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The craziest stuff that has worked for you.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
Face it, we all like to give ourselves a little challenge. When it comes to PBR wifi, we've seen the impossible happen. What kind of crazy stuff have you tried and made it work?

I'll list a few examples of my own.

A mixed Farfetch'd. Has succesfully KO'd plenty of opponents, inlcuding a Weavile and a Torterra with Heat wave at the same time.

Specs Roselia. OHKO's almost anything.

Screech+Metal Sound Magnemite. Weakens my opponent for its teammate. Strong enough to OHKO some Kyogre's.

A physical Corsola. OHKO'd a Salamence with Stone Edge.

A Specially Defensive Dustox. Takes only 50% from a Kyogre's Rain Boosted, Full HP Water Spout.

A Mimic Rhydon. Mimicks a teammates Recoil move, such as Head Smash, and sweeps.

I think this is a testament to my sanity, or what isn't there.