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The D/P Scramble Challenge

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-/-Dutty Love-/-
Ohkay, finally updating. My scramble team is: Frosslass,Gallade,Pichu,Leafeon, Kingdra and Ledian to remind myself and everyone.

So, made it to Orgburgh with Ralts and Snorunt and traded Eevee and a Ledyba egg in to the game. Trained Eevee and Ralts to 14 and Snorunt to 16. The Ledyba egg hatched while training the trainers in the gym.

I'm about to challenge Roark:
Snorunt/Hasty (f)-16
Ralts/Adamant (m)-14
Eevee/Careful (m)-14
Ledyba/Rash (m)-1


Alright that makes Starmie, Raticate, Vispiqueen, Farfetch'd, Misdreavus and Pikachu. Awesome team, thanks! I'm starting tonight and I'll update later with progress.

Sir Marly

Mega Sceptile Fanboy
Update: Got through Eterna forest. Gonna level up some more before going after Gardenia.


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Your First Pokemon Will be a Drifloon feel free to evolve it...but...name it mulP


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shinystaraptor, take a wooper or quagsire. It will be female and you will name her Phoebe.


shinystaraptor, take a Purugly.

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Call me Peter...
I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll wait a bit for the next challenge though.


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ok well fi u got shednija you are gonna have to have a machamp. and call him IKE
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