyes, the boy was adorable. His name was Kyle and he was one of the reasons Haley chose to be a researcher.

    “Hey Haley, ready to start the day?” He said jovially, tweaking his white lab coat which he wore over a green sweater and neat blue jeans.

    “H-h-hi, Kyle,” Haley stammered in reply, a faint blue tinge forming in her cheeks. Kyle had come as a researcher all the way from Cliffrock City to study under Prof. Yew four years ago and had melted Haley’s (then premature) heart into a fizzle. Unfortunately, he unconsciously managed to attract Carla’s attention too, and the two had duked it out for years to see who Kyle really liked.

    “The professor is inside his office now,” Kyle went on, slightly bemused as to why Haley looked so flustered. Kyle though he was many things, wasn’t too sharp in these affairs.

    “Um…uh...O-o-OK,” Haley finally managed to blurt out.

    Lame Haley! Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME! He’ll so think you’re a total nerd! Ohhhhh, Haley moaned inside as she followed Kyle into the observatory.

    “Nervous?” Kyle asked kindly, looking back to see Haley looking somewhat diminished.

    “Don’t worry, all new trainers are,” Kyle smiled as they took a right turn into another corridor.

    “Um, Kyle?” Haley stuttered.


    “I-I-I’m not going to be a full out trainer,” Haley stammered.

    “Really what do you want to do then?” Kyle asked, stopping to turn and look at her.

    Haley’s feet suddenly felt three sizes too large as she shuffled them.

    Time to come clean, I guess, she thought, readying to spill one of the two secrets she had kept from her childhood crush for four years.

    “I-er, you know, wanted to be a…a researcher,” Haley went on, not making eye contact with the sixteen year old lab assistant.

    “R-really?” Kyle asked in some surprise.

    He probably thinks I’m stupid lame, Haley thought crushed.

    “That’s so cool! Congrats on your choice! I’ll be looking forward to hearing of your findings, Haley!” Kyle said sincerely.

    He thinks I’m cool?!

    “R-r-really?” She gasped, looking up so fast she almost cricked her neck.

    “Sure! It’d be so rad!” Kyle went on, beaming slightly.

    He thinks I’m rad??! Hot DOG, love wins out! Cha cha cha! Haley thought fanatically.

    On the outside, though, all she said was, “Thanks, Kyle,”

    “Here we are,” Kyle said, reaching another blue door with a white and blue name plate on it reading ‘Head of Facility’ and under it a smaller sign which read ‘Professor T.T. Yew, Pokémon Professor.’ Knocking twice, the assistant opened the door a bit, poked his head in and said “Haley’s here to see you, Professor.”

    A tall yet slightly built man opened the door wide and beamed down at the pair that stood before him.

    “Thanks so much, Kyle,” the professor said with a glowing smile at the young man and girl. “Hi, Haley! Ready to begin your journey as a trainer?”

    “Yeah, Professor! Well, see ya Kyle!” Haley smiled, following the professor into his office.

    The professor’s office was decorated in a highly Spartan manner with two filing cabinets, a computer desk complete with a white flat screen PC blinking on and off. As Haley walked in, her eyes were drawn as always to the large cylindrical device in the far corner. Made primarily of transparent Plexiglas, its bases were red and white. At the lower half was what looked like a six pack egg tray, but larger and with four of the six ports already filled with gleaming snow white orbs with a black line dividing it into two halves.

    “Dear me, I’m rather disorganized this morning, aren’t I?” Prof. Yew said with a chuckle.

    “Gee, I guess you are,” Haley said, smiling back. Prof. Theo was like a second father to Haley and one of the few adults she knew who’d acknowledge their mistakes to her.

    “Please, after today, you can call me Theo as well. After all, we will be fellow researchers,” Prof. Yew said seriously, pulling three pokéballs out of the device and setting them down on the computer desk.

    “Really? I still think Prof. Yew would sound cooler,” Haley went on cheerfully, glancing at an email that the professor was reading as she made her entrance.

    “Well, this is it! Which starter will you choose?” Prof. Yew said, clasping his hands together with a loud clap.

    Striding towards the white top table, Haley reached out for a pokéball with a light blue tear drop embossed on the upper white half of the pokéball.

    “Come on out, my Aquari!” Haley chirped, enlarging the pokéball with a squeeze and pressing a small black button on the back of the lower half to release the sphere’s contents.

    The flash of bright white light that rushed forth filled the whole room. At the same time a streak of blue light bounced playfully around the room before coming to a rest on the table, where it took shape.

    Its fur a light shade of blue with a white underbelly, Aquari had white and black paws which upon seeing Haley hid its face from her with a squeak.

    “Don’t be scared, uh...” Haley started to say, suddenly noticing that she didn’t even know her first Pokémon’s gender.

    “Girl,” Prof. Yew said smiling slightly at Haley.

    “Yeah, girl! I’m your new trainer now, so hi!” Haley said oblivious to how lame she sounded.

    The Water Hare kept its face hidden.

    “Hmm, how about nicknaming your Aquari?” Prof. Yew suggested, his hand rubbing his clean shaven chin thoughtfully.

    “Great idea, professor! Thanks!” Haley said cheerfully. “So! How’s Bubbles?”

    The Aquari, finally coming out of its guise of shyness looked up at her new trainer with a puzzled expression. Had some one else with a bubble entered the room? Unsure, she looked up at the smiling girl and pointed a finger at herself to ask if that was her new name.

    Her smile even wider, Haley nodded and said, “Yes that you, little Bubbles!”

    <Me? Bubbles?> the Aquari squeaked, looking into Haley’s silver grey eyes as Haley looked into her brown ones.

    “That’s right! And I’m Haley, pleased to meet you!”

    <Hewo, Hawey! I’m…pweeased to wheat you tooo!> Bubbles said cheerfully.

    Haley laughed at her Pokémon’s comment and then suddenly noticed something weird.

    “Hunh? Professor, we aren’t really communicating are we?” Haley said, scratching her head as she turned to the professor.

    “It does normally take a few days, but judging by how fast you two are able to understand each other, I suppose you two are really meant for each other,” Prof. Yew said thoughtfully.

    “Reeeally?!” Haley squealed happily. “Hear that, Bubbles? We’re going to make an awesome team! Yes we will, yes we will!” she said, tickling the Water hare’s fuzzy underbelly.

    Giggling, Bubbles accidentally released a couple of large bubbles which hit Haley and popped. Suddenly looking aghast at what she’d done, she fearfully looked up at Haley, who she noticed was laughing.

    “Gee, Bubbles, that tickled!” Haley said with a laugh.

    Bubbles smiled and sneezed, releasing a few more bubbles into the air.

    Haley, giggling some more at this and scooped up her new Pokémon into a hug.

    “Well, I guess I’ll get your Pokédex ready,” the professor said with a smile as he headed for his desk drawer to pull out a light brown flip calculator that was about two thirds the size of Sapph’s broken one with a dark blue pokéball symbol opposite the flip hinge’s side.

    “Hmm, that reminds me… Kyle chose one of those too when he was younger,” Prof. Yew said thoughtfully he rummaged in the filing cabinet for new pokéballs.

    “Kyle chose an Aquari?!” Haley gasped.

    “If I recall correctly,” Prof’ Yew said with a casual shrug as he straightened up and handed Haley her brand new Pokédex and five regular pokéballs.

    Kyle chose an Aquari too? Once again, fate shows we belong together! Haley raved inside.


    Fifteen minutes ago…

    The guest room was already filled with light when Sapph woke up abruptly to the sound of his alarm clock blaring. Peering blurrily at the digits on the clock face, Sapph’s mind awoke as sharply as though shocked by a pack of Pichu.

    “9:45! How’d the **** did that happen? I set it for…wait! Kamren! ” Sapph yelp turned to a growl as he dressed at warp speed. As he barrelled down the stairs, cussing under his breath, he met Mrs. Kent, who said in some surprise, “Sapph, I thought you’d left before Haley and Kamren…”

    “Kamren left?” Sapph asked in disbelief.

    “Why yes,” Mrs. Kent went on in surprise. “He said himself that you’d already left…”

    Sapph swore under his breath.

    “Sorry, Sapph…what was that?” Mrs. Kent asked suspiciously.

    “Nothing, nothing!” Sapph said hastily, sweat dropping.

    “Anyway, would you like some breakfast before you go?” Mrs. Kent asked politely.

    “Sorry, Mrs. Kent…got to go…thanks for the book and everything…bye!” Sapph cut in hurriedly as he pressed the book into a bewildered Mrs. Kent’s hand and ran out back down to Olville.

    Sapph shot into town like a missile gone wild. Just as he past the shop, Sapph suddenly remembering his Pokédex at Gus’s. Cussing some more, he turned down to the main street and burst into Gus’s Speedy Repairs like a hurricane where Gus was waiting.

    “You’re late!” Gus began reproachfully holding the repaired encyclopaedia in his hand. A split second later, it was gone, replaced with some money.

    “Sorry, Gus, I’ve no time for this now! Thanks for fixing it for me! Bye!”

    Sapph was out of the shop and out of sight in the next three seconds.

    That’s your son, Justin? Gus thought, scratching the back of his head. I see no resemblance, my friend, none at all…

    Looking into his hand, Gus stared at the currency in his slack hand. As though a light had just gone on in his head, the repairman’s eyes widened as he steadily turned Tamato-red in rage as a shocking realisation hit him.

    “OI! YOU LITTLE PUNK! YOU F******* STIFFED ME! GET BACK HERE, YOU RETARDED, STINKING THIEF! OI!” he screamed, his fist clenched tightly enough to crush a Gyarados’s jaw.

    “I take it back,” Gus snarled. “He is so your son, Justin!”

    “What d’you suppose that was?” Carla asked, watching a flock of Flying Pokémon take flight in alarm at the sound of Gus’s harsh words.

    “Ah, who cares?” Kamren said as he looked away with a shrug. “Let’s go get them Frygers, shall we?”


    Sapph tore into the Olville Research Lab, frantically thinking: Please don’t let Kamren be here, Please don’t let Kamren be here…, winding up running right into Kyle, Prof. Yew’s assistant and Haley, who had her small cerulean bunny with a really large bubble for a tail in her arms, said “Sapph! Where have you been? I thought you’d already left! Kamren’s getting his Pokémon now…”

    Sapph was out of sight before she could finish.

    “Wasn’t that Justin Manson’s son Sapphire? Is he a friend of yours?” the assistant queried.

    <He a very funny friend of yours if you ask me.> Aquari piped up in its baby voice, looking up innocently at her new trainer.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sapph screamed in his mind as he dashed into the Professor’s office to see him giving an extremely smug-looking Kamren his Pokédex and first five Pokéballs.

    Both Prof. Yew and Kamren looked around at the source of the commotion. “Sapph!” Prof. Yew exclaimed in surprise, “I was expecting you soo…” but Sapph cut across him.


    “Sapph, please don’t shout.” Prof. Yew said with only a touch of impatience.

    “Yeah, Sapphire, you’re freaking my Fryger out with your, ah, rude entry and false accusations.” Kamren said, not even hiding his smile.


    “SAPPH! SETTLE DOWN NOW!” Prof. Yew yelled angrily.

    Sapph was too incensed to say more, but turned on his rival and ran towards him with his fist cocked back, a blind urge to make him feel a hundredth of the rage filling him in pain.

    He never made it. A black-and-orange blur appeared in front of him and showered him with small, red-hot flames. Sapph yelled in pain and fell back onto his bum.

    “Wow, Ember already! Thanks chump! Didn’t think you have that much experience to give! Later, Professor!” Kamren chortled, returning the small Fire Tiger Pokémon to its Pokéball and striding out of the lab, turning back to sneer at Sapph’s stunned figure curled up against the wall as he reached the doorway.

    “Awww, don’t cwy, widdle Sapphire. Mongles make such lovely, loyal fans! For a total loser!”

    And with a cruel laugh, he closed the door with a loud snap that reverberated deep in Sapph’s shattered subconscious.

    Sapph was in so much shock he never noticed his stinging hands and face where the Fire Pokémon’s attack had hit him seconds earlier. He’d missed getting a Fryger. His family would never let him live this down. Never. Especially his dad…

    Sapph never felt or looked any older than he did now. It seemed as though the wind had blown away all his youth as he lay slumped against the wall, his dark hair seemed to grey right before the professor’s eyes and his hands appeared to wrinkle at a superhumanly impossible speed.
    Prof. Yew had watched the scene in numb horror. He now cleared his throat tentatively and said hesitantly. “Erm, Sapph? Are you OK?”

    “Is there another Fryger?” Sapph asked at once, praying deep inside that the answer was yes.

    “Well… there was the one I had left over from last year…” Prof. Yew began slowly, scratching his clean-shaven chin in thought.

    Sapph’s heart inflated so fast it looked as though he’d explode from the overdose of happiness.

    “REEEEEEEEEEEALLLY??!” Sapph squealed, his eyes looking like blue lakes of watery joy as he clung onto the front of the Professor’s lab coat.

    “I’m sorry Sapph, Carla took it just before Kamren…” Prof. Yew said sadly.

    If you’d ever seen a more crushed face those words, you haven’t been around many face-crushing plants. Sapph swayed like a leaf in the wind, his mouth opening and closing silently in a manner that would recall a particularly clueless Magikarp.

    “I’m sorry, Sapph,” Prof. Yew said again.

    Sapph cussed loudly. Very, very , loudly.

    “…I’m really sor… hey, did you just cuss?” Prof. Yew said, surprised at how seriously Sapph was taking this.

    “Sorry, Professor.” Sapph mumbled numbly.

    “It’s alright. I quite, erm, understand…” the Professor said calmly “…however, I do think you’re overreacting. Mongle is a fine starter too…”


    “I know, Sapph, I know.” Prof. Yew said evenly. “However, this laboratory is not a Fryger factory.”

    “Do you really think I give a …” Sapph bellowed, but the professor decided to put his foot down right there and then.

    “Sapph!” he said in an unfamiliar commanding voice that shut Sapph up abruptly. “Listen to me, the only way you’d get a Fryger now is to wait till next year, and I know for a fact you wouldn't want to do that seeing as you’re already one year behind Rubin as it is…”

    Prof. Yew’s cut into Sapph’s rage like a knife. As much as he hated getting stuck with a Grass starter, he hated living in Rubin’s shadow even more. Everyone always talked about and liked Rubin more than him since their got their first report cards at Earl’s Pokémon Academy in Violet City… he could still hear Earl saying in his mind ‘…A weak student you are. Make a better trainer than you Rubin will...’ His old teacher’s voice still haunted him to this day, but now he was feeling too cold inside to care. After all, he reasoned, he could always trade it off for a stronger Fire Pokémon than Fryger later…

    Prof. Yew was still speaking and holding out Mongle’s Pokéball, “…Losing your temper won’t help either. Besides, Mongles are very strong, brave and loyal Pokémon too… I’m sure you two will get along fine.”

    Sapph reached out for it indifferently. “Whatever,” he said glumly.


    Fifteen minutes later, during which time he was getting his Pokédex upgraded and his burns treated, Sapph was standing outside the doors of the lab with his head bowed down against the now harsh winds. He still held the shrunken Pokéball in his tightly clenched fist. It was a cloudy day but Sapph was too sore to think about the weather. Deciding to get something to eat first, he headed for the Pokémon Centre.

    As he entered, the first person he saw was Kamren, showing off his new Fryger to Carla and Dex. Averting his eyes from the foot- tall cat, he moved to the vending machine to get some food for himself and Mongle. “After all,” Prof. Yew had reasoned back at the lab “you are its trainer. I guess you might as well care for it till you find it a trainer that’d want it if you find that you don’t when that time comes.”

    Like I’d care for a Mongle, Sapph thought. After buying some cans of Pokémon food, a couple of sandwiches and some apples, he wended his way to a secluded table. Just as he sat down, the front door slid open revealing Haley with her Aquari and the fact that it had started to rain. Great, Sapph thought, now I’m stuck here with Kamren Kent!

    The baby Aquari saw Sapph and cried bouncing up and down, <Hawey, Hawey! It’s your funny friend in the conner there!>

    Haley spotted her trainer friend, bought some food too and progressed to sit there. “Hello, how’re you doing?” she asked kindly.

    “Fine,” Sapph muttered moodily.

    “Look, Sapph…” Haley began, but Sapph cut her off.

    “That’s your Aquari, hunh? He’s pretty cute. What’s his name?” he asked, hitching a smile on his face. Unfortunately, Haley was nobody’s fool.

    The bunny, however, was and started bouncing up and down, piping <He call me cute! He call me cute! >

    Haley said” She’s called Bubbles as of now, Sapph. But please don’t change the subject. How’s your Mongle? Can I see him? Or is it a her?”

    “Yeah, Sapphire, let’s see your widdle wood rat!” Kamren had come over with Carla, Dex and a bespectacled nine-year old boy. His Fryger was there too, an identical smirk on his face that rendered his golden yellow eyes cold. Its eyes shifted to Sapph’s lightly bandaged hands and smiled in a very self-satisfied way.

    “Actually, Kamren, it’s the Leaf Squirrel Pokémon…” The boy had a voice that seemed to belong to a textbook.

    “Who cares? Gee, Calvin, for someone who’s meant to be my brother, you’re such a nerd!” Carla said scornfully.

    “Carla’s right Dex, but don’t worry about being too smart. It’ll come in handy when we’re on the road.” Kamren said in what he assumed was a calming voice. “Well, Sappy, let’s see it, after all Burner needs a new playmate seeing as you can’t-ah- handle the heat.”

    Sapph furiously hurled Mongle’s Pokéball at Kamren, who ducked. The orb hit the wall behind them, enlarged and burst open, a beam of green light expelling from within. The light momentarily formed a green spiral which shot to the ceiling and fell down the middle to form a shape which stood on all fours with a large, leaf shaped tail and short, stuck up ears raised erect. As the light died down, Mongle was revealed to possess blood red eyes ringed with black and viridian green fur. It rose into a form of crouch on its hind legs and peered curiously around to see who had released him.

    He noticed three people and a pair of Frygers he recognized from the Professor’s Lab laughing at him. Another one in spectacles was making comments about him being a fine specimen of the Pokémon family Rodentia (<Whatever that means ,> the Mongle thought, rolling his eyes. <That nerd is so not being my trainer! >) One of the two at the table seemed to be comforting the other, who seemed too ashamed to look at him. The girl suddenly seemed to get mad and hit the guy across the face quite hard. She then got up, grabbed her bag as she returned the Aquari to its pokéball and ran out into the rain, pausing briefly to stroke his fur and throw an extremely dirty look at the boy who glared right back at her defiantly.

    <That’s him, hunh? > The Leaf Squirrel thought as he watched the boy run out of the room after the girl. Mongle watched him leave with a puzzled expression on his face. Was he meant to follow? He continued to debate this question for a minute and reached a decision.

    Picking up his pokéball, he made to dash out after the boy when a voice rang out and broke his focus.


    Mongle span around to see who’d spoken and never noticed the glass door hiss shut in front of him. The result was Mongle running smack into the closed glass door and sliding down it with a funny squeaking sound.

    <So! How d’you like your new trainer?> Another voice said, similar to the first but definitely more feminine.

    Rubbing his smarting nose, the Mongle turned around to face the cat Pokémon, who had spoken.

    <That’s my trainer?> he asked them.

    <Yep,> the male said.

    <For real?> Mongle asked again.

    <Uhhh, hunh!> the other said dully, as though the conversation was a waste of her time.

    <No joke?>

    <NO! No bloody joke already!> the two bellowed in unison.

    <OK, OK! Just checking!> Mongle squeaked. <And those guys are yours?>

    <Yup. I’m Burner.> the male said.

    <And I’m Vulca.> the female added.

    <I suppose we should ask you your name too. So, what is it?> said the orange cat called Burner as the duo circled him appraisingly.

    <Oh. Well, I’m… uh…> the Mongle began, realising that he didn’t have a nickname. Burner and Vulca seemed coldly amused at the Mongle’s awkwardness.

    <Really? Swell. Listen, uh, why don’t ya find your trainer and ask him? I mean, what trainer leaves his Pokémon behind after seeing him for the first time? Not that you can call what he was doing back then seeing you.> Burner reasoned playfully.

    <Seeing me?> Mongle said nonplussed.

    <If you want my opinion, I’d say you’re unwanted.> Vulca shrugged, a cold, taunting glint in her golden yellow eye.

    <Un-unwanted?> Mongle said shakily.

    <He a regular light bulb, isn’t he, Burner?> Vulca said dryly.

    <That’s not true!> Mongle cried out, a little flustered.

    <Think so? Go find your trainer and ask him if you don’t believe us.> Burner sneered, turning around to leave after his departing trainer. Vulca followed suit after Carla.

    Mongle watched Burner and Vulca leave with some apprehension. Even though he didn’t want to believe Burner, he did see the boy throw him a cold askance look as he passed him to the door. He trotted over to his Pokéball, picked it up and left the building to follow before the glass slid shut behind the Fire Tiger’s group.


    Sapph ran blindly up the main road until he reached the outskirts of Olville Town where he collapsed onto a rock, hot tears streaming from his unfocussed eyes down his cheeks.

    “Why’d I have to get that stupid Pokémon? It can barely stand up straight! Damned Grass type! I hate him even more than that stupid Kamren and his freaking Burner! ‘Burner’? Hah, what a stupid nickname! He steals the only Pokémon I wanted to get and has it attack me? That stupid idiot couldn’t even train him up to learn Ember on his own! I’ll never get one now because of him! And that so-called Professor lecturing me on a Grass type being strong! Freaking idiot! It’s as if he can’t tell how much I despise weak Grass Pokémon like that dumb rat…”

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of who was behind him…


    Mongle had a tricky time following the boy’s scent because of the rain. Just when he was about to give up and got back to the Centre, he looked up and saw the boy sitting on a rock about 12 yards away. He walked up to his trainer, holding up his Pokéball hopeful that it would be taken and he returned. About ten feet away, he stopped dead, catching words that stung more than the cold winds and rain, “…lecturing me on a Grass type being strong! Freaking idiot! It’s as if he can’t tell how much I despise weak Grass Pokémon like that dumb rat…”

    He does hate me… Mongle thought dejectedly, dropping his Pokéball with a clunk.

    The boy seemed to hear. He spun around, glaring at him with pure loathing in his blue eyes.

    “Get lost,” Sapph said in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

    Mongle took a step back at the coldness in the boy’s face yet held his ground. Stepping forward to pick up the pokéball, he lifted it up to Sapph with a silent plea to be returned.

    “Beat it, rat,” Sapph said, even more quietly.

    <Why?> Mongle asked tremulously.

    “Just leave, alright? Go back to the lab and stay there,” Sapph said, his voice growing harsher with the syllable.

    <But, what did I do? Why go back? Don’t trainer and Pokémon travel together?> Mongle said uncertainly.

    A few tense minutes passed between the duo.

    “What are you still doing here?” Sapph said, icicles almost literally forming on his words and in his stare.

    Mongle felt as though the floor had been pulled out from under him from on top of Mount Silver.

    <Wh-what does that mean? Hey, wait up!> Mongle cried out, grabbing the pokéball again as he gave chase to the fleeing trainer.

    “JUST SHUT UP, YOU MANKY FLEABAG! GO AWAY!” Sapph yelled, quickening his pace.

    Mongle didn’t stop or go away.

    <Hey! Can’t you see I’m the one with shorter legs here? Wait up!> the Mongle yelled, starting to get mad.

    As they rounded the corner into a dark, muddy alleyway, Sapph stopped and swivelled around to see the Leaf Squirrel Pokémon standing about three feet away.

    “Why…why…” the boy said, getting worked up into a frenzy of rage.

    <Why?> Mongle asked, cocking his head to one side questioningly.

    “Why… won’t you… just…LEAVE ME ALONE?!” Sapph roared. Blinded by fury, Sapph ran up to the little Pokémon and kicked it away. The Mongle squealed in pain as it flew back into the mud, the pokéball landing with a wet thud about five feet further away where it was half hidden in the shadows of the walls.

    “BEAT IT! LEAVE! STOP FOLLOWING ME ALREADY!” The human bellowed, picking up a rock a chucking it at the Pokémon. The rock hit Mongle, who turned tail and ran back into town, tears blinding it.

    Mongle ran blindly down a random alley. Worn out, he curled up in a box, thinking miserably as he sobbed, <He hates me …he hates me… but I thought… Burner and Vulca can’t be right, they just can’t! >

    He never noticed the blinking red and gold lights until it was too late…


    Sapph had to hit something. Turning to the nearest thing in the vicinity, he proceeded to mimic Haley’s punching the wall thing with hateful vindication until a glint of green flashed in the corner of his eyes. Snapping out of his tantrum, he stared at the ball his Pokémon had dropped, his mind travelling back to his conversation with Haley back at the Pokémon Centre…


    “Why me?” Sapph groaned into his hands.

    “Look Sapph, it’s not so bad. Mongle’s really nice…cute too!” Haley said quietly.

    “Great! I’ll just have him stare at all his opponents till they crack up!” Sapph said snidely. “I mean, what can that thing do, Sweet Kiss ‘em dead at the league?”

    “Latias, you are impossible! Is all you wanted a powerful Pokémon?! Pokémon are more than what they are on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts! Look at Bubbles! She’s not very strong yet, but I don’t mind because I know I can improve her and make her stronger!”

    <Why should he look at me, Hawey? Is there a something on my face? Aaah, pwease get it off me!> Bubbles piped up, feeling her face with her little paws.

    “Easy for you to say, you two got what you wanted!” Sapph retorted angrily.

    “No, Bubbles, there isn’t anything wrong with your face. Damn it, it’s not Mongle’s fault you’re its trainer! If it’s anybody’s fault, blame Kamren! You wanna be a greater trainer than Kamren and that Rubin guy, prove it! Train Mongle to be stronger than Burner! Even if you don’t want to be its trainer, it wants to be your Pokémon! Isn’t that enough for you?”

    Sapph looked amazed at Haley’s outburst and felt rage welling up inside her. How could this idiot understand what I feel, Sapph thought viciously. The selfish, self-centred cow!

    “You don’t understand anything do you, you mad cow infested…” Sapph began to yell, winding up with a red hot slap connecting with his cheek.

    “You heartless, immature, hopeless, nonsensical, worthless insect!” She breathed furiously, her eyes full of tears.

    “Who’re you to talk? And what the hell was that for?!” Sapph added as an angry footnote, rising to his feet in a towering temper.

    Haley stood up too and was giving off an aura of fury so intense only a guy as stupidly fearless as Sapph wouldn’t get scared.

    “I guess pity and kindness would just be wasted on you,” she said slowly and deliberately, returning Bubbles to her pokéball. “I thought you needed a friend. Now that I take a step back and analyse the situation, I feel Mongle needs one more. One who cares.”

    With that, Haley turned and ran out of the Pokémon Center after Kamren and the others, pausing to pat the Mongle on the head kindly. She then turned to look at him coldly for a moment before she left Sapph staring after her with his hand on his stinging cheek.

    -End Flashback-

    ‘…it’s not Mongle’s fault you’re its trainer! It’s Kamren’s!’

    Sapph’s hands curled into fists against the wall.

    ‘Even if you don’t want to be its trainer, it wants to be your Pokémon! Isn’t that enough for you?’

    Sapph shut his eyes and turned away.

    ‘Is all you wanted a powerful Pokémon?!’

    Sapph pushed himself off from the wall and scooped up Mongle’s Pokéball. Looking up into the stormy clouds, he said,” I’ve gotta go find him!”

    Running back into town, a flashing light caught Sapph’s attention. Turning right down an alleyway, he saw several Meowth and a Persian beating up a littler Pokémon. “Mongle, hang on! Hey, break it up, you!” he yelled, picking up a piece of pipe. The cat Pokémon left the Leaf Squirrel and closed on him instead…


    Mongle remembered the bright flashes he saw as larger tan bodies attacked him. He knocked the first two away with his tail but was felled be a mighty sweep of what appeared to be their leader’s paw. The attack left gash marks on his belly. The others then proceeded to slash at him too. Just as he began to lose consciousness, he thought he heard a voice say ‘Mongle, hang on! Hey, break it up, you!’

    Ten minutes later, he dimly felt himself moving as someone ran into the Centre, calling for help. He heard Nurse Joy ask what happened as he was loaded into a gurney by a pair of warm pink hands. Then his world went black.

    Several hours later, the Grass Pokémon awoke blearily to see the boy from before staring at him with tears in his eyes. Noticing he was awake, Sapph rubbed his eyes and turned to stare at him.

    “It’s OK, buddy, I won’t hurt you anymore,” Sapph said in what he thought was a reassuring voice.

    He’s shaking, Sapph noticed. What the hell happened to me back there? What have I done?

    A few long hours dragged by, the Pokémon stirring restlessly. Sapph soaked a new towel and sponged the Leaf Squirrel’s forehead. Mongle tried to shift away but at the soothing sensation of the towel, held still long enough for Sapph to rub him dry. Nurse Joy then came in and seeing what was going on, said softly, “Don’t worry, Sapph. Mongle will warm up to you.”

    “If only I was there…” Sapph began croakily.

    “It wasn’t you’re fault, Sapph,” Nurse Joy said gently.

    Sapph told her what he’d done to make Mongle run away.

    “That was harsh, Sapph,” Nurse Joy said quietly as the Chansey nurse waddled in to look for her trainer. “What made you do it?”

    “I dunno,” Sapph whispered. “I just snapped. Some Pokémon master I turn out to make…I beat up my own Pokémon the day I get them! I mean, what will he think of me?”

    “I guessing he needs you, which is why I haven’t thrown you out yet,” Nurse Joy went on patiently.

    <You better believe it, buster!> Chansey chirped happily.

    “How can you say that? He clear can’t trust me now,” Sapph said hoarsely. “I mean which Pokémon would?”

    “See for yourself,” Nurse Joy said with a small smile nodding towards the bed.

    Sapph turned to see Mongle crying out feebly in discomfort gesturing towards Sapph with his now dull red eyes pleading with Sapph’s blue ones. Sapph quickly wetted the other sponge and used it to cool his Pokémon down and soothe its wounds. Mongle snuffled softly and stop its feverish stirring.

    “I have to see the other Pokémon, Sapph,” Nurse Joy said, turning to leave. “Keep him cooled down, alright?”

    “Sure thing, Nurse Joy,” Sapph said with a smile.

    As the door closed gently behind the two nurses, Sapph felt something push its way into his hand. Looking down he noticed that Mongle had snuggled up to his hand. Sapph’s smile faltered.

    Mongle, Sapph thought sadly. Could you really need me? Like I need a Pokémon like you…


    Mongle awoke feebly two hours later to see the young boy still there. Mongle tried to hastily get away but couldn’t stray far enough and flinched, ready for the blows he was sure would follow.

    “Still can’t trust me hunh?” Sapph said sadly, trying to smile. A cracked sob issued from his mouth instead and he started crying again.

    <What’s with this guy? > Mongle thought. <Wasn’t he gonna hit me again? >

    “Are-are you OK?” Sapph asked, taking his hand out of the water that he had used to sponge his Pokémon through the night.

    <Why is he here, though? Did he tend to my wounds all night? I thought it was the nurse! Does he really care now? > Mongle wondered.

    “I’m… so …sorry! I’m sorry… I promise I’ll… I’ll never abandon you again, if you take me as your trainer… after… after all, it’s what you think that counts. D’you… d’you reckon you could forgive me? After all I did?” he ended, a pleading look in his watery eyes, tears dripping down his scratched and burnt face.

    Mongle looked deeply into the boy’s eyes and saw nothing of the cold stare he received hours earlier. He saw in his earnest eyes a fervent desire to keep his promise and leave what had happened today behind. Mongle’s face relaxed into a smile.

    The boy trainer’s joy was beyond words. He hugged his Pokémon, whispering words of profound thanks. <Guess those two were wrong after all > Mongle thought.

    A couple of hours later on their night time rounds, Nurse Joy and Chansey looked in to see Sapph asleep in the chair, leaning over onto the bed hugging his Mongle. Both trainer and Pokémon had looks of content upon their faces. Nurse Joy smiled down at Chansey, who smiled back and gently closed the door.

    Maybe he’ll make a great trainer after all, they thought. He’s begun on the right step…gaining Mongle’s full trust. They started rough, but the best of friendships always have their rough patches…now theirs are out of the way, they can truly be a strong team!


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    Chapter Four: Sapph’s First Capture​

    Sapph and Mongle left the Pokémon Centre fully healed two days later. For some reason which Sapph and Nurse Joy couldn’t place a finger on, Chansey looked rather cross.

    Mulling over Chansey’s weird expression as he walked along the streets of tired old Olville Town, Sapph was careful to give Gus’s Speedy Repairs a wide berth. He’d only noticed his blunder after checking his change and felt that somehow that Gus wouldn’t accept a plea of ignorance from him any time soon.

    Itching to get on the road towards new cities and catch new Pokémon, Sapph made to leave town at once. However as he passed the blue-topped Pokémart, he thought he heard his conscious (the part of it that sounded like his mother) begin to berate his reckless eagerness.

    Okay, stupid…just WHAT THE HELL D’YOU THINK YOU’RE FLIPPIN’ DOING! You’re supposed to be a trainer, right? Right?! So get your be-hind into that shop and get some provisions for the journey right now, buster! You hear me? Not when you feel like it, now! NOW, Sapphire!

    Sapph froze outside the glass door to the trainer convenience store, feeling a twinge ofit-makes-sense-so-stop-being-a-stuuborn-Rhyhorn-and-do-as-you’re-told! With a groan, Sapph went in.

    Mongle popped out of his pokéball as Sapph left the Pokémon Mart about ten minutes later (the shopping was made easy with the help of the cheerful office assistant), his bag now home to three potions, three antidotes and five more pokéballs.

    <Hey, Sapph! Seen the Chansey nurse around?> Mongle asked a little too flippantly.

    “Nope, she did look rather... cheesed off at something or someone,” Sapph said thoughtfully. “She seemed really sore at something, kept rubbing her knuckles…”

    <Really?> Mongle asked in a slightly worried voice.

    Mongle must’ve noticed his tone, for he quickly rearranged his face to look as though Sapph’s words were news to him as his trainer spun around to look at him in suspicion. Sapph seemed to buy his Pokémon’s innocence act for he went on, humming a little as Mongle jumped onto his shoulder, reflecting on what may have happened earlier that morning…


    The Pokémon Centre, the previous evening…

    The ward was half filled with convalescening Pokémon

    “Dinner time, everyone!” Nurse Joy sang out, as Chansey entered the ward with a tray laden with bowls of Pokémon food.

    <Alright!> the Pokémon inmates cheered.

    <This is for Ditto…> Chansey murmured, placing a dish before what looked like a foot tall blob of pink Jell-O with eyes, one of them patched up.

    <Why thank you, Nurse Chansey! May I add that you look totally radiant this evening! Of course, you always look that sweet…> Ditto said with a fruity, unctuous voice.

    <W-why, thank you!> Chansey said, blushing in a way that was distinct even with her pink cheeks. <Well, uh, this is for Torchic…>

    A small, orange chick with ruffled yellow feathers on its small wings and three similarly coloured feathers sticking out on its head looked up gratefully and chirped <Thank you very much, Nurse Chansey.>

    <…this is for Rattata…>

    <Thanks, Nurse Chansey> a tough looking rat with vivid purple fur and shockingly large incisors said with a shifty grin that made it look fairly rugged.

    <…this is for Oddish…>

    <Thanks so much, Nurse Chansey,> a small, purplish Grass Pokémon said. With a tuft of long green leaves on the top of his head, it resembled a weed on legs.

    <…this is for Zigza…>

    <Thanks, Nurse Chansey> a small, spiky raccoon with alternating cream and brown striped fur, a masklike shock of black fur around its eyes said appreciatively. With a slight limp in its left foreleg, Zigza moved towards his dish to eat.

    <…and this is for Poley…>

    <Thank you, Nurse Chansey> another small Pokémon said. This one had a prominent white tail which stuck out from the backside of his dark blue body. With fishlike eyes, puckered up lips and a thick, black swirl showing through its white underbelly, the Water Pokémon resembled a cross between a large newt and a larger tadpole.

    <…and this,> she said for the first time with a trace of irritation. <…is for…Mongle.> She plonked the last dish down a little too forcefully and turned to leave.

    <Gee, thanks,> Mongle said a little sarcastically, peering into his plate. <Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but where’s the salad? Can’t do a meal without the…>

    <Not one word, you,> Chansey warned him coldly. <Not. One. Word.>

    <Just[/I] loving[/I] your sense of humour, N.C.!> Mongle called cheekily as the Egg Pokémon waddled towards the door.

    <And I’m just loving the prospect of not giving you and chocolate and vanilla swirl pudding, Mongle> Nurse Chansey said with an uncharacteristic evil grin.

    <No,no! Anything but my ultra-gummy chocolate and watery vanilla swirl pudding, anything but that! Anything!> Mongle pleaded in a falsely melodramatic voice, groveling at her back as she closed the door with a snap.

    <Hey, chicken, fork it over,> a Ditto threatened a nearby Torchic after the Egg Pokémon nurse had left the room.

    The Torchic, being of a Timid nature, chirped fearfully and scuttled off to hide behind the other, somewhat tougher Pokémon who were in the middle of eating their own meals.

    Mongle, who’d, looked up from his meal without taking a bite turned to watch the Ditto, who’d after already eaten his own food, began to gobble up the Little Fowl Pokémon’s food too.

    The Torchic burst into tears as the others tried to console it. All except Mongle, who seemed to want no part of the discussion, rolled his eyes and maintained a stony silence as he turned to watch the Transform Pokémon greedily stuff his face.

    <That Ditto,> an Oddish with one of its root legs in a cast said angrily, glaring at the glutton.

    <You can’t just take another Pokémon’s food, greedy!> Poley, with a plaster on top of his dome said.

    <You did that yesterday!> Zigza said indignantly.

    <D’you guys mind?> I’m trying to eat here,> the Ditto said indifferently.

    <Why’d you keep picking on Torchic anyways?> the Rattata with its tail all bandaged up asked furiously.

    <’Cause he’s a Chicken, duh!> Ditto said in his indifferent tone.

    Mongle watched the pathetic scene for a moment and, realizing that the others wouldn’t and/or couldn’t do anything about it, made to stand up.

    <Hey, why do you have to steal Torchic’s food every day?> Mongle said softly.

    <See previous answer,> the Ditto waffled, his mouth full.

    <I-it’s OK guys,> Torchic said quietly, turning to go. <My trainer will be back for me soon, so it doesn’t matter.>

    As he passed Mongle, who’d shaken his head and turned to his meal, his stomach gave off a loud rumbling. Torchic flushed embarrassedly. As did the others for they’d almost finished their own food and couldn’t help their companion.

    Mongle heard it though and sighed. <Hey, Torchic,> he said brightly.

    <Ye-yeah?> the Little Fowl Pokémon said tremulously, still blushing at his unspoken hunger plea. He turned to see Mongle pushing his untouched plate towards the tearful chick.

    <Here,> Mongle said to the victim, nodding in a way that silently told him to eat up.

    <B…b…but,> the Torchic stammered, looking up at the Leaf Squirrel Pokémon as he rose to leave.

    <You really don’t your trainer wouldn’t want to see you all hungry when he comes to pick you up, do you?> Mongle asked, still smiling.

    <But, what about…> Torchic went on, still unsure.

    <Well, I gotta watch my weight,> Mongle went on, twisting his head to each side as he stretched. <You gotta pack it on if you want to evolve into a heavy hitting, fast-paced Blaziken. So dig in,> he went on, interrupting the Little Fowl Pokémon’s protesting look in a mock dangerous voice, <Before I make you. Got it?>

    Winking in a reassuring way, Mongle sloped out of the room, making a point of smacking the Ditto upside the head and into the food it had coerced illegally from one of his new friends with a well-placed Pound attack.

    <That’s for bullying Torchic,> He told the Ditto as it struggled to get out of the dish he was eating from.

    The other Pokémon all laughed at the bully as he finally climbed out of the dish spluttering.

    <And if you try it again, I won’t go so easy on you,> Mongle smiled grimly as he left to look for Sapph and see if there were any more of his favourite, cinnamon chocolate chip cookies left in his backpack to munch on.

    Spitting out some of the food from his mouth to stop himself from choking, he glared at Mongle’s retreating back and said coldly, <You’ll regret that, rat.>

    [/I]The Pokémon Centre, dawn…[/I]

    Chansey was making its rounds when one of the inmates, the naughty Ditto decided to show up in the middle of the next corridor, grinning in a way that spelled trouble as he saw his chance to mess Mongle’s rep up.

    <Now, what’re you doing out of bed, dearie?> Chansey said kindly as she saw Mongle’s shadow peek around the corner.

    <Yo, Big Momma! How’s about a fitness run?> the Ditto asked cheekily mimicking Mongle’s voice.

    <What did you say?!> Chansey said, dropping her paternal front and showing who she thought was Mongle her true, terrifyingly brutal nature as she rubbed her little pink hands together in malice.

    <Oh, nothing really,> Mongle went on, plainly aware that he was about to hit another sensitive nerves. <Only that pink and white is an awful colour for any Pokémon of your build.>

    <Well, I never!> the Chansey nurse started, recoiling at the harshness of these words.

    <Gone jogging? No? Well, that at least explains the waist size,> the Ditto went on, seriously riling the Egg Pokémon up.

    <That’s it! Get back here!> Nurse Chansey yelled, waddling towards the receding shadow at full speed and rounding the corner to see Ditto-Mongle slap his butt at her before running off.

    In the ward, the real Mongle woke up suddenly as images of a life on the violent waves of the sea broke in on his dreams.

    <Need a leak,> Mongle sighed drowsily as he hopped down from his bed and left the other sleeping Pokémon for the wash room.

    No sooner had Mongle closed the toilet door behind him than the fake Mongle ran around the corner, leading an angry Chansey with taunts like: <That’s it, work it! Keep it up and you’ll have a bod as cute as Nurse Joy’s in no time!>

    Soon, though, it looked like Chansey had cornered Ditto-Mongle at last in front of an open janitor’s closet.

    <Now I’ll make you pay,> Chansey said, sweating profusely as she stomped towards her quarry.

    <For whipping you into shape? No way, Sister!> Ditto-Mongle laughed, running into the closet.

    <Your mine!> Chansey roared. In a blind rage, she raced towards the end of the corridor where she suddenly noticed that the floor had been littered with moth balls. Too little, too late, Chansey tried to stop and slipped on them heavily, sliding right into the cupboard.

    A loud crash of pots, brooms and buckets rang throughout the centre. Sapph and Nurse Joy ran out into their respective corridors, wondering if a reckless burglar had made the noise.

    Helped by the cupboard and narrow corridor, Chansey’s scream would haunt the darkened corridors of the Olville Pokémon Centre for years to come.

    <MONGLE! YOUR TAIL LEAF IS MINE!!!!!> Chansey roared, looking like a Skittles explosion as she crushed mothballs beneath her feet as she emerged into the corridor.

    Several corridors away, the real Mongle, just about to rejoin the other Pokémon in the ward froze with cold sweat cascading down his back.

    <I think I’ll spend the rest of the night with Sapph,> He said, racing for cover under Sapph’s bed as Chansey prowled the corridors, a broken broom handle in her hands and a reeking stench of mothballs leaving her path easy to follow.

    -End Flashback-

    “Not to mention as though she’d fallen through a rainbow,” Sapph went on slowly. A sudden thought suddenly hit him as he looked back at his Pokémon, “You don’t know anything about anything, do you?”

    <No, and I have no idea why her feet smelt like a mothball factory, either,> Mongle said innocently, jumping off Sapph’s shoulder.


    <Nothing, Sapph, nothing,> Mongle replied hastily. <So! When do we eat?>

    “Didn’t you eat breakfast this morning with the other Pokémon before leaving?” Sapph asked bemused.

    <Well, no. I was too busy hid-I mean looking for you so we can get going,> Mongle created in midsentence.

    Sapph let the subject drop, feeling he didn’t really want to know what Mongle was hiding.

    The weather seemed to improve as Mongle scampered along the path happily as Sapph trudged along behind, smiling at his Pokémon’s antics. Looking up at the Kent villa, he decided to say goodbye to Mrs. Kent and see if Haley was still home.

    At least before my stupid conscience starts calling me Sapphire again, Sapph thought only a little tetchily.

    “Hey, Mongle! We’re going this way for a moment! Okay with you?” Sapph called.

    <Yeah! Hey, wait up Sapph!> Mongle called following Sapph as he sped up the road. He caught up and overtook Sapph halfway uphill.

    Wow, Mongle is fast! Sapph thought as he raced Mongle to the Kent Residence. Who’d have thought a Grass Pokémon could run like that?

    <C’mon, slow Moe! What’s keepin’ those ol’ legs of yours pumping?> Mongle called back at his trainer from the front steps of the villa.

    Well, at least as fast as his mouth, Sapph went on, rolling his eyes as he huffed and puffed up the hill.

    Upon reaching the top, Sapph steadied himself for a few moments breathing heavily while Mongle pulled of a series of crazy back flips around Sapph in a circle, keeping up a tirade of junky fitness chatter.

    <C’mon, Sapph! You gotta feel the burn, be da burn! No pain, no gain! You gotta work it, work it, work…> Mongle chattered on and on until Sapph, tired of the high pitched annoyance, recalled it in a huff.

    “I was ‘working it’, stupid,” Sapph grumbled as he raised his hand toward the bronze door knocker as knocked three times. “I was working to keep my cool.”

    A redheaded maid opened the door and asked, “May I help you?”

    After his mouth working furiously for a few moments to get comprehensible speech, Sapph was finally able to babble out “I-i-is Mrs. Kent home?”

    “Yes, she in,” the maid said, looking at Sapph as though he was some weird and slimy three-legged, five-eyed, fishy-mouthed alien. “And you are?”

    “Why, if it isn’t Mr. Manson!” a familiar voice said in a surprised voice.

    Sapph looked around the curvy maid to see the familiar friendly form of Lucinda walk by with an armful of fresh laundry.

    “It’s OK, Harietta, he’s a friend of Miss Haley,” Lucinda told the other maid as she left to resume her activities.

    “Hi, Lucinda!” Sapph said cheerfully, raising a hand in greeting.

    “Mrs. Kent’s in the garden. Please come in, Mr. Manson,” Lucinda said cheerfully, leading the way into the house.

    “Thanks. Erm, and Lucinda?” Sapph said as he followed her over the threshold.

    “Yes, Mr. Manson?”

    “Calling me Sapph’s fine. All my friends do,” he said a little embarrassedly.

    “Alright then, Mr. Sapph,” Lucinda said cheerfully.

    Sapph sweat dropped.

    They found Mrs. Kent in the back porch, sipping lemonade and watching her Pokémon frolic out on the grounds.

    “Sapph! Hello!” Mrs. Kent greeted jovially. “You left in quite a hurry the other day! Where have you been then? Haley and Kamren both left yesterday!”

    “At the Centre.” Sapph replied. “This is Mongle, by the way,” he added as Mnogle chose that moment to come spiraling out of his pokéball onto the grass, causing Mrs. Kent’s Pidgeot to take flight in mild alarm.

    <Hi, you’re really pretty!> Mongle piped.

    “Well, isn’t he lovely? By the way, Sapph you left something…”

    “Erm, I did?” Sapph asked, puzzled as Mongle jumped onto the table as scooped up an armful of cinnamon chocolate chip cookies and proceeded to stuff himself silly.

    Mrs. Kent nodded and called for a maid. Lucinda came out, carrying a book and an envelope. Leaving them on the table, she nodded to Sapph and Mrs. Kent and left.

    “But, Mrs. Kent, isn’t that…” Sapph started, staring at the green trainers’ manual.

    “Yes, but I’d like you to have it. Haley and I already know it off by heart and Kamren would never read it if I gave it to him…” Mrs. Kent said matter-of-factly. “What’s in the envelope is yours, too. Don’t lose it now!”

    Mongle, after stashing a small horde of the cinnamon goodies for later, jumped onto Sapph’s shoulder to see as Sapph pulled a slip of paper out from the envelope. “Wow, a Bike Voucher! Thanks, Mrs. Kent!”

    “You’re quite welcome, dear. Well, I suppose you’d better run along now. Good luck and take care!” Mrs. Kent said with a graceful smile.

    “Bye! And thanks again!” Sapph said, turning to leave.

    <She’s really nice to you, Sapph! I wonder if Burner’s trainer got one too?> Mongle mused as they passed the outskirts of Olville Town and headed for the EverWood Forest.

    “Who cares? Anyways, we’ve got more important things to think about now!” Sapph said cheerfully.

    <What’s that?> Mongle asked, surprised. He was beginning to like Sapph more and more.

    “Like catching some more Pokémon for our team!” Sapph said eagerly.

    <Am I on your team, Sapph?> Mongle asked curiously

    “Of course, buddy! You’re number one!” Sapph grinned at Mongle. “Well, here we are!” He said, turning his head to look at the forest before him. “Okay, you best return for now so you can rest up for any battles we may encounter in there, alright?”

    <If you say so,> Mongle said with a yawn, returning to his pokéball in a flash of green.


    Half an hour later, Sapph wandered around aimlessly looking for wild Pokémon, getting steadily more and more grumpy.

    “Haven’t caught a thing all day,” Sapph said irritated. “I wonder why…” he added as he reached for the book Mrs. Kent had just given him. As he found the section on catching Pokémon, his Pokédex came on and quoted the book word for word as Sapph read.

    To catch a Pokémon, use a Pokémon, stupid, the Pokédex chided before switching itself off. Sapph ignored the remark on his intelligence as he snapped the book shut.

    “’To catch a Pokémon, use a Pokémon’? Makes sense. Hmm, maybe Mongle can help me look, or sniff out some Pokémon,” Sapph thought, enlarging his Grass Pokémon’s pokéball. Tossing it lightly into the air, Sapph called, “C’mon out, Mongle!”

    The orb burst open in midair, expelling a beam of green light from within. The light momentarily formed a green spiral which shot to the lower branches of the forest canopy and fell down the middle to form Sapph’s first ever Pokémon.

    <What’s up, Sapph?> Mongle asked, looking around at his trainer.

    “How the hell could two Zigzagoon, two Pidgey and a Rattata all escape when I try to catch them?” Sapph said moodily.

    <Your aftershave?> Mongle asked jokingly.

    "Mongle, I don't wear aftershave. I'm only eleven," Sapph replied as calmly as he could manage.

    <My point exactly.>

    Smack. Mongle looked up to see Sapph facepalm himself and letting his hand run down his face.

    “Anyways…Think you can sniff out some wild Pokémon for me?” Sapph asked him, rubbing his temple exasperatedly.

    <Lassie, I ain’t,> Mongle joked. <Anyways, if you wanted really wild Pokémon, you should have tried angling for that Chansey…>

    Sapph chuckled as he joined Mongle in looking around in the bushes for a decent Pokémon for him to catch.

    <Say, Sapph? What kind of Pokémon are we after here?> Mongle called to his trainer, his short nose buried in a shrub.

    “I’m not too sure which species live here yet…” Sapph muttered, pawing his way through some bushes “…but some aerial support would be good right now. Seeing as you’re a Grass type, according to the book, a Flying type can easily handle the Bug types you’d have a problem winning against right now.”

    <Oh-kaaaay… how’s that one?> Mongle asked, pointing to a small blue and red bird perched on a low branch nearby. The bird had a white underbelly, a short yellow beak and two erect tails. It turned to face Sapph and Mongle with a shrewd expression on its face.

    “Hey, that’s a Taillow!” Sapph said while consulting his Pokédex. “According to the Pokédex, they’re really rare here!” Sapph flipped the Pokédex shut and turned to his Pokémon with a determined expression on his eager face. “Okay, Mongle, let’s get it!”

    The Taillow heard them. Glaring at Mongle as if to say ‘So, you guys want a piece of me, hunh?’ it flapped its wings to get some air and dived at Mongle beak first.

    That’s a Peck attack, Sapph thought. “Mongle, jump aside now!” He commanded.

    The Leaf Squirrel Pokémon using its entire agility prowess, barely managed to avoid taking a heavy hit. He heard from Sapph that he was weak against such attacks too. Mongle scampered up a tree with the Taillow close behind. Reaching the topmost branch, Mongle leapt towards temporary safety in the next tree, beginning a monkey like game of tag in the many crisscrossing branches.

    <AAAAWAHAHWAHAWHAHAWHAHAW! Me, Mongle, King of forest! You, dumb…> Mongle jeered, forgetting to look where he was going and consequently flying smack into a tree trunk

    Ouch! Sapph thought, blushing slightly as he winced at the sight of his Pokémon slamming into the tree.

    <…birdie.> Mongle said dizzily, toppling backwards off the tree as the Taillow zeroed in on its target. Fortunately, Mongle’s snapped out of its stupor in time to grab a bamboo sapling and catapult itself back into the trees over the Flying Pokémon’s head. The Taillow turned tail and with a wide, swooping movement sped around the clearing whipping up a strong gust of wind and back up at Mongle as the Leaf Squirrel Pokémon scampered along a tree branch to the end, where the Tiny Swallow was suddenly waiting.

    “Mongle, jump!” Sapph yelled as the Taillow dived in with another Peck attack.

    At the very end of the bough, Mongle used the springiness of the branch to push himself higher, all in all enabling him to get over the Taillow’s head again and to swat it under the wing as it tried to pull back.

    <You’ll regret that,> the Taillow vowed, its wing joint throbbing painfully as it dived back into the lower tree branches to continue its frantic game of Nail the Mongle on the Butt.

    Now what? , Sapph thought slightly panicked, that Taillow is hardly slowing down at all! And to make things worse, all Mongle can do now is… erm… Sapph thought, suddenly realizing that he didn’t know any of Mongle’s attacks yet. Scrambling for his Pokédex, he flipped it open and frantically punched buttons that would make it recite Mongle’s move set.

    Finally, the Pokédex droned: Mongle’s attacks: one, Growl. Two, Pound.

    Growl and Pound…and Growl’s useless against such a fast opponent, so all I can do is have Mongle Pound him…

    Mongle dodged another of Taillow’s fierce dives narrowly as he swung around a branch and coming to a halt on top of it, breathing hard.

    But how? How?! Sapph thought desperately, watching the battle above him. The Taillow’s still too fast for him to land a hit…it’s only the tree branches that are…wait! That’s it! “Mongle, swing around on the branch ahead of you and hold tight!” Sapph called out.

    Just when it seemed the Tiny Swallow Pokémon would catch him, Mongle grabbed the branch ahead of it and started swinging around on it. Taillow, taken by surprise by this tactic and going too fast to stop, blitzed past Mongle into the trunk of a nearby tree beak first.

    <Hah! How’d the tree taste, Birdy?> Mongle taunted, while still spinning on his branch like a trapeze artist, as the Taillow struggled to get free.

    “Good job, buddy! Now Pound him to the ground!” Sapph called out, readying all the empty pokéballs he’d bought that day.

    This one isn’t getting away! Sapph thought determinedly

    Whilst still twirling, Mongle launched himself off the branch and used his greatly increased speed to slam Taillow’s beak free. Dizzy from the blow to its head, the bird fell into a bush at ground level.

    NOW![/I], Sapph thought. He threw the enlarged Pokéball at the bush, yelling “Go, Pokéball!”

    The Pokéballs hit the bush and disappeared from view. A series of bright red flashes filled the bush, as it quivered angrily. A few tense seconds later though, it went still as a ‘ding’ went off, signalling a successful capture.

    “YES! WE DID IT! WE CAUGHT A TAILLOW!” Sapph cheered, reaching for his Pokéball and doing a little victory dance. Mongle smiled and shook his head in a slightly bemused way at the crazy antics of his friend and trainer as he clambered down from the tree.

    <You took your time! What took you so long in giving me a battle command?> Mongle said, panting hard.

    “Oh, my instinct as a trainer just kicked in at the right time, Mongle. There was no need to worry,” Sapph reassured his Pokémon, cutting his little jig short.

    <Anyway, nice idea with the Pound thing, Sapph,> Mongle said tiredly.

    “Relax, I knew what I was doing half of the time, especially at the end of it,” Sapph went on in his soothing voice, though his face had a shifty look upon it as he turned towards the bush to polish his newly occupied pokéball . “Besides, the plan worked!”

    <Well, if you…hey, wait a minute,> Mongle started to say, a light bulb going on in the back of his mind

    Suddenly a suspicion hit him as he turned to stare at his trainer.

    <Hang on,> he said shrewdly, turning an accusatory finger and tone of voice on his trainer, <You really had no idea what you were doing half the time, did you? C’mon, fess up!>

    “You know I meant that statement metaphorically,” Sapph said, taking a stab at an airy tone, but messing the effect up with the shifty look that was on his face as he made the embarrassing remark.

    “Hey!” a voice called from the other side of the bush, stopping Mongle’s next accusation. Sapph and Mongle tensed slightly as a boy younger than Sapph appeared holding a Pokéball and a frown on his face. The boy wore a yellow tee shirt and blue shorts with a matching blue cap on his head.

    “Did you knock that Taillow into my way?” he asked angrily.

    “Hunh?” Sapph said, totally lost. “What do you mean?”

    “This!” he yelled, throwing the Pokéball to release… the Taillow!

    <What the-> Mongle gasped.

    “Whoa! If you got that, what did I get?” Sapph gasped.

    “See for yourself! D’you know how long I spent in here trying to find one?” the kid huffed, returning the beaten Taillow and marching off back into the undergrowth.

    Sapph was totally bewildered as he looked at Mongle. “What d’you reckon’s in here?” He asked, hefting the newly-filled Pokéball.

    <Let’s see.> Mongle replied, also as stunned as Sapph felt.

    Sapph nodded and threw the Pokéball. A shape appeared as the light died down. The creature had six short legs and a round head and body. With three black dots on his red back and a yellow underbelly, the creature’s two short black antennae twitched. It turned slowly to face the two friends. It gave a squeak of shock and flew for cover behind the nearest tree. All the twosome could see after that where its two round black eyes <Who…Who…Who are you g…guys?> it squeaked in a high-pitched voice, a tinge of deep pink under them on its face.

    Sapph felt his jaw drop.

    “So…instead of a lofty Taillow…” he began.

    <…We caught a timid Ledyba!> Mongle finished, equally shocked.


    It took a bit of persuasion from Mongle to make Ledyba leave the safety of his tree trunk. It now hovered on its fine wings before Sapph who sat on a log and still looked stunned at this turn of events.

    <So you were sleeping behind the bush when that Youngster found you, right?> Mongle asked.

    <Y…y…yes.> The Ledyba nodded.

    <The Taillow must have fallen from the tree in front of you just before he would’ve caught you then.> Mongle said to Sapph.

    “I get it. So when I threw my pokéball, I must have gotten Ledyba instead of the Taillow.” Sapph nodded numbly.

    <Who is he? I…I…is he tame then? Am I safe?> the Five Star Pokémon stammered, shooting a shy glance at Sapph.

    <Yep. He’s tame…> Mongle chuckled.


    <…except when he’s ticked off.> Mongle finished.

    “I’m not ticked off! Well, what do you want to do Ledyba? I caught you, but if you’d rather stay here than with Mongle and me…” Sapph began

    <No, no, I’d love to come! I…I’ve never really had friends who would have wanted me around up till now…> Ledyba trailed off, blushing even more.

    “You…you mean…”

    <I don’t think he means he was unwanted, Sapph. I’m guessing he was too shy to make many or any friends at all.> Mongle supplied. <Right, Ledyba?>

    Ledyba nodded mutely.

    Sapph looked sadly at Ledyba, thinking ‘So would Mongle have ended up that way if I didn’t want him?’ He knew what to do now. “So I guess that means…” he began slowly.

    Ledyba looked up, puzzled.

    <…That we’ve got a new team mate!> Mongle chirped

    Sapph nodded cheerfully, holding out Ledyba’s pokéball. Ledyba blushed some more but managed to direct a smile directly at Sapph this time.

    Sapph smiled back, pondering.

    Well, he thought. I got my ‘aerial support’ now; I guess… he’s so shy though! Guess I’ve got a tougher job ahead of me than I thought! I wonder how many more surprises Corei has for me?

    Aloud, he said “Who wants lunch?”

    <ME!> Both Pokémon happily exclaimed.

    An hour later…

    <I changed my mind,> Mongle groaned queasily, spots popping before his eyes. <I never want lunch again.>

    <I don’t think it was that bad,> Ledyba said fairly. <A little dry and tough, but it was nice for Mr. Sapph to cook for us.>

    “Ledyba, Sapph is just fine,” Sapph said cheerfully as he packed up their mealtime things. He was already bonding with his new team mate and felt this was the beginning of a new, lifelong friendship.

    Mongle, however, felt that the recently ended meal was the beginning of another trip to the bath room…

    <Just what is your stomach made of anyways?> Mongle asked incredulously, staring at the
    Bug Pokémon. <Sapph’s cooking is so terrible, no one can really call it edible.>

    <Those words were a little strong, weren’t they, Mongle?> Ledyba asked uncertainly.

    Just then, Mongle twitched convulsively. Clutching his stomach, he moaned, <Oh crud, I gotta go!> as he dived for a nearby bush.

    “C’mon, Mongle, let’s go!” Sapph called impatiently, having secured his knapsack firmly back on his back.

    <Quit yellin’ Sapph… you’ll upset my stomach again,> Mongle groaned as he emerged from a bush a full five minutes later, sweating profusely.

    <Um, there goes another Taillow,> Ledyba said, pointing towards another blue and red bird, similar to the one Sapph and Mongle tried to catch earlier that day

    “Alright! Let’s get it, guys!” Sapph yelled enthusiastically.

    <You go get it, I feel like I’ve been paralyzed by diarrhea!> Mongle sighed, curling into a ball.

    Sapph and Ledyba returned about five minutes later after a frantic scuffle with the bird Pokémon in the shrubbery. Both seemed to have gotten pecked about the head quite savagely.

    <Who’d of thought there would be a flock of them?> Ledyba said wearily.

    “Aww, man, I never want to see another one of those things as long as I’m in this forest…hey, where were you buddy, you… are you OK, Mongle? What’s wrong, buddy?” Sapph asked in a slightly worried tone as he crouched to examine him.

    <Your Creamed Corn mash is what’s wrong with me!> Mongle quipped touchily as Sapph lifted him up gently in his arms, before retching loudly.

    Indignant yells of protest filled the air through a solid acre of forest.

    <UGH! Eeew, that is so gross, Mongle!> Ledyba screeched.

    “Yeah! Geez, couldn’t you have done that in a bush or something!” Sapph added in disgust.

    <You want gross? Oh, I’ll give you guys gross! Get back here!> Mongle yelled enraged at the injustice of Sapph’s words.


    How’s that? Did you guys like the battle sequence? Don’t forget to criticize!


    P.S.: oh yeah, i have no lawyer so too bad! Mwa...ha...ha!
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    Sapph just has no luck, does he? Second to his brother, losing to a Cubone, not getting the Tryger, beating a Taillow just for someone else to catch it...he's like a walking demonstration of Murphy's Law. Anyway, this is funny and fast paced, and I like your created pokemon.
  17. Felix Feral Fezirix

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    Rawr. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Is Sapph going to be a pessimist? Rawr.

    Not bad. The final move on Tailow was classic. The old "Stop and make your opponent crash into a wall" tactic. Haha.

    Sapph. Cook. BAD..........

    ;025; I say I stick to Pikachu-blend Pokéchow. ^_^


    Your unfriendly neighbourhood Pikachu.

    P.S. Your tags were all screwed. >_<
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    Yerse, i'm back! Thanks for your replies and comments! I'm outta waffles, but i'll get something good for your support asap!

    icemew: thanks a milion for the review. Sapph has a hard life, doesn't he? well, not all champions have a happy beginning... not implying anything, but then again, maybe i am *evil grin*

    Pikachuism: maybe *flashes another evil grin* wait till later and see! hahaha!

    next chappie coming out in an hour or two, watch your pm boxes! Later!
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    Brand New Chapter Five! Yay! Finally!

    I feel bad for letting you guys wait a whole month for this -__- Please take this adorable ledyba sprite with my apologies...;165;

    so now to carry on !

    Chapter Five: Action in EverWood (Part One)​

    Sapph Manson was one exhausted, but highly pumped trainer in the evenings. Especially this evening…

    Shrugging off his backpack in the EverWood Town Pokémon Centre, Sapph hummed a little as he prepared some Pokémon food for his Ledyba and Mongle. It had been two days since he left Olville and although he hadn’t caught anymore Pokémon yet, Ledyba and Mongle were working side by side extraordinarily well. The trainer’s thoughts drifted to the jam-packed, exhilarating time he had during his previous day in EverWood Forest…


    Back in EverWood Forest…

    Dawn slipped through the dense overhead foliage to bathe the forest floor with dapple green light. In a small clearing Sapph woke up to a brand new day.

    “Ahhh, what a beautiful day,” Sapph said drowsily, stifling a huge yawn as he said so. Reaching for his belt, he plucked two pokéballs off it and released two beams of light which formed his Mongle and Ledyba.

    <What’s the big i-deeeeaaaa? I was sleeping,> Mongle said sleepily, his eyes still gummed together in sleep.

    <Wake up, Mongle, it’s a brand new daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!> Ledyba chirped, his regular speech turning into a high pitched and continuous note.

    Sapph covered his ears and stared at Mongle whose eyes had flown open so fast that as he lay on his side ears and mouth twitching, they seemed incapable of returning to their normal size again.

    <When I snap outta this, Ledyba, you are so going down,> Mongle said in a highly muffled voice as Sapph quickly checked on him frantically and Ledyba apologized profusely over and over again for the supersonic wake-up call.

    Fifteen minutes after packing up and setting off along the path, Sapph said to the others, “Hey, reckon we could catch one more Pokémon before we get to EverWood Town?”

    <Yeah, I’m game,> Mongle said dismissively. <Provided it isn’t another stupid bird…>

    “Hey, Ledyba,” Sapph said to his Bug Pokémon, looking in his guide book. “Is there a stream or river nearby?”

    <Well, there is a lake not too far from here,> Ledyba said.

    <Okay, where?> Mongle said.

    <Just a bit this way,> Ledyba said, fluttering on ahead.

    Within minutes, a large crystal clear lake came into view. A small cottage stood at the edge of what looked like a small pier which projected about fifteen feet into the lake. A small, unpainted boat stood at the end of the pier, roped to a post there.

    <A Pokémon Ranger lives there with his Breloom,> Ledyba informed Sapph and Mongle. <I’ve seen them lend the boat and old rods to trainers passing through here.>

    “Excellent! Well, let’s go fishing!” Sapph cheered, pumping a fist and sprinting towards the cabin.

    <That line is so, so lame,> Mongle groaned, taking off after him.


    “Man, this isn’t my day!” Sapph cried out in frustration about two hours later.

    <More like, this isn’t your life!> Mongle joshed, bringing Ledyba to the point of tears of laughter.

    “I mean, not even a Magikarp bit!” Sapph continued to fume.

    <Look, on the bright side,> Mongle said cheerfully. <At least the ranger got all his lost boots back!>

    Ledyba rolled over in laughter.

    “Oh, ha, ha,” Sapph said grumpily, returning the duo to their pokéballs.

    “Psst, hey, buddy…” A whisper hissed out from the tree he’d just walked by.

    “Hunh?” Sapph grunted, spinning round to face a shifty looking guy holding a silver briefcase and a serious thing for black: he wasn’t dress in anything else. His hat, suit, tie, slacks and shoes were all black.

    “Who’re you?” Sapph said suspiciously.

    The man grinned revealing a couple of gold teeth and a few more missing ones. “The name’s Shade, kid. Expert Pokémon salesman.”

    “Salesman?” Sapph said curiously, blinking in a confused way.

    “You want a rare Pokémon, kid?” The stranger went on in that hissing whisper, his black shades glinting in the sunlight. “I got some real good stuff here…oh, yeah: Ariados and Sharpedo, Ninetales, Teddiursa…”

    “Why d’you sell Pokémon?” Sapph asked suspiciously. This guy was odd, and not in a pleasant way.

    “…Shiftry, Foret… hunh? Whaddya mean by that?” The guy said, looking apprehensively at Sapph.

    “Hey, you! Stop!” a voice yelled.

    “Oops! Sorry, kid, gotta go!” Shade said hurriedly, turning to run and taking Sapph completely by surprise.

    “Stop, thief!” the voice yelled again.

    Thief? Sapph thought shocked. A split second later, Sapph felt Shade make a snatch for his pokéballs. Jumping back away from him, he grabbed a ball off the top of his jeans and said loudly “Ledyba, go!”

    The Five Star Pokémon burst out, ready to fight just as a man in his late teens burst out of the bushes, cutting off Shade’s escape route. He wore his green hair all over his face and his red tracksuit was drenched in sweat.

    Breathing heavily, the Cool trainer raised a fist and yelled “Gimme back my Pokémon, you filthy sneak thief!”

    Shade, sweating profusely, gabbled “Now, calm down, mate! The balls were just lying there… coulda been empty…”

    “Yeah, right. Like I’ll believe that,” the youth snarled. Shade winced.

    Pointing at Shade, Sapph snarled “Ledyba, let ‘im have it! Tackle attack, now!”

    <Um, okay!> Ledyba said nervously. <But, Sapph…>

    “Hunh? What?” Sapph asked his Ledyba, snapping out of his rage for a minute.

    <Won’t he get hurt?>

    Sapph and the cool trainer fell over animé-style.

    “WHAT THE HELL, LEDYBA! “ Sapph roared, towering over his Pokémon.

    <I’m sorry! I’m sorry! O-okay, I’m on it!> Ledyba stuttered, flying in and slamming into the thief, slamming him into the ground and making him drop his briefcase. The portmanteau sprang open as pokéballs scattered.

    “My Pokémon!” the Cool trainer cried out overjoyed.

    “Hey, that’s…” Sapph stared at a white pokéball with a black line running around the middle which had fallen out of Shade’s hand when Ledyba tackled him.

    Shade sweat dropped. “Uh, well… um, I can…erm, explain, kid…”

    <Hunh?> Ledyba gasped, also recognizing the pokéball.

    “Now I’m really ******! Supersonic!” Sapph snarled.

    <You bad man!> Ledyba screeched, opening his mouth wide and releasing some earsplitting sound waves which stunned Shade and sent him flying into a tree stump at the same time.

    “Ariados, Teddiursa, go!” The cool trainer called out, releasing what looked like a large red and black spider with six legs and striped markings on its legs and abdomen with a small, golden brown bear with a large crescent shaped moon on its forehead. With adorable cute eyes and large ears, it was very cute-looking…or would have been, if Sapph wasn’t so intent on dishing ‘Shade’ some serious pain.

    “Teddiursa, Lick attack! Ariados, String Shot!” the young man called out.

    Teddiursa unleashed a large sticky tongue and painted the crook all over his face with thick, paralyzing slobber. As the thief screamed in disgust, the large Bug/Poison Pokémon shot out a fine line of thick gooey webbing which had within seconds, wrapped him up in a large cocoon.

    “Thanks for the assist, man,” the trainer said to Sapph with a thumbs up as the Teddiursa hefted the man onto the Stringspit Pokémon’s obliging back. “The ranger will be sure glad to see this chump again.”

    “No problem!” Sapph said, returning Ledyba to his pokéball and returning the thumbs up.

    “Well, see ya!” He said, turning to go.

    “Yeah!” Sapph said, going his own way.

    “Man,” Sapph said, shaking his head as he returned Ledyba and Mongle’s pokéballs to his waist. “What next?”

    “Hey, you!” another voice yelled.

    You and your big mouth Sapph Manson, Sapph groaned. You and your big, fat, mouth...

    “Who? Me?” Sapph asked, turning round.

    Two boys, in identical outfits to the youngster’s who had lost Ledyba to him the previous day stepped out from behind two trees. They wore red and blue tops just like his yellow top and matching caps.

    “Yes you, stupid! We challenge you to a double battle, one Pokémon each!” The one in red yelled.

    “Stupid? I’m not stupid!” Sapph countered angrily. “…and incidentally, you’re on!”

    “OK, go Spinarak!” The red-shirted boy called.

    “Let’s get ‘em, Ravow!” The boy in blue yelled.

    A large, green spider with black and yellow striped legs and black markings in the form of a face on its back and a small mud brown bird with two tails and a hood of darker brown feathers on its head and similarly coloured wing and tail feathers burst out of their pokéballs. The spider clicked his short red claws as the bird flapped its wings to get a little altitude for attack.

    Ravow, the Little Crow Pokémon, the Pokédex recited. Common in woodlands, this Pokémon is fairly gentle in temperament. It may, however, turn violent in the cause of caring for and protecting its family.

    Ok, now this could be tricky, Sapph thought nervously, but we can handle it…

    Aloud, he said, “Come on out, Mongle! And you too, Ledyba!”

    The Leaf Squirrel and Five Star Pokémon emerged from their pokéballs and stared their opposition down…

    …or at least Mongle did.

    <Cool! A battle!> Mongle thought happily, directing a wicked smile at his opponent, which could only be translated to mean 'Ready for the whuppin’ of ya life, losers?!' Aloud he said, <This is just what the Chansey ordered to pick up the pace, hunh Ledyba? Ledyba?> Mongle’s grin slid off his face like a Sludge attack aimed at a wall as he looked around to see where his team mate had gone.

    His timid compadré seemed to have another agenda when it came to battling. For upon seeing the Stringspit and Little Crow Pokémon, Ledyba had dived for cover behind a nearby rock. Sapph sweat-dropped as Mongle got an anime- style dumb, confused look on his face as he saw the Bug/Flying Pokémon’s wide, round eyes peer out from behind his rock.

    “You, er, OK, Ledyba?” Sapph said uncertainly.

    “What’s with that pathetic bug anyways?” jeered the red shirt kid.

    I was saying? Sapph groaned inwardly.

    <Oh-kay…we’re in trouble...> Mongle added, his eyes sliding back to the corner behind him at his opponents to see the Spinarak and Ravow leer back at him. Mongle inwardly broke into a feverish cold sweat.

    “You look pretty stupid to me now!” crowed the blue topped one.

    <Uhhh… Ledyba? We’re kinda in a battle now…> Mongle said awkwardly, turning back to look at his team mate, so as not to get the sudden urge to run screaming for his mommy at the Yew Lab Observatory at the sight of his opponents’ dangerously smug smiles.

    <W-w-we are?> Ledyba stammered.

    <Yeah. We are.> Mongle explained slowly.

    <They sort of scare me though!> Ledyba trilled.

    <Don’t worry, I got your back…if you’re willing to watch mine.> Mongle said reassuringly.


    <Well, we do have to fight them together…> Mongle explained.

    <We d-do?>

    <Yeah, but don’t sweat it. Just follow Sapph’s battle commands… he’s good. We’ll be fine.> Mongle smiled.

    <Oh. Okay!> Ledyba said, flying out to join Mongle on the field.

    “Enough of this crap! Spinarak, use Poison Sting on the Mongle!” The scarlet-clad youngster yelled, pumping his fist.

    “Ravow, use Gust on the Ledyba!” The blue-topped trainer directed pointing his Pokémon the way towards Mongle and Ledyba.

    “Mongle, jump backwards! Ledyba, gain some air!” Sapph ordered.

    <Roger!> The Spinarak and Ravow called out, racing in to strike.

    <Got it, Sapph!> Mongle called, tensing all his leg muscles in preparation to evade.

    <I’m on it!> Ledyba said, ready to comply.

    All four Pokémon leapt into action at once: Spinarak opened its clawed mouth wide and fired several darts at Mongle as Ravow furiously flapped its wings to send a couple of sharp bursts of wind at Ledyba. Mongle did a back flip as the Poison Sting came at him. The attack missed, hitting the ground where Mongle stood a second before. Ledyba flapped his wings even faster, gaining height and managed to escape the dangerous winds.

    “Ravow, another Gust, this time at the Mongle!”

    Ravow fired another round of sharp bursts of wind at the little Squirrel Pokémon, but Mongle was faster. Mongle dodged again with apparent ease.

    “Good job, Mongle! Ledyba, Tackle the Ravow!” Sapph cheered.

    “Spinarak, stop him with String Shot!” Red-Shirt hollered.

    As Ledyba bore down on the bird Pokémon, Spinarak scuttled up a tree and fired a fine string of sticky web at him similar to the Ariados’s Sapph had seen mere minutes ago. The string wound itself around Ledyba on contact, binding Ledyba’s wings and forcing him to crash land on the field.

    Shoot! Sapph exclaimed mentally, gritting his teeth.

    “Got you! Now Ravow, Gust that Mongle outta here!” cheered the blue shirted youngster.

    “Mongle, Pound it and cut Ledyba free!” Sapph called frantically.

    Mongle focused its speed to its feet and sprang up to slam the Ravow in the side of the head with its tail, sending it spinning towards the Stringspit Pokémon, who managed to dodge by scuttling quickly further up the tree. Its tail then glowed green as he brought it down towards Ledyba, who was struggling to free itself. A trio of sharp leaves struck the webbing and shattered the cocoon, freeing Ledyba.

    Cool, a Razor Leaf attack! Sapph thought enthusiastically.

    <Thanks, Mongle!> Ledyba called, shrugging off the last few strands of webbing and rising a few feet off the ground.

    <No problem!> Mongle panted, trying to catch its breath as he struggled to stay upright.

    That Mongle’s getting tired, Red-Shirt thought, that means we can still win this!

    “Spinarak, use Poison Sting on the Mongle!”

    Spinarak complied, firing another series of darts at the worn-out Mongle. Mongle tried to dodge the barrage of needles, but was too tired to move much. Sapph noticed this. And, for the first time since the battle began, started to panicked.

    “Ledyba, help Mongle! Quickly!” Sapph yelled.

    Just when it looked like the attack was about to hit, a red-and black blur appeared and Mongle vanished.

    <“What the– “>

    “Good job, Ledyba! Now finish it a Supersonic-Pound combo, you guys!”

    “Spinarak, look out!” its trainer yelled in a panicky voice.

    Spinarak looked around frantically for his opponents, but before he could get a fix on their location, Mongle and Ledyba showed up on its right. Ledyba let off a stream of high-pitched, focused sound waves at the spider’s head as Mongle jumped off his partner’s back, spinning in mid-air above Spinarak’s head.

    “Oh, no!” the Youngster groaned.

    “Oh, yes!” Sapph crowed.

    Mongle broke his spin above the now-dazed spider by bringing his tail down hard on Spinarak’s head. Spinarak, unable to take anymore, fell from the tree trunk onto Ravow, who was just regaining its wits. The crash fainted both Pokémon. Mongle began to fall, exhausted, only to be caught by Ledyba in mid-air, who brought them in for a safe landing.

    “Yes, yes, YEEEEESSSS!” Sapph cheered, hugging both his Pokémon.

    “Ravow, Spinarak, return!” both boys said, recalling their Pokémon. “Wow, you’re pretty strong!” They admitted to Sapph.

    “Thanks! That wasn’t shabby on your part either! Good battle!” Sapph smiled back.

    “Let’s battle again sometime!” Blue Shirt said.

    “Sure!” Sapph exclaimed, letting go of his Pokémon and a long, low whistle of relief.

    “Okay, we’ll see ya around at the league, then. We’ve gotta go home now! Bye!” Red Shirt called as they turned to leave.

    “See ya!” Sapph replied, turning to leave.

    “Bye!” the duo called, waving goodbye as they disappeared into the shrubbery.

    “OK, guys, up for some chow?” Sapph asked eagerly as he set his knapsack down on a tree stump and started to rummage through it for some tinned food.

    Mongle and Ledyba looked at each other aghast, before surveying their trainer with some apprehension.

    <Uh, Mister Sapph,> Ledyba began.

    “Ledyba? Sapph is OK,” Sapph told his ditsy Pokémon cheerfully.

    <Uh, OK…um, Sapph? What is for dinner?>

    “Canned pokéchow for you guys and baked beans for me,” Sapph answered distractedly, taking out three tins.

    <NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!> Both Pokémon screamed and jumped into each others arms in horror.

    “C’mon guys, I’m not that bad a cook, am I?” Sapph said cheerfully, now gathering twigs and sticks for a fire to cook their meal on.

    <Speak for yourself!> Mongle yelled, disentangling himself from Ledyba many arms. <Hey! Short Stacks! Save us! Take me with you!>

    <Take you? What about ME!> Ledyba screeched indignantly.

    <Sorry buddy! Women, children and Mongle first!> Mongle called over his shoulder as he ran for it. In an attempt to hightail it, Mongle dashed into a bush as fast as he could but ran smack into something cold, wet and roughly the size of his face.

    <Hunh?> Mongle started, peering more closely at what he’d run into. Eerie golden eyes framed by extremely shaggy black hair peered blearily back. Mongle shivered as his new ‘acquaintance’ rose four feet six inches straight up into shadow as he sat on his backside to rub his nose with a huge, clawed paw.

    <SAAAAAPPH! LEDYBAAAAAAA! HEEEEEELP!> Mongle screamed as the huge bear lumbered out of the undergrowth after him. Sapph was having a tough time getting Ledyba to hold still long enough to see if there was enough salt in the pokéchow.

    “Hey what’s that?” Sapph asked curiously, fishing out his Pokédex. Ledyba took his chance to run for it.

    <Do you really think I CARE, Sapph?!!> Mongle continued to scream as he ran around in a circle, the black bear hot on his heels. Sapph’s Pokédex blinked as an entry was proclaimed to the screaming, snarling, staring and squirming audience.

    Grizzlar, the Nocturnal Bear Pokémon. Grizzlar normally restrict their activities to the hours of night. Grizzlar have terrible tempers and tend to attack anything that disturbs their sleep with their long, powerful arms and powerful Hyper Beam attack.

    As they past closer to the pot of bubbling Pokémon food, Grizzlar paused to sniff the air. Grizzlar swooned and hit the floor with a thud with its eyes closed as though in a faint.

    “Hi there, want a bite?” Sapph asked kindly, spooning a hot ladle load of pokéchow into the Nocturnal Bear’s mouth.

    <Sapph, what in the flipping heck do you think you’re DOING??!!> Mongle yelled, pelting for cover beside Ledyba.

    The Grizzlar’s eyes opened wide in horror and disgust as it swallowed the large morsel of food Sapph had stuck into his mouth.

    “How was it?” Sapph asked hopefully. “Too spicy?”

    The Grizzlar’s response was to run for the nearest bush to throw up his last two meals together with the slop Sapph had the indignity to call food fit for champions, his face changing colour faster than a set of traffic lights.

    <Told you that stuff isn’t edible,> Mongle told Ledyba.

    <I never said it was,> Ledyba replied delicately.

    “Hmm, too much salt,” Sapph mused turning back to his cooking.

    A fresh, mad and insatiable desire to destroy everything in sight suddenly seized it as it bellowed in rage, stomping the pot and Pokémon food flat.

    “So that’s how ya wanna play, Teddy? Okay, let’s play!” Sapph grinned, rising to his feet and pulling out an empty pokéball as a red and green pair of blurs raced past him. “Mongle! Ledyba! Let’s catch him!”

    <HAVE YOU FREAKING LOST IT?!?> Mongle yelled as he and Ledyba yanked Sapph onto his butt just out of the Grizzlar’s seven foot six arm span as it swiped at the air with four foot long claws.

    Sapph sweatdropped as he saw the Grizzlar shred a good portion of a nearby tree trunk to powder with that one power-packed swing.

    “Oh-kaaay,” Sapph said uneasily. “What d’you guys say to Plan B?”

    <What’s Plan B?> Ledyba asked.

    <RUN AWAY LIKE LITTLE GIRLS!!!> Mongle supplied in a scream, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

    Ledyba and Sapph stared at the hulking mass of nine hundred pound fury before them and then at each other.

    “Well! Not quite what I wanted to say, but it works,” Sapph began.

    The Grizzlar’s next roar blew the duo away.

    “Let’s beat it, Ledyba!” Sapph screamed, grabbing his knapsack and running for it into the undergrowth.

    Sapph and Ledyba ran and within no time had caught up with Mongle. The Grizzlar, hot on their heels gave another roar as it gave off a Hyper Beam that turned a low hanging branch just above Sapph head to mere traces of blackened dust.

    About thirty yards ahead, a girl in a cowboy hat with reddish blond hair straightened up and turned to her Aquari and said, “Well, that’s all for this area, Bubbles… let’s g…”

    In the next second and a whirl of leaves they were gone as Sapph and his Pokémon charged out of the clearing and right into them. The five of them rolled all over each other downhill and smack into the side of a large rock where they disentangled themselves from each other and stared at each other.

    “Sapph!” Haley Kent gasped, pointing a shaking finger at the boy trainer as he sat near the rock, massaging his head. Noticing that something else had gone wrong, her head whipped around and gasped, “Where’s Bubbles?”

    “Ouch, guess I hit that rock harder than I thought,” Sapph moaned, touching his sore head and oblivious to Haley’s dilemma. A split second later, the pain tripled as Haley conked him one over the top of his head.

    “AAAARGH! OWWW, WHAT THE…hunh? What’s that buzzing?” Sapph said, stopping in mid-tirade as a loud buzzing sound filled the air around them.

    “Don’t change the sub- hunh? What is that noise?” Haley said, suddenly noticing the buzzing noise had increased significantly as she had searched for her Pokémon.

    The trainer and researcher both turned around and peered into the gloom of the trees behind them. The air there was pitch-black for a few seconds before large red lights filled the air all around them.

    “Don’t tell me-“Sapph said tremulously as large white cones appeared out of the darkness, the buzzing noises growing ever larger.

    “They’re…they’re,” Haley stuttered in fright as large yellow and black striped bodies appeared attached to the large pincers by strong looking purple limbs. The buzzing had reached a crescendo that was almost deafening.

    “BEEDRILL!!” Both yelled in unison as a large swarm of the Poison Bee Pokémon appeared in all their three foot three terrifying glory.

    “OK…wanna go for it? Mongle, Ledyba! I choose y- Mongle, Ledyba?” Sapph stammered, suddenly noticing that they too were missing. A cold sweat trickled down the back of Sapph’s neck as the Beedrill closed in.

    “Uh, you guys want to take a rain check on that challenge?” Sapph suggested feebly.

    Haley hit him again, snarling” What kind of stupid remark was that?”

    If the Beedrill were caught off guard by Sapph’s stupidity, they were fast regaining their wits. Their large front pincers glowed white as they reared up. Sapph was no expert when it came to Beedrill, but he at least recognized the attack that was coming next.

    “Okay, Plan B,” Sapph said nervously, backing away slowly with Haley suddenly whimpering at his shoulder. She’d obviously known what was coming next too.

    “What’s Plan B?” Haley said with an unusual quaver in her voice.

    “RUN AWAY LIKE LITTLE GIRLS!!!” Sapph yelled, grabbing Haley’s wrist and dashing through a gap in the ring of bee Pokémon.

    “’Run away like’… hey, jerk!” Haley snorted, using her free hand to smack Sapph over the head as he pulled her through the thorny overgrowth.

    “Ow! Ouch! Hey, will you knock it off already?!” Sapph howled, using his free hand to cover his head and protect it from Haley’s fist and the continuing rain of Poison Sting and Pin Missile attacks that followed them with the attacking Beedrill.

    “I’m trying to!” Haley snarled. “But it’s still attached to your stupid body!”

    “Where are Mongle, Ledyba and Bubbles when we need them?” Sapph howled, dashing around a clump of trees with Haley in tow as their pursuers tore through them like they were made of toilet paper.

    “Don’t be dumb, they can’t handle all of these guys!” Haley yelled back, now clutching a stitch in her side as they came to a large, rickety, rope bridge. Leaning against the post Haley was stunned to see Sapph stare at the bridge as though wanting to cross it.

    “You’re not serious?” she asked Sapph as he tested its strength.

    “Just look behind you,” Sapph said shortly.

    Haley did. What she saw made her shove Sapph onto the bridge hurriedly as about fifty Beedrill shot out the trees and right at them.

    “Hey, not so rough!” Sapph protested as the Beedrill fired a relentless rain of Pin Missile all over the bridge. Not of them hit Sapph and Haley, though that was merely dumb luck. They however tore through everything else: rotting wood, rope, it made no difference. The one thing that seemed definite in that moment was that Sapph and Haley were not going to make it across.


    Hooo, that took some time to write! How you like it? I’d write what comes next but at this rate, the chapter would be about twenty-thirty pages long! Thanks to all reviewers and let me know what ya think!

    Okay, L@er!
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    Mwahahaha....What happened to Grizzlar? You shoulda gotten a two-way split. >_<

    Grizzlar: RAWR!
    ;015; DRILL!


    Sapph's favourite getaway line is officially: "RUN AWAY LIKE LITTLE GIRLS!!!"

    Sapph. Cooking skillz. 0.000000000001/100. >_<

    Ach. Cliffhanger. C'mere and let me strangle ya. -makes murderous hand motions-

    Just kidding.

    Time to end this post.

    Pika out.

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