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The Crystalline Guard

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Psycho Cut

Well-Known Member

Today, the five Pokemon Regions live in harmony and peace, but it was not always so...

Almost 2000 years ago, Kanto was gripped by a terrible disease, for which no cure could be found. However, Botanists of the time told tales of a plant that grew exclusively in the highest reaches of Mt. Coronet that was known to cure diseases with similar symptoms to the one the Kantonians were inflicted by. This in mind, Prince Nakot, the favoured son of the King, King Kantollo II, led an expedition to Mt Coronet to search for this rare plant. They had nothing to worry about, for the King had secured permission from Sinnoh's Queen, Queen Sinnelia, to forage on Mt. Coronet. However, there was a well-known rumour that the son of Sinnoh's Queen, Prince Rinneg was jealous of Nakot and many others of the Princes, for he was weedy, unintelligent and an unskilled battler, at least compared to the other Princes. For this reason, he knew he would not be granted the title of High King, the King of all regions. Unless, that is, he eliminated the competition.

Nobody knows for sure what happens next, at least up until Hikers discover the bodies of Nakot and his team in the high reaches of Mt. Coronet. Some say it was a treacherous ambush by Prince Rinneg, others, an unfortunate accident. Whatever the real outcome, King Kantollo II took the former view and, enraged, declared war on Sinnoh, calling them cowards, backstabbers, traitors and other, more vulgar terms. Her pride dented, Queen Sinnelia retaliated with force. So much so that Kantollo II was forced to call upon his neighbour, King Djohtott of Johto, to assist him in what would be called the Great War. More bargains were struck, more officials bribed, and eventually a bitter war erupted, with Kanto and Johto on one side and Hoenn and Sinnoh on the other. By the time King Unnovar, High King of the Five Regions and King of Unova had reached the other regions; there was little he could do to stop the war. In fact, old petty quarrels resurfaced and King Hezzar of Hoenn declared Unova an enemy. Many assassinations, most notably those of Prince Rinneg and King Kantollo II, and massacres took place. The war lasted for 6 months, and took many lives, both human and Pokemon. It would have claimed many more, were it not for the events that transpired at the Battle of One Island, a strategically important location in the war.

The Battle of One Island was set to be the most bloody yet. All Five Regions had fielded thousands of boats and thousands of airships, each brimming with tough Pokemon, and Humans wielding deadly weapons, such as the Pokemort Crossbow. Just as the first war horn was about to be sounded, a bright white light appeared in the centre of the armies. From it emerged five legendary Pokémon: Mew, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza, Arceus and Kyurem. They floated down, seemingly by magic and settled amongst the armies, hovering just above the surface of the water. There, their foreheads began to glow and, with a flash of light, each produced a gem. One purple, one red, one green, one yellow and the other white. At the sight of these gems, all the Humans and Pokemon around felt the fight go out of them. Then, as one, the Pokémon spoke. "This war," they said, "is pointless. It has no purpose and does not benefit anyone. Make peace. Do not fight yourselves to destruction. As long as they remain intact, these Five Gems will help retain peace and ensure no more wars are started." With that, the legendary Pokémon vanished.

After this encounter, the Five Regions made peace. Each constructed a Citadel in their region to house the gems and an order was set up to ensure their protection. Due to the slightly crystalline texture the skin of the guards developed, thanks to exposure to the Five Gems, this Order became known as... The Crystalline Guard.

Welcome, to the Crystalline Guard. We are an Order dedicated to preserving the peace of the Pokémon World, the peace granted to us by the Legendary Pokemon at the close of The Great War. We seek to crush those who appose this peace in the field of battle, bring the community together through other means and to train the members of our Order to the best they can possibly be.

Be you a warrior, artist, thinker, student or just a nice guy, there is room for you in this Order. So, what are you waiting for? Read on, learn of this fine clan and sign up. The registration offices are waiting....


  • [*=left]Post 1
    [*=left]News + Announements
    [*=left]Crystalline Guard Explained
    [*=left]- Divisions
    [*=left]- Democracy
    [*=left]- Currency
    [*=left]- Ranks + Points
    [*=left]- Battles with other Clan Members
    [*=left]- Halls of Fame
    [*=left]Division of The Month
    [*=left]The Xat
    [*=left]The Channel
    [*=left]The Manhatten Project
    [*=left]Registration Office
    [*=left]Pokémon of the Week
    [*=left]Post 2 - The Amethyst Division
    [*=left]Post 3 - The Tourmaline Division
    [*=left]Post 4 - The Emerald Division
    [*=left]Post 5 - The Citrine Division
    [*=left]Post 6 - The Zircon Division
    [*=left]Post 7
    [*=left]-War Team
    [*=left]- Current Wars + War Record
    [*=left]- Ongoing Tournaments
    [*=left]- Upcoming Tournaments
    [*=left]- Tournament Hall of Fame
    [*=left]Tutoring System
    [*=left]Post 8
    [*=left]- How the Shop Works
    [*=left]- Stock
    [*=left]- List of Jobs
    [*=left]- Job Hall of Fame
    [*=left]Post 9
    [*=left]The World Cup
    [*=left]- How it works
    [*=left]- Current World Cups
    [*=left]- World Cup Archive
    [*=left]Post 10
    [*=left]The Five Regions Premier Leauge
    [*=left]- How it Works
    [*=left]- The Teams
    [*=left]- Current Season
    [*=left]- Past Rankings
    [*=left]Post 11
    [*=left]- Missions Explained
    [*=left]- Ongoing Quests
    [*=left]- Missions Hall of Fame
    [*=left]Other Stuff
    [*=left]Post 12
    [*=left]Event Days


1. Be Active, if you are inactive for three weeks and have not given me a reason, then you will be kicked.
2. No Flaming.
3. Be kind to all members of the clan and even members outside of the clan.
4. Do not double post or spam within the thread, so NO conversations not relating to competetive pokemon or the clan. (Use the Xat if your conversation does not fit into these topics)
5. Follow standard serebii rules for battling and always respect your opponent by acknowledging them after a battle.
6. All official clan documentation you fill out MUST be filled in correctly, this includes Battle Record posts etc
7. You may only be in this clan and no other, THIS is standard clan forum rule, however I think it deserves a mention.
8. Use smogon tiers for battling.
9. You MUST use a pokemon from your Division's region when participating in clan battles. If you do not, it will count as an automatic loss
10. Do not pester your Leader about win/loss records etc. It's hard work, and we do the best we can. The odd asking for a tweak is fine, if you think they have made a genuine mistake, but repeated asking is not.
11. All Clan Related Atwork must be authorised by me
12. Check the Announcements (see below) often

If you do not follow any of the above rules then you might get punished by being banned from the clan permantly or temporarily for a certain period of time after you have earnt a certain number of strikes.

News + Announcements

Announcement 30/11/12: IMPORTANT! New Rules on Clan Talk http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?590325-Clan-talk

Announcement 01/01/13: Happy New Year!

Announcement 2/01/13: IMPORTANT! Read this post: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?573402-The-Crystalline-Guard&p=15532724#post15532724

Crystalline Guard Explained


The Crystalline Guard is made up of Five Divisions, one stantioned in each of the 5 Reigons of the Pokémon World. Each one is responsible for the safety and peace of its region and populace. While each Division operates exactly the same in terms of ranks and following the basic rules of the Clan, each Division may have slightly different rules or expectations, depending on that of its leader. Similarly, the leader may affect other things, such as how the team is selected for that Division's World Cup team. Each Division is also home to, what will eventually become, groups of slightly different people. For example, a certain battle style may be attracted to a certain division (this is partly caused by the Leader's ability to instruct his members in this style). These subtle differences, along with extra expectations, are all listed at the top of the Division's post, so ready carefully before deciding your preference. Of course, joining a Division because you like the colour is also acceptable!

There are Five Divsions, each representing a different region with a different colour and Leader. The Five Divisions are named after the Five Gems given to the human race at the close of The Great War:

The Amethyst Divison - Kanto - Purple - Leader Magicmonkey
The Tourmaline Division - Johto - Red - Leader JhenMohranMH3
The Emerald Divison - Hoenn - Green - Leader + Supreme Patriach Psycho Cut
The Citrine Division - Sinnoh - Yellow - Leader Soperman
The Zircon Division - Unova - Light Blue - Leader The Mysterious Stranger
Note also that, as explained in the rules, you must use a Pokemon representing your region. It must be new in the game that features your region (Kanto does not count for Tourmaline), so choosing Crobat for Hoenn is not acceptable, but choosing Swampert is.

A Note About Democracy

You'll notice, then, that there are Five Leaders in the clan. If you're confused about who you should be taking orders from, read on: Firstly, in matters pertaining to your Division, you answer to your own Division Leader. In matters pertaining to the whole clan or your behaviour, each Leader has equal power. The only reason my name has the words Supreme Patriach next to it, aside from its sounding cool, is because I will make the call on any decision the Five Leaders as a whole cannot decide. However, with Five Leaders, such a situation should be rare.

If you have a problem about the clan, the first person to contact is your Division Leader. If he can't, or, dare I say it, won't help, then you should contact another Leader. From this though, don't get the impression that contacting another Leader is frowned upon: we're all happy to talk!


The Currency of the Crystalline Guard is Crystals (fancy that!). However, please note that these are not used to rank up - at least not directly anyway (see below for more details). Their main purpose is to buy things from the shop and for use in the 5 Regions Premier Leauge (see post 10 for details). Crystals are only awarded for completing jobs or from reccomendation from Leaders (not your own)

Ranks + Points

There are eight ranks in The Crystalline Guard and, although the userbars and, in a lesser sense, the names, of the ranks differ from Division to Division, each corresponding rank has the same requirements and, for lack of a better word, bragging rights. The requirements for each rank are based on Recommendation Points, or RPs. These can, as explained later on, be obtained in a number of ways.

Recruit - Standard Entry Level
Intiate - 50 RP
Apprentice - 200 RP
Warrior - 500 RP
Tactician - 1100 RP
Elite - 2300 RP
Veteran - 4700 RP
Commander - 9500 RP

Ways to Earn RP

1) Initation Test Battle - This is a battle made with any Leader. This Battle must be done within 7 days of your acceptance into the Clan. After the battle, the Leader will reward you, based on your performance, PR from any value up to 500. This Test is not mandatory.

2) Battles - Here at CG, as you can imagine, we like a warrior. So, as you prove your aptitude on the field of battle, so will you rise up the ranks. Each Battle won against a member of another Division is worth 5 RP, with a bonus of an extra 5RP for each win streak of three and an extra 9RP for every 10 battles you win in the clan. You RP, however, can also go down. If you lose 3 battles in a row, you will lose 3RP and for every 10 battles you lose in the clan, you lose 7RP. If these loses means you fall below the RP requirement for your current rank, you will not be demoted. Also note that you may never, at any point, fall below 0 RP

3) Tournaments - Many Tournaments will have RP rewards for winning or placing above a certain position. These RP rewards very, so be sure to check them out.

4) Wars - Defending the Peace of the World in a war is a honourable thing to do. As such, each War Battle you win is worth 20RP

5) The World Cup + Premier Leauge - Sorry football fans, but the RP I'm on about here refers the the World Cup and Premier Leauge in posts 9 + 10. The various RP rewards for these activities is listed in their posts.

6) Jobs - The Crystalline Guard could not function as well if it was just a bunch of battlers. Have a look at the Jobs Section for all the available jobs and the RP you can get from there.

7) Recommendations - RP are dubbed so for a reason: if another Leader (so, not the Leader of your Division) recognizes your acheivements, he may put forward a recommendation awarding an amount of RP up to 50. This can be for all sorts of reasons, such as improvement, good behaviour etc

8) Crystal Donations - Donating your hard earned cash for the good of the Crystalline Guard is a thing worth of great recognition. So, for every 200 Crsytals you donate, you will be awarded 80 RP.

Many of these ways also earn Crystals, which are used, mainly, in the Shop. For details on how to earn these, see post 8.

Battles Against Clan Members

Every time you battle a Clan Member, one participant, but preferably both, must post the results on the thread. To do so, you must fill in the form below. Pay particular attention to the first two fields, you must leave a space after the colon and spell the Division names correctly otherwise, due to the way these battles are monitored, you may not be credited.

If you want the battle to be 'Off-Record', meaning that it does not count for RP loss or gain etc, both players must agree on it before the battle starts. If this is not done, it is perfectly legal for it to count. Note, a forfeit because someone wants an Off Record battle and the other doesn't, does NOT count as a loss.

Finally, please refrain from revealing details of your opponent's team. If, in your suggested improvements, this is unavoidable, please PM them this field.

[B]Your House:[/B]
[B]Opponent's House:[/B]
[B]Opponent's Name:[/B]
[B]Win/Loss/Draw + Score:[/B]
[B]Rate your performance out of 50:[/B]
[B]Rate opponent's performance out of 50:[/B]
[B]Any improvements for opponent:[/B]
[B]Any thing else worth mentioning?:[/B]

For an example filled-out form, check the spoiler below:

Your House: Emerald
Opponent's House: Amethyst
Opponent's Name: Magicmonkey
Win/Loss/Draw + Score: Loss, 0-3
Rate your performance out of 50: 37
Rate opponent's performance out of 50: 46
Any improvements for opponent: Don't underestimate Azelf! ;)
Any thing else worth mentioning?: Damn pokemon! You know the one I mean, Magicmonkey....


Halls of Fame are designed to reward those members of the clan who are exceptional at what they do by immortalising them in the Crystalline Guard's Hall of Fame. There are currently five Halls of Fame in the Crystalline Guard: The Division Halls of Fame, The Combat Hall of Fame, The Shop Hall of Fame (W.I.P), The FRPL Hall of Fame and The Missions Hall of Fame.

To judge when someone is eligible for entry into a Hall of Fame, we use a points system. Certain acheivements and deeds give you Hall of Fame Points, and when you reach the required amount of Points, you can be inducted into the appropriate Hall of Fame. Note that Clan Leaders may award extra Points. Upon induction to a Hall of Fame, you are immediately awarded 500 RP, with Division Halls of Fame awarding even more: 750 RP!

Halls of Fame are unique in the fact that even if you quit the clan, your name will remain in the appropriate Hall of Fame.

Halls of Fame are incredibly difficult to be inducted into, so although the road may be tough, keep perservering because the reward of being in a Hall of Fame is well worth it.

Info on the Division Halls of Fame are listed here, whereas others will be listed in the post they correspond to. (Combat is also listed directly below)

How do I know how many points I have?

To find out all you need to do is contact me asking me to calculate for you. Before doing so, please make sure your Division Leader has an accurate and up-to-date record of your streaks and wins. You may make an appeal once per week for each Hall of Fame. Note that I have the right to refuse to calculate anyone's tally if I'm busy and I think they will be way off anyway.

Division Halls of Fame

Division Halls of Fame are unique in comparison to other Halls of Fame. They have very few specific criteria as the majority of Points comes from elsewhere: any Points you gain that contribute to any other Hall of Fame also contribute to this Hall of Fame. This is to show that the Division Halls of Fame honour that Order's highest acheivers. As such, Division Halls of Fame are arguably the hardest to gain entry into.

Hall of Fame Entry Criteria: Total of 150 Hall of Fame Points, Tactician Rank


Combat Hall of Fame

The Combat Hall of Fame honours the Clan's most talented battlers and only pure battling prowess will let you see entry. The acheivements are gained by battling within the clan, and, in a few cases, battling outside the Clan.

Hall of Fame Entry Criteria: 90 Combat Hall of Fame Points, Warrior Rank

Win 5 Battles in a row - 1 Point

Win 10 Battles in a row - 3 Points

Win 25 Battles within the clan - 3 Points

Win 50 Battles within the clan - 7 Points

Win 100 Battles within the clan - 18 Points

Win a War Battle - 3 Points

Win a Clan Tournament - 1-5 Points

Runner Up(s) in a Clan Tournament - 1-3 Points

Come '1st' in a World Cup - 4 Points

Reach Warrior Rank - 2 Points

Reach Tactician Rank - 4 Points

Reach Elite Rank - 7 Points

Reach Veteran Rank - 12 Points

Reach Commander Rank - 24 Points

Win a Serebii Frontier Symbol - 4 Points

Win a Symbol from The Mahnatten Project - 2 Points

Become The Mahnatten Project Champion - 6 Points

Peak in the Top 20 on Pokemon Online in any main tier (proof required) - 6 Points

Peak in the Top 40 on Pokemon Showdown in any main tier (proof required) - 10 Points

Division of The Month


At the end of each Calendar month, the Division that has performed most admirably in the keeping of Peace, the actions of their members and other duties is acknowledged. The Division's score for one month is simply the total RP of it's best few Members (this amount varies on the clan's size), along with any World Cup Bonus added. The Division with the highest score gets their shield displayed at the top of this post, a Trophy Userbar, along with glory and bragging rights! At least until another Division takes the title of Division of the Month...

The Xat

The Xat, due to forum rules, cannot be displayed here, but can be found in my signature. You are free to add the Xat link to your signature as well, if you wish.

The Xat is the place where, as a clan, you can talk together about things which you are not permitted to do so in the thread (i.e. things that aren't related to the clan or competitive pokemon). Note that Clan rules still apply there so please be sensible or you will be banned from the Xat and/or face reprecussions in the Clan.

The Channel

The Crystalline Guard has it's own channel on Pokemon Online, on the Pokemon Online server called, "Crystalline Guard" (no surprises there). This is where the majority of people hang out, and you'll have more success finding people here than anywhere else.

The Manhatten Project

This league is cosponsored by CG and we are encouraging you to challenge it and aspire to one day become a champion offering a variety of different tiers. We ask that you challenge and support the league. We're sure that you'll find it a fun yet challenging thing to do. And it earns Hall of Fame Points, so why not?


*All info on other aspects, such as Wars and The Shop, can be found in their relevant posts.


Aiming for the top rank of our clan, although an excellent aim, isn't the only thing to be aiming for in this clan. Below are many achievements which you can aim for. Just like most video games which include achievements, some require a lot of work and others are slightly quirkier. Achievements do not award extra RP or crystals, they are simply a bit of fun and some extra things to aspire to!

Newbie, eh?

Be awarded 500 RP after your Intiation Test Battle

Ninja Dewott


Win 50 Battles in the Clan

Supreme Battler

Win 100 Battles in the Clan

Streaker on the Pitch!

Get a 10 Win-Streak

Ninja Dog

Blazing Streak

Get a 20 Win-Streak

Even Steven

Draw 10 Battles in the Clan


To, at any point during your Clan career, have won at least 20 Battles and have the amount won double that of the amount lost

Beast on the Battlefield

Win 5 War Battles

No pressure...

Have the result of a Clan War fall down to your battle, and emerge victorious!


Be entered into any Hall of Fame

Taste of Gold

Win a Clan Tournament

Close, but no cigar!

Place 2nd or 3rd in 3 Clan Tournaments

We won the cup, we won the cup!

Be on the team that wins a World Cup

Top of the World

Be part of the team that wins the Premier Leauge


Own the club with the most Crystals in the Premier Leauge

Leader's Pet

Recieve RP from 3 seperate reccomendations

Generous Giver

Donate 5 Things to the Clan Shop


Buy 5 Things from the Shop

Registration Office

So, decided to join the Guard, have we? Well, before you can do that, you'll have to fill in one of these here forms. Make sure you do it correctly, like, and pay attention to the asterixes.

[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]PO Name*:[/B]
[B]5th Gen Friend Code(s):[/B]
[B]Timezone (in GMT)***:[/B]
[B]Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:[/B]
[B]Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:[/B]
[B]A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:[/B]

*PO, if you don't know, stands for Pokemon Online. It is a free to download and is incredibly useful for competitive battling as it allows you to create teams in minutes and tweak them in seconds. The vast majority of members here will use it, so don't be left out! It's against Forum Rules to post links here, but Googling "Pokemon Online Download" should take you to the right place. Also, you are reccomended to include the clan tag, which is [CG], in front of your name to make you easier to find. If you plan on doing this, then please include it in this field.

**Unfortunately, for the aspect of fairness, we may not always be able to allocate you to the Division you want. For this reason, we ask you to list the divisions in order, starting with your favourite and ending in your least preferred. We should be able to grant you at least your third choice.

***Timezone in GMT is your Timezone, but how far in front/behind you are of GMT. (EST = GMT-5). Note, if you live in an area where the timezone changes depending on time of year, please specify this.

Pokémon of The Week

Coming soon!
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Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire

Hakasuka! Greetings, as said in the tongue of the Ninjas. So Kanto, eh? Long has Kanto been the Ninja Region - long being since I left Tourmaline to lead here - but nevertheless, the centre of the world's Ninjaness revolves around Kanto. But enough about Ninjas. For now. We of the Kanto Region seek to strengthen not only our battling skills, but also our mind, body and spirit, in the quest for ultimate power. But, in the words of a certain superhero, great power bring great responsibility so above all, you will learn to be true of heart. And a Ninja. HOO-HAH.

*Bows*, greetings, my young padawan. My name is Ninja Dewott, though you may call me Master. I am the Sensei of this here Order and it is my job to ensure that rules are kept to, fun is had and Ninjas are discussed. Preferably, I would like you to stick to all of these three maxims, but the first is most important. Fail to obey the rules and I shall send round the Ninjas. No, not those ones. Yes, those Ninjas. Oooh...



Requirement: 9500 RP

Congratulations! You've reached the highest possible rank in our Order and you are capable of leading the mighty hosts into glorious battle and vanquishing the toughest of enemies!


Requirement: 4700 RP

Well, you truly are a Veteran of the Order now, and should be immensely proud of this fact! You certainly command the respect and awe of others!


Requirement: 2300 RP

Well, you're really starting to shine now! You're an Elite of this Order now and your majestic presence is felt wherever you go!


Requirement: 1100 RP

You're really starting to rise up the ranks now! You're a force to be reckoned with and a person to be consulted in times of need. Keep up the good work!


Requirement: 500 RP

You can really start to think of yourself as a high ranking member in this Order now, as you have the right of being able to fight for Peace and Glory as a Warrior. Well done!


Requirement: 200 RP

You're making excellent progress, and you've nearly completed our Tuition. The Warrior Class is in sight!


Requirement: 50 RP

Not so much of a newbie, now. You've started to progress down your path to Glory and you're no longer 'just another Trainee'


Standard Entry Level

You may be only a Trainee now, and most people may reside above you on the ranks of Power but take faith in the fact that you can only go up. Your journey to Greatness has begun!

GC7 (0RP)

Member Records

Behold, the Majestic Members of this Mighty Division

Forum Name: I have many names, the tribes to the west call me 'The Death That Walks' and those who live in the caves of Hingbalak call me 'Fluffy Bunnywabbit', but you can call me.... Ninja Dewott
PO Name: I have many names, the trib- Ah, just kidding, almost always "[CG]Ninja Dewott"
5th Gen Friend Code: 96873476346532o45o3265o328576o29357oq287 I don't actually have one
Timezone (in GMT): +0, unless I'm away saving the world, it could change then.

Forum Name: GC7
PO Name*: GC7
5th Gen Friend Code(s): White:4299 0173 1288 Black 2: 2795 8630 0735
Timezone (in GMT)***: -8

Name - Win/Tie/Loss (Current Streak) [Crystals] <+5 streaks> <<+10 streaks>>
- 0/0/0 (+0) [0] <0> <<0>>

GC7 - 0/0/0 (+0) [0] <0> <<0>>

Trophy Cabinet

Here is a list of all the things that the Amethyst Divsion has won.


Amethyst Hall of Fame

Here is a list of all our members who have made it into a Hall of Fame
Ain't nobody in here. 'Cept for p'rhaps Ninjas. Could be Ninjas anywhere.

Credit to Prohawk for the userbars.
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Random Art Guy

NB scroll down for the Tourmaline art shop

We are TEAM TOURMALINE, the protectors of the Sacred Tourmaline. It is our destiny to do this, no matter what the cost. Our golden hearts and silvery souls will secure our victory on the battlefield. Lugia and Ho-Oh shall watch over you in your quest to being awesome. Though the Sacred Tourmaline has given us peace, there are those of us who still believe that we should always be battle-ready. Through our strength we shall prevail. No--we MUST prevail. In the name of the Johto region us Johto-ites will do our best to be good spirited, fun and the best battlers in the land. Ho-Ha!

Jhen here division leader of the dazzling [gold and silver] red tourmaline. erm... espeon and umbreon rock. End of THE FACTS!
NB we will ask nicely to change their views all those that can't see that espeon and umbreon are THE BEST​


The ranks of thy tourmaline order


Tourmaline Leader : JhenMohranMH3
Just because I'm a leader doesn't mean you have to do a Brutus/Caeser on me


Requirement: 9500 RP
I bow down to you....maybe

Requirement: 4700 RP
Almost there! Keep it up!


Requirement: 2300 RP
A couple of Dragon Dances and look where you are, you are an elite!


Requirement: 1100 RP
How does tactician have anything to do with anything


Requirement: 500 RP

Superstar : 963


Requirement: 200 RP
You've almost done your time at the Pokemon School, Warrior status soon to be yours

Hyper Lugia : 413
a moon gust : 210


Requirement: 50 RP
Youngster Joey standard... but please don't use rattata

Plamya : 156


Standard Entry Level
Up, up and away .... hopefully

CameronH747 : 0

Member Records

The Peoples:

DS is spread throughout the world in a number of separate pieces(no wifi)
GMT (+1 in april to october due to BST)

Don't know them off the top of my head, and I don't use Wi-Fi much anyways. I will update eventually.
GMT -8 I believe (west coast USA)


;337;A Moon Gust;338;
A Moon Gust
EST (GMT -5)

Pkmn Black: Lisa, 1807-9423-1211
GMT -6

[CG] CameronH747
1292 7246 9554


JhenMohranMH3 11/0/24[-4] C:1
Hyper Lugia 13/0/13 [-3] C:0
Superstar 79/0/39 [+6] C:0
a moon gust 0/0/0 [0] C:0
plamya 2/0/5 [-4] C:0
CameronH747 0/0/0 [0] C:0

Trophy Cabinet

look at all our trophies!



Tourmaline Hall of Fame

Just me XD


updated up to page 515

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Psycho Cut

Well-Known Member

We of Hoenn, descendants of Hezzarus the Honourable, are masters of Land, Sea and Air. No element or obstacle shall stand in our way for we are immune to the raging seas, the fiery droughts and the stormy skies. As such, we seek to educate our members in all forms of battle, so they can exploit their opponent's weakness at will. We of Hoenn believe that knowledge and durability are the greatest assets one can possess and we shall strive, with these qualities, to protect the Sacred Emerald and to vanquish all those who seek to destroy it!

Hey guys, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Psycho Cut and I'm the Leader of the Glittering Green Emerald Division. Despite the fact that I seem to enjoy power, I'm quite lax about some aspects of the Clan and I understand that what you guys want most is to have fun. So, I try to let you guys do that, while cracking down like the Torrents of Kyogre on those who do overstep the line!


So, let's get on with the good stuff. You'll be familiar with the ranks, but here are the offical Emerald Division ones and which members have each rank.


Requirement: 9500 RP

Congratulations! You've reached the highest possible rank in our Order and you are capable of leading the glittering hosts into glorious battle and vanquishing the toughest of enemies!


Requirement: 4700 RP

Well, you truly are a Veteran of the Order now, and should be immensely proud of this fact! You certainly command the respect and awe of others!


Requirement: 2300 RP

Well, you're really starting to shine now! You're an Elite of this Order now and your glittering presence is felt wherever you go!


Requirement: 1100 RP

You're really starting to rise up the ranks now! You're a force to be reckoned with and a person to be consulted in times of need. Keep up the good work!


Requirement: 500 RP

You can really start to think of yourself as a high ranking member in this Order now, as you have the right of being able to fight for Peace and Glory as a Warrior. Well done!


Requirement: 200 RP

You're making excellent progress, and you've nearly completed our Tuition. The Warrior Class is in sight!

OrbrunnerX - 470 RP
Ninja Dog - 234 RP


Requirement: 50 RP

Not so much of a newbie, now. You've started to progress down your path to Glory and you're no longer 'just another Trainee'

Shinluxray348 - 150 RP
GrovyleCelebi - 110 RP
Sushi_noodles - 90 RP


Standard Entry Level

You may be only a Trainee now, and most people may reside above you on the ranks of Power but take faith in the fact that you can only go up. Your journey to Greatness has begun!

Member Records

Behold, the Glittering Green Members of this Glorious Division

Member List:

Forum Name: Psycho Cut
PO Name*:
5th Gen Friend Code(s): Edit this in later
Timezone (in GMT)***: Currently GMT +1, in the UK, so it'll change to GMT in October-ish

Forum Name: Ninja Dog
PO Name*: Something with Ninja or Dog in it
5th Gen Friend Code(s): N/A
Timezone (in GMT)***: GMT +10, Will change to GMT +11 at the end of September. (Australia)

Forum Name: sushi_noodles
PO Name*: [CG] sushi_noodles
5th Gen Friend Code(s): uhhmmm, i dunno, my ds broke...
Timezone (in GMT)***: -8, pacific, US west coast

Forum Name: GrovyleCelebi
PO Name: i dont have PO, but i can make one if needed
5th Gen Friend Code(s): Black- 3740 4166 8775
Black 2- 2237 5188 8054
Timezone (in GMT): GMT+11:00

Win/Loss Records + Crystal Count:

GrovyleCelebi: 3/0/2 [+1] C: 0
Ninja Dog: 19/0/8 [+1] C: 4 - 2#
OrbrunnerX: 0/0/0 [+0] C: 0
Shinluxray348: 8/0/11 [-2] C: 1
Sushi_noodles: 1/0/10 [-4] C: 0

Trophy Cabinet

Here is a list of all the things that the Emerald Divsion has won


Emerald Hall of Fame

Here is a list of all our members who have made it into a Hall of Fame

Sparkbeat and Sheps - For being astounding members of The Emerald Order before their untimely departure, you will be missed!

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The One and Only

Welcome to the Sinnoh branch of the Crystalline Guard. We draw our power from the cosmos. The flow of time, the presence of space...if either of these were to suddenly vanish, there would be no possible way for us to be here today. We respect and cherish all life, even the smallest and weakest of all pokemon. The power we use is pure. If one is to use this divine power in the name of evil, Arceus will banish you to the far away New Moon island, where you will never be able to harm humans or pokemon alike ever again.

Hey, so I'm Soperman, or "Soper" if you're too lazy to write my whole name. You'll see me around a lot, more on these forums than on PO, but I'm on both. I really like cats and sports (especially American Football and Basketball). I love joking around, so don't take everything I say too seriously.
Anyway, welcome to Citrine, and I hope you have a great time in the clan!


Here are the nine glorious ranks of the Citrine Division:


Requirement: Be chosen by the gods

You have achieved the role of leader. You are your own king; even the gods answer to you.
Except when they don't.

Soperman - 465 RP


Requirement: 9500 RP

You have achieved near-perfection, a true Guard through and through. Your dedication has paid off, and you deserve the respect of all clan-mates. As a true warrior of the great god Arceus, time and space are at your command. Well done.


Requirement: 4700 RP

You know the ways of battling, and have proven your mastery time and time again.


Requirement: 2300 RP

Though you have already proven much of your worth, you managed to prove your were capable of even greater feats! Keep at it, and you might overcome yet another rank!


Requirement: 1100 RP

Beyond showing your strength, you have shown your cunning and strategy, both in the clan and in battle.


Requirement: 500 RP

You have shown your fellow guardians that you are not to be taken lightly as a battler. You have risen beyond the ranks of the learners; now, you are the one teaching.

USAtoday - 875, 25 C


Requirement: 200 RP

You've made quite a bit of progress, and have shown that you are serious about joining the guard.

Miss Gypsy - 320 RP


Requirement: 50 RP

You've gotten a good start, but still have a ways to go.

darklord - 80 RP
nova_flutterhusky - 70 RP
PanOne - 70 RP
Zachmac - 87 RP


Standard Entry Level

Do not think that this rank is a sign of weakness, it simply means you are new to the guard and perhaps pokemon. After enough training, you'll eventually be ready to help us fight in the name of the guard.

Member List
Here are the Guardians in our mighty kingdom and their various records:

darklord: 2 wins, 4 losses; 2 loss streak

Miss Gypsy:


PanOne: 2 losses; 2 loss streak

Soperman: 18 wins, 51 losses, 1 draw; 4 loss streak

Usatoday: 31 wins, 13 losses, 1 draw; 4 win streak

Zachmac: 3 wins, 5 losses; 1 loss streak


Our very own member, Usatoday, has been building cores based on various pokemon. You can ask him for all of them, but right here I will be showcasing the most recent three he created.

Genesect's Alliance
Synergy Time
Genesect's Alliance
Now when we left off houndoom had been deceived by a lone cubone crying in the corner and when it reported what it had seen the devil was very very angry; For the devil knew it was just a eye deceiving tactic of gengar, so it told houndoom to find a certain pokemon that would be able to see through these and would not be afraid to fry a innocent cubone, it's name was genesect.

Upon hearing this gengar was afraid for it was after all a ghost pokemon and this meant that it had indeed been dead for millions of years and knew full well what genesect was capable of doing unlike houndoom.

Hence it dispatched Lucario to attempt to have it join the dark side


Genesect @ Life Orb
Nature Modest
Ability Download
Evs 4 HP 252 SAtk 252 Spd
Ice Beam
Rock Polish
Bug Buzz
Now when houndoom and gengar encoutered genesect it was in a lab container however at that moment it broke out and spoke "gene genesect genegenegene ... sect" Why have you come here to have me join either of you ha make me the pokemon who beats me shall be the team I join. "Genesect genenenenenesect genesect sect sect gene" "However this will not be easy as I can become faster than any of you with my deadly rock polish also making me quite good looking, I possess Ice beam to fry any type of dragon that dares to think it can beat me with fire types moves as well as putting gliscor in the deep freeze as I make it my *****, I have bug buzz as a stab move for celebi and politoed as well as pokemon like you mr. doom, while I carry flamethrower for pokemon such as ferrothorn and skarmory thinking i am choiced in someway or another."


Houndoom very sure of itself replied "Doom" "What ever"
Houndoom fired a fire blast at the genesect unfortuneately it surprised genesect and nearly hit except that Lucario decided it was going to earn genesects respect by saving it from fire using extremespeed to get genesect out of harm's way from the fire blast. Upon seeing what had happened genesect knelt

"Genesect gene gene" "I am in your debt I shall be honored to serve along side you Lucario. Lucario just let out a smug smirk and made sure that houndoom saw it as its jaw drapped from disbelieve.

Upon returning back to inform gengar of what had happened this was its reaction

However when houndoom returned it was banished to the depths of UU for the time being however it was secretly working a a new move it might utilize. But enough of that with the addition of Genesect and a happy gengar Genesect requested one thing a pokemon that would be able to help it see into the future to make sure it would be alright

Xatu @ Light Clay
Nature Timid
Ability Magic Bounce
Evs 252 HP 252 Spd 4 SAtk
Light Screen
When genesect described this pokemon weavile knew just the one as it had fought it before so gengar went to go and get it so they arrive there and Xatu staring into the sunset said to gengar "XAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATU" "I know why you are here" "Xatu xat tu u u xatu tu xat xa xa" "I carry the dual screens that genesect desires as it allows it to take many hits much better from both spectrems it will also help you, I also have a coveted move in the form of U Turn allowing me to hit and run allowing a potential switch in to lucario or genesect allowing them to set up and sweep. Finally I have psychic to round out my movepool and make poison pokemon like you quiver in their boots, However I shall not join you in your conquest for evil I see what it carries with my psychic powers, It is not a world i wish to live in."

"Gengar gengen", Replied gengar. English translation

Xatu did nothing but sigh at the stupid of gengar for IT WAS indeed stupid most of the time, knowing it would not leave without Xatu coming, Xatu reluctantly agreeded to go with gengar.

Now there was to be one pokemon left to be decided a final deadly set up sweeper that would make anyone quiver in fear this pokemon went by the name of suicune


Suicune @ Leftovers
Nature Modest
Ability Pressure
Evs 4 HP 252 SAtk 252 Spd
Hydro Pump
Calm Mind
Hidden Power (Electric)
Ice Beam
I am called suicune I strike fear with into pokemon with my walling capabilities however i am done with this and I have decided to go offensive hydro pump is my stab for blasting mamoswine and landorus with while hidden power allows me to fry gyarados thinking it walls me, Ice Beam allows me to counter salamence and dragonite thanks to my good bulk and ohko them back with a icy move that may freeze them should they survive finally I have learned to calm my innerself with calm mind. I shall join you gengar in you quest as I have nothing better to do.

So there you have it team gengar is complete however team houndoom has yet to be complete who do you think shall win?

The Hounds of Hell and Gengar's Downfall
Synergy Time
The Hounds of Hell & Gengars Downfall

Houndoom @ Life Orb
Nature Naive
Ability Flash Fire
Evs 252 Atk 4 SAtk 252 Spd
Fire Blast
Sucker Punch
Now upon hearing that the almighty therians had been destroyed by gengar, who by the way god had just placed into this metagame. God said this, "How dare that puny ghost destroy my ulitmate creatures, they were to bring peace to the world." So he called up someone he never thought he would have called; The Devil. Now he called up the devil and asked for the devil to do something to drag Gengar down into hell. I have just the thing; Men release the hounds, let them sink their teeth into the ectoplasmic skin of the cowardly ghost. So they released the gates of UU and sent them into the paradise known as OU they searched far and wide but finally found gengar, at

The Pokemon Tower

Now Houndoom could do many things to destroy gengar as he could sucker punch predicting gengar to try and focus blast as many other ghost types had done, he could pursuit predicting gengar to try to retreat and run away to gather its comrade lucario or it could do the thing it desired most of all to viciously bite into the ectoplasm of gengar with a powerful stab crunch attack. Or it could laugh at the ridiculous fire attacks gengar could attempt to use think it could troll houndoom and burn it with a will O wisp. Finally it could roast any steel or grass type that tries to protect gengar within the pokemon tower.

But alas the dastardly gengar had escaped

So houndoom decided it was to going to do what gengar had done and build a team that would be able to cover all weaknesses so let us see what is brought with it. So houndoom ventured to the great land and mysterious land of OZ


Upon Arriving in this mysterious land it discovered the mysterious pokemon it had encountered outside of its portal window the devil had provided it found a rather unique pokemon that appeared to be known as the wicked genie of the east unfortunately houndoom's portal had crushed this poor genie at that moment was electrocuted by gengar as gengar fly by. However with this it morphed into a pokemon that was fearsome the mysterious tornadus incarnate form.


Tornadus @ Life Orb
Nature Timid
Ability Prankster
Evs 4 Def 252 SAtk 252 Spd
Air Slash
Focus Blast
Now houndoom immediately liked the look of tornadus incarnate as it was a genie and had a vendetta just as big towards gengar as houndoom and god had towards it. Air slash was there to smight the mighty pokemon with quick blasts of wind taking down the grass and fighting types that plagued houndoom as they would shackle houndoom down with vines and get rid of said vines with these quick air blasts. Next off there was focus blast for the few things that could take the mighty slashes of air. However a greater evil lurked around the bend the great and evil politoed


Now knowing full well what politoed was capable of and that it had sided with the greedy should known as gengar and found out it could learn a special little move that could destroy it the teams made around this pokemon with just one move Hurricane the very move that had brought it into OZ. it also knew that houndoom would have to be able to outspeed certain threats to get rid of threats such as terrakion that the final member could dispatch of that move was known as tailwind this would make tornadus one of the fastest pokemon around it would also allow them to pursue gengar even faster as remember it still had the scarf of epicness attached to it.


There had been many rumors that gengar had moved from the unova region into a haunted house known as the pokemon chateau it is occupied by a ghost form of rotom that today has transformed into five various forms one of which decided to aid houndoom in its quest for glory against the wrath of gengar and his evil followers.


Rotom Wash @ Leftovers
Nature Modest
Ability Levitate
Evs 112 HP 252 SAtk 144 Spd
Hydro Pump
Volt Switch
Pain Split
Will 0 Wisp
Now rotom wash decided it was going to aid houndoom and tornadus in the quest for glory and it could help keep pokemon such as mamoswine in check as with the thick blubber it possesses it could take both out within an instant of a second. Hydro pump is to wash away the other fire types that try to surround houndoom and also to blow away rock types such as terrakion while volt switch would keep the evil darth politoed in check with tandem to tornadus. Pain split would allow it to keep itself healthy while it could troll pokemon with will 0 wisp.

So with their pokemon crew all built up they invaded into the room they thought gengar was in and found a lone cubone crying in the corner over the loss of its dead mother marowak so they decided to leave the poor cubone in peace however when they left the cubone took to its true form.


So gengar has escaped but will it continue to elude this illustrious hell hound or shall he finally be caught? So what say you will take up the oath of houndoom to catch this mercenary, or will you take the vow of evil?

Screw the Therians
Synergy Time
Screw The Therians


Gengar @ Choice Scarf
Nature Modest
Ability Levitate
Evs 252 SAtk 4 SDef 252 Spd
Shadow Ball
Icy Wind
Focus Blast
Now soon halloween will be approaching us and one of own Charizard007 is rather fond of a certain halloweenish pokemon named Gengar. Now gengar is a rather interesting pokemon as it come to this generation with really nothing new the genies all got new forms along with new move tutor moves while gengar has been left in the dust. So upon seeing the genies abusing their power gengar made a pact "I Gengar solemnly swear to smash any trainer abusing the genies" And that is what gengar has done it has equipped itself the mighty scarf of awesomeness only the chosen one may use. Shadow ball is there to smash the opposing gengar who are being abused by the dreaded evil doer as well as demolish the evil ghost types that will try to deter of hero gengar from accomplishing his oath. Icy Wind will get rid of the dragons known as salamence and dragonite as they attempt to dragon dance in you face they are frozen in place unable to move any faster and always slowing down they are take out in the fury gengar uses upon pokemon deterring it from its ultimate goal to take down the dastardly genies. Thunderbolt to demolish the water types who serve under the wrath of the genies the greatest of which is known only by its code name 00Poli. Finally there is focus blast to hurt the evil minions of the genies devilish nicknamed Ferrothorn the Waller and Heatran the demolisher by the abusive trainers.


Lucario @ Life Orb
Nature Adamant
Ability Justified
Evs 4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spd
Close Combat
Extreme Speed
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance
Now our hero gengar needs a hero to that is justifiable enough to use in the overused metagame. So our hero lurked to the bottom of the usage ladder where the bottom feeding urchins lurk, however there was one person who was honorable within the bar tucked away into a corner by himself his name was lucario. Now lucario instantly agreed to help aid our hero in his conquest for glory. He shall smite all his enemies with swift justice after he has raises his attack stat to uber levels. Bullet punch shall smite the nuisance known as terakion as it attempts to come in with the hope of doing hand to hand combat with our hero lucario. However there is a thing known as a teammate in which our hero of the day comes in to sponge a close combat. Finally our gladiator has a unique ability to fight incredibly well in hand to hand combat it can even beat down tyranitar after absorbing a crunch for gengar and getting its attack raises sky high as well as finish off the pink blob that deters of hero from doing his dirty work


Weavile @ Life Orb
Nature Jolly
Ability Pressure
Evs 252 Atk 4 Def 252 Spd
Ice Punch
Night Slash
Low Kick
Now gengar yet again went back to the tavern it had discovered lucario and decided to catch a villain you need someone who thinks like a villain so his eye settled upon weavile, a pokemon that every other pokemon despises for its laziness and cunningness it has ice punch to help aid the masterful gengar in taking down the therian forms while also keeping the dragons at bay, Night slash gives the naughty latios a spanking as it tries to kill weavile while also threatening to cut alakazams mustache, low kick will threaten the almighty tyranitar and terakion finally there is protect to scout out the nuisance known as scizor and genesect.

So There You Have It Gengar Has Enlisted Your Help Will You Accept His Offer?

Archive of Old Cores

Jonah's Pokemon of the Week
Jonah also does these random movesets of the week, where he takes an underrated pokemon and finds a moveset for it that could work in higher tiers.


This week's featured Pokemon is Beedrill!

@Choice Band/Choice Scarf
EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
Ability: Sniper
-Brick Break
-Aerial Ace

Typical Choice sweeper. X-Scissor is your main move and U-Turn is for scouting. Brick Break covers Steel and Rock types. Aerial Ace is for Fighting opponents.


Trophy Cabinet
This is were I'd put our divisions rewards, if we had any.
Citrine Hall of Fame

Credit to Prohawk for the userbars and the Core Corner Banner
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Rock Ultimate

We of the Unova region and the descendants of King Unnovar are the champions of fire, ice, and electricity. Nothing will stand in our way. We are immune to the raging fire of the sun, the effects of being struck by lightning, or being in the middle of a howling blizzard. As a team, we will destroy anything that dares to destroy the peace kept by the Sacred Zircon.

I am Batman, but only on halloween. And then I am not invited to many parties. And I am fine with that, because that just makes me an even more accurate batman (because Batman does not go to parties as "Batman" but only as Bruce Wayne). I am right about this.

Okay, all jokes aside, I am The Mysterious Stranger, or just TMS for short. On Pokemon Online, I am known as Aeon. And if you see the name Goomi floating around, that's me too. I am somewhat new to this leading thing, so bear with me these first few weeks. If you have any problems with anything (Questions, Incorrect RP counts, etc.) Feel free to contact me however and wherever you want. Oh, and I like purple.


These are the ranks of the Zircon Order.


Requirement: Having the name The Mysterious Stranger

Do I really need to write one for myself?

The Mysterious Stranger - 450 RP


Requirement: 9500 RP

Congradulations on the highest rank in this order! And having enough RP to border on obsessive.


Requirement: 4700 RP

Being a veteran, you've obviously been here a long long time.


Requirement: 2300 RP

Now your an elite, and have really earned the respect of the clan.


Requirement: 1100 RP

After being schooled in strategy, you've become a tactician. Good luck getting enough RP to rank up from here on out.


Requirement: 500 RP

Congradulations on becoming a full fledged warrior in our order. And remember, you can only improve.

Lodestar - 580 RP
Spiderman - 510 RP


Requirement: 200 RP

You are now an apprentice. With a little work, you can become a warrior!

Tyoyo3131 - 210 RP
-Sky - 460 RP
Corka Cola - 220 RP
Matoro - 305 RP
X_Vandslaux_X - 255 RP
Warlord Mitsuhide - 240 RP
Tormented - 250 RP


Requirement: 50 RP

Okay, now you're getting somewhere.

Lady Kaixet - 95 RP
Trainer Shadow - 120 RP
Darside - 150 RP


Standard Entry Level

Welcome to the clan. Now hurry up and get a rank up.

DannyNEXUS - 0 RP
Psycoe11 - 0 RP
Superpower Emboar - 5 RP
Tobehonest - 5 RP

Member Records

Here are all of the people in our division that have decided to fight in the name of Unova.

Forum Name: x_vandslaux_x
PO Name*: [CG]x_vandslaux_x
5th Gen Friend Code(s): I have no idea at the moment, will edit in later
Timezone (in GMT)***: GMT-5
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: 7-8
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:

Forum Name: Spoon_fork
PO Name*: [CG] Spoonfork
5th Gen Friend Code(s): I only play PO.
Timezone (in GMT)***: GMT -5 (EST)
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: Zircon, Citrine, Emerald, Tourmaline, Amethyst
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: 8
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: I love competitive pokemon, and try to keep up with the metagame as much as possible. I've never been approached by a legitimate clan before so I hope I enjoy it here!

Forum Name:iiiH4X0RU5!!!
PO Name*:iH4X0RU5!
5th Gen Friend Code(s):
Timezone (in GMT)***:GMT+0
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Zircon, Citrine, Emerald, Tourmaline, Amethyst
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:6/10
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: erm... i love Haxorus. been playing pokemon for a while now but i would like to improve on team building and strategies

Forum Name:tobehonest
PO Name*:[CG] tobehonest
5th Gen Friend Code(s):N/A
Timezone (in GMT)***:GMT +5
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Zircon, 4th gen, 3rd gen, etc
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:7/10
Glad to be in the clan :p

Forum Name: Superpower Emboar
PO Name*: varies, but always base of Superpower Emboar
5th Gen Friend Code(s): Erm, let me get back to you on that, all my DS's are charging
Timezone (in GMT)***: -6
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Citrine/Sinnoh, then Zircon/Unova, and Emerald. After that I don't mind.
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: erm, maybe a 5 on a good day, 3 most other times
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: You guys know me, and i just now discovered this after not having internet for a month (stupid vacation) Im a bit out of practice on PO (not that i was ever all that IN practice on PO. . .) because iv logged on maybe twice since the clan went down. Anyway, I joined the Battling Academy last year in October and stayed with it until the very end, I love Emboar but Iv come to realize that using him in OU held me back to a certain extent, so that left a gap in my team, (currently filled pretty successfully by COnkeldurr) but with the lack of signature pokemon, Ill be able to (doubtfully but its possible) fly through the ranks.

PO Name*: Psy
5th Gen Friend Code(s):N/A (Had ALL Games Stolen From Me When I Got Robbed. :/ But i still have PO and PS --Pokemon Online & Pokemon Showdown)
Timezone (in GMT)***: My Time Zone CURRENTLY is Pacific (United States), But in about a week, i will be back in my home state, and will be in Central (United States)
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: 5th Gen, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st (I Am BEAST in 5th, Especially if we can use 1-5th gens, Just FYI.)
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: Depends On Generation, 1-4 is about 7-8, and with all gens (AKA 5th Gen) is about 8.75-9.75
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: A Good Offense Is The Best Defense. Nuff Said.
Ps, Matoro Refferred Me.

The Zircon Division
The Citrine Division
The Amethyst Divison
The Emerald Divison
The Tourmaline Division:
Hello, my name is DannyNEXUS, and I am an average Pokemon "trainer". I've seen the clan [CG] alot in Pokemon Online, and I've seen its skilled members in tournaments. I really want to improve my skills, and I hope that I will after I join this clan.:

Forum Name: Tormented
PO Name*: Tormented
5th Gen Friend Code(s): Don't have the game :/
Timezone (in GMT)***: Gmt+1 Sweden
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: The Zircon Division - Unova - Light Blue
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: 7
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:I'm a teenager started playing pokemon when I was like 5 and started with competitive battling on PO like a month ago.

Joining the Crystaline Guard
Battle ratting:7
Fun loving trainer who wishes to perfect her technique. Fighting for personal betterment and fun.

Forum Name:spiderman123
PO Name*:SpiderMan123
5th Gen Friend Code(s):X
Timezone (in GMT)***:GMT+1:00
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Amethyst, Zircon , Tourmaline
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:6.5 to 7.5
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: I can swim while towing a large ship. I bash down foes with a swing of my thick arms. Which pokemon am I? :p also I am not really spiderman

Forum Name:Matoro
PO Name*on't have one...yet
5th Gen Friend Code(s):5072-0312-9925
Timezone (in GMT)***:GMT -6 i think
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:ZIRCON!!!! After that 4-3-2-1
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:Very low but joining to improve
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:Just getting started--hoping clan will help me better

Forum Name:CorkaCola
PO Name*:[CG]CorkaCola
5th Gen Friend Code(s):0691 1059 6854
Timezone (in GMT)***:-5:00
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto, Unova, Kanto
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:4, just started...
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:I'm actually Italian's brother, since he convinced me to start competitive battling as well as collecting.

Forum Name: -Sky
PO Name*: Sky or [PWN]Sky (i play for this gym clan sometimes)
5th Gen Friend Code(s):1850-7638-2324
Timezone (in GMT)***: -4
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**:Amethyst,emerald,zircon
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: 8
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: umm, i like to have fun while playing but i play serious at serious times, also live in NJ so i go to some of the tournaments here, thats all

Forum Name:Tyoyo3131
PO Name*: [CG]Tyoyo3131
5th Gen Friend Code(s): I'll put them in when I get a Wifi Team.
Timezone (in GMT)***:GMT-05:00
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: Amethyst, Zircon, Tourmaline, Citrine, Emerald
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: I'd give myself.... a four.
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: I've been putting this off for a while. I recently left another clan and I decided to join this one. Also, I'm not a big fan of OU, preferring to work in the lower tiers. UU and LC and acronyms FTW!

Forum Name:lodestar
PO Name*: [CG]lodestar/月を燃焼
5th Gen Friend Code(s): No DS
Timezone (in GMT)***: -06:00 Midwest USA
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, Kanto.
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: 7-8
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention:I'v honestly been competitively battling for maybe 7 or 8 months, but I've improved a lot since I started. I don't really like to use premade sets like you'd find listed on Smogon or something (Although I do follow their teiring). I prefer to make my own sets and see how they work. Also I like Spinda :3

Forum Name: Lord PokeLegend
PO Name*: [CG]Lord PokeLegend
5th Gen Friend Code(s):
Timezone (in GMT)***: GMT -5
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: Zircon,Tourmaline,Citrine,Amethyst,Emerald. Preferably not Emerald, No offence but i really dont like Hoenn
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!:3 I'm kinda a noob and I barely know about Smogon. Do you guys have a tutoring system I could join or something?
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: I like pokemon, yugioh, and statistics of random stuff including video games, also random tv shows

The Mysterious Stranger 41/38/0 [0] C: 0
CorkaCola: 4/0/6 [-1] C: 0
lodestar: 36/17/0 [-1] C: 2
-Sky: 19/13/0 [-3] C: 2
Superpower Emboar: 1/4/0 [-2] C: 0
Tormented: 29/9/0 [+6] C: 2
Tyoyo3131: 4/19/0 [-7] C: 0
tobehonest: 1/3/0 [-2] C: 0
spiderman123: 32/13/0 [+1] C: 0
DannyNEXUS: 0/6/0 [-5] C: 0
iiiH4X0RU5!!! 0/1/0 [0] C: 0
Lady Kaixet 1/2/0 [-2] C: 0
Psycoe11 0/1/0 [0] C: 0
x_vandslaux_x 11/5/0 [-1] C: 0
Matoro 1/2/0 [+1] C: 0
Warlord Mitsuhide 9/20/0 [-3] C: 0
Darside 0/0/0 [0] C: 0
Trainer Shadow 0/1/0 [-2] C: 0
Ace of Keys 0/0/0 [0] C: 0

Trophy Cabinet


hey, look what we got. It's shiny!

Zircon Hall of Fame

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Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire


Please Contact me if you wish to war us.

war team members feel free to use:

[*img]http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg596/Cygopath/cg.gif[/img] just take out the *
War Team

War Team Reserves

Currently Warring


War Record: 4-1


Win 3-0 Date: 3rd Dec 12

VS Team Enchanted Garden

Win 3-2 Date: 19th Nov 12


Win 3-0. Date: 29th Aug 12


Win 3-2. Date: 23rd Jul 12

Loss 3-0. Date: 24th Jun 12


Ongoing Tournaments



This tournament will run in pretty much the same way as the World Cup. You will all be put into Groups and will battle the other people in your group. You will be awarded a certain amount of points based on your performace (see below). The people with the highest amount of points in each group will go through to the knockout stages. The number and size of the groups, as well as how many people go through, will be decided at a later date, depending on how many applicants we have.

In the knockout stages, things are simple. Battle your opponent, if you win you progress, if not, you're out. As we are deciding the War Team here, on which there are seven places, there will be a 'losers' Tournament as well. In this, the people knocked out in the knockout stages battle each other as if they were a separate group with the positioning deciding lower places. Depending on how many people have entered, it may be necessary to draw people who didn't progress through to the group stages, so, if this is the case, every battle will count!

Each round will last a week. Please get your battles done on time! As it is a War Team Tournament, I don't particularly want people to lose/not gain points for being inactive if it has the potential to cost us in wars. That said, if we can't rely on you now, we may not rely on you in Wars, so there will be penalties.

There are seven places on the War Team. Good luck.

All of these points are based on your average from the three games. So, for example, if you win 2-0, then lose, then win 4-0. That would be a total of 2 + 0 (that's the loss) + 4 = 6. Divide that by 3, gives you 2, which corresponds to 2 points.

Lose = 0 points
Tie = 1 point (each)
Win 1/2 - 0 = 2 Points
Win 3/4 - 0 = 3 points
Win 5/6 - 0 = 4 points


  • All matches will be BW2 OU with Smogon Bans and Clauses
  • All matches will be Best of Three - you are not allowed to negotiate other means with opponent
  • All results must be submitted and confirmed on the thread. You must post the scores of ALL the matches you have done with your opponent.
  • Respect your opponent and all that throughout the Tournament
  • Get matches done on time!!!
  • In the group stages, you MAY battle someone you a drawn against in another round before that round occurs. Your match in the current round should take precedence though.
  • You have the choice whether or not to switch teams in between battles. Learn well the (dis)advantages of doing so
  • No Revealling the teams of other people!
  • No Clan restrictions apply to your team


You're fighting for a place in the War Team here. The person who wins will get Spot #1, the person who comes second will get Spot # 2 and so on. This means placers 1 through 5 will get a spot on the actual War Team while 6 and 7 will be reserves. The number of your Spot on the War Team is important for a new system I will be implementing at some point in the not-so-distant future, so the Spot #1 holder's place on the War Team is far stronger than the guy in Spot #5.

In addition, the Winner of the Tournament will get 60 RP.


Voice of the Forest
Psycho Cut
Ninja Dewott

SJU Baseball

The Trials are Underway

How, exactly, it is going to work

So, there have been 10 applicants, which, to tell you the truth, is a damn annoying number to work with! Anyway, I've done my best. There are two groups of five players, the Reshiram Group and the Zekrom Group (see below for who's in which group). Each person will play everyone else in their group once. The three people with the highest points values will progress to Round 2. In Round 2, we will collect all the people who have made it through, and order them in terms of number of points, as if they were in a group together. The people who finish 1st, 3rd and 6th will then be put in a separate group, and the 2nd, 4th and 5th finishers in another. Everyone will then battle everyone in their groups, once again. After they have done so, a set of single matches will be drawn. The person who finished first in each group will battle, as well as their runner up counter-parts.

How Places on the War Team are allocated

1st - Winner of the final Winners' Match
2nd - Loser of the final Winners' Match
3rd - Winner of the final Runners Up Match
4th - Lose of the final Runners Up Match
5th - Winner of the final 3rd Place Finishers Match

1st Resv - Loser of the final 3rd Place Finishers Match
2nd Resv - Highest loser of the original group stages

The Groups

Reshiram Group

(1) Voice of the Forest
(2) Psycho Cut
(3) JhenMohranMH3
(4) Soperman
(5) SJUBaseball

Zekrom Group

(1) Zachmac
(2) Ninja Dewott
(3) OrbrunnerX
(4) Sushi_noodles
(5) Rhonder

*The Number you have been given is so you can tell when your matchups are

Rounds + Matchups

Here are the match ups for each round. Feel free to do battles before the round comes, but make sure you tell me!

Deadline for Round 1: 20/01/13 16:00 GMT+0

Round 1

(1) vs (2) [Usa -4]
(3) vs (4)

Round 2

(2) vs (3)
(4) vs (5)

Round 3

(2) vs (4)
(1) vs (5)

Round 4

(1) vs (3)
(2) vs (5)

Round 5

(1) vs (4)
(3) vs (5)

More data to come later, so don't be a hater.

Upcoming Tournaments

Tournaments hall of fame
None so far


(Conversions done on aesoft replay view. No links, just google "aesoft")
Episode 1
Episode 2

Tutoring system.

In order to help people improve, I am starting a tutoring system. Applications must be PM'd to me, and I shall assign you a tutor, for a 2 week session with the tutor. For now, each tutor will have a maximum of 2 pupils.


None yet. This space. Watch it.

Application Form

Preferred Tutor(s):
Area of Tutoring:

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Well-Known Member

This is the clan shop. Here, you may spend your hard-earned Crystals on Pokemon. You may also donate Pokemon and receive Crystals.

How the Shop works

When donating, PM me this form:

[B]Egg moves, if any:[/B]
[B]Any other notes:[/B]

Donating Events - 5 crystals.
4th Gen Moves - 2 crystals per pokemon.
Legendaries - 3 crystals

For buying: Arrange a wifi trade with the owner for the pokemon you want. PM me the pokemon being traded


none atm

A bunch of DWf's are sitting in my Entree Forest. These are 6 crystals.

Pokemon: Totodile
Nature: Naive
IVs: I dont know
EVs: 0
Ability: Torrent
Egg moves, if any: Dragon dance, Crunch, Ice punch
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen
Price: 24 crystals

Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Nature: Hasty
IVs: dont know
EVs: ×
Ability: Overgrow
Egg moves, if any: no
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen
Price: 20 crystals

shiny RNG'd pokemon will go in the RNG'd section.

Pokemon: Rayquaza
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31/31/31/25/31/31
Ability: Air Lock
Egg moves, if any:
Shiny: No
Any other notes: It has the 4th gen moves Aqua Tail, Iron Head, and Tailwind.
Price: 10 crystals

Pokemon: Teddiursa
Nature: Jolly
IVs: flawless
Ability: Quick Feet
Egg moves, if any:
Shiny: Yes
Any other notes: It has the 4th gen exclusive moves Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Seed Bomb, and Superpower.
Price: 30 crystals

Pokemon: Metang
Nature: Adamant
IVs: flawless
Ability: Clear Body
Egg moves, if any:
Shiny: Yes
Any other notes: It has the 4th gen exclusive moves Ice Punch and Stealth Rock.
Price: 30 crystals

Pokemon: Snorlax
Nature: Adamant
IVs: perfect
EVs: 0
Ability: Thick fat
Egg moves, if any: Curse
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen, has nickname
Price: 28 crystals

Pokemon: Bagon
Nature: modest
IVs: perfect
EVs: 0
Ability: rock head
Egg moves, if any: dragon dance and hydro pump
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen, has nickname
Price: 30 crystals

Pokemon: Larvitar
Nature: Jolly
IVs: perfect
EVs: 0
Ability: guts
Egg moves, if any: dragon dance
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: has nickame, 4th gen
Price: 28 crystals

Pokemon: yanma
Nature: modest
IVs: perfect
EVs: 0
Ability: compuond eyes
Egg moves, if any: nah but it has got psychic and shadow ball
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen has nickanem
Price: 26 crystals

Pokemon: Porygon
Nature: modest
IVs: perfect
EVs: 0
Ability: trace
Egg moves, if any: nope
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: nickname and 4th gen
Price: 26 crystals

Pokemon: Dragonite
Nature: Jolly
IVs: perfect
EVs: 252 att/ 4hp/ 252 spe
Ability: inner focus
Egg moves, if any: (it has fire punch, sub, dragon claw and dragon dance)
Shiny: yes
Any other notes: 4th gen, nickname
Price: 26 crystals

Pokemon: Jirachi
Nature: Careful
IVs: flawless
EVs: 252 HP / 224 SpD / 32 Spe
Ability: serene grace
Egg moves, if any: none
Shiny: no
Any other notes: It's an event from 4th gen GAMESTP at lv.100 and it knows the 4th gen moves stealth rock, thunderpunch, and iron head :D
Price: 30 crystals

Pokemon: Shaymin
Nature: Modest
IVs: HP fire 70 31/30/31/30/31/30
EVs: none UT
Ability: natural cure
Egg moves, if any: none
Shiny: no
Any other notes: It's an event from 4th gen TRU and it knows the 4th gen moves giga drain and earth power
Price: 26 crystals

Pokemon: Celebi
Nature: timid
IVs: flawless
EVs: none UT
Ability: natural cure
Egg moves, if any: none
Shiny: no
Any other notes: It's an event from 4th gen WIN2011 unused in event in 5th gen and it knows the 4th gen moves giga drain, trick, nasty plot(event only move), and earth power :D
Price: 26 crystals

Pokemon: yanmega
Nature: modest
IVs: dont know
EVs: 252 spA/ 252 spd
Ability: speed bosst
Egg moves, if any: no
Shiny: no
Any other notes: 4th gen
Price: 4 crystals

Pokemon: Mewtwo
Nature: Serious
IVs: dont know
EVs: dont know but it isnt ev trained altough it has 379 spA :0
Ability: pressure
Egg moves, if any: no
Shiny: no
Any other notes: my own lv 100 mewtwo, knows aura sphere, psychic, ice beam and thunderbolt, 4th gen
Price: 6 crystals

Available Jobs:​

EV trainer = You have to EV train the Pokemon you are given by me. Paid 2 Crystals Per Pokemon

IV Breeder = You IV bred the Pokemon to the required IV's told by me. Paid 4-5 Crystals Per Pokemon

Pokeradar (Gen IV) = You go and Pokeradar for shiny pokemon available in the game. Search for shinies not in shop or with other features. Paid 6 Crystals Per Pokemon

Masuda Method = Hatch Eggs for shiny pokemon. Search for shinies not in shop or with other features. Paid 10 Crystals Per Pokemon

RNG'ing = Get good IV'ed Pokemon told by me. Paid 3 Crystals Per Pokemon

Cloner = Clone the Pokemon I trade you to get duplicate copies of it. Paid 2 Crystals Per 3 Clones

Pokedex Collecting = Go and catch the Pokemon that is required by me. Paid 1 Crystal Per Pokemon

Item Collecting = Go and get the item that is required by me. Paid 1 Crystal Per Amount of Item

Levelling Up = Get the Pokemon of me and level it up to the required level. Paid 1-4 Crystals Per 10 Levels, depending on what levels they are

Egg Moves = Get the Egg move for a certain Pokemon. Might need to breed for nature + IV's. Paid 1-4 Crystals Per Pokemon

Dreamworld Collector = Go and befriend the Pokemon required by me with the secret ability. Paid 3 Crystals Per Pokemon

EV Trainers: x_vandslaux_x, jazz14456_Whenwilltheychangeitback
IV Breeders:
Pokeradar catchers:
RNGers: x_vandslaux_x (4th gen, 5th gen)
Pokedex Collectors:
Item Collectors:
Lvl uppers: x_vandslaux_x, jazz14456_Whenwilltheychangeitback, blueman
Egg movers: x_vandslaux_x
DW Collectors: x_vandslaux_x​

Job Hall of Fame

This is where all of the people who have done a particularly good job with their job go.​
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Psycho Cut

Well-Known Member

One thing that the residents of the Pokémon World soon discovered after the coming of the Five Gems is that, although they stopped the World descending into War, they didn't stop competitiveness. In fact, between the regions, they did, if anything, increase it. Those from Kanto would say that the deep purple of the Sacred Amethyst was more beautiful than any other of the Gems, for example. Eventually, each Region began to boast about the prowess of their Division of the Crystalline Guard, saying it was better than all the others. Eventually, the powers-that-be in the Guard decided that it would be best to let all this competitiveness out in a World Cup.

So, grab the best battlers your region has to offer, fill the stadiums and don the team's colours. Let the Games begin!

How it Works

Note: All matches done in the World Cup will be 5th Gen OU, using Smogon tiers. If these tiers change midway through a World Cup, the next set of matches will use the new changes. The default style of Matches is Best of Three but a Best of One battle is acceptable if you and your opponent can mutually agree.

Each Division's World Cup team is made up of four people. These people are chosen by the Division Leader although the manner in which he chooses them is totally up to him, although this must be done 24 hours before the World Cup is scheduled to begin.

Each Round of a World Cup lasts a certain number of days, as decided by me when the World Cup starts. They will almost always be inbetween 5-9 days. No matter how many days each Round is, the first day of each Round is dubbed 'Decision Day'. As you may have guessed, it is on this day that all decisions regarding the use of stratagems and use of the "No I" (see below for details on these) rule must be made. There are always 7 Rounds. Four for the group stages and three for the knockout stages (the 3rd place play-offs are done in the same Round as the Final)

The four participants in each house will then be randomly allocated a number between one and four. These will decide the groups. So, there will be four Groups containing five participants each, one from each Division. The participants will then battle every other person in their Group. After each battle, they will be awarded a number of points based on how many Pokémon they had left. After each match has been played, the two players with the most points will go through to the knockout stages. If two players are tied on points, the number of wins will be used to decide. If this is also equal, a tie-breaker match will be played.

The World Cup now progresses to the knockout stages! In accordance to a system many of you will be familiar with, the Winner of Group A plays the runner up of Group B, the Winner of Group B plays the runner up of Group A and so on. There may be, at some point during the knockout stages, a clash where two members of the same Division are matched against each other. In this instance, the match-ups will be reworked, although they shall be done as to have as little impact as possible.

The Winner of the World Cup is decided on a point system, and it is in the Knockout Stages that those points are won and lost. Firstly, each Division is awarded 15 Points for each member from that Division that made it through to the Knockout Stages. Then, for each battle in the Knockout Stages, the winner is awarded a number of points equalling that which he beat his opponent by. For example, a 3-0 Victory would award your Division 3 points. The loser, however, is out of the competition (with the exception of in the semi-finals, where a 3rd place play off will be had). There is a final bonus of 10, 6 and 3 points awarded to your Division for finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd (respectively) individually.

At the end of the tournament, the points will be added up and the winner declared!

There's no "I" In "The Pokémon World Cup"

Although it may seem that the World Cup can be won by the antics of one participant alone, this is not the case. For starters, the 15 Points awarded for getting a member through to the Knockouts is a real bonus and gives you a massive advantage if you end up starting with a 15 Point lead over other Houses.

There is another additional rule which can be used to help out a teammate:

In any round of battling, one member of a Division can choose to reveal a certain number of his Pokémon, along with their entire setup, to his opponent in order that another member in his Division has the same number of Pokémon, with their entire setups, revealed to him. This must be done before either group of battlers meet. This can be done as many times in the tournament as you like.

E.g. Bill is facing Useless Ug, and he certainly thinks he'll have no trouble. However, his teammate, Bob, is facing Deadly Dave in the same round. To give Bob a bit more of a chance, Bill reveals 3 of his Pokémon and their setups to Ug, as he thinks he can still win anyway. Because of this, Dave must reveal 3 of his Pokémon and their setups to Bob, giving Bob more of a chance. You can do this up to 18 Pokémon, which would be all 6 from all 3 of your opponent's teams in a Bo3 battle. Note that if you must reveal all Pokémon from one team first (and state when you'll be using it) before revealing some from the others. E.g. if you are forced to reveal 7 Pokémon, you must reveal all from one team and one from another, you cannot, for example, reveal 2 from two of your team and three from the remaining one.

Now of course, every team needs support, and it is for this reason that those not selected can give a helping hand to their team. There will be a bonus 3 points available for the "Best Chant Award". So those not battling should get to work on their rhyming and see what they can come up with. Remember, nothing rude and nothing offensive to other Divisions/Members.

The Golden Pokeball

The Golden Pokeball is an additional award available in the World Cup. It is awarded to the player who gained the highest amount of Points during the World Cup (remember, each pokemon you have remaining after winning a match counts as one point), and this includes any bonuses from Stratagems. The reward for this prize varies from World Cup to World Cup


Each Division is different and when they come to the World Cup, they bring their skills honed in their region with them. As such, each Division has their own set of skills they can use to their advantage. These are represented by Stratagems.

Stratagem Rules

How to use Stratagems

In order to retain maximum fairness, and ensure that no cheating occurs, we insist on a fairly odd way of keeping stratagems. Firstly, someone in the Division's team must go back to one of his old posts (and make it old, a few months will do) and edit into this post the Stratagems that Division has taken. This is a way of fairly noting them down, out of sight of prying eyes and the date of which the post has been last edited can be used to detect any change of Stratagems, which is cheating! Make sure you keep the location of this post, so it can be refered to if there are any doubts.

When using Stratagems you must do something similar. Firstly, find another, relatively old post, and write in it which person is using what Stratagem e.g. "Bob will be using the Mewtwo's Clones Stratagem". Again, the date of editing of this post will be used to detect cheating. This must be done in the Decision Day. If your Stratagem is one that is revealed at the start of the round of battling, you would then reveal it to your opponent once battling started. Of course, if it's one that's used in Team Preview, you'd wait until then.

Note that, if using Bo3, Stratagems will affect all three battles.

  • All Stratagem decisions must be taken on Decision Day
  • You may only take a maximum of 5 Stratagems. Unless otherwise stated, you may take the same one more than once.
  • Only one Stratagem may be used per battle per person
  • Once a Stratagem is used, it is gone. However, if you have selected that Stratagem more than once, you can use it the number of times you have selected it
  • You are recommended to save Battle Logs of those Battles in which you have used a Stratagem, or take photo evidence of events crucial to the Stratagem (i.e. a Fire Attack KO for Tourmaline's Sacred Fire).
  • The policy on who can use Stratagems and when is decided by the captain of the team. If you don't adhere to his ruling you have him to answer to
  • Most Stratagems are used upon the start of a round of battling and, unless otherwise stated in the Stratagem's entry, this is when it is used. If the Stratagem has an asterix (*) next to its name, it is used at Team Preview. Some Stratagems may not follow either pattern and these are explained in the Stratagem's entry
  • Some Stratagems award you Points when certain criteria are fulfilled. If used in the Group Stages, these Points go towards that player's total. If used in the Knockout Stages, they go to the Division's Final Score
  • You must adhere to any extra rules the Stratagem may have. They also overwrite any other rules dictated by the tier, clan etc.

Note: Abuse of, or lies about Stratagems will be dealt with harshly.

List of Stratagems


Amethyst Augmentation

The purple glow of the Sacred Amethyst imbues the Pokémon of the Kanto region with more power making others seem weak in comparison.

One of your opponent's Pokémon (his choice) may only be given 200 EVs. This Pokemon must be revealed

Oak's Knowledge*

Professor Oak has started more trainers off on their adventure that most people realise. His knowledge comes in very handy sometimes.

Your opponent must reveal one of his Pokémon’s sets (your choice) to you (moveset, EVs, the whole lot)

Psychic Might*

Those from Kanto have an unusually high Psychic atonement. However, they're still only human, so although this can come in handy, it often backfires...

Psychic Might can either award, or take away points, in the following manner: If the Amethyst player ends up using 1 or 2 more Psychic Type Pokemon than his opponent, he gains a point. However, if he uses less, or 3 or more more, then he loses a point. If the same number are used, nothing happens. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of twice.

Mewtwo's Clones

We all know the story of how Mewtwo created Clones, to try and increase his own power. Well, those have long escaped and blended into the Pokemon World. However, something odd seems to happen when they meet an identical Pokemon from the Kanto region

For each Pokemon that you and your opponent both have, the Amethyst Player gains a point. This Stratagem may only be taken three times.


Tourmaline Tactics

The red light of the Sacred Tourmaline penetrates the minds of those who guard it, and fills them with knowledge of battle

Your opponent must reveal the central theme of his team to you before the battle. This must be one of the following: Hazards, Status, Hyper Offense, Weather (reveal which weather) Volt-Turn, Bulky Offense, Stall or Synergy. If the opponent thinks that their team is more than one of the above, they must reveal the tactic which appears first in this list.

Heart and Soul

Those from the Johto region are a sentimental bunch and if their Pokemon get KO'd unexpectantly, then they are spurred on to do better. Bit like a Martyr, I suppose...

For each of the Tourmaline Player's Pokemon that faint from a Critical Hit, he gains a point.

Sacred Fire

Ho-oh isn't the Symbol of Johto by coincidence. The Johto people like fire. A little too much, perhaps...

For each of your opponent's Pokémon the Tourmaline Player KO's with a Fire Attack, he gains a point.

Time Travel

Johto is home to one of the legendary Pokemon that control time. They can call for its help, if necessary, and can mess up their opponents plans by making their Pokemon not exist...

The Johto Player chooses a Generation of Pokemon Games (1-5). In the following match, no Pokemon introduced in that Generation may be used. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of three times.


Emerald Entity*

The green light of the Sacred Emerald can imbue certain Pokemon with a special ability that aids the endeavours of the Emerald Division.

The Emerald Player declares of his Pokemon to be the 'Emerald Entity'. For each of the opponent's Pokémon it KO's, the Emerald Player gains a point. However, if it faints before 3 or more of the opponent's Pokémon faint, the Emerald Player loses a point.

Space Station Satellites

Hoenn is home to the Space Station of the Pokemon World. However, the Satellites it launches do more than collect space rock...

The opponent must reveal 2 of the Pokémon he is using before the battle (only their names)

Trick Master's Teachings

Many of the Hoenn Battlers will have spent hours of their childhood playing in the Trick Master's bizarre house. As a result, they can't help but pick up a thing or two.

This Stratagem is used in an odd way. You must still make the choice to use this Stratagem on Decision Day, but do not need to reveal it unless it comes into effect. Note that the effect lasts for one round only. When this Stratagem has been used, if the Emerald Player is called upon to reveal anything about his team, whether as a result of the "There's no I in Pokemon World Cup" rule and/or because of a Stratagem, he ignores the effect. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of three times.

Air Lock

The Emerald Division can call upon Rayquaza's help to silence the sun and storms that rage above the battlefield

The following battle will be fought as a clear skies battle.


Citrine Choice*

The yellow light of the Sacred Citrine reveals all those bound by choice

The opponent must reveal which of his Pokemon have choice items and what those choice items are.


Those from Sinnoh have been using their Poke-Radars to search for rare things since they were kids. They've become pretty good at it.

The opponent must reveal any Legendary Pokemon he will be using

Time Travel

Sinnoh is home to one of the legendary Pokemon that control time. They can call for its help, if necessary, and can mess up their opponents plans by making their Pokemon not exist...

The Sinnoh Player chooses a Generation of Pokemon Games (1-5). In the following match, no Pokemon introduced in that Generation may be used. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of three times. Yes, this is the same as the Tourmaline one.

Whim of Arceus

Arceus is the God of all Pokemon and he has a lot of power over all Pokemon in the Pokemon world. Often more Power than their masters.

The Citrine Player chooses 2 Pokémon. His opponent may not use these two Pokémon. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of twice.


Zircon Zeal

Those from Unova are a Zealous bunch and the brilliant performance of their comrades spurs them on to equal the feat. This can often intimidate opponents!

This Stratagem may only be taken once. If it is taken, you must declare it at the very Start of the Tournament. From then on, if a Zircon Player wins a match 6-0 at any point, the Zircon Team may choose to take another Stratagem or deprive one of the other teams of one of their existing Stratagems (the other team's choice).

Sweet Dreams

The Unova region is a doorway to the Dream World, the only doorway, in fact. Because of this, Zircon players can ensure that their opponent doesn't make use of it.

The Zircon Player's opponent's Pokemon may not use Dream World Abilities. This Stratagem may only be taken twice.

Far, Far Away

Unova's a long way away from the other regions, which often psyches out the Zircon's Division's opponents when they come for Away Matches.

The opponent must take two Pokemon from his region. This Stratagem may only be taken a maximum of twice.

Land of Legends

The Unova region is home to many legendary Pokemon, certainly more than other regions.

The Zircon Player reveals to his opponent how many legendary Pokemon he is taking. His opponent may not take more legendary Pokemon than this.

Current World Cup


1st - Zircon
2nd - Tourmaline
3rd - Citrine

Previous World Cup Records

Lilycove City Nov/Dec 2012

1st - Zircon
2nd - Tourmaline
3rd - Citrine

World Cup FAQ

Q: Who is the Team Captain, and what does he do?

A: If your Division Leader is part of the team, he is automatically the Captain. If not, you must mutually decide who it is. The Captain is resposible for allocating the use of stratagems and the "No I" Rule

Q: In the Stratagem Rules you mention how the Captain decides a 'policy' on how they are used. What do you mean by this?

A: (All this goes for the No I rule as well): Ok, so the Team Captain will decide how Stratagems should be used. He may say that you're all free to use whichever Stratagem when you like, if you feel the need. He may ask that you consult him before using them. Or he may decide something else. Just respect his decision, he is your captain after all!

Q: I'm a little confused about how and when to use Team Preview Stratagems. Must I decide them on Decision Day.

A: Yes, all Stratagems, even Team Preview ones, must be decided on Decision Day. However, you only reveal the use of this Stratagem when you and your opponent actually meet in battle. If, in the meantime, you opponent asks if you are using a Stratagem, feel free to just say no!

More World Cup things, such as World Cup Awards and Hall of Fame, may come soon!
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FRPL News and Announcement

All Season 1 Final Data updated!

Rules on player signings have changed. Please read!

New Rules on 'Player Styles'. Please Read. See Below! (Updated since PM sent)

The FRPL Explained

The FRPL is a chance for everyone to get involved in something, support, or play for, a team and do their bit to get their team success and glory! The FRPL works much like any other leauge. There are 10 teams, who each face off against each other and the team with the most points at the end, wins! Of course, things are not quite that simple, as there are many random events and changes to matches. More than pure battling skill will be needed to triumph!

Each Team is made up of a Manger and some Players. The Manager has quite a few roles: firstly, to decide who is battling, there are many factors which may influence this decision; secondly, to manage finances, deciding where best to spend money and trying to avoid bancrupcy and thirdly dealing with any unexpected events that may occur. The Role of the Player is much easier, he must battle when called to do so and do his best to get as many points as possible!

One other thing worth mentioning is how the various 'chances' in the FRPL are decided. To do this, I use a Random Number Generator or other similar things, such as dice. If you have more questions or think you're being mistreated, then don't hesitate to speak up.


The FRPL Season is split into Rounds. These Rounds simply represent each battle that must be completed. A Round lasts one week. The first two days are for the Managers to decide who will be battling and the remaining five are for the battles to be completed. There will be no extensions, so if a battle is not completed, then the Team I think most deserves points will get them.

Round Rules

To spice things up a little, most rounds will have a special rule. The Managers must bear in mind these Rules and select their Battler appropriately. Similarly, each Manager should prepare for as many Round Rule situations as they can, or devise some other, tatical, approach.

1-5 No Rule! - This Round's Battles are fought simply using the normal Stage System, as detailed below
6-10 Set Tier - A Smogon Tier (out of LC, NU, RU, UU, 4th Gen OU, OU, DW OU, Clear Skies and Uber) will be randomly selected. This Round's Battles will be done in that tier.
11 Stratagems - This Round's Battles will be done using a Stratagem. A Team may select any Stratagem from the region it corresponds to (e.g. Saffron Psychics may select any Amethyst Stratagem). Note that Stratagems with restrictions on how many times they may be taken cannon be used.
12 Type Glory - Any KO using a move from the primary type of the Team's Mascot will earn an extra point.
13 Type Ban - A randomly selected type will be chosen. This Round's Battles may not use any Pokemon with that type
14 Strategy Ban - A Random Strategy (such as Volt-Turn) will be chosen. This Round's Battles may not use Teams of that type.
15 Violent Battle! - The chances of Injury are doubled
16 Bets Galore - Any income earned from the Match is doubled.
17 Rivalry - The Winning Team's SHL is doubled from that Match (includes negatives)
18 Underdogs - Any Team that beats a team who are higher than them in the Leauge gains an extra 2 Points.
19 Captain's Leave - The Team Captain may not be selected to Battle this round.
20 Nail-Biting Stuff! - Any 1-0 Victory this round will earn 6 Points.
21-25 OU All the Way! - This Round's Battles will be Standard OU[/B]
26-30 Best of 3 - This Round's Battles will be Best of Three

Stage System

The Progress of each team is marked in Stages. The Stage of a Team dictates what Pokemon they may use in a Normal Battle. A Team must pay to move up a Stage. The Various Stages, the costs to upgrade to them, and what Pokemon they allow you to use are listed below. Note, you may not skip Stages. Also note that you can use Pokemon permitted in lower stages.

Stage 1 (free) - All but Top 10 Usage NU Pokemon
Stage 2 (50C) - All NU Pokemon
Stage 3 (80C) - All but Top 30 Usage RU Pokemon
Stage 4 (125C) - All but Top 20 Usage RU Pokemon
Stage 5 (200C) - All but Top 10 Usage RU Pokemon
Stage 6 (280C) - All RU Pokemon
Stage 7 (380C) - All but Top 30 Usage UU Pokemon
Stage 8 (500C) - All but Top 20 Usage UU Pokemon
Stage 9 (675C) - All but Top 10 Usage UU Pokemon
Stage 10 (900C) - All UU Pokemon
Stage 11 (1250C) - All but Top 30 Usage OU Pokemon
Stage 12 (1700C) - All but Top 20 Usage OU Pokemon
Stage 13 (2500C) - All but Top 10 Usage OU Pokemon
Stage 14 (4000C) - All OU Pokemon​

Money, Money, Money!

Money plays an important role in the FRPL and is crucial to a team's success. Even if you have the best players in the Leauge it's no good if you can't pay them! On the contrary, if you're rolling in crystals, then you can use them to gain huge advantages over the other teams.

Earning Money

All Transactions in the FRPL are done per week, ie, on a Sunday, when I get on. These means all income will be measured in Crystals Per Week (or cpw), and players will be payed at the end of each week.

Supporter Happiness Level

Your Supporter Happiness Level, or SHL, is the main way of earning money. This represents your Supporters paying to watch your battles and buying merchandise etc. Your SHL both represents the amount of Supporters you have, as well as how content these Supporters are.

The Formula for your Income from SHL is: (SHL x 3) - 8. So if you had an SHL of 5, you'd earn 7 Crystals per week.

Your SHL can be increased in the following ways:

Winning! Each Match you win will increase your SHL by 1
Losing continously Every 2 Matches you lose, or any consecutive loss, will decrease your SHL by 1
Rising up the Leauge At the end of each round, you are awarded an SHL Bonus equal to: (5 - Your Leauge Position)/2. However, this rule only comes into effect after 3 Rounds, so if you get unlucky in your first match, worry not!
Improving your Grounds Level The quality of your home Grounds affects your SHL. The Ground Level is measured in Stages and the costs for moving up each stage is the same as in the Stage System (above). You gain an SHL Bonus equal to your Stadium Level
Gaining Supporters (see below) +1 Per Supporter​

Gaining Supporters

The way in which you gain supporters is very simple: just get a member of the clan to PM me pledging their support to your Team (they may withdraw at any time). You can also encourage people to support by 'lowering ticket prices'. This simply means all your supporters get a certain amount of crystals from your own Budget at the end of the week. If you wish to do this, simply PM me saying so and stating the amount you'd like to 'reduce the ticket prices' by.

Income By Winning

There's also a reward of 6 Crystals for each match you win. Also, at the end of the Leauge, the Teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd get a reward of 500, 250 and 100 Crystals respectively.

Personal Input

A manager may, at any time, add Crystals of his own to the Team's Budget. Note that players may not do this and it cannot happen the other way round!

Losing Money, Boo!

Money is only lost in the following ways: Firstly, if your SHL is so low that the income from it is negative; secondly from paying players (see the Player section below) and thirdly for any misconduct or cheating!

If, at any point, your Budget drops below 0C, you'll enter bankrupcy. This means you'll have to be bailed out, but this will come at a cost of 10 points.


As previously mentioned, any member of the clan may play for any team. To join a team as a Player, the Player must make a contract with the Manager. He and the Manager must PM the Contract Form to me below. If they are identical, then that player is signed.

Signing Players who are not in any other FRPL Team can be done at any time. However, a Player may not battle in the round which he has been signed in. The Contract length and Salary must be mutually decided by both Player and Manager. Feel free to haggle!

The contract length is measured in numbers of Half Seasons. This makes things far easier as far as transfers are concerned. One Half Season is the time taken from the start of the season until the Transfer Period in the middle of the season, or from the Transfer Period to the end of the Season, depending on when the contract is signed. Obviously, 2 Half Seasons will equal one Full Season, and so on. When filling in the contract length, you must say how many Half Seasons you will be signing the player for.

Player Name:
Signing Team:
Contract Length*:

*The Contract Length must be, at minimum one Half Season.
**The Player's Salary must be at least 5cpw. It has no upper limit, however.

Note, Managers are paid at the end of the Season, and the amount varies on how well their team has done

Buying from Other Teams

Buying Players must done in the Transfer Season. The Transfer Season is the first 5 Days of each Month. During the Transfer Season no other FRPL action takes place, i.e. no battling is done.

To buy from another Team, the buying Manager must PM me the Signing Form above, as well as stating which team they are buying from and for how much he is buying for (there is no limit on this amount). The selling manager must also PM me, saying the transaction is OK with him.

The consent for a Player Transfer should be done with both Managers and the Player in question. However, since Managers have more power, if the Player is the only one refusing, then PM me and I will see what I can do.

If you are thinking of selling a Player in the next transfer Season but need to renew his contract in the meantime, feel free to put "Until Next Transfer Season" in the Contract Length field of the Signing Form

The Player's Promise

By agreeing to play in the FRPL, all Players agree the following:

I will endeavour to do my best for any team I play for and not lose on purpose for whatever reason, I will not accept any bribes, I understand that my Manager has more authority over me, if he wants to sell me I should respect this fact and not kick up too much of a fuss. Finally, I understand that any violation of the Player's Promise may result in reprecussions in the Clan.

Although Managers are not bound by a Promise as such, they should be fair to their Players and supporters. If it is thought that a Manager is unacceptable, the Players and Supporters can appeal. If at least 75% of the Players and Supporters PM me saying they would like a Manager sacked, then he shall be sacked! The appealers should have a replacement ready, though.

(NEW!) Player Styles

From Season 2 onwards, each Player in the league will have a Style, which will correspond to certain type(s). If one Player's Style Type has an advantage over his opponent's, so will he gain an advantage in battle. This represents different players battling being more effective against certain opponents, and offers more tactical flexibility for managers. Mastering the Style-Shifting Skill will give you a huge advantage!

There are three Styles: The Grass Style, The Fire Style and The Water Style. At first, each player may only have one Style (which is chosen by the Manager). However, the team can pay for each player to be trained to adopt different styles. Paying 70C will allow the player to choose between an extra style. This can be done twice, so that the player in question may adopt all styles available. Having a Style Type Advantage over your opponent means that the one with the unfavourable matchup may not have hold items on three of his Pokemon

Although a Player may be able to adopt more than one Style, he can only change styles once every three rounds. Therefore, careful planning is required to maximise Style-vs-Style effectiveness. Note that after each Season, this counter is reset, so at the start of each Season you can choose a new type for your players. Also, if a player is transfered in the mid-season Transfer Season, he must use the type he is currently on for however long is left.

Note that all these Styles are individual per player, so you have to upgrade each player separately.

Home vs Away

When the Matches are revealed for the Round, there will be 5 teams on the left, and 5 on the right. The ones on the left are the Home Teams, and have a slight advantage over the Away Team. The Away Team must reveal their battler within the first 24 hours of the round whereas the Home Team have 48 hours to do this. This means the Home Team can see who they will be facing and act accordingly.

Because there will be 9 Matches in a Season, some teams will play more games as the Away Team than as the Home Team. These Teams will be given a One-Point Bonus as a Handicap.

Other Rules

Random Events

Each Round (except the first) there will be a Random Event. This will effect a randomly chosen team. The Event may be good and it may be bad. The Manager will be notified of the event at the Start of the Round


After each Battle, depending on the result, there may be a slight chance of 'Injury' for a player involved. An injury will put a player out for one or two Rounds, again, this randomised. The chance of injury is as follows:

3-0 or more win - No chance! Yay!
2-0 Win - 1 in 25
1-0 Win - 1 in 16
Loss - 1 in 12

Note that if you have no players left because they are all injured, you will automatically lose by a randomised amount!

The Teams

Useful Team Thing. Thanks, Eaglehawk!

Of course, a leauge is not a leauge without teams to take part in it! The FRPL contains 10 teams, based from 10 Cities around the Pokemon World. Each has its own colours and mascot, so you can support, or even play for, the one that most striikes your fancy!



Castelia City


- Castelia City will not participate in Season 1 of the FRPL -

Stage: 2
Budget: 198C
SHL: 9
Grounds Level: 1
Prev. Records:



Ecruteak Dance Troupe


Stage: 3
Budget: 76C
SHL: 7
Grounds Level: 1
Manager: JhenMohranMH3
Prev. Records: Season 1: 6th Place



Goldenrod Rangers


Stage: 1
Budget: 30C
SHL: 4
Grounds Level: 1
Prev. Records: Season 1: 7th Place



Hearthome City


Stage: 2
Budget: 120C
SHL: 6
Grounds Level: 1
Prev. Records: Season 1: 5th Place



Mauville Marauders


Stage: 1
Budget: 165C
SHL: 6
Grounds Level: 1
Manager: SuperpowerEmboar
Prev. Records: Season 1: 4th Place



Mossdeep Giants


Stage: 4
Budget: 130C
SHL: 19
Grounds Level: 3
Manager: Soperman
Prev. Records: Season 1: 1st Place



Nimbasa Night Riders


Stage: 2
Budget: 80C
SHL: 6
Grounds Level: 2
Prev. Records: Season 1: 8th Place



Pewter Powerhouses


Stage: 1
Budget: 330C
SHL: 11
Grounds Level: 1
Prev. Records: Season 1: 3rd Place



Saffron Psychics


- Saffron Psychics will not be participating in Season 1 of the FRPL -

Stage: 2
Budget: 221C
SHL: 9
Grounds Level: 1
Prev. Records:




Veilstone Athletic


Stage: 2
Budget: 368C
SHL: 14
Grounds Level: 1
Manager: Ninja Dewott
Supporters: Shinyluxray
Prev. Records: Season 1: 2nd Place

Current Season

Final Results!


FRPL Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Entry Requirements: 70 FRPL Hall of Fame Points

Win the FRPL! - 7 Points

Come 2nd in the FRPL - 4 Points

Come 3rd in the FRPL - 1 Point

Acheive one of the above position twice in a row - Double Points

Upgrade to Stage/GL 4 - 8 Points

Upgrade to Stage/GL 8 - 16 Points

Reach an SHL of 10 - 3 Points

Reach an SHL of 20 - 8 Points

Players Only

Win an FRPL Match 6-0 - 2 Points

Be Sold for over 150C - 5 Points

Managers Only

Have the Chairman of the FRPL recognise a particularly brilliant managerial decision - 2-8 Points


Q: What happens if a member of a Team leaves the clan?

A: What happens in this situation depends on the gravity of it. In serious cases, some money may be given to you as compensation, or I myself will fill in until a replacement is found.

Q: When are managers allowed to upgrade their Stage etc?

A: This must be done in the two days allocated each Round for Managers to sort stuff out. Whether they have 24 hours or 48 hours depends on whether they are Home or Away (see 'Home vs Away')It can be done in any Round, however.

Q: How is the Captain of a Team decided?

A: A Captain of a team is always the highest-ranking of its members

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What are Missions?

Once you've reached the Warrior Class, you can take part in the Crystalline Guard's missions and do your bit to save the world!

The Missions in this clan represent the Crystalline Guard sending out troops to combat the enemies, which collectively are called Rouges. There are many Rogue groups and part of the Missions involves taking them down, or combatting their assaults.

All you need to take part in the Missions is a Battle Simulator, either PO or Showdown will do fine. Missions involve a group of people of varying size trying to overcome various battle and intellectual challenges. Think of it as playing a game. The team will have to progress through each 'level' of the mission by clearing the challenges faced. The better you do, the easier it will be later down the line.

Each person in the team takes in a certain amount of Pokemon called "Pokemon Count" on the mission. This is their 'pool' of Pokemon from which they can use to battle. Often there is a restriction on these Pokemon. Once your "Pokemon Count" has been reduced to 0, you're out of the mission.

Each squad going into a mission will be appointed a leader, who makes final decisions for the squad. A leader should listen to what his other members have to say before making a decision though.

Each Mission will have a certain 'Type' (see below) and a difficulty level for battling and puzzles. They also show how the squad will be formed (see below) as well as any extra info, such as hidden rewards.

The Mission section offers loads of rewards most commonly a heathly portion of RP. However, Crystals and actual Pokemon are also rewarded, and there may be hidden rewards in some Missions...

Rules about Missions

There are many different types of Missions, and many have extra twists to them:


This is the most common and most straightforward of all missions, you run into an enemy position with guns blazing and Pokemon out. The difficulty levels vary, as many things that get assaulted a riddled with various amounts of enemies and booby traps. Defeat all the enemies, kill the commander, or destroy something to succeed.


In an Investigation mission, you have to determine what's gone on, so typically, these have high Puzzle difficulty. Often, they're not too dissimilar to a game of Cleudo - you'll be given a list of outcomes and, from evidence you gain, you'll have to guess which is the right outcome to succeed.


Infiltration Missions are similar to Assault ones, except you can't allow the enemy to know you're there! As such, all battles have a turn limit and if that's surpassed the alarm gets sounded! From there on in, the Mission becomes nigh impossible to complete! Defeat all the enemies, kill the commander, or destroy something to succeed.


In a Defence Mission a Crystalline Guard Citadel or Outpost is attacked, and you must successfully defend it to win. There are never any puzzles, so all you need to do is defeat the attackers! Defence Missions are unique in the fact that they sometimes allow those below the Warrior Rank to participate.


Campaigns are different to regular missions in that they are actually a string of missions tied together in a story. You might be sent on a Campaign to completely destroy a Rouge group that have multiple bases littered around a forest, for example.


All Missions are split up into Parts. Think of this like levels in a game. You must clear the objective in that Part to progress to the next. Unlike Missions as a whole, the aim in a Part is broken down into very simple tasks. Well, by simple, I mean the aim is not complicated, but it may not be easy to acheive. These objectives could be "Defeat 10 Grunts" or "Clear this Puzzle". Some Parts have extra rules, such as a time limit, so bear these in mind!


In Missions, you will do a lot of battling. The Battling in Missions is done on either PO or Pokemon Showdown, against a mysteriously contolled enemies that, for unfathomable reasons, can only appear when certain people are on...

You will take into the Missions a certain number of Pokemon, as dictated by the Mission. You must list what these Pokemon are before starting and cannot change them in the middle of the Mission. There are also restrictions on what Pokemon you may take in.

The simplest way of understanding how these battles work is by thinking of when you would battle through the bad-guys base in a Pokemon Game. You'll face loads of easily-dispatched grunts and eventually face a few tougher opponents too. However, unlike in-game, you need to watch your Pokemon carefully, or else you might find yourself at a massive disadvantage. You are not able to heal your Pokemon inbetween battles, unless otherwise stated which means if one of your Pokemon faints, you may not use it. If this drops your Pokemon Count to below 6, then you will have to battle with an incomplete team. Also, if any Pokemon finishes a battle on 'red' health they count as crippled and so may no longer hold an item.

Most enemies you face will have one of the following titles, which ascend in difficulty:

Elite Fighter
Personal Guard

There may also be a 'End of Level Boss' who will have a [Boss] tag.

More info on Bosses

Bosses are super-tough and will usually have better Pokemon that you but, fortunately, you do not have to beat them in one go.

Bosses always have a 'Health Bar' and each time you battle a Boss, when you KO on of its Pokemon, their Health will go down by 1. Once it hits Zero it's been defeated. Each member of the Squad will be able to challenge the Boss, one after the other, until the entire Squad has had their PC reduced to 0. This means you'll get multiple attempts at reducing a Boss's HP.

So you get the idea of what you may face, here's what a typical Grunt may have. The Pokemon used do vary from Rouge Group to Rouge Group but within each Rouge Group the same Pokemon tend to be used.


Mightyena (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Moxie
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Substitute
- Sucker Punch
- Roar
- Ice Fang


Haunter (M) @ Eviolite
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Shadow Ball
- Hypnosis
- Sludge Bomb
- Thunderbolt


Feraligatr (F) @ Choice Band
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Aqua Jet
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch


To clear a Part of a Mission, you must complete the Part's Objectives. While each Mission has an Objective, this is covered by it sharing the Objective with the last Part. Your objective may be to defeat a certain amount of enemies or clear a puzzle.

Squad Formation

The Squad for a Mission may be formed in various different ways (as listed below). Note that there may be more than one Squad in a Mission, in this case they will usually work together, but there's a chance they'll be agaisnt one another.

Captaincy - In this case, a squad captain is chosen. It is then up to the Captain to choose the rest of the squad from Warriors throughout the clan

Sign-ups - This is simply a first-come-first-served sign up

Chosen - In this case, the members of the squad are chosen by leaders.


Many Missions will feature maps. These are split up into squares and each square corresponds to a certain event (usually). If a Mission features a map, more details about that particular map will be given with the Mission.

Rouge Database

Those people who seek to destroy the sacred gems and disrupt the peace of the Pokemon World are given a single, collective name: Rogues. They form many different groups with their own slightly different motives, ways of battling and troops. The database also lists a threat level (between 1 and 10) and any extra data we have on them.

Iron Hand Mercenaries

Threat Level: 5.2
Motives: Varies
Location: Varies, usually around Sevii Islands
Favoured Pokemon: Steel Type
Leader: Goes by the name of 'King Steel'. Real name unknown.
Previous notable encounters: None
Other info: The Iron Hand Mercenaries, as their name suggests are a group of Mercenaries. Because of this, they do not pursue their own goal, but often hire themselves out to other Rouge Groups. They are perfectly happy to cause as much destruction as possible, for the right price. However, they have been known to carry out raids and attacks, seemingly for their own benefit.

Ongoing Missions


Missions Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Entry Requirements: 80 Mission Hall of Fame Points

Complete a Mission - 2 Points

Complete a Mission with a Total Difficultly Level Exceeding 10 - 4 Points

Complete a Mission with a Total Difficultly Level Exceeding 15 - 8 Points

Complete a Mission with a Difficultly Level of 10 in either Puzzles or Battles - 8 Points

Complete a Campaign - 6 Points

Complete a Campaign with an Average Difficulty Level Exceeding 9 - 10 Points

Complete a Campaign with an Average Difficulty Level Exceeding 14 - 16 Points

Captain a Squad to Completion - Above totals +2

Be Handpicked By a Leader - 3 Points

Main Emblem - EmeraldGoblin + JhenMohranMH3
Acheivement Banner and all Division Banners except Zircon - Mew_
Zircon Division Banner - Darside
War Team Banner - Luxray_Powa
Userbars (including Leader Userbars) and Events Banner - Prohawk
World Cup Banner - Sweet May
FRPL Banner - Brutaka
Mission Banner - JhenMohranMH3
Xat Background - EmeraldGoblin
DotM Userbar(s) - Novan_Hero
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Here at The Crystalline Guard, we like to spice things up a bit, and, quite often, we like to do so in a relatively complicated matter. This section, however, is a nice simplistic way of spicing things up.

Event Days often coincide with events in the real world, though at times they're random. Many events revolve around battling, granting you extra RP for winning battles in a certain tier, for example. Some, however, are altogether different, perhaps a competition, voted for by the other clan members.

Most Events last a day or a weekend although some can run on longer. In all cases, timings are done from and to midnight on a British Timezone (Serebii Time).

Events are open for everyone in the clan and we encourage you all to partake in them, to maximise enjoyment for everyone!

Current or Upcoming Events

New Year's Resolutions!

1st January 2013 - 31st January 2013

The 1st of January. That time when we realise we have a whole new year ahead of us, a whole year to try and keep your new year's resolution. A feat which rarely happens. However, here at CG, we'd like you to have a new year's resolution and we're offering extra RP if you can do it. Note though that this event only lasts until the end of January, not the end of the year!

How it Works

This event is pretty simple. Firstly, you must pick a (only one) New Year's Resolution from the list below, and PM me your choice. By doing so, you have entered that event. If you wish to change your resolution, you should have chosen better anyway (tut, tut) though you can contact me and I'll change it for you. From then on, until the event ends, if you win a battle and fulfil the Resolution's criteria you get an extra amount of RP. This RP depens on the Resolution's difficulty level - you get an extra amount of RP equal to the difficulty leve.

List of Resolutions

*DL = Difficulty Level

  • Use Less Legendaries - Only 1 Legendary allowed per team - DL 1
  • Don't waste water - No water Pokemon allowed on your team - DL 1
  • Lose Weight - No Pokemon with combined defenses exceeding 180 is allowed on your team - DL 1
  • Give up Chocolate, I mean, Weather - You may not have any weather inducing moves or abilities on your team - DL 2
  • Be kind to those less fortunate - Use at least 2 Pokemon from UU or below on your team - DL 2
  • Lose Even More Weight - No Pokemon with combined defences exceeding 145 allowed on your team - DL 2
  • Use Less Technology - No steel or electric Pokemon allowed on your team - DL 2
  • Let others have first say - No priority, Choice Scarves, Speed Boosting Abilities or Pokemon with a Base Speed exceeding 114 allowed on your team - DL 3
  • Lose Even More Weight! - No Pokemon with combined defences exceeding 99 allowed on your team - DL 3
  • Be even kinder to those less fortunate - Use at least 4 Pokemon from the UU tier or below on your team - DL 3

Note - by defences we mean the Defence and Special Defence Base Stat​

To Get The Points

To get the points, please put your resolution and a note saying you have completed it, in any battle form of a battle you have won. If your opponent doesn't challenge you on this, then you get the points.

SJU Baseball - Be even kinder to those less fortunate
OrbrunnerX - Be kind to those less fortunate

Happy New Year!

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Yay, I finally have a reason to give away my RNGs.

I've been playing DP OU lately, and I'm already at about 500ish in ranking. Pretty much BO.


Forum Name: Sietse23
PO Name*: Changes a lot, but for now Epicnameispeic
5th Gen Friend Code(s): X
Your preference of Divisions (descending)**: Amethyst
Timezone (in GMT)***: GMT + 1
Rate your battling out of 10, be honest!: Meh, 7/8?
A brief description of yourself, along with anything else you'd like to mention: I'm batman.


Random Art Guy

Jhen's Art Shop
So PM for all your artistic needs


lots and lots of people


Fragmentations :


I also do smudge banners


banner suits:



What do you want: Banner/suit/drawing
Type of ^^:
Main Image 1/2:
Anything else?:

Happy Arting :)

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Glad to have you aboard, Sieste, welcome to the clan!

Amethyst is fine, so that's the Division you'll be in, although I think there may be another in Amethyst, but ah well.

@Jhen, fixing it, sshh! And yeah, Nossh is in emerald.


Random Art Guy
Glad to have you aboard, Sieste, welcome to the clan!

Amethyst is fine, so that's the Division you'll be in, although I think there may be another in Amethyst, but ah well.

@Jhen, fixing it, sshh! And yeah, Nossh is in emerald.

its double 'm' btw XD


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On the Amethyst Commander userbar, it's spelled Comander. Could be how it's spelled in England, though.

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On the Amethyst Commander userbar, it's spelled Comander. Could be how it's spelled in England, though.
Hmm... That is a genuine mistake, odd that the other 4 are fine. Although, I think by the time anyone reaches that rank, we'll have new userbars... ;)

Ok, Xat's in my sig now, can the leaders get on so I can make them Mods.
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