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The Creepypasta Thread.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Angeltripper, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    Hello and welcome to this Creepypasta thread of mine, where Chills and thrills are sure to happen. Got a Creepypasta? Share it! Love a Creepypasta? Tell it! Want to talk about Pokemon Creepypastas? Then leave this thread at once!

    The short list of rules
    Sppf Rules
    No POKEMON Creepypastas aloud. That means the likes of Pokemon Dead Channel, Lost Silver, Lavender Town Syndrome, Creepy Black, Come Follow Me, etc. those talks only go in this thread. The only exception is if we are talking about Creepypasta Profiles and Lavender Town Syndrome or BRVR pop up.

    Notable and well recieved Creepypasta Monsters/stories:

    Slender Man
    Jeff the Killer
    Candle Cove
    Squidward's Suicide
    Happy Appy
    Tails Doll
    BEN Drowned
    Sweet Apple Massacre (Mature)
    Russian Sleep Experiment
    The Teddy
    Luna Game
    Rainbow Factory
    Eyeless Jack

    tell me if I am missing any and I'll add it

    Now, discuss!

    Will make the notible stories links later
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2013
  2. Wyrm

    Wyrm ~Setting Sail~

    You accidentally listed Jeff the Killer and The Rake twice on the list.

    The Teddy, while not exactly having a really high quality story, does have that sleep-depriving picture of the teddy bear. I swear, that thing made me paranoid for months...

    I do have to say that Jeff the Killer is my favorite. Not only is it really well done, but it actually is at least half-realistic. Jeff's actions and looks seem to make him the mascot of realistic fiction creepiness.

    Sweet Apple Massacre was nothing more than a cluster torture bomb, with Cupcakes being the little sister.
  3. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    thanks, I edited and it's ok now :)

    I read Teddy, and it's ok, but not too scary

    Same here, Jeff > all

    SAM is just disgusting :p
  4. Ludwig

    Ludwig Well-Known Member

  5. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    I still don't understand this

    The bear isn't even that scary

    It just looks like a poorly-designed stuffed animal

    I looked at the picture for a while and I'm still not getting anything
  6. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

  7. Electricbluewolf

    Electricbluewolf Fʟᴇsʜʏ Bᴏᴡs

    So we can say them quietly then?

    Most Creepypastas' don't scare me that much. Going on that Teddy one the bear looks like it's made in the 1920's when every toy was freaky as ass.
  8. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    I like that story about the babysitter and the man upstairs. Old as time itself. Does it count too?

    The Slender Man and Jeff are kinda creepy.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  9. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Last post was in March. And locked.

    /insert Fry meme here

    Also I think links to the above notable stories would help. (Also maybe noting that "Ben" is usually in allcaps, or called "Ben Drowned," or that it's about a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge, because "Ben" is pretty nebulous. Could be about a package of Uncle Ben's that kills a whole family.)
  10. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    Oh did you see the latest video from Jadusable? He kinda killed the whole creepiness of it, but its funny to watch.

    I hate that Teddy! It gave me chills with his freaking eyes...
  11. Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  12. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    I haven't kept up with it. After a while it didn't seem as creepy, but I do like what he was doing with some of the hack things. (The fans kinda killed it for me, though, in terms of being creepy.)
  13. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    Well yeah if you ever do see the newest vid.. you will some mega rage from fans of it... kinda stupid D:

    In other news.... I keep getting creeped out by Smile Dog.... >.< Shouldn't have read that! DX
  14. Estellise

    Estellise freeze!

    Jeff the Killer didn't scare me,but the picture did!The only ones that scared me were Candle Cove and Happy Appy.Neither one is particularly scary,but the ideas are nightmare fuel.And the Candle Cove last episode really did scare me.I had to watch it with the sound off,and I'll never have the courage to watch it again DX
  15. ShadowKyogre443

    ShadowKyogre443 오션 마스터

    yes the smile dog has kept me up on more than one occasion, but are gelatino and i the only ones not scared of the bear?
  16. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    Yes. The picture is very creepy, but the creepypasta, I don't know... the first part was great, but then they explained Jeff's whole story and the scare factor was lost to me.
  17. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Holy crap to creepypastas work on me... Am I the only one who gets a minor headache after viewing a creepypasta picture/video?
  18. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    Naw, you are not the only one )X I get it too XP
  19. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Why are people scared of pictures
  20. frogofdoom555

    frogofdoom555 (>:O) FFFFFFUUUUUU


    ^ This is more gross than creepy, but it's still a good read if you are in to cannibalism.

    I want to make some mentions myself.

    Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. I agree with some people. That picture is downright terrifying! The story wasn't, though.

    Happy Appy wasn't scary, but I quite enjoyed it and read it through.

    Smile Dog doesn't seem to creep me out.

    That is all.
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