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The Curtain Rises! The Masters Tournament!! (1204)


Funky Kong Supremacy
I like that better than what the actual truth probably is which is “Alain is a dark and broody stereotype now so lets give him a super dark Pokémon”.
If there’s one thing I liked about his return is the new Pokémon he was revealed to have.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
And with that refreshed in Alain can now serve as Worf to demonstrate just how strong this Charizard of Leon's is, without a power boost no less.

Is it really a worf effect if you help take yourself out?

Let's not forget, Alain did employ Flare Blitz to knock out Rilaboom, even if the recoil effect wasn't shown, that probably helped in his demise.


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Looking at this battle again and keep thinking that time was a factor in how it played out.

1. Chesnaught vs Rillaboom had a decent battle choreography and it was the only battle where time didn’t affect its performance. Chesnaught even managed to survive the Gigantamax, so despite losing it managed to last that long againts Leon’s beast of a Gorilla. Fast forward and Leon easily shots down Malamar and Charizard with one hit. I mean, there wasn’t much time for anything else in the episode.

2. Malamar vs. Charizard - The clear mistake here was to approach Char (which Alain had even acknowledge when he switch his Charizard), but then despite succesfully dodging and blocking two attacks, Malamar tried to attack physically. I think trying to use Psychic would have been a better choice of attack. Still, blowing Malamar out of the sky and knocking it out did not seem unbelievable given who he was againts.

3. Charizard vs Charizard - This one was truly egregious. Mega charizard X is a very strong pokemon and to go out on a single shot from a base charizard was just too much and I wish the fight had lasted longer. Not only because they are strong pokemon, but because for a final tournament that is pinning some of the strongest trainers in the world againts each other it was truly underwhelming.