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The Corrupted Wish Game: Version 2.0

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Meta Knight

okay. your head gets a lump on it, then your head (plus lump) turns to cheese

wish for pie


"Dark Lightning"
Wish granted. Everyone who attempted to climb it thus far has not been heard from again, and you get punished for potential murder.

I wish that Winnie the Pooh had a motorbike.
Granted, She headbutts you in the nuts. Be careful what you wish for XD

I wish I was a carpenter.


Flabebe's Kids
Granted, You lose both your hands from a table saw.

I wish Ganondorf has a sword moveset in Brawl.
Granted, but he can only use thw sword on himself

I wish for an ice cream moutain.


Granted, but a giant ate the mountain.
I wish to walk in the sky.
Granted! you get to walk in it for ten second...you fall and die.

i wish i had darkrai!
granted.....but its actually pot.....and your so tripped on it you think its gold.....and you get arrested

i wish i could draw.


Well-Known Member
Granted, you draw bad things and get grounded because your parents find it.

I wish that I was the smartest kid in the world (E=mc2, hehe)!
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