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The Cybernetic Uprising, my first fic!


Only on Wii
To all of my old friends, Wandering mew, Atlantis kid99, Lord Zangoose, groudome, and anyone else I forgot! All are no longer using the forum, have mysteriously dispeared, or not very active!

Also to all 10 year olds etc. who want to be writers!



Erevoir awoke from her deep sleep. Where am I? Was her first thought. She had not remembered anything, like a newborn hatching. The Gardevoir was almost strangled by wires, keeping her from moving freely, and almost covering her entire body. All she could see was black, and all anyone would be able to see of her was black, as the wires covered her whole metallic body. She wished that she was free.

Then a quiet cracking sound was coming from behind her. Barracks. Most of the wires snapped, like bolts flinging of a metallic diamond door. She was held from the floor by just a few wires. What is this? Why did it just break? Erevoir's clueless thoughts echoed in her mind as the last few wires snapped under the strain of her weight. Erevoir's right eye was blue, instead of red, and she had a wire cricling her red plate. Her casing was made of a light aliminum, and was a light greyish colour.

“We have no choice! Master Tyra! We must fall back. We can't continue fighting Jhoto or our whole population will disappear.”

“No, General Vaerine. We shall not stop. Those fools in Jhoto should know that they belong in the land of Kanto.” Replied Master Tyra.

“We must change plans. Our population will disappear if we keep doing this” General Vaerine paused and whispered “maybe...” The huge screen hummed as the web cam watched Master Tyra.

“What? We shall not risk more lives so what?” Master Tyra ordered an answer from General Vaerine. General Vaerine had a short and slim body, and was wearing a red hoody had purple hair and a serious glare.

“We should use the cybermon. Program them for battle.” Vaerine sighed, and gave Master Tyra a wicked smile. Master Tyra smiled back. Then he turned the web cam off and went outside his office.

Master Tyra went out of his office and smiled. Using pokemon, that would be fun. Master Tyra's right arm was robotic, making him looking very intimidating, and his right eye was also robotic. His head was round and tight. He was wearing a brown suit and black shoes. His left eye was red, and his robotic one was blue. Outside of his office was a large warehouse, with a ring being held up by metallic diamond.
“ha! It's gone!” Master Tyra shouted in his grouchy, sturdy voice.

Safe... thought Erevoir. She could here shouting from behind the small door of the room she was in. The room looked like a storage cupboard, it had lots of spanners, screwdrivers and computer parts and software filled on very few shelves. At the back of the room, was a computer, the monitor was attached to the wall and the base was in it. Erevoir's right eye began to glow, and she glared at the base of the computer. The computer powered on. What's happening? She thought.

How could it have escaped? Master Tyra wondered. The cybermon were programmed to have no will. How could it have escaped?
“Check the other cybermon, if they've escaped, then the whole region is in trouble..” Ordered Master Tyra.

Jalo Machié walked into warehouse 2. Master Tyra's orders had to be done immediately, or he was in trouble. The warehouse was dark, damp, and not very pleasant. When he put the light on, it was barely dim, and still dark. There was a ring in the middle of the room, just like in warehouse one. The cybermon had not escaped. Few. Jalo sighed and began to walk back out of the room.
What was that?
“Dammit! It's escaping!” Exclaimed Jalo. Jalo's tall but fit body started to shake. He had blue eyes, wore a red shirt, and had black jeans.
The cocoon of wires smashed and flew everywhere, and a cybermon appeared. It was a Zangoose.
I should be fine. It can't attack me. It's against it's programming.

The Zangoose stared at Jalo. The Zangoose's stripes were blue, instead of red, and it's eyes were a dark night black. There was a wire stretching from the Zangoose's left shoulder to hand.

“Human.....Was it you?” Groaned the Pokemon. It, it talked! That's not possible! It's a computer, it's against it's programming! Jalo's language chip hummed inside his head.
Jalo's heart started to excellarate. If it went on a rampage, then he would be destroyed.

“Human.....Was it you?” Thought Nanozen aloud. A tall human looked at him. His eyes were wide and he was backing off. What was this expressing? Thought Nanozen. Nanozen was a short Zangoose. He had one claw visible that was a metallic colour, but shaped like diamond.

It's gonna' attack at any minuite. Thought Jalo. We programmed this one for death! I have to be ready. Jalo thought hard.

Laser like claws reached out of the Zangoose's left hand. A Glint appeared in it's blue eyes. Anger. The damp in the corner of the warehouse was right behind him, and letting off a strong smell that just made the matters worse.
Jalo had to think hard if he was going to survive. All he had was a old fashioned laser penknife and a tin of out-of-date ravioli for dinner. “It's times like this that I wish the old stories about pokemon being humans friends were true!” Joked Jalo.

What is this? A burning inside? Why do I want to kill it? Nanozen questioned itself. The human was backing into the corner. Nanozen got ready to slice, anger corrupting him.
“I like it...” hissed the Zangoose, like a snake.
Several small metal capsules came at Nanozen. They came down like bolts, but bounced off Nanozen. Aren't those....Bullets? Shouldn't I be..... Nanozen's anger naximized.he was pounding with rage, like he was about to explode.

“Cal!” said Jalo with relief.
“yeah baby!” yelled Cal. He carried on raining bullets at the Zangoose, and jumped down form the observation platform.
“And the mighty hero Cal saves the day again!” he announced.
“Thanks Cal, I owe you one!” sighed Jalo.
“Yeah, you do.” laughed Cal.
The cybermon quickly took advantage of their little chat, and sliced Cal's large gun in half.
“That, wasn't expected....” sighed Cal.
“RUN!” Shouted Jalo with alarm. Jalo and Cal ran toward the stairs to the observation platform, with Nanozen close behind. Cal had a crazy smile on his mouth almost all the time, his yellow teeth shining. Cal had a light brown skin tone, black jeans, and a yellow Bandanna. He had a slim frame, but he most striking part about him was that he was wearing no shirt. He was wearing a torn Blazer, with the occasional piece of sticky tape trying to patch up the holes. He had a necklace made out of gold, which was very rare and expensive.

Codes flashed at Erevoirs eyes. She felt a strange, filling up sensation. Suddenly they stopped. Erevoir opened her eyes. She...knew something that she never did before. Then it came to her:

Log 123, March 1st, 2560
Professor Machié,

Today, I have had a brainwave. We shall make something out of those pathetic beings that we call, Pokemon. We shall modify them so they are actually intelligent, and useful. They shall be called Cybermon. All of their life will be replaced with un-organic material, such as wires, and robotic movement. Their skins shall be coated with Aluminium, making them hard to hurt, and of course....Their brain will be replaced with a super computer. They shall be programmed not to disobey humans, and not to do anything without order. Their will and feelings shall be destroyed too. And then, we shall have our Cybermon. A use for those inferior beings that plague our world. I shall be starting this project tomorrow. So far we have decided to test this on a Zangoose, Mightynena, Gallade, Gardevoir, and Garchomp.

Am I one of them?

I hope this isn't terrbily horrible, I'm only 10, pwease have mercy!