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The Crystalline Guard vs Magnet Risers

Discussion in 'Guild Wars' started by Extroph, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Extroph

    Extroph Gaijin Shogun


    --5th Gen OU 5v5 War. First clan that gets 3 wins is the winner.
    --All battles will be best of 3. Players are allowed to change teams in between matches.
    --All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 OU standard rules.
    --Anything smogon banned will be banned for this war including Drizzle+Swiftswim and Garchomp.
    --No trolling, flaming, or spamming!
    --The results of each battle needs to be posted and confirmed on this thread.
    --All battles must be done on PO, using the Smogon Server. Other servers may be used if technical difficulties prevent battles from happening
    --All battles must be of BO3​

    CG Above, MR Below


    Magicmonkey PokeSonic
    Psycho Cut scizor64
    Ninja Dewott Albyness
    Sietse23 Rairyan
    Prohawk Rockstar19958


    TheBluePorygon Extroph
    JhenmohranMH3 DarkCharizard2

    Magnet Risers (Rairyan)
    Magnet Risers (Rockstar19958)
    Magnet Risers (scizor64)

    Good Luck, have fun, and follow all the rules for a nice war!

    *PLDH for the sprites, Extroph for the thread and banner*​
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  2. Metroid

    Metroid Look at my post.

    good luck to CG
  3. As war capain I should have something constructive to say.

    I don't.
  4. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Good luck to both clans. I don't like being a mr. mime, it sucks... s:
  5. Then rank up in the clan some more!
  6. Aeon™

    Aeon™ Rock Ultimate

    Man, why is our side orange? Why can't we be Purple? W/e, good luck both sides, but extra luck CG.
  7. Probably because the war team and tournament post is orange, to go with the infernape banner and fiery theme of war.
    That or contrast.
  8. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    ^ 'Cause orange is for the Dutch like me :)

    To make this a non-spam post, I'll contact Rairyan ASAP.
  9. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    k read your vm now you need to be subbed out cause i am not battlering next friday or next sunday cause i have a lot of collage work to do, and i am not getting subbed out since it's you who wont battle
  10. Epouvantail

    Epouvantail the taste

    A little late here, but, good luck, Risers!
  11. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    What? I'm not included in this. D:

    Oh well, good luck to both sides. Let's make this a good one.
  12. Extroph

    Extroph Gaijin Shogun

    Your war team post is red/orange colored.

    Good luck to both sides.
  13. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    good luck to both sides
  14. zombiemonkey1334

    zombiemonkey1334 I am a llama

    Good luck everyone, Go Risers! :p
  15. Soperman

    Soperman The One and Only

    Good luck to both sides, may the best clan win.
  16. Sietse23

    Sietse23 *Brainfarts*

    Ehmm, no. I have this week to pass this year, so I'll need to study. I can battle before the deadline: at earliest Thursday, so I'm not going to be subbed out if you don't mind.
  17. A week is a bit much to be inactive, so you will have to be subbed out, I can bring you back in after the weeks time, to re-sub in or something. In the mean time, I guess Prohawks up.
  18. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    thank you, so i am now battering prohawks right?


    sietse i know you have work to do but im sure if you got the time to come on here and post stuff then i am sure you can have a battle, plus let be truthful here it's not like you can beat me anyway.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2012
  19. JhenMohranMH3

    JhenMohranMH3 Random Art Guy

    Because orange is the colour of war team / tourmaline post

    good luck to all
  20. Provided you get the battle done before sietse returns, yes. If you are unable, and sietse returns we can revert to the original match up if you and prohawk think you will not be able to meet up.
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