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The D/P Scramble Challenge

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super noob
Metakazam since you choose one of the Pokemon you will use and didn't state which version I will be evil and give you Munchlax. Have fun at those Sweet Honey Trees. LOLE

woot21 out dawgs


Don't listen to me!
I'll take a challenge, I'm using Pokemon Diamond (Japanese so I have no idea what it says (Getting certain attacks would be difficult), but I've played it in engligh before so I'm okay), and I just began it.

No monkeys or ground pokemon. Feel free to give me nicknames if you like (I'll make an attempt to figure it out).

EDIT: Finished. *s = have already (since it's a new game)

1. Gengar
2. Azumarill
3. Gallade (Mr. Mewsix)
4. Piplup *
5. Pachirisu
6. Luvdisc
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E4 Edo

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Metakazam, go for ambipom

Hamner go with gengar


And a nice chianti
Metakazam, take a lesser known flier called Pelipper.

Hamner, you said you can get almost any pokemon? In this case, have a Gallade. If you can't get one, then have Claydol instead. If that's unavailable too, use Bronzong instead. Either way, call it Mr Mewsix.


super noob
Hamner take a Piplup. Just random.

woot21 out dawgs


Azami Lover
I would like to apply for a scramble challenge. I'm using pokemon diamond with no access to post game pokemon or pearl pokemon.

Thanks, Kam


super noob
Kamui988 take the failure at life of Kricketune. LOLE

woot21 out dawgs


super noob
Orian, if by making you proud you mean be evil, you have the right person to start out then. Take a Pichu.

woot21 out dawgs


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Badges: 6
Location: Canalave City
(All random natures and Ev's)

Infernape Lv 40
- Close Combat
- Mach Punch
- Feint
- Flame Wheel

Charizard Lv 39 (obviously i will not use this in battle)
- Fly
- Rock Smash
- Cut
- Defog

Bastiodon Lv 30
- Ancient Power
- Protect
- Strength
- Take Down

Lumineon Lv 32
- Water Pulse
- Surf
- Gust
- Safeguard

Mr Mime Lv 32
- Psybeam
- Encore
- Substitute
- Reflect

Toxicroak Lv 37
- Faint Attack
- Mud Bomb
- Revenge
- Sucker Punch
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