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The D/P Scramble Challenge

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Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
E4 Edo take a skuntank


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Something i kinda missed when i decided to breed em all and trade em over @ start of the SC, was that thing about the pokemon not obeying me when they reach certain levels ;> Kind of a *****..

Hehe, I traded the eggs over for my challenge, so they always obey but gain Exp. slower.

I just caught a Relaxed Bronzor (with the help of a fainted Synchronize Abra), it has a 31 Sp. Def IV but all the other IVs are bad.

E4 Edo

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sorry i forgot to say it i wont take starly's just give a pokemon, it doesnt need to fly kk? just one more please


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Had to sack Ponyta in favor of a HM slave, sorry, but i really need it -.- (complety forgot about HM's when i asked for this SC :p)

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Location: Hearthome City
(All random natures and Ev's)

Monferno Lv 27
- Scratch
- Mach Punch
- Feint
- Flame Wheel

Charizard Lv 39 (obviously i will not use this in battle)
- Cut
- Rock Smash
- Ember
- Metal Claw

Shieldon Lv 18
- Tackle
- Protect
- Taunt
- Take Down

Finneon Lv 19
- Water Gun
- Pound
- Gust
- Rain Dance

Mr Mime Lv 18
- Confusion
- Encore
- Light Screen
- Reflect

Croagunk Lv 19
- Faint Attack
- Swagger
- Pursuit
- Poison Sting

So far Croagunk and Shieldon have been completely useless, but i hope that will change ^^
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Ok, somebody make me a scramble challenge!

I have both games, so i doesnt matter which pokes!

As long as there is no kricketot/kricketune im good.


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Bl4stoise you shall take a Pokemon that shall make this a challenge. Take an "awesome" Bonsly. Have fun at the honey trees.

woot21 out dawgs

E4 Edo

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Hey i already beat the oreburg gym with my awesome Munchlax and Snover.... (i traded the eggs)

Munchlax has brick brake, and Rock slide

and Snover as Ice shard, Icy Wind, Razor Leaf, Ingrain they rock!!!

And Bl4atoise you get a chimecho
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