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The Cutest/Hottest Boy in the Pokemon Anime


So hot he's on fire.
Figured since there was a girl thread I should make the male one. :D

My list as of right now (always subject to change. XDD)

1. Todd- No, that's not a typo. Right now, Todd is my main honey. He's just so......gah. F*cking sexy *_____* Jesus f*cking Christ I just wanna pin him down, strip him naked and f*ck him :x

2. Brawly- XD The one I'm famous for. Wheeeeeee, Brawly. I don't think any more needs to be said for that. He's just HOT.

3. Tad- From Charizard Chills. XD He's a f*cking hottie. And he needs to do Tracey. :0 Or me. Either one. XD

4. Tomono- From the Hoenn league. XD Ahhhhh, sexy.

5. Chaz- ......f*cking HOT. *rides Chaz* :x Coordinatorsex. He's just....wow. *____* He has sexy legs, and a really nice ***. >____>

SO! What about YER lists, huh? :D

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
*ignores above post*


1) Jimmy - He's the f*cking hottness and that's all you need to know :D

2) Todd - I've only just realized how hot he is ^_^_^ He either needs to go and be with Oos or go be with Tracey. That's hot.

3) Morty - O_O How can you not see the hotness there?!?! Are you CRAZY?!?

4) Drew - Yesh, I love Drew, he's so kawaii!

5) Chaz - *See Oos' post* :D :D


1. Ash(duh, MAIN character!)
2.Pikachu ( if u count him in)
3.Drew9 duh, he's f*cking hot)


I'll stick with the five everyone else has done... So, in no particular order...

1. Harley: Gay guys are sexy... It's like, an anime law. And he shows his belly button. Total nosebleed material. <3 If he was real, I'd consider having a sex-change operation so I could be with him. =3

2. Kosaburou: My first male Pokemon crush. Even his horrid dub voice can't hide his sexiness. <3 He's just... Gah! Brain, overheating! *faints*

3. Robert: *wakes up* Some people call him overrated, but I say he didn't get nearly enough screen time! He was oozing refined sexiness. I bet that's why he got perect scores in contests, since his pokemon sure as hell didn't do anything but sparkle... >.>

4. Senri: My bishie's bishie papa. There are MILFs, so why not FILFs? He was obviously pretty good in bed too, since Mitsuko had two kids with him. ^.~

5. Masato: ...Don't look at me like that... Masato makes me feel like a pedophile, and I admit it. He's cute right now, though he'll be a real babe once he's older, I'm sure of it... And yes, I realize I want to do all of Haruka-aisai's family... ^^;

There are others of course (Fuu, Jigii, Dan, Matisse, Kojirou, Toshiki, Shuu, Kimimaro come to mind), but they're just cute, not "ZOMFG, let me bear your children!!!" hot... And yes, that includes Masato. <3


1.) TRACEY: Yes you know this for a fact people. I love Tracey! He's my hot sex machine! *gets knife ready if Todd comes anywhere near him*

2.) Falkner: Just so damn cute!

3.) Drew: I'm starting to warm up to him!

...And seeing as though it is for the anime and Wallace has not appeared in the anime yet :mad: I will not post that!

Lovely May

1) James - he isn't damn hot, but is very sweet^^ Good guy for hugs and strokes.

2) Harley - awww.... he is soooo girlish^^ Girly boy. You must love him!

3) Aaron - le hottie^^ I have seen only pics of him but I think, he is hot.

4) Tetsuya - I loooooooooooooooooooooove his personality. He is smart, funny, friendly, handsome etc. *hugs* He must be a good lover ^_^

5) Butch - hot TR guy^^ I would like to hug him and ...
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Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
1)Harley: He winz. TOTALLY. <3
2)James: Yeah.... ^^;;;
3)Robert: He is too damn hot. :< Robert/Harley, anyone?

Yes, I know I have a penis. :<

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So hot he's on fire.
What, no Todd? D: You make me weep. A lot D:

*replaces Tomono and Chaz on her list with Tracey and Mateo* >______>

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Gah. I can't belive I forgot Todd! D: *smacks self*
And Tomono too. :X
I guess Jump wins the prize of being the least sexy young guy in pokemon ever. x_x


Tropius Master said:
1)Harley: He winz. TOTALLY. <3
Agreed. <3
3)Robert: He is too damn hot. :< Robert/Harley, anyone?
HELL YES. Elegenceshipping = superubermajorhot. I think me and GAR are the only ones to have written any fics though...

Ariados-chan, Jupetta-chan, and Noctus-chan in Malik's gijinka style pwn everyone. Seriously, total orgasm material. =3 I'd kill to see the writers think up some crazy scheme to make them humans in the anime... <3


So hot he's on fire.
Nope. Brock does >____> I just don't see him as being....'sexy'. Jump is -kinda- cool, but at least he -looks- better than Brock.

....YOU SAID TOMONO. *hump*

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Phantom_Bugsy said:
Nope. Brock does >____> I just don't see him as being....'sexy'. Jump is -kinda- cool, but at least he -looks- better than Brock.
Argh! I guess Brock is so fugly I don't even think about him anymore. >_>

....YOU SAID TOMONO. *hump*
Why I wouldn't? He is totaly hawt. <3
And BTW, P_B, can I join the Todd fanclub? :X

PS: You so PWN, taito. XD


...I'd say Tonpei loses this one. Takeshi is fairly attractive. Tonpei has to be the worst looking coordinator ever.

Which automatically makes him lose because being hot is a coordinator trait you must have. *nods*

...Which episode was Jump in?

EDIT: Thank you Tropius Master. *bows*

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Jump was the guy with a big mouth that had an Electabuzz in one of the first league episodes. :x
Blech. >_> I guess Spenser is hawter than him. XD


Wow, I'd forgotten all about him... Now I remember why. XP

There are a lot of guys hotter than him... XD *wonders if he actually has any fans that would flip out to hear us saying these things*

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Of course I am gonna post! <3
I kinda have a good computer time some days, so it won't be hard to me make it part of my routine here~
BTW, I already did my first post there. Rawr.
And taito, I don't think he has ANY fans at all. XD
But, like P_B said, he is cool.
Just not hawt. :<

I still find it bad that he lost to that Masamune abomination! >O


Ergh Masmune... I didn't care much for him... Why some people think he's the greatest thing since poptarts, I'll never know... XP

But since we're supposed to talk about hot guys... Matisse was kinda hot in an older-man kinda way. I prefer guys my age/younger generally though... Senri being an obvious exception. <3 That family has some beauty genes running through it...