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The correct order of all the chapters of BW

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by rakuichi, May 1, 2013.

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  1. rakuichi

    rakuichi Active Member

    Here are the correct order of all the chapters from BW. I have also list their corresponding magazines. The order of Chapters 1-48 follows the US and French's volumes.

    Chapter 1 (Pokemon Fan Vol.14 Part 1)

    Chapter 2 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Jan)

    Chapter 3 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Mar)

    Chapter 4 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 May)

    Chapter 5 (Grade 4 2010 Dec Part 2)

    Chapter 6 (Grade 4 2011 Jan)

    Chapter 7 (Grade 4 2011 Feb)

    Chapter 8 (Grade 4 2011 Mar)

    Chapter 9 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Jun)

    Chapter 10 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Jul)

    Chapter 11 (Pokemon Fan Vol.15)

    Chapter 12 (Grade 4 2011 Apr)

    Chapter 13 (Grade 4 2011 May)

    Chapter 14 (Grade 4 2011 Jun)

    Chapter 15 (Pokemon Fan Vol.16)

    Chapter 16 (Pokemon Fan Vol.17)

    Chapter 17 (Pokemon Fan Vol.14 Part 2)

    Chapter 18 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Aug)

    Chapter 19 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Sep)

    Chapter 20 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Oct)

    Chapter 21 (Grade 4 2011 Jul)

    Chapter 22 (Grade 4 2011 Aug)

    Chapter 23 (Grade 4 2011 Sep)

    Chapter 24 (Pokemon Fan Vol.18)

    Chapter 25 (Grade 4 2011 Oct)

    Chapter 26 (Grade 4 2011 Nov)

    Chapter 27 (Grade 4 2011 Dec)

    Chapter 28 (Grade 4 2012 Jan)

    Chapter 29 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Nov)

    Chapter 30 (Pokemon Fan Vol.20)

    Chapter 31 (Pokemon Fan Vol.19)

    Chapter 32 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2011 Dec)

    Chapter 33 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Jan)

    Chapter 34 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Feb)

    Chapter 35 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Mar)

    Chapter 36 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Apr)

    Chapter 37 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 May)

    Chapter 38 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Jun)

    Chapter 39 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Jul Part 1)

    Chapter 40 (Pokemon Fan Vol.23)

    Chapter 41 (Pokemon Fan Vol.24)

    Chapter 42 (Grade 4 2012 Feb)

    Chapter 43 (Grade 4 2012 Mar)

    Chapter 44 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Jul Part 2)

    Chapter 45 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Aug)

    Chapter 46 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Sep)

    Chapter 47 (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Oct Part 1)

    Chapter 48 (Pokemon Fan Vol.21)

    Chapter ? (Pokemon Fan Vol.22)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Oct Part 2)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Nov)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2012 Dec)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 Jan)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 Feb)

    Chapter ? (Pokemon Fan Vol.26)

    Chapter ? (Pokemon Fan Vol.27)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 Mar)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 Apr)

    Chapter ? (Pokemon Fan Vol.28)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 May)

    Chapter ? (Coro Coro Ichiban 2013 Jun)

    Chapter ? (Pokemon Fan Vol.29)
    Last edited: May 2, 2013
  2. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    You're not allowed to post links for manga. It also counts for raw.
  3. rakuichi

    rakuichi Active Member

    Oh...I'll correct that.
  4. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, and now it's pointless because we already have a list here.
  5. rakuichi

    rakuichi Active Member

    No, because Coronis's order is incorrect, from chapter 38 to chapter 47.
  6. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    I have been alerted to the French publication of the ordering of the chapters, and the listing on the site will be updated in due time. Placing the Black flashback chapters between his battle with the Black Empoleon and his Icirrus Gym challenge would still make sense given the evolution state of his Tirtouga. I just wonder if there would be a bit of artwork modification in the volume release since Black was supposed to be accompanied by Iris and the Doctor in Icirrus, but he was shown to be in some meadow on his own with Musha in the flashback chapters.

    The major hesitation I have is about the placement of the Meloetta chapters. In the sacred swordsmen chapters, there was a scene where White was still practicing hard, so that she could challenge the Captains soon. This wouldn't make sense since she already beat them in the Meloetta chapters (and thus in my initial aniticipated order, the Meloetta chapters come after the swordsmen chapters). Possibly the writers will retcon the dialogues in the swordsmen chapter and alter it to something else if this is the order they plan to have.

  7. FireChick

    FireChick Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if someone will publish all the chapters in the correct order soon?
  8. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    The volumes have caught up with the BW chapters so the volumes will confirm what the heck is the correct order for BW in due time. Oh and Viz isn't too behind in following up with the Japanese volume releases this time. :3
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