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The Dance Dance Revolution Fan Club

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The magic of Pokemon
(OK'd by PsiUmbreon)

Love the beats of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution? Then this is the place for you! Whether you like strutting your stuff in the arcade, or groove with your fingers on StepMania, come on in and talk all things DDR!


--All forum rules apply
--No bashing

To join, just post your fav. DDR song and how long you've been playing, you will then be assigned a ranking, explained below:


Newbie Dancer-someone who hasn't played DDR very long
Novice Dancer-Someone who hasn't played long but is getting good (mostly Light and some tame Standard songs)
Rising Star-DDR player of intermediate skill level
Advanced Dancer-Someone that's a VERY skilled DDR player
Dancing Champion-Someone even more skilled than an Advanced Dancer
Dancing Star-Those dancers that draw crowds when they dance; newbies should strive to be like them


FlamingRuby-Dance Master
Zikachu-Rising Star
Octillery-Novice Dancer
Brock Phillips-Newbie Dancer
Teehee-Dancing Star
♥~Mimori Kiryu~♥-Rising Star
Ohtachi-Novice Dancer
DJ_DisneyRaver-Novice Dancer
Kyubi-Chan-Rising Star
STJ-Rising Star
RevenG-Dancing Star
clammyshazam!-Rising Star
DarkWater-Dancing Star
deoxys145-Novice Dancer
Aquarius-Novice Dancer
Tauromaclis-Dancing Star
iluvwobbufett-Dancing Star
animewolf17-Rising Star
Kanta-Chan-Novice Dancer
Flygon Prince-Newbie Dancer
Corvair-Novice Dancer
Pokeboy95-Rising Star
Milo0tic-Advanced Dancer
zonic the hedgehog-Advanced Dancer
darkgamerGS-Newbie Dancer
~RaikouRider243~-Dancing Star
~FusionBoy Seth-Rising Star
Castform?-Rising Star
absolute_eevee-Rising Star
The Pikamaster-Novice Dancer
onix_lord-Advanced Dancer
Dome_Superstar_Tucker-Rising Star
Irishpokegurl90-Dancing Star
Kasumi-chan-Rising Star
~SeijisSeviper~-Advanced Dancer
NeoCrisis873-Advanced Dancer
Jessa-Advanced Dancer
yankee_fan_#1-Newbie Dancer
ChaoticArchangel-Rising Star
Latios-Dancing Star
9voltdude-Rising Star
Pikafan-Advanced Dancer
2bcelebi320-Newbie Dancer
Phaarix-Novice Dancer
Dark Butterfly-Novice Dancer
Final Prayer-Advanced Dancer
Basden13-Rising Star
Darth_Fruit_Loops-Dancing Star
Chaotic Houndoom-Novice Dancer
Smeargle_the_painter-Novice Dancer
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Cascade Trainer
Can I join? My fav songs are Cartoon Heroes, Love Shine, Starmine and Bumblebee. I'm currently on Standard difficulty and I've been playing for 1 year.


The magic of Pokemon
Okay, welcome aboard!

::updates list::

A year of playing would probably put you at a Rising Star rank. You're welcome to brag about that in your sig.

And before you ask, my favorites are "Butterfly", "Nori Nori Nori", "Witch Doctor", and "Make it Better", to name a few.


You're cool.
May I join?
I have been playing DDR for about a year, and Im only on Light Mode and one standard mode song. My favorites that Ive played since I just like them, are "Captain Jack: Grandale Mix", and Speed over Beethoven


The magic of Pokemon
Okay, you'd probably fit a Novice Dancer.

::updates list::

Today's question: Do you sing along with the song while you dance?

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
Can I join please?

I plan to buy the Nintendo dancemat game on Friday, if it's in the shops.

I rarely use a dance machine, but when I do use one, at the arcades, I use the easiest possible level, and my favourite tunes are the "kung fu fighting" remix, and the Mucho Mambo remix of the one that sort of goes "when the (something) rhythm starts to play, let it sway, 'swingy-sway'."
(Don't quote me on the lyrics.)

I'm probably a Newbie Dancer, due to my lack of expertice.

As for singing to the music, sometimes I do so in my head, as I'm a bit self-concious on the "dancefloor."

Brock Phillips.


The magic of Pokemon
Just so you know, you can spread the word by sticking this in your sig:

"I'm a (insert rank here) in [link]The Dance Dance Revolution Fan Club![/link]"

If you need me to tell you how to put that in your sig I will.

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer

Is it, cut-and-paste, but change the in brackets to the rank that you are?

(I'm feeling a bit stupid after a full half-day of hard, enjoyable sweeping up.)

Brock PHillips.


Cascade Trainer
I don't really sing while dancing but I'll sometimes end up humming or singing a song when I think of DDr.


The magic of Pokemon
The link is just cut and paste, except replce (insert rank here) with your current rank and the [link] as an actual link.

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
Thanks, I'll try that, if I can find where I put my single, working brain cell.

Brock PHillips.

Edit:-Brain cell found, link-text working.
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The magic of Pokemon
For the newbie dancers in the audience, we can help you learn the art of DDR! Just ask us, and we'll try to answer it!


haha... I had a club like this long ago and no one was interested... glad to see it back. I've been playing DDR 3+ years, and my favorite song is Pink Rose. I've AAA'ed it over 200 times and even AAA'ed it Stealth shuffle *There is proof of this, but I would need to find a scanner.* The only songs I haven't AA'ed Paranoia Survivor Max Oni, Legend of Max, and Maxx Unlimited. Everything else is AA approved *even songs from the old days like the original DIVE, and Lupin the 3rd '78 by Ventura*. Oh but enough about me... am I in? lol
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Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
WHen practicing on a mat at home, (not a hard one, as I don't think that there's one available for Nintendo yet,) which would be better?

Normal (sensible) shoes, socks, or bare feet?

Personally, I'd go against shoes as they could damage the mat, socks would be an option, but you might slip and hurt yourself if you had to move both feet in oposite directions at the same time, say if there was a left and a right arrow at the same time.

Brock Phillips.


The magic of Pokemon
Welcome aboard to new members...::updates list::

Socks carry the risk of falling, but they work fine on a soft pad.

Today's question: Who has heard of DDR sims for the PC? Dance With Intensity and StepMania are two popular examples. (I use the latter)
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Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
I didn't even know that there was a DDR game for the PC!

Is the Stepmania to do with the pop group Steps? (Imagines DDR dancing to "5, 6, 7, 8!")

BRock Phillips.


The magic of Pokemon
Yes, there are programs that allow you to play DDR on the PC, for those that wouldn't, or can't use a dance pad. It's still just as fun.

My StepMania collection includes 45 songs, and counting.

Brock Phillips

Plain Trainer
I remember hearing once that someone took a normal (none-hard) dance mat and put boards or perspex or something on/around it so that it would be protected like a hard DDR mat. Does anyone know how this was/could be done or could they point me to the site, and would it work with a Nintendo DDR mat?

Brock PHillips.
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