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The Corrupted Wish Game: Version 2.0

Discussion in 'Games' started by Cenodoxus, Jul 18, 2004.

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  1. Crypt Lord

    Crypt Lord I Exist.

    You die by having too much health. The HP bar Exploded, See?

    I wish there was a vending machine game.
  2. Shaorune

    Shaorune Aquarius Sphere

    Granted. But it ends up being crappy and overpriced, and is for the PS3.

    I wish that someone would give me 21947198236526348961237123901283 pounds!
    (British currency, not PHYSICAL Pounds)
  3. Crypt Lord

    Crypt Lord I Exist.

    You Get Crushed by all the money. Don Shade Takes it all.

    I wish in general.
  4. FuzzyFriend

    FuzzyFriend Aloha-oh

    Thank you! I love people being jealous of me... no matter how hard they try to kill me. Also, my bodyguards protect me.
  5. Shaorune

    Shaorune Aquarius Sphere

    Must you ruin the flow of wishes with irrelevant posts?

    To The Honchkrow Mob:

    Granted, but as you didn't wish for anything specific, you receive NOTHING.

    I wish computers were twice as powerful!
  6. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Granted, their only weakness is liquid.

    I wish I'm immortal.
  7. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    granted. But because you never ever die, it becomes boring after a while.
    I wish for styrofoam that can be recycled...(had issues with that at some point)

  8. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Wish granted, Stryofoam will overfill (sp?) the recycle system.

    I wish Nintendo will stop licensing third party games.
  9. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    Granted. Snake is not in Brawl, which angers many fans, who find out who wished for it.

    I wish for a taco.
  10. Cubed

    Cubed You best believe it

    Wish granted. It comes to life and stabs you with a knife.

    I wish for a cloud.
  11. Gita Sousha

    Gita Sousha Cute+Power = Manaphy

    Granted, then you get shocked by electric....

    I wish I could download Photoshop.................
  12. Cubed

    Cubed You best believe it

    Wish granted. It's really a virus.

    I wish for a fish on a dish.
  13. Cavan_II

    Cavan_II "Dark Lightning"

    Wish granted, but the fish is a slish, whatever that is.

    I wish that Combee had 4 faces.
  14. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Wish granted, it will look like a freak.

    I wish for an Itachi plush doll.
  15. wiz4

    wiz4 is back.

    Granted: it will now kill you
    Wish for a sandwich
  16. TygerFlash

    TygerFlash OVER 9000

    Granted. I ate it before you.

    EDIT-Oops. No wish... XP
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2007
  17. wiz4

    wiz4 is back.

    I wish for a 9000+ sandwich
  18. TygerFlash

    TygerFlash OVER 9000

    Granted. However, a crumb falls off and it is now a 8999 sandwich.

    I wish for lulz.
  19. wiz4

    wiz4 is back.

    Granted, you now lose your memory.
    I wish to own SPPF
  20. TygerFlash

    TygerFlash OVER 9000

    Granted. You totally owned SPPF with your magical pumpkin. Serebii and all of SPPf's members are now dead.
    Wait, what do you mean it wasn't THIS kind of own? Hmm?

    I wish for no wish.
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